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The Alpha Male - Part I

Cock-tease gets more than she expected when she takes a ride in his car
For about 5 months I've been meeting strange men in restaurants and cafes.

This activity is the culmination of years of work-related stress, home-related stress, boredom, sexual frustration and a feeling of impending doom. The doors are closing and the light is fading. I don't know what I'm looking for but I'll know when I find it.

I find the men on the internet. The internet is crawling with horny men of all shapes and sizes. They frequent illicit dating sites, erotica sites, internet magazine ads and chat rooms. The abundance of horny men is mind-boggling. The women are somewhat rarer and more circumspect.

To find a prospect I simply have to put out a line with bait out. They come to me. The bait is very simple. A description. Maybe a photo of a torso. I insist on seeing pictures of them and make them talk about themselves. I don't use any real names or real email addresses. We meet in public places but I know I'm taking risks. The risks are part of the attraction of this activity.

I categorize the men into groups:

1. Unattractive and nothing like their photos (most of them)

2. Attractive but crazy

3. Attractive but boring

4. Alpha males who are attractive and not boring, but have no sense of humor

5. Prospects

There are very few prospects. Some of the prospects seem like really nice guys. Usually when I meet them they are no longer attractive. Sometimes I make out with them, have a little orgasm that they may or may not notice, and send them away frustrated. Some of the prospects seem a little bit scary. Those are the ones I am waiting for.

Most of the men tell me I am “cute” when they meet me. That is the word that has followed me my whole life. I hate that word. I've rarely been pretty, never beautiful. However, if they say “cute and sexy” they have a chance. I think I am “cute” because I am a little shorter than average. I have a nice smile and perky tits. Girls with long legs and big tits are rarely “cute” I think. Despite the height disadvantage, I have a graceful appearance now because I work out regularly. My arms are toned, my legs are shapely, and my stomach is pretty flat.

I'm worried that this latest prospect may be an Alpha male with no sense of humor. Well, maybe a little bit of a sense of humor. He told me not to worry- he was into midgets. There he is at the bar at the back of the restaurant.

The Alpha male looks better than his picture. He has blue eyes, long legs, big hands and an excess of confidence. I never approached guys like this in college. However, I look better now than I did in college, relative to the rest of the available population at least.

I sit next to him. I hate barstools because the foot props are always too low and they make me feel like a child. He seems amused by my discomfiture. He probably thinks I'm “cute”.

He asks me what I'd like to drink. I order a single malt whisky, neat. Cute girls rarely order whisky, I've discovered. He is wearing a very sharp suit and putting out a lot of heat. I can feel it sitting next to him. He's like a big radiator. I'm always cold. I visualize myself naked in a sleeping bag with him, outside at a campsite, putting my feet under his armpits. The image makes me smile and when I come back from it he's looking right into my eyes smiling back at me.

“What's so funny?” he says.

“Do you mind cold feet?” I reply.

“Yes,” he says. “You're not going anywhere yet. I won't let you.”

“No, that's not what I meant.” I have to smile again.

We end up at a booth in the corner. He is really giving me the seduction stare. I can tell when guys do this. They do it very consciously. Usually it doesn't work. It's working this time. I love his eyes. They are a deep color and have long dark lashes. He's also rubbing his fingers over the back of my hand as he talks. They are large, warm and a little rough. I know the backs of my hands feel like silk to him. I know he's thinking about the rest of my skin. I can tell his eyes are skimming across the skin on my neck, my shoulders, below my ear, over my breasts. He's rubbing his eyes where he really wants to rub his hands. It's turning me on.

We go for a walk on the crowded sidewalk. I let him put his arm around my waist. I'm still bathing in his body heat. The sun is still up as the early spring days are getting longer. I took the subway there, but he has offered to drive me part way back so I don't have to take it so far. I won't let him drive me home. None of these men will know where I live.

I know it's a risk, but I get into his car. It's large and comfortable with plush black leather seats. He tells me his company leases these for executives when they travel. He travels here frequently. We drive a few stops closer to home. He's still rubbing his fingers over the back of my hand, which is resting on my leg, as we drive. The parking lot seems isolated. I've taken this stop home before, so I'm not worried. This wasn't bad. Maybe we'll make another date and I can let him take me out to dinner. I wonder if he'll kiss me good night. He opens the front passenger door and gives me a hand out.

Whoosh, I'm pinned against the the side of the car. One of his hands is on my waist, the other is at the back of my head, holding me in place as he plants his lips on mine. Oh, that is nice. Big, soft, soft lips and so warm, so warm. I'm always cold, you know. He's bending down and his body is lending me more of his warmth. The lips are rubbing across mine now. He's running the tip of his tongue across the juncture of my lips, back and forth, back and forth until I sigh and let him in. His big warm tongue is exploring my mouth and chasing my tongue. I'm sliding, sliding mine against his. It feels so intimate. I start to suck on his tongue a bit. His hand that was on my waist has reached around to open his back door and I'm steered around and pushed down into the big leather seat in the back. It's just like a cop taking down a felon but he follows me in.

We're in the back seat making out like teenagers. The big, warm hands are all over me, working very quickly while my attention is occupied with those soft lips. Unbuttoning my blouse, over my bra, under my skirt, over my legs and finally dipping under over my ass making circles round and round then up under my shirt against the bare skin of my back. Slightly rough but very, very warm.

I fade out of the moment and time stands still, but I'm breathing harder and I think we've been doing this for quite a while. We're still kissing, but now he's go his tongue far into my mouth and it's exploring very aggressively. Releasing my mouth, he puts his lips right below my ear, licking inside there too like a garter snake. Moving across my neck his big soft lips walk across the top of my breasts where my shirt meets my skin. My bra has been loosened and pushed aside. His right hand completely covers a breast.

“Oh,” I sigh. “You're very fast.”

“Just fast enough,” he says “I almost let you walk onto that train platform. You're not getting on a train tonight.”

“What makes you think so?” I say, attempting to sit up a bit and see where my bra has gone.

“Because I'm going to make you cum so hard you'll sleep all the way back to my hotel.”

“Ha!” I laugh. “You have no idea how long that might take. I think you'll fall asleep frigging me. I really need to go home now.” I start to move toward the door.

“You just haven't been properly frigged,” he grins and covers my mouth with his again. The garter snake sneaks under my lower lip and strokes all the way across it on the inside. That feels so sexy. A jolt of heat sinks through my body all the way down to dampen the place between my legs. I sigh and let my tongue slide across his. My hands slide up his broad back and slip up his neck. I thread some fingers through his short hair. We're sliding sideways on the leather bench and he's kneeling half on the floor and half over me with his hands moving underneath me. He licks and then sucks hard on a bare pinkish-brown nipple which has hardened and aches. The almost painful, pleasurable sensation elicits a heartfelt moan.

Large warm hands have now made their way under my skirt, under my bikinis and are cupping my ass cheeks. He lets out a sound that is a cross between a sigh and a growl and squeezes my ass.

“You feel so good. I love a woman who works out.”

“Um thanks,” I say. “Can anyone see in here?” He is now pulling my skirt down off my legs and this distracts me from my concern. The widows are tinted anyway. With my skirt off, my blouse unbuttoned, and my bra god knows where my naked torso is exposed to the late afternoon sun.

“Oh god I love your body,” he says a bit hoarsely. “You're beautiful.” His warm hands run over my bare breasts and across my trim torso to express his appreciation. “ I want to kiss you down there. Can I?”

What was that? What did he just say? Something explodes in my brain. I nod my head and the damp bikini panties are gone. My legs are hoisted over his shoulders and I am looking up at his face which is buried in my trimmed little pussy, which is getting wetter by the minute. It's such an odd, erotic picture. He is literally eating me. His eyes are closed and he appears to be in an almost religious reverie. But the feeling, the feeling! No man has ever gone down (up?) on me this way.

His tongue is sliding up and down each side of my outer lips. Then I can feel it approaching my wet inner lips. I squeeze my butt and tilt up to get him to touch the center of me. Ah! That warm muscular tongue is fucking me now. In and out. In and out. I can't believe it. I'm just bursting with juice like a tangerine. The crux of me is throbbing. My heartbeat is down there and I can hear my breathing accelerate. I angle myself down a bit because there's a spot I want him to touch.

Oh- That must be me making those little noises. Sighing, moaning. He lightly touches the spot with his tongue. It's slightly to the left of my hard, wet button. I cry out. I've clenched my backside tightly and my legs are close to the sides of his head. He leans forward a little more and spreads my legs wider to force both thumbs into me.

I gasp again. “Yes! Oh, Oh do that! Ah!”.

He moves a thumb in and out of my slick entrance and circles my little nub with his tongue. The other hand is holding my pussy open for his access. His eyes have opened and are observing my startled, frantic expression carefully, calculating my responses. This man is an expert reader of body language because he again finds that ultra sensitive spot next to my clit and dallies there then circles my clit and dallies there again.

This is lighting me on fire . I can feel a slow tickle right there and it starts to emanate through out my entire body which stiffens even more as heat flashes through and bolts of pleasure explode through my brain and body. The first strong contraction throbs against his thumb and more juice collects as two, three, four, five six spasms buck my pussy first and then my legs and body. I am moaning, half screaming.

“Aaahhh God! Oh! God, Oh! Fuck ! Yes!”

He keeps moving his tongue as I throb which milks more contractions and jolts of pleasure out of me. Finally, overstimulated, I can't take it any more.

“Please, please, oh stop, oh...”

He stops. I collapse. My legs slip off his shoulders. My muscles are jelly. My arms and legs feel so heavy that I am literally unable to move. My chest moves up and down slowly in the motion of one deeply asleep. I know I must still be sprawled nearly naked on the back seat of his fancy car. I wedge open my eyes with much effort.

He has found my skirt and is sliding it back on for me. He helps me sit up, sits next to me and kisses me deeply so that I can taste my musky pussy on his mouth. He places my hand on his crotch where I can feel his cock straining so hard against his trousers I think he's going to tear them. I have to groan again. He stares into my eyes and smiles.

“Here. I'll help you button your shirt up a bit.”

“Where's my underwear?”

“I have it.”

I'm guessing I'm not getting it back. He helps me back into the front seat and slides in next to me.

“Where are we going?” I shouldn't have to ask.

“We're going to my room. We have unfinished business. I'm going to have you naked on my comfortable bed and I'm going to hold you down and suck your lovely little tits and fuck your lovely little pussy until you come all over my cock.”

“You have no idea how long that might take,” I say. “I never cum from fucking. Besides, I'm due at home in half an hour. I have to go”

“You haven't been properly fucked yet,” he says.

Of course not. We pull away into the evening. We're going in the wrong direction- away from home. I have no alibi. I am in deep shit now.

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Posted 19 Mar 2014 01:09
Had me at the edge of my seat the whole time.

Posted 11 Jul 2013 17:34
This is really well-written. It all flows nicely. Very enjoyable read!

Posted 16 May 2013 17:22
"I'm just bursting with juice like a tangerine." I love your style. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
Posted 11 Mar 2013 06:25
You're SO TALENTED!! I love it!! You tell it like it is....oh my gosh making out like teenagers sounds amazing. This is HOT!!
Posted 11 Dec 2012 07:10
Fabulous piece of writing... her disdain over the previous attempts at finding a lover as well as her disbelief that he could pleasure her as he did. Love how she was taken easily beyond her normal limits. I find that deeply arousing. 5+
Posted 30 Sep 2012 16:38
Definately reading on
Posted 04 Aug 2012 18:32
keep up the great work
Posted 08 Dec 2011 12:04
Oh Charlotte, it was a treat to read this, like it would be an enjoyable treat to lick you. Thanks
Posted 26 Nov 2011 10:23
oh you aren't in deep shit yet. lol. a 5!
Posted 23 Aug 2011 06:07
Well written. Great introduction. Your story has me yearning for more, just as it should. Thank you.
Posted 21 Aug 2011 19:29
Wow! Utterly fantastic. So well written and extremely hot. I loved it.
Posted 18 Jun 2011 09:14
Not only is this superbly written, it is so hot I could almost taste you myself. Eyes clenched shut, sucking your clit deep in my mouth, flicking the tip of my tongue over it at the same time. Damn! I'll bet you tasted wonderful!
Posted 17 Jun 2011 22:56
What a lovely story. Erotic and still replaying the age old proverb,"when a gal says No, take it as her yes".

Posted 31 May 2011 12:43
I enjoy a fine reluctance story. How nice there is a part II!
Posted 08 May 2011 21:21
Haha read it for the second time and it's still great
Posted 06 May 2011 09:27
That was great... Going to part 2 now!
Posted 01 May 2011 13:13
Cool - you have classification 1 off to a tee...I'm just glad that I happen to be a 5 - lol.
Posted 21 Apr 2011 04:37
Hot story, really enjoyed it.
Posted 20 Apr 2011 06:31
Great story! Saw part 2 up and came to read part 1 first! Now on to number 2!
Posted 18 Apr 2011 23:49
Hot stuff
Posted 17 Apr 2011 16:12
I enjoyed this. great details and felt like real are a new add to my favorites!
Posted 14 Apr 2011 04:03
I love the reluctance sections
Posted 12 Apr 2011 07:40
WOW, really HOT, Well written and captivating. MORE....... VG=5+++
Posted 12 Apr 2011 01:34
Fantastic, a real turn on, I hope you write more.
Posted 11 Apr 2011 20:52
Great read! Definitely waiting for part 2!!!
Posted 11 Apr 2011 18:05
Well done. One particular element caught my attention: you have a well illustrated oral scene. Whether giving or receiving, these scenes are often given a mere courtesy nod then it's on to the good stuff - totally circumventing a steamy build up. You nailed it! Looking forward to the next installment.

Posted 11 Apr 2011 17:37
Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I especially appreciate the comments from the experienced writers. I don't always have the inspiration but this is encouraging.
Posted 11 Apr 2011 16:10
Great, all the detail about sensations that so many stories on here just don't have.
Posted 11 Apr 2011 15:46
that was really good, I like the narrative style and the little tit-bits of 'normal life' that are thrown into the mix along the way, superhero stuff but with a touch of reality :-) favourite lines? 'I can't believe it. I'm just bursting with juice like a tangerine. The crux of me is throbbing.' LOVE IT. It's ok if you don't write a sequel, imagination is a powerful toy! thanks for sharing. x
Posted 11 Apr 2011 10:49
Well written, especially once it got rolling. Even though not stated, it seems as tough our cute, sexy little heroine is married or at least in some kind of committed relationship. All the better!
Posted 11 Apr 2011 08:41
A great story, would rate it higher if I could!
Posted 11 Apr 2011 08:12
Nicely done!

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