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Taking Camryn

Camryn gets to explore her need to be taken.
Camryn settled into her cubicle for another routine Thursday. Or at least she thought it would be routine. As she sipped her first cup of coffee, she noticed a small envelope taped to her computer screen. She pulled it off and opened it.

“I have been watching you. I know you better than you know yourself. By the end of this day, you will totally belong to me. Today, you will be given several instructions. You will follow each one of them or there will be consequences. You and I both know that you will comply. You like this. You want this. In fact, your panties are already getting wet. Your instructions will be coming soon. Remember, if you do not comply, there will be consequences.”

Camryn had to admit that the person who wrote this note was right. Her black panties were soaked. She felt embarrassed that this mystery person knew her secret. She felt her cheeks turn red, but she didn’t feel threatened at all. She was thrilled by this note and couldn’t wait to get the next set of instructions.

She figured that the person who sent the note probably worked in her office since he would need access to her cubicle. She looked around trying to figure out who might have sent the note.

It could be Matt. He was a ruggedly handsome 45 year-old married guy that she sometimes fantasized about. She loved his broad shoulders and stunning smile, but he seemed to be a happily married guy. She decided he was probably an unlikely candidate.

Maybe it was 26 year-old Evan. He was definitely the office horndog. He had bedded every available woman who would pay attention to his smooth manner. Camryn never cared for his brand of charm, but she had to admit that he was attractive. Fucking him might be fun, but she figured this approach wasn’t really Evan’s style.

Then, a thought occurred to her. Why did it have to be a guy? Her mind immediately flashed to Haley. Haley was a semi-close office friend who Camryn occasionally had drinks with. They often had casually chatted about their mutual love of rough sex and control. The pieces were starting to fall into place. Haley knew Camryn’s lusts and had easy access as Haley’s cubicle was only just across the office. Camryn looked over to Haley’s cubicle. She looked stunning in her tight white blouse and gray slacks and her long blond hair. Camryn involuntarily licked her lips and smiled as Haley sat there looking so seemingly innocent.

Camryn tried to busy herself, but she found her mind wandering. She wondered when Haley’s next instructions would arrive. Just then the kid from the mailroom came by and dumped Camryn’s mail on her desk. As she thumbed through the usual junk mail and invoices, she came across the same kind of envelope that she earlier found taped to her computer. She took a deep breath and opened it.

“By now I’m sure you’ve tried to figure out who I am. Trust me. You have no idea. I am also sure that by now your panties are absolutely soaked. At lunchtime, you will go to the ladies room. You will go into a stall and remove your wet panties and put them in your purse. You will present the panties to me later. You will then use your fingers to bring yourself to orgasm. You will imagine what I am going to do to you later today and you will cum like you have never cum before. You will then return to your cubicle without your panties on and wait for further instructions. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in severe consequences.”

Camryn’s pussy tingled. Her juices flooded her panties. She had no doubt she would comply. This person knew exactly how to push her buttons. The more she thought about the notes, the more she doubted her suspicion of Haley. She just felt like the person had to be a man. She couldn’t explain why. She definitely had no idea who it could be.

When lunch arrived, she grabbed her purse and headed to the ladies room. She chose the farthest stall away from the door. She couldn’t get her panties off fast enough. She sat on the toilet and hiked up her mid-thigh skirt and began to finger her wet lips. He fingers immediately went to her clit. Her mind fantasized that this stranger was bending her over, with her hands trapped behind her back. He slammed his long, hard cock deep into her pussy. Her breathing became so rapid and she began to moan. She tried to be as quiet as she could, but it was no use. She moaned loudly as her orgasm raged through her body.

As she caught her breath, she looked at her watch. She knew she had to get back to her desk before anyone noticed that she was missing. She cleaned herself up and straightened her skirt and returned to her desk. The air on her bare, damp pussy felt exhilarating. She could feel that her face was flushed as she tried to compose herself and wait for the next set of instructions.

She got no work done that afternoon. She regularly squirmed in her office chair. Her pussy was in a constant state of excitement. She could not control herself. She needed desperately to be fucked. She still had no idea who her mystery note-writer could be. At this point, she didn’t really care. She just craved a hard cock in her.

At 4:30, her cell phone buzzed with a text. “I’ve noticed you wriggling in your chair, my little slut. I know that you have complied thus far and I know you would do anything to see this journey through. Here is your final set of instructions for the day. You will go to the company workout gym ready for your workout as you do every Thursday. There will be a sign on the door of the gym that the facility is closed. Ignore and enter as you normally would. You will work out for 60 full minutes alone. You will work up a sweat. After your workout, you will proceed to the women’s locker room. In front of your locker, you will find a blindfold attached to the front of the locker. You will remove all of your clothes except your panties and secure the blindfold. You will sit patiently and wait to be taken. One last thing: Our safe word will be 9-1-1. If you say that safe word, all present and further actions towards you will cease. You will remain blindfolded, and I will disappear from your life forever.”

The last 30 minutes of Camryn’s workday seemed to take a lifetime. She tried to keep busy, but it was no use. She wanted to touch her tingling pussy desperately, but she knew that it would be impossible without being seen. Finally, quitting time came. Camryn went to the ladies room and changed into her workout gear. The note-writer said that she was to go into the locker room and strip to her underwear. Since she had no other underwear with her, she took the wet panties from her purse, and slipped them back on. She also slipped on a loose pair of running shorts, a black sports bra, and a red tank top.

She walked to the gym with her purse and her small gym bag. She found the note on the door saying that the gym was closed for repair. She took a deep breath and entered. The room was no different than any other time that she had been there, except that it was eerily silent. She tried to do her normal workout. She stretched. She did some crunches and started her cardio on the elliptical machine. She kept looking around, feeling like she was being watched. Normally, her workout would have been more strenuous, but she just couldn’t focus. Her wet panties were a constant reminder of her arousal and his ultimate control. She finished her workout on the universal gym, working her arms. She felt the sweat roll down her back.

She looked at the clock. An hour had passed. She picked up her belongings and walked tentatively to the women’s locker room. It was as vacant as the gym. She knew it was now or never. She could certainly leave and be done with all of this. She knew that was not an option. Her pussy was throbbing. Her heart was pounding. She had to do this.

She noticed the blindfold taped to the outside of her usual locker. Her heart felt like it would beat through her chest. She sat her gym bag down in front of the locker and tentatively began removing her tank top. She looked around the room trying to find some evidence that he was there. There was nothing. She took off the sports bra. Her breasts were firm and damp with sweat. She caressed herself without thinking and noticed that her nipples were rock hard. She sighed.

She then hooked her fingers under the waistband of her shorts and pulled them to the floor. Her panties were still wet from her sexual excitement earlier and even more so now because of her continued arousal and her workout. She left them on and sat on the wooden bench in front of the locker. She turned and grabbed the blindfold. Before putting it on, she looked around the room again and took a deep breath.

She put the blindfold on and sat there. Her heart was racing. Her breathing ragged. She could feel a trickle of perspiration running from her face down her neck and between her sexy breasts.

Then, she heard footsteps. He stopped in front of her. She could see nothing but could feel his presence in front of her. And then he spoke, “You have done well so far. Are you willing to go farther?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Very well slut. Do you remember your safe word?


“Hold your hands out in front of you and put your hands together, Camryn,” he said.

She did as she was told. Her senses were so heightened. She tried to place his voice, but could not. She knew she could end this at anytime, but she also knew that there was no chance that she would.

She felt him bind her hands together. It was something relatively soft like a towel or a t-shirt. He turned her to the side, straddling the bench. He eased her to her back. She felt her sweaty back sticking to the wooden bench. He pulled her arms over her head and felt her bound hands being secured to the bench. She felt so helpless and vulnerable, and yet, so excited and alive.

She felt him lightly caress her full breasts. He teased her areolas with his fingertips. The rate of her breathing increased dramatically and she felt her pussy flooding her already soaked panties. She squirmed. Then she realized that he was taking off his clothes. He straddled her body and placed his hard cock between her breasts. He thrust his cock slowly between her breasts. He used his hands to press her breasts together and trap his throbbing cock. She dropped her chin involuntarily hoping to touch the head of his cock with her tongue.

He reached back to cup her pussy through her soggy panties and laughed. “You are such a slut. Feel how fucking wet you are, Camryn.” He took his wet fingers and put them to her lips. She sucked his fingers and her juices ravenously.

He quickly got up off of her. He released her hands from the bench and positioned her so she was lying on her stomach on the bench. He re-tied her hands to the bench and admired his handiwork. Camryn’s beautiful firm, round ass was sticking up inviting his advances. He ripped the black panties off her ass. She lay there naked and needing desperately to be fucked. Her hips were moving involuntarily. He moved behind her. His hands slowly caressed her ass. Then suddenly, he smacked her right cheek. He rubbed the red mark he had just made and then smacked her ass again.

Camryn felt the sting of each hard smack, but she also felt a pleasuring jolt rip through her pussy with each stroke. She also felt each soothing caress. She was moaning loudly now. The stranger lined his throbbing cock up with her wet pussy and she felt him enter her for the first time.

On the first stroke, she felt an orgasm explode through her body. She had been so aroused for so long, her body could wait no longer. He continued fucking her. He grabbed her hips firmly and pounded into her again and again. He would occasionally vary his pace from fucking slowly and deeply to slamming wildly into her furiously.

She could feel that he was closing in on his orgasm as his pace slowed. She was exhausted and exhilarated. She had cum two more times on his wonderful cock. She had never felt so satisfied before.

Then, he pulled out of her and sat on the bench in front of her face. He guided his sloppy penis to her mouth and she took it hungrily. He fucked her face rapidly knowing the end was near. After a final thrust, he exploded into her mouth. She tried valiantly to swallow his entire load, but some of his semen dribbled off of her lips.

They both were breathing hard, trying to regain their breaths. He untied her hands but directed her to remain exactly where she was. She was naked and sweating and spent, but somehow she felt so comfortable and content, and strangely secure.

He patted her ass and told her to stay exactly where she was for five minutes. He told her that she was then free to go and to expect her new instructions on her computer in the morning. She smiled widely as he left the room.

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Posted 17 Mar 2014 12:30
a stalker, admirer.. no idea what to call him.. but a hot story..

Posted 24 Jan 2014 09:20
This is HOT! On to the next one.
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loved it
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This got me very excited Loved it!
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Omg It made me so wet

Posted 06 Nov 2013 19:35
Nice story. Love the the build of tension trough the story
Posted 01 Nov 2013 05:11
Great story and a voice to match. You could read anything to me and i'd be aroused. x

Posted 16 Oct 2013 19:07
Sooooo hot and well written
Posted 07 Aug 2013 13:02
amazing story... who wouldn't love to be Camryn.

Posted 11 Jul 2013 15:27
this is really good thanks for recommending it xxxxxxx
Posted 09 Jul 2013 18:38
Thanks for the brilliant suggestion! Just the type of adventure I enjoy here. I will most definitely be following.
Posted 03 Jul 2013 16:31
Mmmm liked that rather a lot. Made me very wet thinking about it. Shall be reading more I think
Posted 24 Apr 2013 16:34
Loved it! Sooo erotic....can't wait to read the sequels!
Posted 02 Apr 2013 11:02
Great Story!
Posted 10 Dec 2012 11:06
my gosh very sexy

Posted 06 Nov 2012 19:59
Your Camryn stories have got to be some of my most favorite stories I have read on Lush. They have just enough mmmm to it, and such a back story to them all. I can't get enough. I hope to see maybe another one with her in it. Such a wonderful job on the ones you have written. Bravo.. Well Done.

Posted 16 Oct 2012 16:42
wow! you are great, manupulating my sleepy mind into being hot . . . i can still feel the sub in me tickled great job! . . . off to read the next one
Posted 23 Aug 2012 13:02
I loved it. I was so turned on after reading it.

Posted 19 Jul 2012 07:00
Absolutely fantastic, I loved it, Super Hot & Sexy, I cant wait to read on x x x
Posted 13 Jul 2012 09:20
Excellent story thought it was the best yet
Posted 05 Jul 2012 08:36
I loved it. great job
Posted 03 Jul 2012 09:07
awesome story
Posted 13 Jun 2012 09:00
great story i loved it

Posted 21 May 2012 13:28
Whew... AWESOME... wish I could write something really articulate to describe how it made me feel... but I'm totally bereft. On to the next Camryn stories...
Posted 16 Apr 2012 10:23
Wow! Going to read the next one now!
Posted 27 Mar 2012 07:16
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I'd expand but I can't wait to read your next one!!!
Posted 07 Mar 2012 13:42
Love it. Turned me on
Posted 07 Mar 2012 12:38
Nice story. Love the way you build up the tension trough the story. made me really hot reading it.
Posted 22 Feb 2012 00:18
Brilliant story - went straight on to read the other three Camryn stories too. I am soooo wet and turned on by these stories THANK YOU for writing them - can't wait for the next instalment - just wish I was Camryn
Posted 17 Feb 2012 10:38
I was captivated from the beginning. Then it just got better and better. Whew soooo hot. Ty for sharing. Pls. keep him a mystery. Anyone who calls me slut deserves to be nameless.
Posted 20 Jan 2012 11:13
Very sexy and sensual story. I really enjoyed the element of the tease and also the anonymity. It's always so fun to be a slut in a situation where someone else is controlling you. Very fun story!
Posted 05 Jan 2012 15:22
very well written
Posted 15 Nov 2011 20:30
well written, provocative
Posted 06 Nov 2011 18:57
I loved this story. Well done! Great balance of mystery and emotion.
Posted 03 Nov 2011 10:35
this was an awesome story!
Posted 02 Nov 2011 13:55
This could be a good question, as for how many women really want to be fucked like this.
Posted 07 Oct 2011 16:44
you left just as i finished reading! Very hot I would love a day like that at work.
Posted 02 Sep 2011 00:55
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Great story!
Posted 09 Jul 2011 08:54
very sexy, well written, love the mystery and surrender.
Posted 29 Jun 2011 20:37
I loved the mystery behind the encounter. So intregued was Cam she gave herself willing to whatever might happen to her.
Posted 27 Jun 2011 12:11
Great story!
Posted 12 Jun 2011 18:06
WOW!!! That was fantastic!!!
Posted 05 Jun 2011 19:59
write more of this was that hot.
Posted 01 Jun 2011 12:29
Damn this was hot!!!
Posted 31 May 2011 22:17
hot hot steaming panty soaking hot!
Posted 29 May 2011 19:53
Hot!!! Love the spanking hehehehe
Posted 29 May 2011 15:10
Great story, incredible
Posted 28 May 2011 18:47
What a great way to liven up a boring day at the office !! Sexy concept and well written. Well done. x
Posted 26 May 2011 13:17
Super hot! I enjoyed your story very much!
Posted 21 May 2011 08:50
i will love to obay commands.very nice.
Posted 21 May 2011 08:45
nice story,very good imagination,after listning the story ,the fluid in my cock was almost full.
Posted 20 May 2011 20:20
Great story! Tension building
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wow, excellent job, got me very turned on!! xx
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I really loved this! I wish someone would send me some instructions
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Posted 23 Apr 2011 15:58
Very enjoyable, a well told story

Posted 23 Apr 2011 06:41
Fun story.
Posted 21 Apr 2011 23:44
As someone who has worked in offices - I found this very hot. Great erotic little dirty fantasy in your on unique voice!
Posted 20 Apr 2011 10:42
Oh I loved this story! Made me very horny x
Posted 13 Apr 2011 09:55
i wanne work in that office ; )
Posted 20 Mar 2011 18:26
Can't wait to find out who it is!
Posted 19 Mar 2011 12:11
nice one, navin..
Posted 19 Mar 2011 10:59
Posted 19 Mar 2011 08:31
Sweet Story Navin.. Looking forward to reading more of you!
Posted 19 Mar 2011 06:27
very erotic story. loved it and can't wait for more.
Posted 18 Mar 2011 23:41
The suspense might kill you but its worth the wait.
Posted 18 Mar 2011 20:36
Instant favorite if a may say so. I have enjoyed the story and the conversations leading up to it's completion so much! So wet right now.
Posted 18 Mar 2011 20:20
Hot story babe!
Posted 18 Mar 2011 19:48
Very well done! I'm sure Camryn will love this.
Posted 18 Mar 2011 18:42
This is an amazing story. Very well done!

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