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Blind Date II

She was lying in bed on her front. Her bottom was so sore that she couldn't lie on her back, but otherwise the feeling was nice. She was thinking about what she had just experienced: she had answered an ad, and in less than a week she had agreed to meet a stranger and let him spank her. She already knew that she would like to meet him again.

In the morning, she inspected her bottom in the mirror and was frightened by the view. Both cheeks were dark violet. The stripes and welts were not visible but they were tangible by hand. So he was right when he said that he had exaggerate the spanking. She felt a little angry with him, because he should have known that this could happen, but on the other hand, it was she who wanted the spanking.

She wrote him an e-mail about her feelings about their meeting. She liked when she was lying over his knees, anticipating the first spank. She also liked when she was standing naked in front of him and he was looking at her. And in the end, she liked when she was lying on the sofa and he was rubbing the lotion into her bottom.

But she also wanted to discover who he was. She decided to look on the web. She tried to find images and she found the photo he had sent her nearly immediately. When she clicked on it, she got to the page of a rock band. She couldn't believe her eyes when she learned that he used to play in that band. She knew the band, though she didn't listen to rock music, but the leader was a younger brother of her classmate from high school.

For the guy the band leader was an icon he had adored as a teenager and later he had the chance to play with him; for her, the band leader was the little brother of her friend. It reminded her of the age difference, again.

She didn't know what to do. Untll now, both of them enjoyed the anonymity of their relationship, but now, everything had changed. She wrote to him about what she had discovered and told him who she was. He seemed to be shocked, too. They discovered,that they had so many common friends and that they practically belonged to the same circles. She was not sure whether they should go on with their relationship.

On the other hand, she started to adore him. She always looked up to musicians and she also appreciated that she could speak about literature with him. After several days, she realized that she had fallen in love like a teenager. She was looking on the internet trying to find more pages with his photos and listened to their songs. Now there were no doubts about their future meetings. She wanted it and she could hardly wait for the next one.

Two weeks after their first appointment, they met again. When she came to his apartment, they greeted each other and smiled together. They went to the living room and he sat on the sofa and said, “Show me your ass. Are the bruises still visible?”

She stood with her back turned to him and lowered her pants and panties. He examined her bottom, touched it carefully and said, “It's disappearing already.”

She pulled the trousers up again, but he said, “Don't dress. Take off your pants.”

She took off and laid over his lap. He started to spank her with his hand, but this time he was hitting different spots. After several minutes of spanking he ordered, “Get up, undress completely and kneel on the sofa.”

She took off all her clothes, knelt on the sofa and leaned on her elbows.

“Push your ass up,” he said as he grabbed the cane. After several hits he asked, “Why do you deserve this caning?”

“I was snooping on the internet, looking for some info about you.”

“Snooping on the internet, that's really bad. It deserves punishment,” he said as he placed another hit on her bottom. He continued spanking , but he was more careful this time. He didn't hit her so strongly and he was hitting different spots, but after several more strokes she shouted, “Stop!”

He sat on a chair and ordered, “Stand in front of me.”

He watched her for a while and then he asked, “Do you feel ashamed?”


“No? A stranger is watching you naked...” his face showed amusement.

“You are not a stranger,” she replied.

“Okay, we will try to boost the embarrassment.” He grabbed a scarf and blindfolded her. She felt his fingers on her breasts.

“Do you feel ashamed, now?” he asked.


When would you feel ashamed?”

“If a pervert tried to touch me.”

What if I am a pervert?”

“No, you are not.”

“How do you know?”

“I do.”

“Are you aroused?”

“A little.”

He led her to the sofa and laid her on it.

“Do you play with yourself?”


“Show me.”

She started to masturbate. He watched her and then he undressed, too. He started to wank his penis and then he put it in her hand.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked.


She opened her legs and he rammed into her. He was plowing her again and again and she felt the passion she longed for. He was changing positions, taking her doggy style and then from the front again, pushing her legs up. Finally he pulled his penis out of her vagina and spurted on her lap. They lay without a word for a while.

“You can take the scarf off,” he said.

She smiled at him. “It was beautiful.”

“Have you ever done something like this?”

“No, this was the first time.”

Then they took a shower and dressed.

“We will not be able to meet for some time,” he said. “My wife is coming back from the summer house.”

“But will we meet again?”

“Yes, I'll write you.”

She left his apartment and went to the bus stop. Her bottom was not so sore this time and she was missing the feeling. On the other hand she had sex which she hadn't experienced in her marriage. She was thinking about her love to him. She knew, that she had to get over this feeling, because there is no chance that they could be a couple. She also realized that he never showed any feelings toward her. He never touched her, only when he spanked her with his hand. He never tried to kiss her or hug her. He gently rubbed the lotion into her sore bottom and he hold her tightly when he fucked her, but there were no other touches. She knew he didn't and wouldn't love her, but she couldn't help it. She wanted to meet him again. Perhaps, next summer.

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