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A 'clean' start

A story delving into the first spanking of young Olivia.

At 18 years old, I was just starting out in the ‘real’ world. After leaving home for university, I found myself in a vibrant and hectic environment. A place where I could lead the life I had always dreamed of. In previous years, I had squandered many opportunities , leaving my self confidence levels relatively low. Any romantic occasions would lead to disappointment on both sides as I grappled with demons that just wouldn’t budge. I saw university as a chance to break free and to defeat those demons that had previously taken charge of my life. And so emerged a new me, a woman with pride, dignity and determination; and this new Olivia was ‘determined’ to stay that way.

Money dwindled and soon, the day came that two slices of toast was a ‘good meal’ . I decided that I needed to get a job. One of my closest friends came to the rescue, suggesting that there might be a cleaning job available where her mum worked. Gratefully, I took the job.

It wasn’t the best job in the world, and it certainly wasn’t the most well paid, but it helped, and I enjoyed the company of my friends mum, Viola. We became good friends and took great pleasure in ogling at the boss. He may have been in his late 20’s, but he had a raw edge about him. An edge that really turned me on; although I didn’t disclose this intimate bit of information with Viola!

Months of normality passed by. Days filled with studying and working; nights filled with drinking and dancing. I loved it! This routine continued until one Saturday morning. I arrived at work as normal, ready to start a long day filled with rubber gloves and the strong smell of ‘clean’. Viola wasn’t there. I figured that she was just late and preceded to start without her. At midday, there was still no sign of her, so I headed off to find the boss to see if he knew where she was. I walked into his room and found him sitting proudly in his chair as if he had been expecting me.

“Ah, I wondered when I would see you today Olivia”

I was startled.

“You were expecting me?”

“Yes, Viola isn’t here and I knew you would come asking of her. I understand that you two were quite close?” He spoke calmly.

I was confused. Why did he say ‘were’ instead of ‘are’?

“ We are yes, I was just wondering if she rang in sick today?”

He sighed and took longer than normal to string his words together. This was unusual. Normally he was quick minded and never lost for words.   I stared at his powerful   blue eyes as they faced the ceiling, trying to order his next sentence.

“Yes, about that. I have had to let Viola go. I’m afraid her cleaning wasn’t up to the high standards this company requires and I simply cannot afford a slacker.”

I was dumb struck, something didn’t add up. Viola was the one who had taught me the job, the one who had given me little tips to get things sparkling. I stared open mouthed at the boss for a moment too long before finding my voice.

“ I’m sorry but I have to disagree. Viola was a much better cleaner than me and I have no problems admitting that. I’m not entirely convinced you are being honest with me. What are you not telling me?”

I surprised myself at this statement, and from the look in his eyes, I had surprised him too. For a second, I caught a glimpse of a tiny, flickering smile form in the corners of his mouth.

“Ok Olivia, a courageous question deserves a courageous answer. I have let her go because she was on a higher wage than you. You are younger than her and therefore get a lower pay packet. I am taking advantage of this and am in the process of hiring another student such as yourself.”

Fire seemed to rise in the backs of my eyes. How could he?! This was surely unacceptable! I grappled with my own thoughts. Should I let this man get away with it and sit back and do nothing? Or should I stand up to him. I knew immediately what I had to do.

“I will not let you walk all over people just because you are in a dominant position. How dare you abuse the rights of somebody like Viola.” I shouted   “She has been working here nearly 5 years and you are just going to dismiss her for younger blood like she is an old rug that you are throwing out! “

He looked shocked, and then to my disbelief, he started laughing.

“Why on earth are you laughing?” I asked him, half shouting at his mocking face.

He paused, and stared at me, looking straight into my eyes as if he was examining every part of my brain.   The intensity of his stare unnerved me and I broke eye contact. Then he spoke in a slightly maddening voice.

“Pride...dignity and determination” he whispered. “ The three very things I love in my women. It makes breaking them much more satisfying.”

I was silent. The powerful figure of my boss was towering   before me with a look of deep desire behind his eyes.

“ I have a proposition for you.” He stated with impressive command. “ I shall give Viola her job back if, and only if, you come to my office tomorrow morning and accept a spanking from me.”

Another stunned silence followed. This was not what I was expecting when I walked through his door. It took me a while to actually process his words. He wanted what? Surely he must be joking? I looked at his formidable stance and quickly understood that he was not joking at all. I told him that there was absolutely no way I would let myself be humiliated in such a way and that I did not feel comfortable working for him anymore. He replied with the facts that I had been dreading.

“Let me get this straight. You are being given the chance to get Viola her job back and you are refusing? Can you really deprive her of her job for the sake of your pride? Can you live with the knowledge that YOU are responsible for her unemployment?”

He was right. I simply could not let Viola lose her job.

“Ok. “ I said meekly.


That evening I surprised myself. Although I was terrified about the following mornings events, I couldn’t stop picturing myself over his knee. I constantly played out scenarios in my head of what could possibly happen. Was I getting turned on by the idea?   No. I shook my head at the prospect. But for some strange reason, I couldn’t help wanting   the morning to hurry up.

Sunday morning loomed and my routine seemed to go out the window with all the flustering I was doing.   I headed off to work ten minutes late, put my things away and tentatively headed to the bosses office. I knocked twice.

“Come in” a confident voice called.

I slowly pushed the door open and my eyes were immediately drawn to his desk. There were all sorts of spanking tools neatly arranged on the desk-top. Canes of varying thicknesses, whips, paddles and floggers. I was scared. I took a few steps backwards but was stopped by his voice. There was a sense of power in his tone that compelled me to stay.

“Don’t move.”

I froze, marvelling at the power he held over me.

He walked towards me and rested his hand in the small of my back

“Stand up straight”

I hesitated, but the hand on my back seemed to be willing me to comply. I raised my chest and pushed my elbows back to the sound of a satisfied grunt coming from behind me.

“Now, remove your clothing.”

The bluntness of this request shook me and I didn’t move a muscle. He walked over to his desk and picked up the smallest whip, raised it high above his head and brought it down strongly on the floor. I nearly jumped out of my skin and immediately came to my senses. Quickly, I removed my shabby, patched jeans to reveal sleek and slender legs. I then pulled my t-shirt over my head and immediately felt exposed. He beckoned me to continue but yet again, I hesitated. Was I really going to reveal my most intimate areas to my boss? I looked into his eyes and something in them bound me to continue. Tentatively, I removed the small pieces of fabric that lay between my intact dignity and complete humiliation.

“There” he sighed “that wasn’t too difficult was it? Now, come over here and lean over my desk.”

I complied, feeling that now I had shown myself to him, I had nothing to lose.   After spreading my legs wide, he ran the tip of his index finger softly around the very edges of my exposed bottom and then silently, picked up a whip from his collection. The whip gently tickled my back and slid between my spread cheeks. I was determined not to enjoy these strange sensations but I could feel my body betraying me.


And then the immediate sound of leather hitting bare skin filled my ears, along with the sharp burning sensation that accompanied it. Time seemed to stand still for too long. Long enough for my mind to adjust to the pain. To feel   anger, shame, embarrassment and lust in the space of a few seconds. Just as I came to my senses, there was another blow to my poor bottom, and another, and another until I just could not take it anymore. I jumped up and away from my boss; holding my burning bottom with my cooling hands.

“I can’t... you can’t make me.” I stuttered at him. He just stared at me, his eyes locking onto mine.

“I could tie you down but I’m not going to. I want to see you squirm. I want to release your dignity. It has to be your choice to stay. Only then will I have truly broken you. You will do this without me forcing you;   showing your complete compliance to me.”

His words changed me. Something he said in that moment flicked a switch in my mind. The switch that controlled my sexual yearnings.   A great wave of desire crashed over me and I slowly but confidently walked back over to the desk, bent over and awaited my next thrashing with utter anticipation.  

With great pride, the boss circled my bottom with the palm of his hand, and then started repeatedly thrashing my fleshy cheeks. I cried out with each blow, the heat rising within me. Swapping from his hands to a cane, he struck every inch of my bottom, turning it a bright shade of red. With every strike my cries got louder, and I could feel myself getting more and more aroused.

With one final, powerful hit, it was over. He rolled me onto my back so that I was facing him. I thought about how he had changed me and how amazing he had made me feel. In one leap of passion, I kissed him. I was rewarded with his fingers, dancing divinely on my sex. He was an expert. My sighs became more distinct as he neared me to my climax.   One final finger dance and my eyes closed to the sight of electric sparks shooting around my brain.

Just as I was coming down from my climax, I felt him enter me. His length filled me entirely, making me gasp with pleasant surprise. He pushed in, and pulled out, making me moan with immeasurable pleasure with each thrust. I pushed in to meet his thrusts as we both neared orgasm at the same time.   The light show started again and then faded as we both recovered from one intense experience.

Then it was over. We both replaced our clothes and I turned to leave when he grabbed my arm and pulled me close.

“You will report to me every morning for your spanking.” He whispered.   “ I daresay you will look forward to getting up in the mornings now.”


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