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The Exchange Tower pt 2

The Exchange Tower pt 2

Sally's behaviour isn't accepted at the tower
Sally Brightwall looked at her fiancé’s boss and an immediate feeling of anxiety swept over her. Although he was smiling pleasantly, the dangerous glint in his eyes told her enough.

"What do you want Stephan?" she asked coldly, already suspecting the answer.

"If you think I'm gonna get on my knees and beg for forgiveness, forget it. I'll take my chances. When Peter finds out what you've done, he'll kick the shit out of you."

Stephan looked disdained. He'd expected some resistance, in fact it heightened his desire, but Sally with her sassy mouth, obviously didn't realise who she was talking to, otherwise she would have known that any such threat, was totally meaningless.

"Sally my dear; you've gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick. If I wanted you on your knees; that’s where you’d be. What's more, with a mouthful of cock to keep you busy, you wouldn’t be able to beg for anything, let alone mercy.” His eyes wandered over her slim attractive figure and for a moment he wondered whether he should do it anyway... just for the sake of it.

“And having watched you perform your art so wonderfully this morning, I am sorely tempted,” he said, raising his eyebrows and grinning hungrily at her. “And I have a sneaky suspicion that you wouldn't even try to stop me, would you Sally? Not if your behaviour so far is anything to go by." He paused, as if his mind was replaying what he'd seen earlier today. "You did seem to enjoy sucking that huge toy prick didn’t you? I bet you can’t resist the real thing can you? Nothing like a nice hot throbbing cock being rammed down your throat is there Sally? Sluts like you are all the same?” His insult was stinging and Sally hated him.

She hated him not only because his statement was closer to the truth than she wanted to admit, but because he could read her like a book and there was nothing she could do about it. Sally stood there seething, wishing she could fight her way out of the room. However Stephan was a fanatical body builder and had a large, well-toned body to prove it, which discouraged any physical resistance, plus there was also the little question of him having the power of God here. If he wanted to, he could do anything in this building and nobody would know. She tried using another tactic.

"If you lay one finger on me I’ll scream this whole fucking place down," she warned angrily. Stephan moved closer and sat casually on the side of the desk. His easy superior manner seemed more menacing because of it.

"And no-one will hear you, you stupid little bitch. This room is soundproofed and the door is locked.” He smiled unhurriedly. “The only other person who could possibly disturb us is Peter, and luckily for me... he's in Tower Two. And... if he knows what’s good for him, he will stay there for the rest of the afternoon." Stephan's expression was one of satisfaction when he saw the dismay on her attractive face.

"As to the camera there," and he pointed to the ceiling, "That signal, like all the others in this building, is routed here and only here. So you see Sally my dear, no-one is going to see you, no-one is going to hear you, and absolutely no-one will be coming here to rescue you." He grinned elatedly seeing the hope in her eyes die. "You're all mine this afternoon, and we have much to discuss, although I suspect that after a while, all you'll be able to do is whimper and moan!" he exclaimed with a short demonic laugh.

Sally sensed she was in trouble, but she had no idea what was going on.

“Now let’s dispense with the theatricals shall we. You’ve been a naughty girl, and we can’t let you get away with it, can we now?” Stephan was visibly more relaxed, oozing confidence now that he had the situation under control.

"Now, as head of security, it's my duty to make sure everything here at Tower Exchange runs smoothly, with no hiccups, no problems, and certainly no young ladies using our elevators for their deviant pleasures.” His voice was raised a notch to emphasize his displeasure.

“However I digress. To help me in my endeavours, I have an awful lot of resources…" He waved his hand indicating the room, before continuing. "At my disposal.” He studied the fingernails of his other hand as he spoke.

Whilst he was preaching on about how important he was, Sally’s hand surreptitiously disappeared into her canvas holdall handbag and reached for what she wanted. Then pretending defeat, she placed everything next to the telephone stand on the desk behind her and returned her attention back to Stephan.

“This room, the reception, even your husband are all assets,” Stephan's nasal tone sounding condescending, droned on, having seen Sally relieve herself of her holdall in an effort to herself comfortable. “Assets provided to help me maintain order here at the Tower Exchange.” Even though he was facing her, Sally wondered if he saw her at all. His eyes were like those of a shark; dark, lifeless and void of emotion. A shiver ran down her spine.

Although he was acting like he was bored, images of what he’d seen this morning kept flashing through his mind and they prickled his libido. Seeing her standing there all prim and proper, trying to deny being the slut she so obviously was, was simply delicious. Just thinking about what she was capable of, was getting him stiff. Nothing too obvious at the moment, but his manhood was definitely thickening.

"Quite simply Sally, YOU…" and he jabbed his finger in her direction, "With your, how shall I put it, fragrant misuse of our elevators, and the disgustingly perverted little sideshow…” and he pointed to the bank of screens, “are in deep shit, to coin a phrase!”

Sally gave a sideways glance and cringed. On one of the biggest televisions Sally had ever seen, she regarded the image of herself with half closed eyelids. She was almost completely naked, impaled on the giant dildo and had two fingers buried knuckle deep up her arse. Sally’s eyes closed in disgust when she saw the lurid expression on her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were pursed tightly together, but curling up at the corners in an expression of immense pleasure. There was no doubt she was enjoying herself.

There wasn’t much that could shock Sally; she was after all a born exhibitionist and although seeing herself look like a porno queen was very horny, she had to admit that the image was quite confrontational. The worst thing about the whole affair was that she'd assumed only her fiancée was watching her, not his boss. Stephan's voice suddenly exploded, making her jump.

"Your rash, juvenile fucking games have caused me a serious fucking problem you stupid cunt. Have you any idea what you’ve done, with your bloody silly exhibition?" Sally couldn’t answer because she was shocked by his outburst and tears began welling up in her eyes. She tried desperately to hide them from him, but failed miserably. Not knowing what to say, Sally shook her head despondently and lowered her gaze to the floor. In doing so she missed him smiling sadistically.

“Now you might not have broken any laws Sally, which is lucky for you but you have cost our company an awful lot of money. As a rule I wouldn’t intervene in this sort of thing, however seeing as you’re the wife of one of my better men, I feel I have to. Normally, someone who has behaved as badly as you would be handed over to the police, and they would handle it from there.” He saw tears trickling freely down her cheeks and experienced a feeling of satisfaction. This was exactly how he wanted her; nice and pliant.

"Firstly they'll be arrested, then charged,” He started ticking off his fingers and talking in voice one would use when explaining something to an extremely dense child. “Then they would have a date with the magistrates, where they could explain themselves, and if they’re lucky they’d probably end up being fined and receiving community service. Oh and of course they’d have a police record," he said matter of factly. Sally looked at him uncomprehendingly.

“Once Peter finds out about your little escapade today, and I can assure you he will, he’ll be fired without reason, recourse or references. That’s what your performance today has accomplished.” He smiled wolfishly again. “Without references he’ll find it difficult finding work again, and of course a career as a security officer is over. Life can be so cruel sometimes can’t it Sally?”

Sally was momentarily confused. She couldn’t help wondering how Peter would find out. He definitely wasn’t going to find out from her. Ignorance is bliss as far as she was concerned, and Sally was pretty sure Stephan wouldn’t tell him. She sensed he enjoyed having something over his employees, and to waste a morsel as juicy as this, was simply unthinkable. ‘Maybe,’ she pondered hopefully, ‘I can still get myself out of this little mess.’


"What do you mean? Peter has no idea I'm here,” she said emphatically, “and as far as I’m concerned he doesn't need to know either," she added conspiratorially, smiling encouragingly.

"If that were only possible Sally," Stephan sighed theatrically, bursting her bubble of hope.

"What do you mean?" she asked with an irritation that was growing by the minute. His teasing and sarcasm was getting on her nerves and she was having trouble containing her temper.

"Well Sally, it's like this. The London Exchange Tower has very strict policies when it comes to their employees. No police records."

"But Peter hasn't got a record," she stated exasperated by his obtuseness.

"Oh I'm sorry Sally. Perhaps I haven't made myself clear," his voice dripping condescension.

“If anyone applying for a job fails our security checks, then they are declined employment. If a problem arises with someone already working here, a renewed check is done and,” he raised a finger and pointed it at her, “if there’s a perceived risk, then employment is terminated. Do you get where I’m coming from? I’m not going too fast for you, am I?” he asked belittlingly. Sally gave him her best look of contempt.

“Now let’s imagine shall we, that a security guard already working here has a girlfriend,” and he stared at Sally with emphasis, “And said girlfriend receives a police record for lewd behaviour, and for your benefit, that means she can't keep her knickers on in public." He smiled at sarcastically before continuing. "Then we would be quite within our rights to reassess the situation."

He flicked an imaginary speck of dust from his trousers and then looked at her seriously. "Having done so, and perceiving a potential situation that includes said employee being blackmail by person or persons unknown, we would be morally obligated to dismiss him or her at once. In fact it would be remiss of us if we didn’t.” Sally felt her stomach lurch.

"You wouldn't dare, you fucking shit," Sally spat defiantly even though she knew he could and would, if it pleased him.

“I thought you wanted to help me, but you’ve obviously got no intention have you? You’re a fucking bastard, that’s what you are! A fucking big shithead.” Sally’s ire was up now and she was going to let him have it, with both barrels.

“You’ve just bought me here to see me squirm, haven’t you, you bastard? How long do I have got before the rozzers arrive?” She slapped her hand against her forehead in exasperation. “God, am I stupid bitch? I thought I could trust you being Pete’s boss and all, but you’re just another fucking useless prick, aren’t you?”


"Now, now Sally, no need to get all personal, I’m probably the only one who can help you right now!" Stephan chided sarcastically. “So stop insulting me. It’s only making matters worse."

Sally heard the rebuke with ill grace and watched him look at his watch furtively. Then he stared hard at her.

“We don’t have much time. Now listen you silly mare, I can help and I will help you, but it has to happen today, before this afternoon’s business is closed. After that, it’s out of my hands,” he added, shrugging his shoulders emphatically. Sally looked on uncomprehendingly, and Stephan began explaining.

“Every film made here is automatically transferred to our head office at the end of the day. There, they employ an army of people to do nothing else to do than watch every inch of footage they receive.” He looked at Sally and saw he had her undivided attention.

“Once they see your little exhibition, they'll follow the standard procedure. They’ll scrutinize your every move since entering this building, and of course they’ll have your name from the reception records. Then they’ll cross check your details in the vast security databases at their disposal and before you know it, they will have your whole life in front of them.” He grimaced as he carried on.

“Then they will turn everything over to the police, who in turn will carry out another thorough investigation. Unfortunately for you, one of the details that will light up their screens like a big red beacon, is your address. Why I hear you ask. Because according to our files; it’s the home address of someone who works here.” He shrugged his shoulders almost apologetically.

“So, you’ll still have your date with the magistrates and Peter will automatically be fired!” He wiped his brow with a silken handkerchief, acting like it was all too much for him.

"And there's nothing you can do to stop this?" Sally asked, more afraid of hearing the answer than she dared acknowledge. Stephan looked at his watch and furrowed his brow.

"Sure there is Sally, in fact I’m probably the only one who can help you!” he replied spreading his hands in a friendly gesture, raising her hopes. Then he smiled wolfishly.

“But why would I? I’m not the one with a problem now am I?” He saw the look of utter dismay on her face and a thrill ran down his spine.

“Removing the film from the server is risky and entails an enormous personal risk. To be honest I'm not sure you’re worth the trouble.” Sally’s tears started again. “Okay I’d lose a good man but I’m sure someone else will come along.”

“Please help me,” Sally pleaded, choking back the sob that was filling her throat. “I’ll make it worth your while Stephan, I’ll do anything you ask,” she assured him, using the back of her hand to wipe away the tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Your offer is very tempting, but is it worth the risk?” He asked himself out loud, obviously weighing up the pros and cons.

Sally didn’t know what floated his boat, but she guessed what he wanted. Well she could live with that. She’d used sex in the past, to get her own way and now there was a lot more on the line, which was all the more reason for her to spread them.

“Let’s get on with it Stephan, the sooner you’ve fucked me the sooner you can solve this mess,” she announced coolly, detaching physical and emotional feelings easily.

“Oh Sally, you really don’t know me at all do you? If I just wanted to fuck you, you’d already be lying across my desk, with your legs open wide and what’s more you’d love it, because deep down, you’re just a dirty little slut.” She regarded Stephan with loathing as he talked.

"Oh no Sally my dear, I want something more from you, but I'm not sure you can handle it!"

Sally wondered what the hell he was talking about. From the tone of his voice he was excited, but she couldn't fathom out what he intended. She looked at his powerful six foot frame and felt a shiver run down her spine.

He really was a brick shithouse. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body and his uniform was in some places stretched beyond belief.


Quicker that she would of thought possible for a man of his build, Stephan had bridged the gap between them and grabbed hold of her, pinning her arms against her side. Before she could catch her breath he had turned her around and pushed her face down onto the desk and used his massive frame to keep her there. Having been taken by surprise, Sally was winded and was powerless to resist.

He pulled her left hand upwards and held it above her head near the far edge of the desk. Then her right hand joined her left one and then she heard a soft metallic click. Sally looked on dumbfounded as she saw handcuffs being fastened securely around her wrists. Now she was really pissed.

‘There was no need for this,’ she thought angrily, ‘I’ve already said I’ll fuck you’.

She tried pulling her arms back but was confounded by a large steel bracket fixed to the back of the desk. It was supporting the massive bank of televisions and was made of high tensile steel. In fact the desk and bracket were all part of the same construction and the small chain connecting the handcuffs together was on the wrong side of it. Escaping was impossible, but Sally wasn’t gonna give up without a fight.

“You fucking bastard,” she screamed angrily, “let me go you cunt, or you’ll be sorry.” She knew she was in a fix and her blood boiled. She cursed and swore at him and even tried kicking out backwards, but Stephan had cleverly moved out of range, which only increased her fury. Such was the ferocity of her outrage that when the cold steel began to chafe her wrists, she was only dimly aware of the pain.

“I thought you wanted my help Sally,” Stephan chided in his superior voice. “Or do you want to take your chances with the Tower Exchange?” That only increased her rancour.

It seemed like Sally hadn’t heard him such was intensity of her tantrum, but like a storm that had suddenly blown itself out, she stopped struggling and rested her tense body on the desktop. Stephan looked on satisfied at the subdued figure lying on his desk. It was just how he wanted her.

Sally was defeated and knew it. What’s more, there was nobody else to blame for her present predicament. It was her own perversion that had brought her here. She needed to expose herself, shock people with her behavior. Happily Peter enjoyed watching her, which was why she had come here in the first place. Up until now, her exploits had always been accepted, laughed off as a given thing and if one was offended, well tough luck. However today was different, and Sally guessed it was payback time.

Having accepted her fate, Sally looked at what was happening behind her and was puzzled. She had expected Stephan to be getting undressed, expected to see an erection sticking out from his loins, ready for action, but nothing was further from the truth.

He was still standing there, in his full uniform. She had noticed he had removed his belt and was standing there holding it in his hands. Then she saw Stephan slowly, deliberately press the two ends together. With lightning speed he pulled his muscular arms apart, and an extremely loud explosion filled the room.

Sally jumped out of her skin at the loud cracking sound, and her heart thumped rapidly inside her chest as Stephan repeated this action three or four times. Each time the leather garment sharply came together, the sound seemed even louder. Finally Sally realized what Stephan was going to do to her and she felt her stomach turn to lead. If he was trying to scare her with this display of power, he’d succeeded.

“Now Sally you dirty little whore! Prepare yourself for a damn good thrashing.” Stephan began licking his lips excitedly in anticipation, knowing she wouldn’t, couldn’t refuse.

Sally lay there, eyes closed waiting for her heartbeat to slow down, but her anxiety wouldn’t go away and she could feel the blood rushing through her veins. She and Peter had playfully chastised each other in the past and she’d enjoyed that, but somehow she knew this wasn’t going to be the same. Gradually she slowed her breathing and waited for the first blow.

Stephan moved forward and pressed himself against the prone figure. Sally’s surprise was total.

She blinked a few times; unsure whether to believe what she so obviously felt. There was a hardness pressing into her that could only be one thing. She looked under her outstretched arms, but her skirt hid Stephan’s actions. However there was no mistaking what she was feeling. Her disbelief grew when she felt how big his bulge was. No not just big but huge.

Sally was unwittingly impressed by his stature but wondered why he was so turned on. She thought about the situation. Splayed over the desk; her rear end in a perfect position for him to do whatever he wanted, and his fantasy was probably working overtime.

Probably the outline of her thighs and buttocks were clearly visible through the thin summer skirt and he found the sight extremely erotic.

She’d forgotten about the pornographic image of her on the television screen, forgotten about what he'd seen her do in the elevator. She just knew she was making him hard and despite the anger she felt at the way he had handled her, knowing he was turned on caused an all too familiar stirring between her legs.

Now she looked over her shoulder and saw the huge appendage outlined in his trousers and wondered fleetingly how big it actually was. Peter wasn’t small in that department but what she saw and felt made him seem tiny in comparison. Her juices started flowing freer now and feeling how wet her underwear was becoming, Sally reproached herself severely.

Stephan ground his groin into her backside once more, knowing she couldn’t do anything to avoid him and was surprised to feel her imperceptibly respond.

“So you’ve decided to take your chances with me, have you Sally?” She was totally engrossed in the erection that was pressing into her that she hardly heard him.

“Well you’ve made the right decision but I assure you, you’ll think differently in a few minutes after I’ve thrashed your backside!” He continued, still pressing himself between her buttocks. Sally brought herself back to reality and heard the slight tremor in his voice and recognized it for what it was.

He was so turned on he could barely control his emotions. He must want this really badly she realized, amazed at this revelation. Talk about getting a lucky break.

“Now, we can’t punish you like that now can we?” he exclaimed almost reverently. Sally felt his hand run tenderly over her backside. Was this the calm before the storm?

“Is it going to hurt?” she asked, her bottom lip trembling.

“Oh Yes Sally, of course it’s going to hurt. What’s the point of punishment if you don’t experience pain? When I’m finished with you, you won’t be able to sit down for at least month of Sundays.” He gloated proudly.

“B... b... b... but I’ll promise never to do it again,” she began to stammer as the realization of what was about to happen, finally sank in.

“Oh Sally, you know you can’t keep that promise,” Stephan said in an almost caring voice, sounding like an understanding headmaster. “Girls like you can’t help yourself. You need to expose yourselves, to behave outrageously. You like the high too much. It turns you on knowing people are watching you, displaying yourself in all your depravity, and once you’re hooked; well you just can’t stop.”

He smiled hungrily at her. “Which is just as well, otherwise men like me wouldn’t have anyone to spank, would we?”

Although she was frightened of the oncoming pain, and secretly wondered if she could handle it, hearing the obvious desire in his voice and knowing what effect she was having on him, was proving to be a stronger aphrodisiac than she could have ever imagined. The moisture forming between her legs was more pronounced, and her teddy was very sodden now.

Strong powerful hand reached under her belly and started undoing the straps that held her skirt in place and she felt the blood drain from her face. Her mouth opened and closed in dismay and she began to protest. She hadn’t expected that. Sally had mistakenly assumed that the spanking would begin immediately and had steeled herself for the onslaught, but now she wriggled her hips in an effort to impede him.

“Please Sally, don’t fight me, you’ll only lose and waste precious time in the process. Time by the way, you don’t have.” That last statement struck home and Sally ceased her resistance. Cool air-conditioned air swayed over her exposed buttocks as she felt the skirt glide down her thighs and land around her feet.

“Now Sally, please spread your legs so I can undo your slutty underwear.”

“What!” Sally exclaimed loudly.

“When I said bare arsed, I meant exactly that, and I intend to keep my word.”

Stephan placed his fingers between her legs and could feel the heat and dampness emanating from her body and shook his head in disbelief. Was she just as excited as he was, he wondered incredulously.

Seconds later, after deftly searching the moist garment for the fasteners, he had his answer. Sally felt the three snaps protecting her sex give way to the strong agile fingers pressing against her pussy, and her shame increased.

Stephan’s fingers were coated with Sally’s sweet nectar as the last clasp fell apart and he whistled softly to himself. Absentmindedly he slid two fingers up and down the length of her soaking wet slit, whilst gazing into space in front of him. He heard her moan softly and felt her grind her sex against his hand.

Sally was enjoying the soft caresses between her legs, and then she felt him enter her. She couldn’t help it, her body responded as if on automatic pilot and her cunt muscles contracted around the invading digits.

Stephan felt Sally’s response and grinned enthusiastically.

“You really are a dirty little bitch, aren’t you Sally. Even now, on the verge of a damned good thrashing you’re dripping wet and want nothing more than to be fucked.”

This statement caused Sally to momentarily hate herself. Not only herself, also her tormentor. He was right of course which only made things worse, but still she felt aggrieved.

“You fucking bastard, just get on with it,” she muttered angrily, cursing her body for the way it was betraying her.

Stephan continued fingering her a few seconds more before removing his hand from between her legs. He held his glistening fingers in front of his face and studied them intently. He could smell her musky flavor and shook his head in wonderment.

“Mmmm, let’s see how turned on you are when I’ve finished thrashing you.” Stephan said in a low dangerous voice as he pulled her teddy roughly up around her waist. Sally stood there, half naked and waited.

Time seemed to stand still as she anticipated the first stinging contact, and her breathing was ragged as her anxiety increased. Her heartbeat raced supersonically and she nearly jumped out of her skin when Stephan gently, almost lovingly rubbed the soft leather belt over her ebony skin.

“That’s it my dear, just stand right there and don’t move. Don’t be afraid to cry out, nobody can hear you here, and you will want to cry," he assured her.



The two inch wide leather strip landed squarely across her buttocks, leaving a dark mark across her skin. Even though the blow was preceded by a short sharp swishing sound Sally was taken completely by surprise.

The stinging contact caused her to jump, and what air she had left in her lungs was expelled in a loud guttural moan. That wasn’t so bad she thought silently.

Instinctively Sally wanted to move her hands to protect her vulnerability and without thinking, tried. The steel handcuffs kept her hands exactly where they were and her smooth buttocks remained unprotected, ready for the next strike.

The folded belt flew through the electrically charged air, and without warning struck her cheeks a second time. Although it seemed harder than the first strike, Sally was determined not to cry out again. ‘If that’s the best you can do,’ she thought, biting her bottom lip, ‘then fuck you!’

She guessed correctly that his real enjoyment was seeing her squirm, and hearing her scream out in pain.


That hurt and she desperately wanted to cry out, but her desire to deprive Stephan of his pleasure was still strong enough to bolster her resolve. She gritted her teeth and waited.


Her bottom was burning and she realized that she couldn’t hold out much longer. The pain she was experiencing was too excruciating.


She cried out in anguished pain. She had tried but had lost this uneven battle. There was only so much she could take and Stephan had time and patience on his side, and he knew what he was doing.


A long drawn out groan escaped her lips.


And another groan, reverberated through the room.


This blow was aimed lower. The wide leather strip rippled over the top of her thighs where they joined her taut buttocks. That was more than she could bear.

“Ooowww, you fucking bastard,” She cried out loud and her back arched in pain. She almost dislocated her shoulder in her efforts to avoid the next blow.


This stroke landed on exactly the same place. That really hurt and she cursed him.

Stephan had found her weak spot and she couldn’t hide the fact anymore.

He heard her sob.

Stephan looked down at his victim and smiled satisfactorily. He admired her spirit. Despite his expertise, she had courageously tried to deny him, but had inevitably failed. Unluckily for her, he was far too skilled in this game. It wasn’t just a question of brute power, more a thing of accuracy.

She really was beautiful, he realized as he looked at her intently. Out the corner of his eye he saw the television screen displaying the frozen image from the lift and smiled to himself. He decided to let her watch what was happening to her.

Stephan moved to the desk and reached for the control panel.

“Here you are Sally, you can watch me spank you now, if you want to,” and rapidly pressed some buttons. On screen in high definition, the overhead camera displayed what was happening in the control room, and Sally saw herself sprawled bare arsed across the desk.

The camera seemed perfectly placed, and she could see how her dark skin seemed to glow.

Then she saw Stephan kneeling down behind her. He blew cool air across her raw buttocks and was rewarded with a soft sigh coming from the other side of the desk. As he caressed her superheated skin with the soft leather belt, he could smell her arousal. Looking closer he could see trails of juice running down her thighs and her sex was glistening in expectation. He heard soft moaning coming from the desktop and then watched fascinated as her pink pussy lips opened up invitingly to him.

Now that was one for the books, he thought ironically. Dear little Sally Brightwall was not only enjoying her spanking, she was loving it. Not only was she beautiful, sassy, and extremely sexy, getting punished turned her on apparently. She was every bit as horny as he was, he realized with a shock.


He had wanted to do this to her for a very long time, in fact ever since last Christmas party, when she arrived dressed as a sexy elf. Halfway through the evening, having consumed more brandy than was good for him, he had approached her with a twig of mistletoe and had tried stealing a kiss her. Sally however had pushed him away and publicly humiliated him. Mortified, he heard her say that even if he was the last man on earth, she wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot barge pole.

His humiliation was complete and he felt sick to his stomach, especially as his peers gazed laughingly in his direction. He wanted to get hold of her, throw her over his knee and make her pay for her actions, but knew that he couldn’t go that far. Without uttering a word and displaying an unusual amount of calm, he quietly filed away his fantasy inside the dark recesses of his mind, turned around and left the party.

He hadn’t forgotten and he’d certainly not forgiven, but even in his wildest dreams he had never really believed his day would come and slowly the insult began fading from his memory. So it was a shocked Stephan who watched an unsuspecting Sally Brightwall step into the lift and later his delight increased when he watched her getting down and dirty.

Stephan's moment had arrived. If he wanted to get even for the long forgotten Christmas party, it was now or never.


He stood up behind her and raised his arm.




Three quick short blows, alternating between her cheeks caused Sally to arch her back again as the pain inflicted on her, rippled through her whole body. She could feel her temperature rising and even though she dreaded every stroke, she still wanted more.

“Please,” she panted breathlessly. “Peter mustn’t be able see what has happened today.” Silently she wondered if Stephan could control himself.

Without acknowledging her request he continued bringing leather and skin together in their violent embrace, but instead of crying and pleading for mercy as he expected, Sally was moaning loudly and what’s more it was getting more and more sensual in nature. Another stinging blow caused a long guttural scream.

Her body felt electrified. The heat building up inside her was enough to make her blouse stick to the sweat on her back, and despite the air-conditioning, the humidity in the room seemed to crackle and pop on her white hot skin.

Her body ached for release. She couldn’t believe how erotic this was. Being fastened to the desk and receiving the belt, had triggered an incessant throb between her legs. It needed quelling and she knew the only thing that would still her hunger was cock. Oh how she wanted some cock right now.

She lowered her forehead onto the desktop and looked guardedly between her thighs. She felt a wave of disappointment flood her soul. Although she could see what she wanted, it was still hidden inside his trousers and she wondered how long it would take before he realized her body was longing for his manhood. ‘Please, please, please, release that monster,’ she prayed silently.


“Oh yes, give me more,” she moaned softly, barely audibly.


“Please fuck me,” she whispered softly.

Sally had lost count of how many times leather and skin had connected, mainly because of the unexpected sexual rollercoaster she was riding. All she could concentrate on was the fiery heat deep in her loins and how it needed extinguishing.


“Please I beg you. I want some cock,” she sobbed appraisingly.


She closed her eyes and let the tears of frustration roll down her cheeks. Hate, pain and sexual desire swirled around in her pretty little head. She could taste the saltiness of her teardrops as they dribbled over her lips.


“Oooh Goooddddd.”

Frustration had shadowed her the whole day. From the moment when Peter had denied her this morning, right up until now. For some reason she was sexually charged today and notwithstanding the orgasm she had given herself in the lift, which only increased her longing, she was desperate to be fucked. And now, the one thing she longed for the most; a damn good fucking, was only possible with the one person in the world she least wanted to be fucked by, and what's more, he didn’t seem interested.


Stephan had avidly watched her grinding her groin against the edge of the desk and had heard her begging him to take her. As the leather belt once again landed on her rosy skin, he decided to give her what she wanted. Without hesitation, he unzipped his flies and pulled his rock hard prick from his trousers.


When the final blow landed, Sally’s moaning was a mixture of desire and disappointment. She couldn’t believe Stephan didn’t realize she wanted him and wanted him badly. Then she felt hands grip her hips and her prayers were answered.

His long thick manhood slid easily inside her dripping silken tunnel, and he was amazed at how tightly she was gripping him. Her silken sheath swallowed his fleshy staff greedily and then he felt her milking him. God she was good.

As he buried his whole length into her she hissed a soft heartfelt “Yeeesssss!”

Tightening his grip on her hips, he felt her flinch when his fingers touched her red raw arse. He had taken care not to leave any visible marks, but he hadn't spared her at all. The pain she felt was very real and every touch, however slight was both excruciating and exquisite. He ground his pelvis against her buttocks and was rewarded with a loud groan.

“Ooooohh Jesus.” Sally mumbled when she felt him bump her cervix. Her legs began to tremble as the huge erection caused countless ripples of pleasure to course through her whole body and feeling him grind his groin against her inflamed arse was sweet agony. She felt him withdrawing and a large anguished sob escape her lips.

“Noooooo,” she pleaded and despite the pain of his wiry pubic hair scratching her sensitive cheeks, she pushed her rear end backwards so that he stayed inside her as long as possible. Then the handcuffs held her in place whilst Stephan pulled his meat from her steaming snatch. She felt a huge sense of emptiness between her legs and almost began sobbing.

She whimpered loudly as Stephan slapped his engorged manhood against her vulva before sliding his helmet over her clit. Although that was heavenly, she really wanted him back inside her. She needn’t have worried. Stephan was only teasing her and before long buried his cock right up to the hilt where it belonged.

Sally lay there and surrendered to his wonderful onslaught. His hips moved back and forth in long, slow, easy strokes, and each time he pressed home, he pulled her backwards trying to get as much cock inside her as was physically possible, letting her relish every inch of his delicious manhood.

And relish it she did. Sally could feel him stoking the smoldering furnace inside her with his steely rod and knew it wouldn’t take long for him bring her to an explosive boiling point. Although being chained to a desk, and getting stuffed from behind had its charms, Sally was used to taking a more active role in her sexual escapades and wanted to participate in a more direct manner.

As if reading her mind Stephan leant all his weight on and reached for her hands. He was still inside her and she could feel him throbbing as blood engorged his erection.

She heard a click and felt the cold steel around her wrists loosen. Wanting to believe what she was hearing, she looked across the expanse of the desk and saw that she was indeed free from her shackles.

Stephan straightened up behind her, and resumed his slow deliberate thrusts. With her hands now free, Sally’s libido took over and she reached down between her legs to grab hold of the flesh being thrust inside her.

Stephan suddenly felt strong, thin, elegant fingers seizing his greasy manhood as it disappeared between her pussy lips. Her grip was tightening around the base of his flesh as he moved in and out her dripping hole and he began to buck his hips faster and faster.

She felt his groin bang repeatedly against her superheated buttocks, bringing his wiry pubic hair and her red raw skin together in an exquisitely painful but hugely erotic sensation.

Whilst one hand was wrapped tightly around a throbbing cock, the other hand was used to hold on to the desk for support. Sally was more vocal now, urging him on, telling him to fuck her faster and harder. As his tempo increased, she heard the delicious squelching sounds of violent intercourse and reveled in the debauchery.

Sally was so horny she didn’t want to miss anything at all. Not content enough with feeling him fucking her, she wanted to watch him fuck her as well. She wanted to observe his huge cock penetrate her sex, wanted to enthusiastically watch how it disappeared between her cunt lips and then when he was ready to shoot his load, she wanted to see him cum all over her.

“Stephan undo your trousers and let me see your whole cock,” Sally ordered, standing up and facing him. Obeying her immediately, he stepped backwards to remove his trousers and Sally saw his erection in the full and guessed it must have been at least eight or nine inches in length. It was pointing at her from his short stubbly pubic hair and her juices caused it to glisten in the overhead lights.

Licking her lips greedily in anticipation, she parked her painful derriere onto the desk and leant backward. She rested her elbows on the hard surface and with a lustful glance in her eyes, watched Stephan deliberately wank himself of in front of her.

“You like them nice and big, don’t you Sally?” He asked, his voice sounding gravelly from excitement. Sally grinned at him and nodded her head enthusiastically.

Is this what you want slut?” he teased. “Do you want me to fuck you and make you cum, huh is that it?” The hunger between Sally’s legs needed feeding and although Sally thought Stephan was a jerk, his dirty talk was a turn on for her.

“Yes you big pricked bastard, I want that thing right here,” and she moved a hand over her mound to her slit. As she began rubbing her fingers over her swollen clitoris she continued answering him.

“And I want it right now. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum all over it,” she added hungrily and used her fingers to hold open her cunt lips.

Stephan moved towards her and Sally, licking her lips at the prospect of being well and truly fucked by such a monster, raised her legs in the air and spread them willingly.

“Come on Stephan; put that fucking thing where it belongs.” Her voice was low and guttural when she spoke, and she could feel warm juices dribbling from her cunt right down her anal crack.

Stephan smiled triumphantly as he moved towards her, masturbating his cock slowly, deliberately, exposing his enormous purple knob end.

“Okay slut, get ready for a fucking good shag,” he announced confidently as he positioned himself between her open juicy lips. Sally’s thighs encircled his slim waist and her ankles crossed each other in the small of his back. As they locked she pulled him closer and felt him drive deep inside her.

“Aaaahhh Yeeesssss.” She hissed wantonly. Throwing her head back in sheer abandonment as he plunged into her, Sally felt his balls slapping against her bum as their loins grinded together as hard as they could. She tightened her legs around his waist some more and held him there.

“Now fuck me you bastard. Make this little black slut cum all over your huge white dick… If you can!” she goaded, although she knew it wouldn’t take much more of this to reach a gorgeous orgasm.

Stung by her racist sarcasm Stephan began pumping back and forth like a steam locomotive. He placed his hands under her fleshy thighs to steady himself as he moved so vigorously.

Sally looked down at the glistening shaft gliding effortlessly into her receptive slit, and some small part of her couldn’t quite believe she was allowing this to happen. If someone had told her that she would be fucking Stephan Harris, she would have laughed at them in their face, but here she was; lying on her back, legs spread, watching his rock hard shaft sliding inside her and she was enjoying every moment.

Part of it was never having had a cock so big before. He was stretching her like no-one had ever done before and it felt glorious. It was something she could quiet easily get used to. The other part of her desire was caused by the sexual feeling she'd experienced during the spanking.

From the moment Stephan exposed her arse, she’d been on a sexual high and when was he fingering her, she'd been close to an orgasm. What she hadn’t expected was the explosion of emotions she felt as the leather belt made the first explosive contact.

She almost came on the spot. Despite the pain, which had been real enough, the whole concept of being spanked was something that excited her enormously. Without really knowing it, Sally had desperately wanted to be punished, and that's why she exhibited herself so blatantly. She had realized this in that first instant after the belt had landed across her buttocks.

It was pure irony that Stephan Harris and only Stephan Harris had seen it, and provided what she needed. She had always known he was dominant male, his whole demeanor shouted it, and maybe sub consciously that was what she she wanted. Even though he repulsed her, both on a physical and emotional level, she couldn’t deny the powerful feelings and emotions he’d bought to the fore this afternoon. She hadn’t wanted it this way, would have done anything to avoid this, but that said; what she was having one of the best sexual experiences in her life.


Stephan’s grunting brought her out of her reverie, and she realised they were both nearing their climaxes. As his fucking ignited the fuse to her powder keg, Sally hoped he could keep going for a few seconds more because and she was about to explode.

Their pelvises banged together once again and that was the final spark. Her head fell backwards and her back arched as she let out a long intense groan. All her muscles contracted and her body began to spasm involuntary.

“I’m cuming! No don’t stop, keep going.” She managed to cry out as she began to shake all over.

Stephan felt her cunt clamp around his flesh before she flooded her velvety tunnel with cum. Her legs, still wrapped around his back pulled him closer and he could feel her swamping his pubic hair with nectar as he continued thrusting inside her.

Feeling her body shudder violently in a wild frenzied sexual release, brought him ever closer to the edge as he buried himself deep in her cunt again and again.

“Sally you bitch, I’m gonna cum,” he roared triumphantly.

“No, let me,” she begged breathlessly, releasing her legs from his waist. Stephan withdrew his swollen member from her warm sheath and allowed Sally to wrap her small hand around the hard greasy staff. She began wanking his erection vigorously, pulling the foreskin back as far as it reached, coaxing the spunk from deep within his balls.

“Come on you bastard, give me everything you’ve got,” she urged through gritted teeth as her hand moved rapidly up and down.

Stephan could barely make out her hand, it was moving so quickly, but as she tugged him masterfully, he could certainly feel what was happening and a few moments later his balls ascended.

Through her fingertips Sally felt his seed rush up the length of his prick and then watched enthralled as wads of thick, white, creamy spunk exploded from the tiny little slit and flew in her direction. The first salvos were accompanied by a loud roar, and were so powerful that they landed in long trails across her stomach and chest. The thin summer material began soaking up the creamy liquid, leaving huge damp patches on the pristine white fabric.

The next expulsions, which were almost as powerful landed on her dark exposed belly and began trickling down her smooth ebony skin towards her own soaking wet sex. The last few spasms dribbled semen onto her pussy, which she wantonly writhed into her opening, using his prick as an implement.

Even though his climax was over, Sally continued pumping his cock, causing occasional shocks to wrack his body. Seeing him still nice and hard despite his climax, Sally fed his cock back inside her warm opening and with her other hand resting on his buttock, she pulled him forward.

She felt him throbbing inside her and she clenched her muscles playfully around his shaft.

“How would you like to see your little black slut eat up all your spunk Stephan?” she asked provocatively.

Without waiting for a reply, Sally used her fingers to gather the gooey liquid together and then proceeded to feed herself. Stephan watched in wonderment as Sally, acting like some highly paid porn queen scooped up every last drop of cum and gorged herself, swallowing all of it greedily.


As they stood there getting dressed in an uneasy silence, Stephan spoke first.

“You know Sally; it really would be a shame if Peter found out about this afternoon’s…” He paused momentarily searching for the right word.

“Fucking?” Sally bawdily filled in the missing description, giggling uncontrollably.

“Well yes,” Stephan continued, although his voice seemed strained “And I really think…”

“You want to fuck me again don’t you?” Sally interrupted him, as she tied the long straps of her skirt tightly around her waist. Stephan regarded her astonished, surprised at her astuteness.

“Not only do I want to, but since this has been filmed and I’m prepared to use it to get my own way, you’ve really got no choice now have you?” He grinned wolfishly at her. “Unless you want Peter to find your films in his mailbox."

Sally just looked at him, her expression unchanging.

"Sally, I think you and I are going to become very tight in the future.” Stephan spoke confidently. "Next week, Friday afternoon, I'll expect you to report to reception. Just say you've an appointment with me and wear something sexy. Okay?"

Sally didn't say anything, and he was surprised at how calm she was taking this blackmail. 'Maybe she wants it as much as I do,' he thought hopefully. He watched Sally finish packing her canvas holdall, before placing the straps over her shoulder. Then she moved in front of him, smiling sweetly.

“I won’t tell a lie Stephan, it was a wonderful fuck, as fucks go." Her hand reached forward and caressed his still thick member and he felt himself growing again. "I like big dicks, and you’re the biggest I know!” she said, her insult thinly disguised.

“In fact Stephan, I hope you’ve enjoyed as much as I did," and she tightened her grip. "Because this is the last time you will touch my black arse for a while." Stephan winced as Sally squeezed her finger together with all her might.

"Unless you are prepared for the consequences you had better listen to me carefully." Sally's fingers lessened the hold they had on Stephan's manhood. "Starting today, you are going to give Peter a promotion and at least fifty quid a week more pay." She started writhing her hand over his groin again.

"If you play ball, I might and I mean might just consider using your cock again for my pleasure, only next time you'll be the one on the receiving end of the belt before you fuck me." Without battering a eyelid she stared at him before turning on her heels.

Stephan looked at her as if she had gone mad as she started walking away from him.

“Why on earth would I want to do that Sally? I have everything I need, right here.” His voice was raised and his temper was ignited. He was the boss, he had all the cards and she would do as he commanded. "Don't push me young lady, I can make or break you with what I've got on you," and he pointed to the computer screen.

“That may be Stephan,” Sally replied over her shoulder, still moving towards the exit.

“But you’re not the only one who has our afternoon’s fun on film.” Sally laughed at him when she saw a look of total incomprehension written all over his face. She stopped before the hallway and faced him.

“I wonder,” she acted like she was talking to herself, “what your very high society wife will say when she sees you shagging the arse off some little black tart, who comes from the east end of town.” Stephan’s face was devoid of all colour as her words reverberated through his mind.

“That would mean a very costly divorce. You would definitely lose your job, upper management misusing the company's assets to fulfil his own disgusting, perverted needs. Tut tut. You know you couldn't possibly stay in charge here, they would have to fire you, would be remiss if they didn't, and I know Peter would want to have a word in your shell like, if you get my drift.” Sally was enjoying herself immensely.

Stephan snorted his derision and tried calling her bluff.

“You’ve got nothing Sally Brightwall. Nothing what so ever! Get back here, or you’ll be sorry you ever crossed me you little bitch.”

He heard Sally laugh out loud as she disappeared into the hallway towards the door.

“Oh no?” she asked innocently, out of sight. The last thing Stephan saw of Sally Brightwall was her poking her head around the corner whilst reaching into her canvas holdall. Then he saw her pulling out an object for him to see.

He looked on in utter dismay as he recognized a camcorder in her hand. Then he heard Sally call out.

“Lights! Camera! And action!”

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Really...... really... so very good. You sure know how to keep it up through both parts.
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