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Seduced by my Physical Therapist

Seduced by my Physical Therapist

The title says it all. Carol was and still is a wildcat in bed, and will submit to anything.
I was in a car accident about three months ago and had to have my left hip replaced. It required several weeks of rehab with a physical therapist, which I was not looking forward to. The doctor had recommended three times a week, so I would have to go after work around 5:00 p.m.

I arrived for my first appointment right on time, filled out some paperwork, and was introduced to Carol, who would be my physical therapist. OMG! Carol was drop dead gorgeous! She had long dark brown hair with long bangs that almost covered her green eyes and a slim athletic body (of course). She was about five-foot-six and wore a blue pants suit type nurse’s uniform. My mood instantly changed. I thought, “This is not going to be so bad! With this gorgeous thing to work with me three times a week, I think I’ll survive.”

“Hi Carol. I’m Bill.”

“Hi Bill. I’ve read your file, so we will be getting your left leg into shape. Is that right?”


I wanted to say something like, “You are SO gorgeous, Carol! How will I be able to get through four weeks of therapy and keep my hands off of you?” But I didn’t.

She started me out slowly with a few exercises for my legs. Ten minutes on the stationary bike, then twenty lifts on a contraption that used my legs to lift weights. Easy enough stuff. She said that the main things to watch for were the tendons in my leg getting stiff, so stretching exercises would help that.

She had me lay down on a low padded platform and she crawled on with me. She put my left calf on her shoulder and her hand on my knee to keep my leg straight. Then she would lean forward and raise my leg in the air to stretch the tendons on the back of my leg. She would hold it up for ten seconds then lower it, then repeat that ten times, then switch to the other leg so that both were equally exercised. She would go do some paperwork while I rested, then return and repeat the stretching exercises.

This became my favorite part of my therapy because when Carol would lean forward to raise my leg, her long hair would swing almost in my face. It smelled so good and she was so sexy that I would always get a raging hard-on. I hoped that she didn't see it since I always wore a comfortable jogging suit and boxer shorts, and my bulge must have been evident to anyone looking at the right place at the right time.

Carol’s free hand during these stretching exercises, would normally rest on my lower thigh just above my knee, touching her other hand. But on my third visit, she placed it about half way up my thigh, which excited me even more. I thought, “God, what will I do if she sees my bulge? Should I apologize or just not say anything?”

It may have been my imagination, but it seemed like Carol’s hand kept sliding higher up my thigh as the exercises progressed. It was getting dangerously close to my cock. “Oh my God! If she touches it, I'll die of embarrassment.”

On my third visit, I could definitely tell that her hand was inching up my thigh, getting closer and closer to the bulge in my pants. My cock is nine inches long when fully erect, so it would lay a third of the way down my thigh.

When Carol finished the first set of stretches and placed my leg down on the mate, I noticed her look down at my bulge very briefly and quickly look away and go do her paperwork while I rested. When she returned for the second set of stretching exercises, I was prepared to just close my eyes and think about something else. Normally I would look at Carol and her gorgeous hair hanging near my face, imagining what it must feel like and how I might find some way to ‘accidentally’ touch it.

But my plan to try and ignore Carol was doomed from the start because when she positioned herself for my first stretch, she slid her hand right down to my cock and, without saying a word, started my exercise. After two stretches, my cock was rock hard. During the ten-second hold, she must have felt it throbbing under her hand! During the third ten-second hold, she squeezed it, looked around the room and whispered, “Is that for me?”

Taken aback, it took me a second to say, “Of course it is. It’s yours whenever you want it.”

From the remainder of that visit, Carol would slide her hand up and down my cock as she performed my stretching exercises. She was clandestinely giving me a hand job and I thought I was going to die right there on the spot.

“Carol, if you don’t stop, I’ll make a mess in my pants. I don't think you want to be responsible for that do you?”

“No. That would be a terrible waste. Why don't we wait for Cindy to leave and I'll see if I can take care of that for you.”

She looked around and continued my exercises, doing more than twenty waiting for Cindy to leave for the day.

“See you tomorrow, Carol,” Cindy yelled as she left the large exercise room.

“Okay,” Carol responded. She then got up and went to lock the door and returned.

“Now that we're alone, I want that nice big cock in my mouth.”

She helped me quickly slip out of my pants and boxers to expose my nine-inch rod standing at attention. She moaned as she stroked it gently before licking the pre-cum that was trickling down the head.

“I love pre-cum! I wonder if you have any more?” She squeezed my shaft at the bottom with two fingers and slid them all the up to the head, causing a gush of pre-cum to roll onto her waiting tongue. “Mmm! You did!” She sucked it into her mouth and savored it before swallowing.

Then she started to suck the head of my cock and swirled her tongue around its sensitive rim, paying particular attention to the slit that gave her the pre-cum. She sucked the slit as though she could coax more out if she sucked hard enough. The whole time she was stroking me with her hand.

“You are so big that I may have difficulty taking you into my throat all the way. I've never had a cock so big before.”

As I ran my fingers through her silky hair, she slowly pushed my cock into her mouth and down her throat. It reached a point that made her gag and she had to pull out and cough.

“Wow! You are so big!” she said before trying to deep throat me again. As she carefully slid my cock into her throat, I took her beautiful head in my hands and pulled it toward my stomach. She moaned and struggled, but I wouldn't let her go until I had my cock all the way down her throat. I had spent all week fantasizing about fucking Carol’s mouth and I wasn't going to let her go until I had done it the way I wanted.

Carol kept struggling and gagging as I eased my cock totally down her throat. Her nose was smashed against my lower stomach and her chin was squashed into my balls. The feeling was so much better than I had fantasized. Her silky hair between my fingers, her head jerking in my grip, even her long, full bangs rubbing against my stomach, all added so much pleasure that I got lost in a world of sexual sensation; a world where Carol was my struggling and reluctant play thing, available for me to use as I pleased.

Carol’s struggling finally brought me out of my dream world and I released her head. She immediately yanked my cock from her throat just as it began to shoot cum in her face. To my surprise, she took a deep breath and plunged my spurting cock back in her mouth, sucking and swallowing until I was depleted.

“Oh, Bill! How did you know what I like?”

Still breathless from my climax, I replied, “What do you mean?”

“I love to have a big cock forced down my throat! I love it when a guy holds my head so tight that I can't escape until he cums. I guess I love being submissive. Do you think I'm weird?”

“Not at all. You are just normal for you and not unlike many other women… and men.”

“Oh thank God. I was afraid you would be turned off by my saying that.”

“Don’t be silly. Come here.”

We cuddled for a while as I ran my fingers through her hair. Soon my cock began to grow again as I thought about all the ways I planned to fuck Carol.

She noticed and ran her hand down to my cock and stroked it lightly. “Bill, do you want me again?”

“Yes, but I want to give you pleasure now. I want you to sit on my face so I can look up at you as you have an orgasm.”

“Really? No man has ever offered me that before. Other men have always used me for their pleasure only.”

“Well, I’m not other men. Now come up here, and let me get my tongue inside you.”

Carol moved up to straddle my head and lowered herself onto my mouth. Her taste was divine as I ran my tongue through the folds of her pussy and lapped up each drop of her delightful fluids. She began to moan and thrust her hips when my tongue found her clit. She looked down at me and her hair fell across my face. She swept it away and took my head in her hands and thrust up and back on my face. My nose would rack across her clit and she would shiver and moan. Then when my lips closed around it, she would stop to let me suck and lick it, then she would start thrusting again.

I could tell that Carol was in sexual heaven. She had never experienced such pleasure before and she was going to experience it to the fullest. “Bill, you are so good! I've never had feelings like this before!”

She continued to grind into my face until she suddenly moaned loudly as her body shuddered, then became rigid. “Oh God! I'm cumming!” She threw her head back, then forward to look down at me. She had a look of ecstasy on her face that I've rarely seen in a woman. It was a look of satisfaction mixed with joy and elation. Her nipples were standing erect and the skin on her arms was covered with goose bumps.

I reached up with both hands and massaged her plump breasts and tweaked her hard nipples as I began to suck her clit again. Carol immediately threw her head back and groaned in delightful agony as a second orgasm coursed through her body. She was once again lost in ecstasy, a slave to her body as it took her to new heights of pleasure.

After Carol’s second orgasm, my face was covered with her juices. They were running down my neck and even into my ears. She noticed my untidy appearance and licked my face and neck clean of her sweet pussy nectar.

I said, “You're the best physical therapist I've ever had.”

“Really? And how many have you had?”

I chuckled, “You're the first.”

“I've never had sex with a client before. I would get fired for sure if I did. But when I saw your huge erection I just knew I wouldn't be able to resist it.”

“When you put your hand on my cock today, I think it was the most thrilling moment in my life! I wanted you the moment we met last week.”

“That’s so nice to hear. Guys don't hit on me here. They keep things strictly professional.”

Carol lay next to me with her head on my chest as we drifted off to sleep. When I woke up it was nine o'clock and totally dark in the room!

I shook Carol, “Carol, we should go! It’s nine o'clock!”

She rose up and kissed me passionately, her tongue explored my mouth as her hand found my limp cock. “No not yet. I need for you to fuck me first. I have this one particular spot in mind. Come on.”

She led me over the contraption that I used to strengthen my legs. It had a large well-padded bar that could be locked at any height. She positioned and locked it at her waist height and bent over it.

“This is what I've fantasized about for the last two years that I've worked here. Take me like you have just broken in and surprised me. Force me to bend over this pad and fuck me hard.”

“Sounds exciting! Why don't you go into your office, then come out and I'll be waiting for you.”


Carol left the room to go to her office. In the meantime, I hid behind a stationary bike. When she came back into the room and went to a desk to rummage through some paperwork, I came up behind her, grabbed her around the waist, and clamped my hand over her mouth. She screamed under my hand and tried to get away.

“Shh. Shh. Don't fight me and I won't hurt you.”

She relaxed to the inevitable, as I pulled her toward the designated padded equipment. I pushed her over it and pulled down her slacks and panties.

“Very nice pussy, babe! Very nice! I’m going to enjoy you!”

I dropped my pants and got behind her and pushed my cock against her ass. “Oh, that’s nice, babe! Give me your hands.”

Carol put her hands behind her back and I grabbed them tightly in one hand. Then I placed my cock at her wet pussy and wiped it up and down to spread her juices. Then it was time.

“Here we go, sweetie. I hope you're ready for my cock.”

I shoved my cock all the way into her body with one hard, quick thrust, making my stomach slap against her ass.

“Uhh!” she moaned, as she felt it penetrate her body so deeply and completely.

“Like that do you? Here it is again,” and I pulled out and shoved in again.

“Uhh!” she moaned again. “Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” she continued to moan, as I pounded into her.

Carol arched her back and raised her head as I continued to fuck her. She groaned with each hard thrust and I pulled her arms back with both hands. If she truly liked to be forced to have sex, then she must have been in heaven as I drove into her body relentlessly. This was the first time we had fucked and I was going to make it memorable.

Carol’s moans soon became long cries of pleasure as her orgasm took over her body. I put one hand on her shoulder and took a handful of her hair in the other, and pulled deep into her as her pussy muscles pulsed tightly around my cock. Her orgasm was milking my organ into spurting its load. Her pulsating muscles seemed to stroke me as I climaxed deep inside her.

I kept my cock in Carol until it went soft and slipped out. She stood up, turned around, and dropped to her knees and took me into her warm mouth to suck and lick away the remaining mixture of our love juices.

“Mmm. We taste so good together!”

She stood up and we shared a long, deep kiss before I left. For the remainder of my visits with Carol, I would stay late and we would have wild, fabulous sex well into the night. We started seeing each other outside of her workplace, also. She would spend the weekends with me and spend most of the time making love in every room in my apartment, on every piece of furniture, even in the community swimming pool with people swimming and splashing around us.

We have discussed Carol moving in with me, but no decision has been made yet. Truly, I’m not sure that a nightly dose of what she wants is something I can provide. I'll have to think about it.

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