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Snob Appeal Ch. 2

Ch. 02, snob next door needs him to get out of a jam
"Well, hello, sleepyhead," Mike said cheerfully when Ronnie came into the kitchen in her bathrobe and slippers the next morning. "Want some coffee?"

"Love some," she said. She seemed to be a little more chipper this morning.

"We're going to get you some cash today," Mike announced. You've got some bills that have to get paid immediately. Like your car and homeowner's insurance. And you'll want a cell phone, and you need gas money."

"How am I going to get cash?" she asked.

"You've got more jewels than the Pope," Mike answered. We're going to sell some of them."

When Ronnie had her hair lathered up and her eyes closed, Mike walked into the shower with her and grabbed her from behind.

"Hello, Beautiful," he said.

She didn't say anything.

He grabbed the soap and lathered up her breasts. He ran his hands over her cute, taut tummy and between her legs. He let his hard dick go between her legs.

"I could get used to this," he said.

She finished rinsing and got out of the shower, and he was right behind her. After he toweled off, he resumed fondling her.

"Now? I just cleaned up," she complained.

Mike just continued nuzzling her as she tried to finish drying off, covering her neck with kisses as he pushed his hard-on against her.

"At least let me brush my teeth, will you?" she said, as she put on her bathrobe.

"Sure, I think I'll shave so I don't rub you raw." Mike brushed his teeth and shaved while Ronnie dried her hair with a towel and wrapped it around her hair like a turban, then brushed her teeth.

"I look horrible," she said. "I haven't done my hair or put on my makeup."

Mike took both of her hands and looked her directly in the eyes. "You don't look horrible, and never have. You're absolutely stunning when you've done your hair and put on your makeup, and you're incredibly beautiful when you haven't. You're gorgeous with clothes on and you're spectacular with no clothes. You're the most beautiful girl in the world. Part of that is you take care of yourself, but much of it is luck of birth, so embrace it and be grateful."

Because they had just had sex less than twelve hours ago, today's lovemaking didn't have the urgency of last night's sex. Mike was able to go slower, worshipping every inch of skin on her body.

She was in great shape because she had nothing to do but play tennis and work out at the club all the time, before she got kicked out. Her skin was flawless, and the color of peaches and cream. Her perfect tits stood up high, with no sag, and she had pink nipples that were very responsive. Her tight butt led to perfectly shaped thighs. And her face was so cute, with her button nose and perfectly straight, white teeth.

She lay on her back while Mike made love to her body. He started at her face, caressing it and kissing it, then worked his way down her body. He caressed her smooth underarms and her perfect tits. He kissed the nipples and sucked them into his mouth. He rubbed her perfect tummy and gently kissed it.

"Hey, that tickles," she giggled.

By the time he worked his way down to her pussy, she was breathing hard. She was lubricated enough for Mike to slip a finger into her tight pussy. He finally mounted her, missionary style, and put the tip of his hard dick against her pussy. He gently pushed against her, but couldn't enter.

She reached down, grabbed his dick, and slid it up and down her slit to open her lips and placed it back at her opening. This time as he pushed, it gave a little. Each time he pushed, it slipped in a little more than the time before. He finally worked his dick all the way in. She was so tight it felt like he was pulling the inside of her pussy out when he withdrew his dick. After several pumps his dick started sliding more smoothly in her pussy, and they were able to get a rhythm going.

Her wet, tight pussy felt so good. Mike pumped her like this for five minutes, then changed positions. He lay next to her on his side, lifted her leg and entered her from behind. He worked his dick into her again, and began pumping her steadily. He handed her the vibrator, which he had grabbed from the drawer on his way to the bed. He turned her head towards him and locked his lips on hers while he fondled her titties. She turned on the vibrator and began using it on her clit. It felt to her like Mike was filling every inch of her body, with his hard dick stretching her pussy tight. Her pussy felt all warm and wet and full, and the vibrator sent tingles from her clit throughout her body. As the tingles became more intense, it took over every sensation. It felt like every nerve in her body was connected to her pussy.

Mike began pumping her harder and strained to get even more penetration. Their lips were still locked in a passionate kiss when Mike began making a guttural sound from the back of his throat and his body jerked. Just as he was cumming, Ronnie's orgasm hit her. She made little whimpering noises as the waves crashed over her, then shuddered as the orgasm crested. They lay in each others arms, kissing for a while longer.

"That was really nice," Mike said.

"Yes," Ronnie said, cuddling in Mike's arms.

After they had showered and dressed, they went to Ronnie's house and got all the jewelry that she hadn't worn in the last year or more. They went to three retailers and got offers, then sold them to the one that gave the highest offer. They walked out with a check made payable to Ronnie for over twenty thousand dollars.

Ronnie didn't have a checking account, so she had to endorse the check and allow Mike to deposit it into his checking account. The bank said that third party checks had to be held until they cleared. That would be several days. Mike withdrew three hundred dollars from the bank and gave it to Ronnie for spending cash. He also used his own funds to pay her car and home insurance current, planning to get it back from her when the check cleared. He paid her cell phone bill and got her service reestablished. Ronnie took her Escalade to the gas station and filled up. Mike explained everything he was doing and why. He was trying to get her to take interest in her financial affairs and he impressed upon her the importance of spending as little money as possible to make it last. He told her that they would get her a checking account of her own, but he wanted to meet with the lawyer first.

Ronnie made an appointment the next day to get her hair and nails done, which she hadn't done for a while due to money issues. While she was gone, Mike took the last bit of evidence out of her house, the smoke detector hidden camera, and replaced it with a normal smoke detector. He rigged up the hidden camera in his bedroom. He didn't know how long he'd have Ronnie in his house and wanted some video to remember her by.

Eight months later, all the legal actions were completed. She'd sold the Ferrari and the Mazzerati and just kept the Escalade to drive. She had sold the house to a Mexican national who agreed to buy all the furniture in her house at a good price, and it was due to close that day. So she had plenty of money and not many possessions to encumber her. She had paid back Mike the money he'd spent to keep her from losing her house and float her while she waited for her money. By this time tomorrow, the proceeds from the sale of the house would be in her checking account, and she would have more than a million dollars in cash. Mike had expected her to move for the past three months, since she'd first sold the cars and had enough money in her checking account to do so.

"Well, I guess you don't need me anymore," Mike said after she had signed all the papers to sell her house. "Congratulations, Ronnie."

Ronnie hugged Mike and buried her face in his chest. "Thank you so much, Mike. I don't know what I would have done without you. You've been the best friend anyone could have."

"What are you going to do now?" he asked.

"Can I stay with you?" she asked.

"Sure, if you want to. What made you decide you want to?"

"I love the way you adore me. You're the only person who's ever been honest with me. I'm addicted to being told how beautiful I am on a regular basis. You're the only person who's ever treated me like I'm not a bimbo, and taught me how to make my own decisions.

Mike kissed her, and they went back to his house; their house now.

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