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Audrey starring in a spanking film - Act 1
Audrey checked her look in the mirror for the fourth time. She was so nervous. She had starred in spanking videos before, but this was her first big budget film with a real director. Her hair and makeup were perfect. She loved her wardrobe. Her riding boots fit perfectly. She turned her back to the full length mirror and admired the smooth, tight fit of the tan jodhpurs across her behind. She knew her lines; she was ready. She didn't want to be late for her first day on location.

The sky was a pale blue, the kind of blue you only see when you're high in the mountains and the air is thin.

It was a crisp, clear morning in Lake Tahoe, just perfect for riding. As she walked towards the stable she saw a young man walking towards her with her horse, Buttermilk.

"Hi," he said with a smile, " Danny Drake."

"Audrey," she said, not smiling as they shook hands. She was a method actress, already in character as the bratty niece of the rich ranch owner, Jake Cartwright. No relation to Ben.

Danny Drake was 20, but he looked younger and was cast as the 18 year old stable boy. They hadn't met before, but Audrey felt a warm blush on her cheeks when he said his name. They were shooting out of sequence and the first scene would take place in the stables, where he would spank her. She had no idea he would be so handsome.

The direction was quite clear. She was being sent to the stable master to be punished for her rude and defiant behavior. She was 23 and wanted to be treated as an adult. She would not be spanked like a naughty child; she just wouldn't! Her uncle decided that she would get a whipping from the stable master to teach her a lesson.

She could accept her punishment gracefully in the privacy of the stables or he could gather together the household staff and the ranch hands and spank her in the front yard. She really had no other choice.

And so, Scene One: Audrey appears at the stable, looking for Mr. Thompson, the stable master. Danny, the stable boy is brushing one of the horses.


"Hi Danny. I'm looking for Mr. Thompson. Have you seen him?"

Danny smiled his million dollar smile at the pretty girl as he brushed the horse.

"Audrey," he said for the first time. It had always been Miss Audrey but today was a special day.
"Your uncle just called him up to the main house. He's going to be a while. Your uncle said I should take care of you, if you don't mind."

It took a moment for Audrey to understand what was being proposed. She just stared at Danny, speechless.

It couldn't be.

"He said that if you disagree with his decision or if you're uncooperative I should just send you back up to the house, and he'll take care of you himself."

As Danny walked the horse back to it's stall, Audrey's hands gently rubbed the seat of her pants. It couldn't be, she thought. She felt the blush rising to her cheeks as she tried her best to control her temper and conceal her embarrassment.

"You are to punish me?" she asked. "Are you mad? Do you really think I would agree to be beaten by a stable boy?"

She spit out the words "stable boy" with contempt, but Danny responded calmly. 

"It's up to you, of course. It's your decision, but your uncle was very clear about how you are to be punished."

Audrey watched as Danny mounted a saddle over a bale of hay.

"Bare bottom, he said. And he wants to see welts. And he wants you to apologize for your rude behavior or you'll be right back for more. He sounded very angry."

After a moment, Audrey found her voice.

"I won't bare for you," she insisted. "I can't! You can whip my bottom but not bare. Please Danny..."

Without waiting for a reply Audrey draped herself face down over the saddle, bracing her hands on the hay covered floor. It was such a humiliating position to be in and she had accepted it without a fight; offering up her bottom for punishment. 

Danny admired the shape of her upturned behind, gently stroking and smoothing the soft material pulled so tightly across her butt.

The first few spanks were tentative and light. Danny squeezed and rubbed each cheek lovingly before he finally delivered a few hard smacks, first to one side and then to the other. After several hard slaps it started to sting and Audrey let out a low moan. She felt the tingle, and she knew what that meant. She could feel herself getting excited and wet. It was a source of constant embarrassment for her. By the time he takes down my pants, she thought, they're going to be soaked. 

She squeezed her legs together as the first little orgasm made her shiver and she prayed Danny couldn't tell.

After each volley of spanks, he would go back to rubbing her bottom which was now quite warm. She knew it was just a matter of time. That hand is going to go between my legs, and when it does, I'm going to really come and he's going to know it. 

Without warning, she pushed herself up from the saddle and faced her tormentor. She rubbed her behind a few times and then she slapped him hard across his smiling face. He looked shocked as he rubbed his cheek and watched her undress.

Audrey unbuttoned her jodhpurs and struggled to push them down below her knees. She was not wearing any panties, and her pussy was shaved completly bare. She knew her face was as red as her bottom. Slowly, carefully, she lowered herself face down, back over the saddle, and said, "If he wants welts, let's give him welts."

CUT--- Act 2 coming up soon
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Posted 28 May 2013 07:55
Waiting to hear what the punishment and pleasure will be!
Posted 27 May 2013 16:19
great start i can't wait for the concussion
Posted 27 May 2013 15:43
This seems to be the start of a great story
Posted 27 May 2013 13:26
Great beginning to a tale! Scored 5! If you get time, could you please read and score my competition story? I really appreciate your help and feedback! Thank you! Search 'Camara on Camera'

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