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Boy Interrupted

A viral young man, Thomas is concurred by Anastasia’s abyss of desire. Can he keep up with her?
Boy Interrupted

By Charlese Le’Push

July 2010


Anastasia is 44 yeas old, and youthful as if she were in her 20’s. With long straight red hair, green eyes, plump pouting lips and pale white skin. She is tall and lean, sumptuous thighs that are strong and supple. Initial impression of Anastasia soft spoken, stunningly beautiful and coy but once you get to know her in the bedroom she becomes a tenacious, seductress who knows what she wants and what you need.

Thomas is 22 years old, a college student, with black curly shoulder length hair, golden eyes and olive colored skin He is lean and muscular rand has firm and ripped abs. Initial impression cocky, confident, and inexperienced but once you get to know him without his pride of college aged fools he becomes vulnerable and eager to learn.

APOV (Anastasia’s Point Of View)

I was driving home from work in my sporty silver Audi, my convertible top down. I was glad to be wearing sunglasses because my hair was flying everywhere. I hate it when the wind blows my hair into my eyes; although I do like the erratic nature of the element. As I slowed to stop at the light I notice a group of guys slowing in the car next to me checking me out with their music blaring. I glanced over shyly and thought to myself “What a bunch of goofs”.

I got a little tingle in my center as they checked me out. I looked at them out of the side of my eyes and sped up as the light turned green. “Game on boys,” I thought to myself. So predictable, they sped up to me as I slowed down to just enough let them catch up to me. We played this game for a while as I deliberately flashed my green eyes into their car and undressed the beautiful boy sitting in the passenger seat. He noticed I was looking at him he pursed his lips together and blew me a kiss. The other fools were bouncing up and down acting like apes shouting out cat calls. I looked again past the goofy pimply faced driver into the passenger seat and winked at the ripped, olive skinned boy.

Our cars stopped next to each other at the next stoplight when the beautiful boy in the passenger seat jumped out of his car and confidently jogged over to my car. His shirt was half un-buttoned and his curly locks bounced. The beads of sweat on his chest made me want to lick him from clavicle to pelvis. I felt the excitement jet to my core. My imagination went wild with the possibilities. He put his hand on the edge of my car door and asked me for my phone number. I gave him my business card then left him standing in the street, as I sped off when the light turned green. In a flash I was gone out of sight.

TPOV (Thomas’s Point Of View)

Man it was hot. The AC doesn’t work in this heap of shit car. We came up to this sweet Audi and were checking out this hot chick with red hair no less. She had these luscious red hot lips. I looked over to her and blew her a kiss. I thought to myself “I could do her” She looked at me again “She wants me” I thought to myself. When we stopped at the light I took the opportunity to nab her up first. I jumped out of the car and got her number. She didn’t even ask my name before she was gone. I got in the car and boasted about my conquest. I read her card “Anastasia Personal Coach on Intimacy” I made a bet with the guys about how I world fuck her till she couldn’t walk. She wanted me I could tell by her eyes. She’ll be begging for more.


That boy was hot for sure. We’ll see what I have to work with when he calls. I do love eager young men. I needed a little creative thrust in my life. It was about two days until he called, a very predictable time frame, just enough time to make me think that he was not overly eager but long enough for his imagination to kick in and his juices to build up enough that he couldn’t wait any longer.

The message he left said “Hi Anastasia its Thomas ya’ know the dude from the Baker and Gorge Streets stoplight? Give me a call back.”

I called back that night and coyly asked him where he was going to take me for our date? It caught him off guard a little but he recovered just as resilient, egotistical boys do. I could here his little twit friends in the background ooohing and ahhing. “Well lets go to the New Deli Middle Eastern place on Long and Elm. Is Friday night good for you?” he asked. I said “Sure how about 8pm.”


I put the phone down and strutted around the room, “Anastasia wants me, and she’s going to beg for me.” Henry laughed and said “she’s not in college anymore dude she probably hasn’t had any (he grabbed his crotch) for a long time dude”.

Friday arrived; I told my girlfriend I was going out with the guys. I was going to meet Anastasia in a few hours so I put on my “You know you want me” shirt, my silk boxers, jeans and shoved 5 condoms in my wallet. I knew she would only make it through two maximum. I looked in the mirror and pumped my six pack and biceps. “Lookin’ good” I thought to myself.



At dinner I became tired of Thomas’s cocky little attitude, this boy needs to come down a few pegs. It was all about “My dad’s law firm, my work out schedule, my mustang parked in my garage at home because it’s so valuable.” Thomas was a fine specimen though. He must have gotten a hard on at least three times at dinner talking about himself.


After dinner she took me to her place, just as I thought she would. “Nice place” I said as I noticed the sleek glass counters, massive framed phallic paintings of flowers on the walls, leather covererd stools at the counter between the main room and the steel kitchen.

The leather couch was so sweet I plopped down on it. I jumped up to check out the CD collection then slid my hand across the cold marble mantel above the fire place. She looked at me and bit her lip as she reached for the remote and put some Nora Jones on. I plopped back down on the couch and patted it with my hand to indicate to her to sit next to me. She looked at me with steamy wanting eyes and sat next to me.

She touched my leg and I got a pulsing zing that went straight to the top of my head, both of them. She softly looked at my rising bulge through my jeans. And said “Were going to take it slow, ok” I agreed, knowing I could quickly get her hot and ready to the point that she couldn’t hold back from me.

I leaned into her and kissed her. She wrapped her tongue around mine and swirled it in my mouth. Her lips were amazing her tongue was strong and soft. I thought about how I would be pushing her head and mouth over my piece in a few short minutes. I slowly pushed her away “Anastasia, your tongue is so sweet and so talented.” I thought to myself “I’m using all my best moves here.”


Thomas was nervous but acting cool as he checked out my apartment; he sat down then jumped up again. I watched him as he slid his hand across the marble mantel above my fireplace. I imagined his hand sliding down my torso in the same way.

He sat down again and I sat next to him as he eagerly gestured for me to do so. I put my hand on his thigh and he got a hard on immediately. After we kissed briefly he said that my tongue was talented. I can’t believe he used that line on me.

I knew that he’d only been with little inexperienced college girls where that line actually got him a blow job. I said “Thank you” and stood up pulling him into my bedroom.

He looked around and commented on all the leather furniture I have in my apartment. My king sized bed with red suede comforter was inviting to him as he lay down on it fully spread out.

I sat down next to him and asked him if he was ready for a real woman? His eyes sprung open in surprise as he said “ok”.

I told him we were going to start with some foreplay he eagerly sat up and took his shirt off. I said “Wait! Put your shirt back on young man or I’ll spank you.” He laughed. I did not. I looked at him with a scowl and said “Put it back on now!” He looked at me utterly confused, it made me tingle in my center. I smiled and told him we were going to play a game that I use for coaching, here are the rules.

“Thomas” I said,

Rule #1 I am the one who tells you what to do and when to do it.

Rule #2 You do not speak, unless I give you permission to do so.

Rule #3 Any time you want to stop you can say “stop” and I will.

I leaned over to open the leather chest at the end of the bed as he buttoned up his shirt and peered over the bed to see what I had in the chest.


I tried to take my shirt of to get ready for foreplay but she yelled at me. The next thing I remember she was telling me the “Rules”.

She is so hot. She’s like a MILF or something but she’s not a mom, I can’t wait to fuck her, my mouth watered.

I was mesmerized by her piercing green eyes and her silky red hair. As she leaned over I got a peek up her skirt, GOD her milky white legs were sumptuous. I looked into the chest at the end of her bed to see a variety of kinky toys. I got a shiver of fear and excitement at the same time. I am in for a ride. She reached in and took out 2 silk scarves and a stick with short leather fringes hanging off the end.


“Thomas” I said “You are in for a ride.”

I told him the game starts when I return from the bathroom.

I emerged from the bathroom with my black lace crotch-less underwear and black lace corset with black leather thigh high boots.


I gulped when I saw her, her red full lips, piercing green eyes, and red hair cascading over her shoulders. Those milky white thighs against those black boots were so sexy. I almost spoke but remembered Rule #2.

Then she said “You have permission to speak”.

I stammered and said “You’re a goddess”.

She approached me and put her finger across my lips. She pushed be backwards on the bed and straddled me then leaned over and kissed me sweetly. She took charge and plunged her tongue into my mouth swirling it around then pulled away nibbling my lip.

She sat up quickly and threw her hair behind her and commanded me to take off my shirt

I sat up; she still straddling me and I took it off.

She took my hand and began sucking my fingers nibbling on the ends as I watched her. I began to imagine her sucking my cock, my erection was throbbing.

She stopped and stood up next to the bed she grabbed her switch and demanded I take off my pants and she slapped the switch in her hand. I obeyed.

I couldn’t stop my mouth from watering as I saw her slowly wetting her lips as she watched me pull my pants down.

I left my boxers on then and said “Boxers off too!” and with the switch she snapped me on the ass hard. I dribbled a little of pre-cum from my throbbing cock

I stood waiting for her next instructions feeling on the verge of exploding prematurely. She could see I was on the verge of an orgasm. She knelt down my cock was throbbing my veins pulsing my hot red piece was begging for pressure and relief.

The smooth head of my dick met her lips she instructed me not to touch her or to move in any way. My head fell back as I was standing there “How am I going to control myself?” I thought.

Her mouth wrapped around the tip of my cock my eyes rolled back and I shivered with ecstasy. I couldn’t help it I blurted gruntingly “Oh god”. She stopped and snapped me on the ass again. Then quickly she put her hand around the shaft of my pulsing piece and put her mouth on the end she swirled her tongue and sucked as she pumped her mouth over my cock.

It happened so fast I quivered and jerked my shaft pulsed with the surge of cum. I growled like a wolf, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and I came on her chest. As I was watching she took her hand and swashed the come on her chest and neck. My eyes flew open as I took the sight in. My legs were shaking. She was so absolutely uninhibited.

I glanced at the clock it said 9:30 PM. We’d only been at it for 30 minutes; my orgasm was better than all the orgasms I’ve ever had.


Thomas was willing and obedient. I knew he could be humbled. His cock was throbbing so hard I didn’t want him to suffer too long in anticipation the first time around. I needed him to cum now so he could maintain his stamina and keep up with my demands.

Dominating this full-of-himself little boy who was silently begging for more made my juices rise and flow my inner thighs wet with my velvety essence.

I though to myself “I hope he recovers quickly.’ I was ready now and I’m not patient.

I stood up looked him square in the eyes as he swayed, knees quivering. I swished the chair from my vanity and place it next to him with the back of it facing the floor to ceiling mirror on the wall at the end of my bed and said “Sit!”

He sat never taking his eyes away from mine. That felt like a challenge to me. We were going to have some fun.

Put you hands together and in front of you. I tied them together swiftly and commanded him to get on his knees next to the chair. This boy needed to learn that sex was about giving pleasure not taking it.

I opened my steaming thighs and put my boot heel on the chair next to him. He licked his lips as he looked intently at my pussy. He quivered.

I tilted his head back and sucked on his lip, licked his cheek and circled his ear with my tongue. I grabbed his curly locks from behind and held is head back as I was straddled over his firm chest my clitoris just inches away from his mouth. I told him to open his mouth stick his tongue out.

The tip of his tongue touched my clit I could feel his warm panting breaths on my folds. I stepped slightly forward into his mouth. He needed no direction he began undulating and flicking his tongue with a passion.

My hips began rocking forward and back ever so slightly. I look in the mirror at myself then tilted my head back and felt the sensational rush of tingles jetting to my pussy.

He began moving his head sided to side slightly I leaned forward as my clit became firm and hot and grabbed his hair. I moaned with pleasure.

I was rocking, his tongue was flicking, and my juices were flowing. I looked into the mirror and saw myself with him below me submissively.

I reached down and grabbed his head and pushed and turned it into my pulsing pussy. Like a machine the motions were in perfect flow.

I felt the rush of orgasm shoot to my center and my scalp at the same time as I screamed “Suck hard now!” My orgasm was deep and strong my legs were quivering. He tried to pull away I held his head to my pussy and said “Were not done yet.” I again saw myself in the mirror in extreme ecstasy and a little irritated at the same time because Thomas was not following the rules.

Had he never given a girl multiple orgasms?

I yelled “Suck it” again, he did, I flinched “Again” I flinched again, “Now flick your tongue on my clit” he did I rocked my hips and with jagged motions and urged him “Again, Again, Again” I moaned and quivered and moaned and quivered as the orgasms billowed one into the other my head thrashing and eyes rolling into the back of my head. My mouth began to water I took one last look at myself in the mirror and thought how beautiful it was to see myself in orgasmic bliss. I pulled his head away from my folds as my clit pulsed furiously after the peak of my orgasm.


She tied my hands and realized I was on my knees with her beautiful smelling wet thighs and pussy just in inch away. I wanted to stroke those thighs, those buttery thighs with my hands. Even more, I wanted to taste her in my mouth. I didn’t know what was going to happen my cock was painfully hard with excitement.

She stepped forward I couldn’t help myself I began licking, flicking my tongue and sucking furiously. As she began to move with me I knew she was getting pleasure from my eagerness to please her.

She came, I tried to pull away when I thought she was done. It was fucking amazing she pulled me back to her pussy felt like a million micro waves of pulsation on my tongue as she came and came and came again.

She stepped away and I looked up at her with my mouth slightly open in awe at what just happened. She continued to writhe in pleasure. As her milky juices slipped out of her center.

She untied my hands and commanded that I stand up. She took my hand and led me to the kitchen. I thought to myself ‘Wow the kitchen counter?’ she took me to the other side of the counter and pulled out a stool. She pulled me behind her and instructed me to kiss her back and neck as she pulled the ties on her corset and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts pale whit breasts were exposed. Her nipples elongated. She was still wearing her black lace crotch-less panties and her thigh high boots. She leaned over the bar stool her upper body parallel to the floor. My cock was as hard as a rock and pointed directly to her dripping wet pussy.


“Thomas” I said as I was lying over the stool with my legs spread wide and my pussy inviting him in “Now touch me any where you please and slowly press you penis against my pussy but don’t talk”.

He did as I instructed him to slide his engorged cock into my pussy but just the tip. “Pull out” I said, “Now again a little more” I told him “pull out” then finally said “Now fill me up slowly. I want to feel every ridge of that beautiful cock of yours as it slides inside me.”

I told him to do what felt good but not to cum and I would tell him what to do next.

He thrust himself deep into me whimpering over and over. He said he was going to cum after only five thrusts. I told him to pull out.

I stood up faced him and told him he needed to learn some self control. He looked surprised.

“Now put your hands on my breasts and pinch my nipples, lick and suck on them.” I demanded. He did and I praised him for his obedience.

Now slide you hands down my torso and slip your finger through my folds and into me with the palm of you hand rock back and fourth over my clit. I kissed his neck and mouth. I looked into his golden eyes. I could see that he completely lost his arrogant attitude that he was going to conquer me. Now he looked gentile and vulnerable.

I asked him to get his condom he pealed the foil off and slid it over his rock hard rod. I leaned back over the chair legs slightly spread and said “Do it again just the same way. And tell me when you’re about to cum.”


I slid in just a little, I moaned, then again and moaned again then all the way. I was so deep inside her my hands on her hips her beautiful soft pale white hips. I had permission to do whatever I wanted but her silky wet pussy had me all consumed. I thrust into her again and again then I could feel the pulsing in my cock begin. I yelled “I’m going to cum” and she stopped me. I was in pain my cock bulging I was breathing heavily my eyes were rolled back in my head. I could hardly focus on what she was saying.

My heartbeat slowed as I began to suck on her nipples and licked her torso. My hand was now oozing with her warm wet juices.

I put the condom on it fit tighter that before I was engorged with blood rushing to my cock.

She bent over the stool again her legs spread, and I entered her inch by inch slowly again. I wanted to do it right this time. I slid in and out more slowly but deep inside her this time. I reached around and felt her breasts she moaned as she rocked back and fourth slowly with me. She begged me to go slowly but deep.

“Deeper!”she cried softly as she looked back at me over her shoulder biting the side of her pursed lips. I cupped my hand over her folds and pressed one finger on either side of her clit and gently rocked back and fourth in a fluid motion. She groaned. I kissed her back she begged me to go deeper and faster her moans turned me on she moaned and I pumped into her vigorously. She panted the moans began to turn to whimpers and that did it. Both my hands on her hips I thrust her towards me. I nearly screamed but it came out as “ughhhh… ughhhh…ughhhh” I murmured “I’m gon…na cum, I’m…gon….na…cum.”

I didn’t know what to do she didn’t tell me to stop. I pulled my hair in confusion I needed to obey her.

Just then I thrust inside her I felt my cock pulsate and surge she choked out the words “I’m…com…….” she begged “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Press my pussy with you hand. Go deeper! Deeper!” Our bodies in a gyrating twist of mutual orgasmic bliss.

I leaned over her back and kissed her neck our legs shaking from the eruption of passion. After my hear beat slowed I pulled out. She turned to me and kissed my lips and said “Now that’s better”

She told me that when we went to the bathroom that the game was on pause but that it would begin again as soon as we left the bathroom. She led me to her bathroom and slid open the glass doors and turned on the shower. She slowly unzipped her thigh high boots and slid them off and stepped into the massive tiled shower.

I followed.


I let the shower drench my body as he watched wide eyed and excited. I pulled him close so the shower covered both of us. I sat down on the tile seat in the shower and watched him as the water cascaded over his body. I took in every dimple and shape of his muscular body.

I told him that I’d been selfish that I wanted to fulfill one of his fantasies. He mumbled under his breath “Well you’ve done that” My nipples got erect from remembering him whimpering throughout the night, or maybe it was because I was cold.

I asked him to tell me what he wanted. He shyly said “Well I’ve wanted to watch as my woman pleased herself …ya know….masturbate.” I told him “Wish granted. Now what’s another? he said “To be with two girls at once” I smiled and said “I don’t share…I alone can give you everything you need.”

He said “well I’ve seen in dirty movies that chicks like it in the ass?” I stood up furiously and slapped his ass hard, put my finger in his face and said “Girls don’t like it in the ass….those dirty movies are made by dirty old men…another wish wasted.”

This is your last chance be more creative!” He said “Ok..ok, How about outside?” I said “Well that’s a little better, not very creative but I can work with that… wished granted.” We washed each other sensually, rinsed off and he stepped out of the shower.


I reached for the towel and glanced in the fogged up mirror at her through the clear glass. She reached for the shower head and began to pull it down to her center. I stood stunned looking at her profile in the mirror. She moved the shower head in circular motions around her pussy. She put one hand on the glass and tilted her head back.

She whispered “Do you want your first wish now?”

I slowly stepped into the shower not to disturb this beautiful, sacred moment. I sat on the tile seat a watched. My cock filled with blood, I had to feel pressure to relieve the pain so I pressed it down with my hand.

She placed her hand over her nipple and pinched the tip hard and fast. Then she slid her hand down her torso under the shower head that was jetting warm water on her clit and began to move forward and back pressing into the shower head. She froze and suddenly dropped the shower head and clutched her center with the palm of one hand while pinching her nipple with the other, muttering “Uh.. uh.. uh” . Her lips were quivering as she slid to her knees with her eyes closed. I was frozen with my hand gripping my cock.

“That was beautiful” I whispered as I helped her sit on the tile seat next to me.

She told me to stand up and face her. She reached for the almond oil and spread it sumptuously over her titties. Her voluptuous breasts were right at my center she pulled me into her warm body. My cock was now vertically pressing on her ribs between her breasts. She pressed her breasts together wrapping around my cock tightly as I looked down I could see the tip of my dick tucked between her breasts. I couldn’t help myself; I began furiously pumping my hips up and down. My cock slid up and down between her breasts. My juices rose and fell.. She pressed her breasts together tighter and pinched her nipples between her fingers.

My eyes rolled back in my head as it fell back.

I could feel her tongue twisting around my throbbing sensitive head each time I thrust upward toward her mouth. She must have felt the pulsating of the fluids erupting through my shaft; she threw her head back and to the side baring her neck. “Oh sweet Anastasia” I managed to murmur as I came. She pressed her breasts together giving me a few last jolts of sensation in my almost numb cock.

I turned around and grabbed the shower head that was still on and rinsed myself and her off with the chilly water. As I pulled myself together, I wondered if we would sleep at all.


I took his hand and reminded him that the game was going to be on again after we left the bathroom. He almost whimpered. I looked at him in his big golden eyes with my hands cupping his cheeks and as I asked if he need to rest he nodded his head defeatedly, up and down. I smiled as I realized I’d made Thomas understand that he was in no way the king of pure lust and sexual stamina. I told him he had to admit to me that I had conquered him. He said “Anastasia I am, 22 and no match for you, my fluids are gone and my cock is numb, and my legs are like jelly.”

I smiled and kissed him slowly and sensually and his cock rose once more. I said “I see you have just a little left, don’t you?” I smiled and took him to my bed pulled the red silk sheets back slid in and had him slide in behind me. I pulled one his arm over me and placed his hand over my breast and let him rest.


I was completely done for. I had to beg her to let me rest. She kissed me I didn’t know what was going to happen next my cock got hard again.

I dropped my head in exhaustion.

She led me to her bed slipped in behind her I slid my hard cock between her legs she put my hand on her breast and we went to sleep.

I woke up to Anastasia straddling me with her wet folds on my torso kissing my cheek. I was huge from my morning hard on not to mention this goddess waking me up for morning sex. She handed me a condom I pulled it over my hard, long and very hot cock.

She grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts pushed her upper body into my hands and slid down my torso until her warm wet center surrounded me and she pushed me inside her. Her hips moved in large slow circles on mine. I was so fully deep inside her she swallowed all of me, I pressed into her meeting my pelvic bone with her clit.

She bared her neck. How did she know that turned me on so much?

I could feel the power of her hips as she rotated the base of my cock. My mouth started to water. I was buzzing my head was tingling she started to pull up I didn’t want her to stop I was on the verge of a seismic eruption. My chest and torso undulating. She leaned up and I pulled her breasts to my mouth and began taking turns licking and nibbling her nipples. The tip of my dick only nudged her opening. She suddenly, deeply and robustly slid her center so my cock filled her up.

She rocked her clit on my pelvic bone and I thrashed inside her out of control until I did scream. She froze.

I didn’t know what I did?

She moaned I felt her insides flinch and press on my cock, it felt like jolts of electricity. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts and said pinch my nipples. I felt the jolts and flutters again with her warm insides gripping my shaft.

I told her “I want you to cum and cum and cum again. Tell me what to do?”

She said “lick me suck me throw me off you and lick my clit.” In one stroke I lifted her threw her backwards and slid into place making sure not to break her orgasmic chain. I licked her clit furiously; she jolted and jerked her hips. I instinctively put my finger inside her she begged me to find her sweet spot.

I turned and move my finger inside of her until she thrust her hips into my furiously licking tongue and said “Thomas that’s it ..yes…yes..” I began to suck and press alternately with my mouth, tongue and crooked finger. She uncontrollably gyrated her hips.

I looked up and saw Anastasia pinching her nipples my eyes rolled back as I nearly passed out. She reached down and pulled my mouth fully over her pussy. I could feel more pulsing and fluttering I pressed my tongue in and she responded with her sweet pulsing juices and again and again until she pulled away and cupped her pussy with her hand to force herself to stop cuming.

I knew I could please her now. My work was done, and done well.


Morning sex my favorite. I was wet and juicy already as I watched Thomas sleeping his hard on rose through the silk sheets and it turned me on.

I slid on top of him there was no game at play this morning I took charge without the rules. I fully enjoyed gulping him up with my warm wet core. I began to pull away he thrust me back over his cock pressing my clit against his pelvic bone. His body was a perfect fit for mine. His bone pressed with perfect pressure over my clit causing the perfect tension between my circular motions and depth of his cock inside me.

His explosion sent me into a spiraling chain reaction of orgasms I could feel my insides fluttering, contracting and flushing precious juices out of me. He threw me on my back and smoothly continued pleasing me with the accuracy of a swordsman.

When he found my sweet spot I spiraled again into an orgasmic flurry. I pushed his head in then pulled away. My body couldn’t handle any more but my pussy was dripping, throbbing and weeping to go on. I cupped my center with my hand and felt the steam emanating from my pussy’s desperation.

I stood up and pulled Thomas to the shower.

He must have assumed that because I pulled away that I’d I reached my climax. He would soon find out denying myself immediate gratification would mount to a selfish and wild frenzy of orgasmic bliss. Just the mere though of near and interrupted orgasms makes me come. This is just the beginning

He got out of the shower and dried off. He strutted into the bedroom pleased with himself for giving me multiple orgasms. He began to dress.

I stood naked in the doorway of the bathroom with my thigh high boots on and switch in my hand. “What are you doing?” I said. He replied “I thought I’d head home and get something to eat”. I smiled and said while I slapped my switch on my hand “You already ate this morning.” He smiled and said “No I mean like food” I said “Oh I know.” I continued. “You just want to go tell your little buddies that you made me quiver don’t you”. He smiled sheepishly and looked at me from under his curly locks and said “I am hungry”, I replied “I will feed you but were just getting started.”


She pulled me into the kitchen totally naked with her sexy legs three quarters the way covered with her black leather boots. I sat at the bar looking into the kitchen while she made me breakfast a sassy sexy, sweet, breakfast. I could just lick her up again and again.

After I ate I checked my messages 7 messages from my dopy friends prodding me for information about my date and three messages from my girlfriend concerned about where I was.

For a moment I forgot what day it was and how long I’d been on this date. Has it been just one night? She made me come six times so far and it’s not even noon. “This is a defining day in my life” I thought, “My life before Anastasia and my life after.”


“Are you ready for your second wish?” “Outside?” he replied. “Ok” and he walked toward the door.

I snapped my switch and said not that way standing naked in my boots. He said ”My bad, you should probably get dressed hu?” I smiled and said “No” I reached my hand out and took Thomas to my bedroom again. I pulled back my heavy black out curtains to show Thomas my beautiful view overlooking the city from the 54 th floor of my high rise.

I slid the glass doors open to a large furnished deck the wind swished by and brushed my hair across my tits, the wind and slight brush of my hair encouraged them to become erect with anticipation. As he peeked his head out he slowly moved his head across my breasts and licked them then said “Beautiful view”. I smacked his ass with my switch. I asked him if he remembered the rules he replied “Yes my goddess, I’ll do anything for you.”


I replied “Yes my goddess, I’ll do anything for you.” She directed me to the balcony and demanded I strip for her. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and slid my pants down then took off my boxers. I wondered for a moment if anyone could see us. Then I realized the plethora of residential high rises near by. At this point I didn’t care. I was beat from all the fucking we were doing. My cock was feeling the back lash too.

She walked toward me lookrd at my cock and said “Wake up” and snapped my cock with her finger. It rose a little she said “Hum” and smacked my bare ass with the switch, it rose a little more.

She sat on the couch with her knees bent up and legs spread apart I had the perfect view of her glistening center. My cock became more erect. How could she do that without even touching me? She slid her finger into her folds at the vision of that sexiness my cock rose a little more then she stood up and walked toward me. She stopped in front of me with the tip of my cock almost touching her silky red flourish of pubic hair. My shaft stretched to its capacity and touched her pelvis. I felt my juices begin to stir.

She led me to a cloth swing in the porch and ushered me to sit in it. She straddled over me facing the opposite direction and pressed me into her she was hot steamy and wet.

She began swinging my stomach lifted and fell with every swish of the swing my juices rose and fell as well. The feeling was amazing weightless and lifted then pressed together deep and heavy. We swung slow and high building up our arousal then back down causing deep pressure inside her. When her legs swung upward to lift us high her insides clutched my cock till my eyes rolled back. A tsunami was writhing inside me.

She began to swing vigorously, higher and faster. My fluids were mounting slowly but volcanically. She took advantage of the movement on her clit and struck into multiple orgasms.

I tried to hold on.

Her pleasure was prodding me to blow up.

Instantly she stopped and jumped off me that the intensity nearly made me gag it was so sudden.

I begged “Anastasia please… please… I’m loosing it.”

She slapped my cock with the switch and I came with the thrust of 500 horses my vision went double and I fell to my knees from the swing. I don’t know what came over me but I asked her to slap my cock again and I came again.

She stood over me and asked if I understood the rules.

I said “Yes, yes please” as I pressed my cock for relief.

She reached her hand out and took me to the bathroom to shower.

I got out of the bathroom.


He was in the shower recovering from the intensity of the swing escapade. I thought Thomas has grown on me he is such a good student. He came out of the bathroom and I ushered him to me on the bed. I told him to lay down and he did. I massaged his back and bottom and legs. I took his body into my mind as I had one last fantasy of my own to fulfill with him.

He as falling asleep again so I asked him to turn over

I continued massaging him then let him rest for a little while.

I got up quietly and opened my chest and got out my butterfly. I was tingling in anticipation. So as I waited for him to wake up I masturbated while watching my self enjoy my own sensational pleasure.


I woke up to the sound of buzzing she was laying next to me with her knees bent and spread wide apart. I sat up and looked into the mirror and saw her looking at herself pressing a jelly like toy against her clit. She stopped and looked at me. I begged her not to stop in a sweet whisper. My rod got hard as a rock.

She said “Do you want to please me?” I thought, “Oh my god, more? She’s a machine a fucking machine.” I don’t know how much more I can handle. She threw the butterfly to the floor.

She got on her hands and knees on the bed facing the mirror her pelvis lifted like an animal in heat. I needed no urging; I jumped behind her and licked her pussy it was already dripping, her juices tasted like honey to me. She begged me with her voice quivering “Fuck me deep I need it now I’m ready to really let go .Do it now!”

First, I lay over her back and kissed and teased her the way she did me. Then I licked her warm folds again. I reached under her with one hand and pinched the tip of her nipple as I slowly slid my cock inside her. I gave three quick pulses and pulled out and licked her again.

She groaned pushing her hips high in the air urging for more. I gave her more, first slow motions then circular motions then I pinched her clit. To that she replied ”Yes!” I could feel my furious cock sliding in and out of her. She growled and bit the comforter. I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror. I was going to cum and had to stop to get my condom.

I slid the condom on.

I put my hands on her hips and slid inside her slowly but deeply. I kept myself fully inside her pressing deeper and deeper. I gripped her heart shaped hips and yanked them into me. Our wet sweaty bodies slapped together in a frenzy of fucking.

She opened up and seemed to pull me in with some kind of muscles inside her. I’d never felt such a crushing sensation while inside a woman it was so tight. I groaned. She was looking at me in the mirror. I pushed and pressed I felt her flutter, I pulled my steamy wanting cock out.

She screamed “That’s how I like it….wait ….wait!”

I smacked her ass.

She screamed “Now …now…”

Her pussy pulsated and dripped with creamy white juices.

She begged me to put my cock back inside her.

In one sudden and swift stroke I did as she begged.

She sucked a huge breath in quivered and froze.

She was cuming. Her inner pulsating made me followd her lead in ecstasy. She squeezed her muscles and made my cock undulate in slow motion.

My come, billowed out in one slow hard blast. My mouth watered, I was drooling so I slurped my saliva back into my mouth.

She watched me in the mirror with a glazed far-away sexed up look in her eyes.

I kept pressing deeper inside her rotating. Pulling nearly all the way out I slipped my finger alongside my cock finding her sweet spot.

“Uu...uu .aa..aa .aa” pressed out of her luscious lips every time I thrust into her.

She fluttered and squeezed again and again. I was now sliding in and out using her wetness to my advantage so my cock and finger would work her pussy like never before.

She whimpered and moaned then laid flat on the bed I kept my cock inside her pumping and pumping. She squirmed until she finally screamed into the bed. I lay behind her and spread he legs put my face in her pussy and lapped up her sweet juices. On my tongue I felt her continued wavelets of orgasmic release.


I rolled over and stood up. Went to my dresser and pulled out my favorite green silk teddy slipped it on and went into the living room. Thomas followed looking confused. We sat next to each other on the couch. I looked into his golden eyes and cupped his face. I assured him he was a good lover.

“You are a good student” I said. You’ve learned so much in our time together.

1) Always please your woman first. 2) Never look at a woman as a conquest only as a goddess. 3) Never tell your rat boys about the intimate details of your sex life.


She said “now go…. Go back to your girlfriend and teach her what you know.” She led me into the bedroom to get showered and dressed. She held my hand as she led me to the door and walked me into the hall of the high rise.

I started to walk away she took a few steps toward me grabbed my wrists and shoved me against the wall with my arms above me and kisses me deeply and passionately until she could feel my cock through my pants. She pressed her center against mine dropped my hands and quickly went into her apartment.


I wanted him to remember me so I gave him one last kiss. I went to my bedroom and picked up my toys. My Butterfly was still vibrating so I took it to the shower with me.


I arrived home sometime Saturday afternoon- I think it was Saturday- and slept for 4 days. I had bruises on my pelvis from how hard her pussy sucked my cock into her.

I don’t’ live with the rat-boys anymore. They still don’t know what happened on my date.

My girlfriend now thinks I’m a god.

Thank you Anastasia.

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