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Best friend's mother (f/f)

Susie earns her first ever spanking
Susie couldn’t remember the last time she’d got into any serious trouble. She had just turned 17 and was growing up fast. She was beginning to enjoy going out and meeting boys, wild (ish) parties and generally doing what a normal teenager does!

However, this time she had, by her own admission, overstepped the ‘mark’ somewhat. She knew that when her parents found out what had happened, she would be grounded for at least a week, probably more.

Susie was staying over at her friend Jenny’s house. Jenny’s mother (she called her Mrs C) was an attractive woman, in her early fifties. Susie often thought she was a little old fashioned in her attitude towards her daughter’s choice of clothing and seemed a little strict on Jenny, especially when it came to curfew times.

However, Mrs C was always kind to Susie and, because they lived a lot nearer to the town centre, Susie stayed round there at the weekends, sometimes 2 or 3 times a month.

Before they went out that night, Mrs C had told them that 11pm was the curfew time and not a minute later, or else! (Which she said in a half joking way but also seemed to mean it).

They went to the local cinema with a group of around 5 friends from college and by 10pm, they found themselves sitting in the park just outside the town centre swigging some cheap wine which one of the older boys had taken from his parents fridge. There wasn’t much to go around and when the last swig was downed,  they all emptied their pockets and clubbed together enough money to buy 3 more bottles of the cheapest wine available from the local all night store.

Before they knew it, the clock had crept past 11pm and Jenny, half drunk by that time, was frantic with worry. Hastily saying goodbye to their friends, Jenny dragged Susie by the arm and hurriedly walked back to her mother’s house muttering under her breath how she was in big trouble and there would be hell to pay.

Susie had never seen her friend look so worried and put it down to the drink they had consumed. She remembered Jenny’s Mum telling them that the curfew was 11pm but didn’t think much of it. After all, they would be home by 11.20pm, only a few minutes after their curfew.

As they walked towards the house, Susie could see that the lights were on downstairs and heard Jenny mutter ‘shit’!

They opened the door to a very sour looking Mrs C. “If looks could kill” she thought to herself.

“Did I or did I not say that the curfew was 11pm”? Said Mrs C

Jenny kept quiet, but Susie thought she should say something, “But we’re only a few minutes late Mrs C, we just lost track of time”. Susie heard a soft “ssssh” from her friend.
“Jenny Carpenter, you know the rules, go to my room and wait for me there. Susie, I suggest you go to your bedroom and get some sleep. Perhaps it will help clear your head from the alcohol.”

Jenny quickly hurried up the stairs and went to her Mothers room. Susie followed after her, and went into the guest room, which was hers for the night. She wondered what was going on, her friend seemed very distressed and ashen faced.

Susie was putting on her nightdress, when suddenly she heard raised voices, followed by a slapping sound. “Oh my God” she whispered, unable to quite believe it. “She’s spanking her”!!

As quietly as possible, Susie made her way across the landing to Jenny’s mother’s bedroom. The door was slightly open so she risked a quick peek through the opening. She couldn’t believe what she was watching. Jenny’s mother was seated in a large upright chair, and her daughter was bent over her knees with her panties around her knees, getting a sound and methodical spanking. All the while, Jenny’s mother was scolding her for returning home late and making it quite clear that the spanking had just begun and that she was going to be very sorry by the time she had finished with her.

After a few minutes, Mrs C picked up a large oval hairbrush and continued Jenny’s spanking. This seemed to cause her friend even more discomfort than the hand spanking and Jenny’s cries increased in volume until she was sobbing out loud and promising the earth!

After about 5 minutes, the spanking stopped. Susie was rooted to the spot as Mrs C led Jenny to the corner, where she was placed ‘hands on head’, her bright red bottom clearly on show. Hastily, Susie crept back to her own room and quietly closed the door. Her stomach was in turmoil and her pussy ached like it had never done before.

She got into bed and her hand crept to the wetness between her legs, just as the door handle to her room turned. She removed her hand, just as Mrs C’s head popped round the door.

“Susie, I know you would have heard what has just happened to Jenny. That is how we do things in this house. Although you deserve the same punishment, you are not my daughter so I am unable to take similar action. However, I am very disappointed in you and, for that reason, have come to tell you that will no longer be able to stay overnight at our house.”

With that, she closed the door and made her way back to her room.

The following morning, Susie didn’t wake until 9pm and went down to breakfast. Mrs C was at the kitchen table but Jenny was nowhere to be seen.

“Jenny has gone to band practise” said Mrs C in an offhand manner.

“Oh, I’m so sorry” said Jenny. “I didn’t realise how late it was”

“Not for the first time” said Mrs C. “I suppose the alcohol didn’t help”!
“Oh Mrs C, I am so sorry, really I am. I didn’t mean to upset you, I am as much to blame as Jenny, we just lost track of time. Please don’t stop me coming over to stay, I love it here, I promise it will never happen again, Please”!

“Susie, I love you like a daughter, but it is just not acceptable to behave in such a manner. Jenny was punished for coming in late smelling of alcohol. You have got off ‘scott free’. Do you think that is fair”?

Susie didn’t like the way this was going but meekly nodded her head in agreement.

“The only way I will allow you to stay in my house again, continued Mrs C, is if you agree to accept the same punishment as Jenny”.

Susie had never been spanked before and couldn’t believe how, at the grown up age of 17, she had all of a sudden found herself in this predicament. However, she again meekly nodded her head in agreement.

“Right then let’s get it over with”. And she held Susie firmly by the arm and marched up the stairs to her bedroom.

As Susie walked into the room, she noticed the upright chair in the same position as the night before, together with the hairbrush which was resting on the end of the bed. Did Mrs C somehow anticipate that she would be able to persuade Susie to accept the same punishment as her daughter? Had she walked into a trap?

Before she could take it all in, Mrs C walked over to the chair. She sat down and slightly raised up her skirt, revealing the tops of her stockings. She beckoned Susie over with her index finger. “Come her girl”!

Susie walked over to where Jenny’s mother was seated and stood by her side waiting for instructions. Susie was told to put her hands on her head while Mrs C scolded her for her behaviour of the previous night, and told her that when she had finished with her then ‘she was going to be one very sorry girl’!

Susie was wearing a checked mini skirt which Mrs C undid at the rear, causing it to fall to her ankles. “Step out of your skirt, fold it neatly and place it on the armchair. Then return to my side with your hands on your head”. Susie quickly obeyed.

When she returned, Mrs C hooked her thumbs into the waistband of Susie’s panties and slowly pulled them to her knees. She was almost at eye level to Susie’s neatly trimmed private area. Susie remained rooted to the spot.

“Now then Susie, I want you to ask me for a sound spanking”!

“What”?! Exclaimed Susie.

“Repeat after me, ‘Mrs Carpenter, I have been a very naughty girl. Please put me across your knees and give me a sound bare bottom spanking”

Susie was so embarrassed and a small tear appeared in the corner of her eye. “Please” was all she could say.

“Susie, I have told you what to say, please ask for your spanking”!

Susie took a deep breath and whispered “Mrs Carpenter, I have been a very naughty girl. Please put me across your knees and give me a sound bare bottom spanking”.

“I cannot hear you Susie, please speak up, I want to hear you ask me for a spanking in a clear and precise manner”!

Susie took another deep breath and, louder this time, said ‘Mrs Carpenter, I have been a very naughty girl. Please put me across your knees and give me a sound bare bottom spanking”.

“Yes I will” said Mrs C, as she reached out for Susie slowly pulling her across her lap. She lifted Susie’s T shirt, even though it was only slightly covering her bottom and took in the view. Susie was almost naked, except for her flimsy T shirt, a pair of black hold ups and her panties, which dangled at her knees.

Mrs C slowly rubbed Susie’s bare bottom and told her to remain over her lap until she was told the punishment was over.

Then it started. Susie couldn’t believe how painful it was as Mrs C slowly and methodically raised her hand time and time again. Three spanks on one cheek, followed by three on the other. Susie tried to be brave but, after about 50 spanks, couldn’t help from crying out, begging for the spanking to stop. She was making more and more noise as Mrs C’s hand fell onto her bare bottom, which was turning redder by the minute. She tried to remember how many spanks she heard Jenny getting last night but had not the slightest clue. All she knew was that she was lying over a very firm lap, her bare bottom on show, receiving her first ever spanking. When would it stop? “Please Mrs C, I won’t do it again! I promise”!!

After about 100 smacks, Mrs C stopped and gently rubbed Susie’s bottom, the relief was unbelievable and after a few minutes of rubbing, Susie realised she was feeling the same sensations as the night before. Would Mrs C notice?

Suddenly the rubbing stopped and Susie was asked to stand up. Mrs C then reached for the wooden hairbrush as Susie stood rubbing her bottom at her side.

“Susie, it is time for part 2 of your punishment, bend over my knees”!

Susie stood rooted to the spot. By this time, the tears were already flowing and Susie pleaded with Mrs C to let her off the rest of the punishment. “Please Mrs Carpenter, I’ve already learnt my lesson, I won’t do anything wrong again…I’m sorry”!

Mrs C reached for Susie’s arm and led her over her lap.

“Susie, your punishment isn’t over yet. After I have finished with you, you will think twice about breaking curfew, and will not enter my house stinking of alcohol”!

Then the second part of her punishment began and, this time, the pain was unbearable.

Susie’s cried and yelled ‘I’m sorry Mrs C’!! over and over again, louder and louder but the hairbrush continued to fall on her bare bottom. By this time Susie’s panties had worked their way down to her knees and were now lying on the floor. “pleeeeassssssse stoppppppppp”!!!

Mrs C suddenly stopped spanking and put the hairbrush on the bed.

‘”There there”, said Mrs C, in a soft voice. “Sssssssh it’s all over now”. Susie was led to the corner of the room with her hands on her head, her bright red bottom on show. There she stood for 5 minutes until she was called over to Mrs C.

“Susie, bend over my lap again and I will rub some cream into your bottom. That was your first proper spanking and it will help to soothe the pain”.

Susie did as she was asked and Mrs C began to rub the cream into Susie’s bare bottom which, by then, felt like it was on fire.

After a few seconds, Susie could feel the wetness, just like the night before and slowly opened her legs, while Mrs C continued to apply the cream to her very sore bottom.

Susie’s legs widened even more when she felt Mrs C’s hands rub closer and closer to her pussy. Every now and then, as Mrs C’s hand stroked up and down Susie’s bottom, it would slightly brush against her clitoris and she found she was getting wetter and wetter………..

To be continued.

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