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How I Met My Daddy

How I Met My Daddy

I Want To Be His Good Girl
The heat is scorching hot, almost unbearable. I can feel tiny beads of sweat rolling down my back, sliding down my spine. My naked body is dripping with perspiration. It tickles in some areas, making me writhe a little. My wrists are bound above me. So, I can’t even wipe the sweat from my brow. It’s growing closer to dripping right into my eyes.

How did I get myself in this situation? Am I really ready for this kind of thing? It doesn’t matter now, it’s too late to back out. I had my chance. It is so dark in here. He told me to trust him, to believe he would take care of me.

I allowed this man to seduce me into this.


It started about six months ago online. I received a friend’s request from someone I didn’t know. We didn’t even have friends in common. Normally I would have deleted such a request, but the man sent a message with it. That doesn’t happen, like ever.

Good Morning Eve,

I would like to be friends with you. I know you don’t know who I am, but we’re in a few of the same groups. Some of the things you’ve said really caught my attention, so I did a little snooping. Nothing like a stalker or a creeper would do, just, well, making sure you’re as cool as you sound in the groups.

Anyway, I saw we’re into the same kind of music, films, and our interests lean into the same kinds of things. I don’t know, you just seem like a really cool kind of chick to me. I figured why not try and friend this girl, see if we can get to know each other.

I’ll tell you some things about me, even though you can check my Facebook as well. Let’s see, my name is Adam, obviously. I’m thirty three, my birthday is in March, on the third. My favourite number is three. See a pattern? All true though. I work in real estate, I love my job! I love helping people build a home from an empty shell. I own my own house. I’m single, have been for three years. I have a dog, his name is Jacks.

As I said, I like the same films, music and stuff you do. No need to repeat it or you can check my profile. I think we could be good friends. I hope to hear from you soon.


I hope this didn’t creep you out! I’ve never does this before.


After I read the message, I did in fact look at his profile. He was right, we shared the same kinds of stuff in common. I saw the same groups we were in, so he was telling the truth on that. I was impressed by the music he was into, the films were a lot alike also. The only thing he listed that I wasn’t all that into is watching sports. I don’t mind playing them, but watching, I find rather boring. I also noticed how into gaming he is, I couldn’t help but think nerd. It made me smile.

I even looked through some of his photos. I thought he was really rather cute. His hair was super dark, but I wouldn’t call it black. Though, it is close enough. It took me a good few photos to find ones that showed his eyes well enough, which turned out to be baby blue. He wore glasses, which fit his face perfect. His skin tone was a mocha colour. He keeps himself in great shape, though not super beefy. That has never done anything for me. The only thing I couldn’t tell was how tall he was.

I decided to send him a message back, before approving the request.

Dear Adam,

Thank you for your message and request. I was taken aback by a random add, but the message was nice. I also saw the groups we are both in. Yes, I took a peek in your profile. I don’t see a problem with being friends. It would be nice to get to know you a little more.

So, here is a little bit more about me. As you can see, my name is Eve. I’m twenty three and my birthday is in March also! But, mine is at the end of the month, on the twenty-eighth. My favourite colour is tan. I get a lot of jokes about that not being a real colour, just a dirty off white, but it’s still my favourite. A lot of my clothes are tan!

I only have fish as pets, I’m too busy for anything else right now. I love to play video games and draw more than go out and get drunk like a lot of people my age. I don’t like watching sports, but love playing them.

Anyway, don’t worry, you didn’t creep me out. If I was too worried about it, I could set my profile to private. I hope to hear back from you soon.


After I hit send, I accepted the request.

The first few messages were nothing compared to some of the long, lengthy messages we shared after that. Our schedules didn’t match up very well at first, so we just sent messages. Sometimes they felt like reading and writing book length stories. We talked about everything. I was looking forward to hearing from him all the time. I couldn’t deny that I was in fact growing a crush on him, even back then.

After two months of banter back and forth, getting to know each other, we took it to a new level. The talk of sex came up, as it does. I’m surprised it took that long, but it was just so natural, nothing was ever forced. I can remember that part of the message so clearly. I had made a remark about it being late at the end of one of my messages, I had stayed up too long writing him. When he wrote me back, he said he would have to spank me for staying up past my bed time.

I’m not sure why, but the idea of him spanking me for something so simple made me incredibly horny. All I could answer with is, ‘by all means, please do.’ I would have loved to feel his hands on me that night, or, any night for that matter. Being single was not something I did well. I hate being single. My last relationship had ended because I was too busy and so was he. We parted on good terms. I haven’t been any less busy since then, so I haven’t looked for anyone to be with.

Telling him he could spank me seemed to have opened the flood gates. We started flirting after that. We started talking about our sex lives, or the lack-thereof. We told each other what we were into, he was bold and asked a lot of personal stuff. He asked things I had a hard time telling men I dated, but I felt so comfortable with him.

One night he asked me if I knew anything about the Dominate and submissive world of sex. I confessed I wasn’t really knowledgeable about those things. After asking me a few questions, he told me I sounded like I would be a submissive. I couldn’t deny it, I wanted to know more about it. So, I began looking online about the lifestyle.

I came across several sites, a lot of them scared me. Too much hardcore stuff, ball gags, chains, piercings, canes, clamps, welted asses, blood. All of that put me off of it. I figured it wasn’t for me. That is, until I saw on page about Daddy Dom’s and little’s. I opened the site and read it. After that, I read more and more on it. I related to the girls, it is how I was with a few of my exes. Not to the fullest extent as some of these girls, but that is because I didn’t know about this world.

The next time I chatted with Adam, I showed him the sites. He thought it was really cute, telling me he could see me as a little. It made me blush. I remember stirring in my seat at the thought of being someone’s little.

Over the next few weeks following that chat, Adam started acting a bit like some of the Daddy Dom’s on the sites. It made me feel more and more submissive each time we spoke. I could feel him seducing me and I had no control over it. I couldn’t fight it, nor did I want to. I know he felt it too, because he became more and more like a Daddy to me. It wasn’t official, but it seemed so natural. He started giving me assignments to do. They were simple things, like being online at a certain time, writing in a journal, making sure I went to bed on time. It was just little things that I needed reminding to do.

Finally by the fourth month of talking, the subject of talking on the phone was brought up. We had talked about exchanging numbers before, but never did. It was one evening he asked me to do something, and I simply replied “Yes Daddy.” He said he couldn’t wait to hear me say those words with my voice. I told him I couldn’t wait either. He said we should exchange numbers then. I had a stomach full of butterflies, I was so excited! I wasn’t nervous, I trusted this man. After I had given him my number, he had me go take a bath, he was going to call afterwards. I did as he asked.

The call lasted for hours. We had no awkwardness between us. It was as if we had known each other forever. We stayed up until three in the morning. He gave me a pass that night for staying up so late. I was falling for him even more. His words seduced me more. He knew what he was doing. I was eating right out of his hands.

After the first initial call, we began talking on the phone, giving up the internet. We talked every night for hours on the phone, just like we had on the internet. It somehow was so much more personal. We ate dinner’s together, watched films together, sometimes TV shows. I would even take bathes while on the phone with him. There were a few times I even fell asleep on call with him.

I knew he didn’t live far from me. Our friendship, our relationship, if that is what you wanted to call it, was growing stronger. I knew how I felt was strong enough for me to start thinking about him when I masturbated. I was seriously attracted to him. He made me feel like the prettiest girl in the world.

One night when we were talking, I admitted to him that I masturbate to the idea of him. He was quiet for a long time. I felt as though my heart was going to bust out of my chest. I was scared I went too far, that he thought it was wrong. Once he spoke, I could hear the smile in his voice. He said that he also was doing the same about me. For some reason this made me blush.

I loved the idea of him hard, stroking his cock, thinking of me. It made my inner core scream with desires. Without thinking, I slid my hand down into my panties and touched myself. I was already so wet. I remember the night as if it just happened. I was in my bed, it was already late but neither of us had work the next day. I had my regular night wear on, just panties and a t-shirt.

Slipping my fingers down, I caressed myself, thinking of him stroking himself. I was so turned on. The moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. Of course he heard it. He called me out on it, asking me if I was touching myself. He used his dominate voice, the one that I had fallen so deeply for. I told him I was, my voice was so low and submissive it caused him to groan in delight.

One thing lead to another, he had me describe what I was doing and then he told me what he wanted to do to me. He made me orgasm five times, making me beg each time I did. I had never felt so submissive in my life and I loved every moment of it. It was my first time having phone sex, but it sure wasn’t the last.

A few days after our first time having phone sex, Adam asked me what I thought about dating him. He wanted to own me, to protect me, to take care of me, for me to be his. It was everything I wanted, what I wanted from him. I told him I wanted it more than anything.

Even now, standing here in this darken, overly hot room, it makes me smile. I ache, feeling every inch of my exposed body tingle, wanting him to touch me. I can feel the tightness of my nipples, so hard. A single sweat drop trickles down my back spine, making me shiver, even in this heat.

It was him who suggested we finally meet. It was a little over six months of talking online and the phone. We were now dating, we had no reason to not to. It was something we both wanted. Once I became his, the role of his little took place full-time. He was and is my Daddy Dom. I wasn’t nervous about it, it was what I wanted for a while. We agreed to meet the following weekend.


All last week I was so excited. I was getting ready in every possible way. I had my hair done, waxed in places I was never waxed before, tweezed, teased and pampered myself. We weren’t having phone sex, Adam wanted to wait. He wanted me on a sexual edge the day we met. It was hard going from having sex with him every day to going a whole week without it.

He teased me, making me very horny every chance he got. He would send me sexy photos of himself, talked dirty to me when we were on call, leave me voice mails of him moaning, anything he could think of. By Thursday I was almost begging him to please me. I whined, whimpered, begged, pleaded, and all he did was laugh and tell me to be a good little girl. Of course all that did was make me hornier. I love when he calls me his little girl, his good little girl.

Last night, being Friday, we were talking about today. He asked me how much I trusted him. I said more than anything. He is my Daddy, of course I trusted him. He told me that he had a surprise for me when we got to his place. I knew even than it was something I wouldn’t have any control over.

This morning when I woke up, I had the biggest smile on my face. I made sure to get enough sleep, so I’d be at my best today. It was really hot even at nine. It is late September, the weather is still warm, but today is a heat wave. I decided to go with a light sundress, wearing just flip flops to go with it. I’m wearing my hair down, even though it’s so hot.

We agreed to meet at a local park. We planned to have a picnic. When I showed up, I was starting to feel a little nervous. I wasn’t nervous about meeting him, but that he would change his mind about me. I felt that way until I saw him. I showed up early, sitting on a bench, just waiting. I had a feeling someone was looking at me, I scanned the park, and that is when I saw him.

He was maybe a yard away from me. He was walking towards me with the biggest smile on his face. He was carrying a classic picnic basket, he told me he wanted to bring the food. He had on dark blue shorts, with a button up light blue shirt and converse shoes. I couldn’t help but just stare at him. He was so beautiful to me. When he spoke, I felt my whole body convulse. I was instantly turned on. I knew it was going to be a long, perfect day.

“I never thought this day would come. I’ve needed my good girl for so long,” he almost purred.

He was right in front of me at that point, he pulled me up from where I was sitting. He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing tight and kissed me gently. His lips felt like velvet, caressing with my silky soft ones. Our tongues finding that wonderful dance, deeper the kiss got. Soft moans escaping my lips, making me lean into him more.

“I’ve needed you too, Daddy. I’ve needed you for so long,” I whisper out against his lips.

It wasn’t just a sexual need, not for either of us. It went far beyond that, but we didn’t need to say more than we did. After, we had our picnic, enjoying the weather. I knew I was going to get a little bit of colour. He had packed us cold, boneless chicken, with broccoli salad and French bread. It was amazingly good. He even told me he had cooked. I love the idea of a man who can cook. Afterwards, we got an ice cream before heading to Adam’s house.

When we got there, things started to get serious. He teased me from the start. The moment we walked into the house, he pushed me up against the door, kissing me deeply. His hand slid up under my sundress and was caressing me over my panties. I wanted him to rip my panties off, bend me over the nearest object and fuck me senseless. Of course, I knew he wouldn’t. I knew he was going to prolong it.

That’s when he whispered into my ear his plan. He told me he was going to bring me down to his lounge room, strip me naked and bound me to the ceiling. All I could do was reply, “Anything you want, Daddy.” With that, I followed him downstairs. He didn’t turn on the lights, even though it was dark. I think it’s a basement, because there were no windows. No lights of any kind.

He stripped me from my clothes and took my wrists, and bound them to soft restraints. He told me he would be back when he thought I had waited long enough. I was about to speak, but he placed a single finger against my lips. He hushed me, telling me to trust him. Of course I trusted him, so I did as he said. He kissed my lips quickly, before leaving the room.

I waited and waited some more. I felt the butterflies building inside me. I could feel my naked body ache in both pain and pleasure. I could feel the sweat building, wishing there was a window or even a fan to help me cool off. I wondered how long he’d keep me down here. I wanted him here with me, I wanted to call out to him, but I wanted to behave. I wanted to be his good girl.


Finally, I hear the door open from the top of the stairs. He doesn’t turn on the light. He slowly comes down the stairs. He is silent, so I also stay silent. I wait for him to speak, but he doesn’t. He begins to light candles through the room. I can see the room start to take form. It has sofas, a few chairs, and a mini bar. On one of the walls is a flat screen TV, even a pool table at the far end of the room.

Once he finishes lighting the candles, he comes to stand in front of me. A smile on his face, one that you can tell is from knowing he knows what’s going on and I don’t.

“You’re so beautiful, Eve. You’re such a good girl. My good little girl,” he says to me low, but with control.

“I just want to make you happy, Daddy,” I whisper low. My heart is beating faster, my skin growing warmer.

I lick my lips, feeling as though my mouth is dry. Adam cups my face and kisses me lightly. He smells like he has just taken a shower. It would explain the new clothes he has on. He takes a step back, picking up a remote. The sound of an AC kicks on and I sigh out. I’m grateful for the coolness. It hits my body quickly, causing me to let out a moan. I blush, feeling my nipples harden so tight.

“You do and have always made me happy, little one. Are you thirsty? I have just about everything.”

“I would love some iced tea, do you have that?”

“Yup, sure do. It comes in a bottle and everything,” he smiles at me, heading towards his fridge.

He comes towards me with the bottle. It makes me lick my lips again, wanting to quench my thirst. He doesn’t offer it to me, though. He begins to roll it against my already hard nipples. I shiver, gasping as it hits just right. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but my nipples grow even harder. They are tight, hard little buds, begging for release.

Adam says nothing, just teases me for a moment longer, before offering me the tea. He helps me drink from the bottle. My hands are still above me. I feel so helpless, but I love that he has this kind of control over me. When I tell him I’ve had enough, he sets the bottle down. He is standing before me, taking one of my nipples, he begins to suck on it.

I tremble, trying to hold still. I watch his mouth work on my nipples. He switches between them. He kisses gently between my breasts, towards each nipple. I can feel the way his tongue darts at the tip of my nipple, his teeth holding it in place. It feels like torture, the best kind, of course. I’m whimpering, almost begging him not to stop.

When he does stop, he looks at me with a wicked grin. He moves behind me, taking something that I can’t figure out what it is and slowly rolls it over my back. It has spiky ends, biting into my flesh. He rolls it from the top of my spine, sliding it down until it is rolling in the dip of my back. He stops right at my ass crack and slides it back upwards. It feels so erotic, the pain, which I feared would hurt, feels so fucking good, it makes me pant.

I’ve never used toys with anyone I’ve been with before. This is all new to me, but Adam knows this. I told him I wanted to try with him. We’ve hardly started and I love it. I want more. The pinwheel rolls down over my back, working over my ass, towards my thigh. He switches to the other leg, working it back upwards.

“You have wonderful control, little girl. You make me proud. I was unsure how you’d handle it, since you’ve never played with toys before,” his voice is soft, but I can hear how proud he is of me. I want to bounce around and do a dance. It makes me even more excited to know he is so proud of me.

“Nothing gives me greater pleasure knowing you’re proud of me, Daddy. I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to discover myself with you, Daddy. That is what I want with you,” the submissive tone in my voice is clear. Everything I’m saying is the truth. I don’t care how short of time I’ve known him. It doesn’t matter to me that we just met in person. This is the man I want to spend forever with.

“I want all that with you, little one. You’re my good little girl. I’ll help you with all those things. I have much to teach you. You are mine forever, baby.”

Hearing Adam confirm what I’ve wanted to hear makes me gasp out, a soft moan following. Adam places the pinwheel on the table once more, coming towards my front. He begins to undress in front of me. I have seen probably every square inch of him, between photos and being on camera, but nothing beats the visual of seeing him in person. He starts with his shirt, giving me a view of his chest. With only just a small hair line starting from his belly button, moving towards his package, I can’t help but want to run my nose through it. When he removes his pants, I blush. I can see how aroused he is, making me squirm a little.

Once he is fully naked, he allows me to just stare at him, to soak him in, so to speak. That is before he steps forward, he begins to caress two fingers through my wet lips. My clit is being massaged between his fingers. He watches me, moving a little faster every so often. With the weeklong no orgasm rule, the build-up from today, I was already having trouble with my control.

Scared I wouldn’t be able to hold back, I start to beg him for a release. I want to come so much. I want to have my first orgasm with him. “Please, Daddy, please, I want to come for you. May I please?” I am fighting with all I have. My heart slamming against my chest so hard I think it might explode.

“Baby, as much as I want to say yes, I’m going to say no. Your first orgasm after a week without coming is going to be around my cock. Once I’ve allowed you to feel me inside you, that is. You’ll just have to wait.”

With that, he slows down, until he stops. I feel my orgasm slam to a halt, leaving me with a dull ache. It hurts, deep inside me. I need him inside me. I want him inside me. I know he won’t do that just yet, I know better. He brings his fingers up to his lips, sucking on them. He tastes me for the first time. I squirm watching him, he smiles at this.

“You taste so good, Princess. I know you know, I’ve had you try it. Let’s see how well you taste from my lips.”

He leans in, kissing me deeply. I suck on his tongue, tasting myself. His mouth tastes of mouthwash and of me. He grips my hips, holding me close to him. I can feel his erection slip between my thighs. It rests just right against my pussy, but not inside. He just keeps himself there, kissing me. Every so often, I can feel it throb.

Adam lets me go, moving to his knees, he looks up at me. My shoulders starting to hurt slightly, but I say nothing. I want to make him happy. The height of my arms allows my breasts to perk up a little higher, pushing out a little more. I’m not fully on the ground, enough to have to use my tippy toes.

He kisses over my mound, running his nose along my tender flesh. I love how it feels. He allows his tongue to skim down until it finds my cleft. Slowly, he begins to suck on my clit. He opens my lips, exposing my clit as he does it. He lashes his tongue against me, making me buck towards him a little bit. I can hear the sucking and moaning from him. It’s so incredibly sexy. I thought I liked his moans when we had phone sex, but the moans he makes eating my pussy is so much better.

I begin to gasp, overwhelmed with everything, I am about to come. I cry out, begging him once more. He doesn’t stop though. I’m confused. I know he said I can’t come and he doesn’t stop. I am fighting the best I can not to. I can feel the clutching feeling begin, just as I do Adam sucks hard on my clit and let’s go. I struggle to breath, trying to regain my control. It is still hard not to come, even though he has stopped his assault on me.

‘Breath Eve, Breath!’ I tell myself. I feel the need to come slowly subside. I feel dizzy, as though I’ve been drugged. I whimper out, begging for my tea. Adam quickly moves to grab it. The AC suddenly feels stronger. It’s pumping cool air into the room, slamming against my body. I wonder how I can feel so hot and so cold at the same time. How is it even possible?

I take a long sip of my tea, licking my lips. The wetness is a welcome relief for me. I smile and apologise at the same time. I explain to him how close I was to coming. He tells me I was perfect, he knew I could do it. I blush, grateful he has so much confidence in me.

He reaches up and begins to release me from my bounds, one arm at a time. I can feel the burn even more when they’re let down. I wince; he notices and begins to rub my shoulders. He kisses along my back, brushing my hair out of the way. His lips slowly work down my spine, just like the pinwheel had not long ago.

Back on his knees, he tells me not to move. I stand there, swaying a bit, still trying to get used to being flat on the ground again. His tongue slips down my ass crack, teasing down until he is at my pussy. He spreads me a little wide with his hands, darting his tongue into me from behind. One of his hands comes between my thighs to toy with my clit. I’m not sure how he expects me not to come. He keeps toying with me in all the best possible ways. I want to scream out.

I think he knows this time, slowing down and picking his pace back up again. He does it until I’m panting, again. When he does stop, he grips me around the waist and bites into my ass. He sinks his teeth deep into my flesh and begins to suck on it. His other hand slaps my butt, leaving a mark. I can feel the warmth of it sting through me.

Adam stands up, kissing me the same way he did when he was going down. I shiver, feeling the warmth of him against my back and the coldness from the AC to my front. When he reaches up to my ear, I can feel the warmth of his breath. He inhales lightly, exhaling to tease against my flesh, both of his hands cup my breasts as he does. I want him to be inside me so much. I feel like it’s never going to happen.

“I want you, baby girl. I need you,” he groans. Adam presses his thick cock against my ass as he says this.

“I’m yours, take me, Daddy. I’m ready for you, I need you too.” The need is so clear in my voice. I slightly lean back into him, urging him to take me.

“Have you ever been fucked on a pool table, little one?” I can feel the smile against my neck. His face is so close to me.

“Not yet, but I have a feeling I’m about to,” I giggle. I can feel the ache growing deeper, wrapping around the core of my being. The idea of finally having my Daddy inside me makes me want to cream myself right here where I stand.

“Look at that folks, she is cute, obeying, submissive and smart. It looks like I found myself a true keeper.” He takes my hand, bringing me to the pool table. The wood is a deep, dark chestnut colour to it. The felt is a dark blue, which doesn’t surprise me. I know this is Adam’s favourite colour. He racks the balls, before handing me a cue. “Let’s just see how good you are at a game, shall we?” He asks, looking at me. I am confused, thinking we were finally going to have sex. I can’t help but pout a little bit. “Don’t pout, little girl. I want to see if you can play.”

“I haven’t played in a long time,” I complain. “I am not sure how well I am anymore.”

“That’s the point. Each time you miss, I get to spank that cute little ass of yours.”

The idea of him spanking me makes me want to miss, but I know he wants to see me do well. All I have to do is sink the balls into the pockets, I can do this. I smile at him, rounding the table. I stand there, looking at the white ball, seeing it just sit there. It feels as though it’s mocking me. I close my eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath. As I do, Adam comes and slides a single finger up between my folds and makes me moan. He is going to distract me!

I let myself focus as best as I can, as he chuckles. I can feel the adrenaline rush through me. I take another breath and let the cue go. Just as I do, I quickly watch the balls scatter over the felt. I see one, two, three four balls sink. I squeal in delight. I can’t believe I sunk four balls.

“Nice break, baby girl. From here on out, each ball you don’t sink, you receive a spank.”

He leans against the wall, watching me, he begins to stroke his cock. He is going to allow me to watch, just to tease me, to distract me.

“It’s not going to work, Daddy. When I get focused on something, I am not distracted easily. More so when I want to make you, of all people, proud,” I giggle. I set the cue, and sink another ball. “See? I told you.”

“Don’t get cocky, little one. It’s not very becoming from a submissive. Behave yourself.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. Please forgive your baby?” I look at him, my stance submissive.

“Of course I do, sweet girl. Now no more talking, I want those balls in their pockets.”

I sink two more without issue, but the next one doesn’t happen. It bounces off the side corner. I hit it a little too hard. I growl out, looking at Daddy. He smiles at me. He gestures for me to go to him. I do, before he has me bend over the table just enough. He spanks me hard. Harder than I thought he would, but it feels so good.

Again, I get two more in. I am almost done, seeing just a few more balls on the table. I’m starting to grow cocky, without realising it. Until I miss the next one, he spanks me again. It’s just as hard as the last time, making me whimper out. I try again, but miss once more. It happens three more times, until I feel like I’m not going to be able to sink the rest. My ass is red and sore. I don’t want any more spankings. I want to sink the balls!

Taking another breath, I let myself focus again. I don’t allow myself to get cocky. I sink the ball, smiling, I sink another and another. Before I know it I’m down to just one ball. The black ball. I cue up, but before I can take my shot, Adam is behind me.

“I’m going to make this one a little trickery for you. I want you to bend over for me.” I do as I’m told, thinking he is going to spank me again. I’m not sure why, but don’t question his motives. He is standing right behind me, placing his cock at my entrance, I let out a moan. “Go on, baby girl. You sink the ball, and I’ll sink my cock deep inside you. You can do it.”

I grip the cue, shake my head, trying to clear it. I can feel the heat of his cock against me. His body pressed hard against mine. His fingers are deep in my hips. I want him inside me. I don’t care about the ball. I take my shot, hitting almost a little too hard. I think I fucked up, but I watch it glide right into the right side pocket. I’m shocked, but with no time to react. Just as I watch it sink in, Adam slams into me. I feel him rip through me with every inch he has.

I grip the sides of the table, letting the cue drop from my hand. He grinds himself deeply inside me. Small little thrusts from his hips, as I lean back into him. I whimper out, moaning, feeling the same dizzy feeling inside my head again. I breathe out, pulling air back in. He grunts, fucking me now. He slams himself inside me. I can feel all the months we’ve shared together flash through my head. I know he is seeing the same thing.

We’re allowing that to take over us as we fuck. One of his hands let’s go of my hip, moving to my front. He moves his fingers fast over my clit, making my pussy tighten even more on his cock. We both groan out at the feel of it. His cock feels so thick inside me. He is not a monster size cock, but in this moment, he feels like he is. I love it.

Before I know it, he is pulling himself out of me, twirling me around. He kisses me deeply, a low growl forming. He lifts me up on the table, pulling me to the edge. I’m just hanging there, my pussy begging to be fucked more. He leans down, lapping his tongue from my tight hole, to my clit, before sucking on it hard. I squeal with desires, pushing upwards for more. He does it again, before standing and sliding back inside me.

“Daddy, my Daddy, please, oh fuck, Daddy,” I moan out, he smiles at me. He applies pressure to my lower stomach, fucking me quickly. His cock is slamming deeply inside me. I watch him with greedy eyes. I know this man is mine. I keep moaning out for him. The more I moan, the more he smiles. I love watching him smile. He is so perfectly beautiful.

The growing need to come nears again. It was denied so many times, it did take a good while to bring it back. I know now why he had me play the round of pool. I smile to myself. I whisper out, no words that make sense, but I can’t help it. The hand that is pushing down on my stomach holds me down a little more. He moves his thumb to make small circles over my clit.

It’s then I gasp out, knowing I need to come. I look at him, with pleading eyes. His eyes are locked on mine, he smiles at me. He asks me if I want to come and I begin to beg for it. I beg with all I have, almost not hearing him when he gives me permission to come. I let go, coming hard around his cock. I writhe under him, coming hard. It’s the first time in a week, but it’s also the first time around him.

Adam watches me the entire time, never slowing down. He helps the orgasm last so long. I grip his cock, feeling him fuck me faster. It’s not long before I need to again. I come once, twice, thrice times. It feels as though now that the dam has been broken, there is no stopping me. After several more orgasms, it seems Adam can’t take it anymore. He leans forward, fucking me a little harder. He kisses me deeply, just as he fills me with his seed. He moans through our kiss. I can feel the force of his orgasm bust deep inside me. It makes me gasp out.

Stroking his hair, he rests his head on my chest. His cock still inside me, until it grows soft on its own, it naturally slips out. We both tremble, both loving the state we’re in. When he stands up, he helps me into a sitting position.

He asks me if I want to take a shower, I nod, smiling. He turns around, having me climb onto his back. A piggyback ride! I always have loved them. He makes his way around the room, blowing out the candles. He gets up the stairs surprisingly easy with me on his back. He shows me the rest of his house. A mini tour before taking our shower.

It’s a pretty decent size place, especially for one person. The downstairs was in fact the basement, but he had turned it into a lounge area. The main floor has the kitchen, which is large enough for anyone who loves to cook have envy. There was a bathroom/laundry room off the kitchen. The sitting room, much like the lounge area was really relaxed. A single room off the living room, which Adam uses as an office, was the only other room on the main floor.

When we get upstairs, he shows me the guest bedrooms, which he has two of. One has a lot of storage stuff in it. The other was a simple guest bedroom. The main bathroom was pretty plain, nothing special. When we get into the bedroom, I gasp. It’s huge. The bed takes up a good part of the middle of the floor. The double door in the corner leads to a balcony, which is set up for two. The Master bathroom is just as amazing. It has a tub that can fit five people, also a shower, and his and her sinks.

After seeing his tub, I bounce around, begging for a bubble bath instead. He finds me so amusing, he can’t refuse. We set up the tub and I scramble in. It feels like a bubble bath in a pool. I’m in heaven. I tell him I could get used to taking bathes in it. Once I settle down, I curl up in his arms. The moment I do, I feel completely spent.

Our bath lasts forever, but never long enough. He carries me to his bed, tucking me in as close to him as humanly possible. We kiss lightly, snuggled in our safe haven.

I am happy, I am loved, I am wanted, I am needed. I am my Daddy’s good girl. I know after today, nothing can do me harm. My Daddy will keep me in his arms, safe and loving.

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