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Canucks in Texas

Puckbunii fulfills two wishes - and a bit of shameless advertising
When I learned Puckbunii’s name derived from her crush on Canadian hockey players, the possibilities swirled in my mind. So, with her permission, here is her story….

"The Canucks are coming, the Canucks are coming!" For weeks, Cindi talked up the imminent arrival of her favorite Canadian hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks. She desperately wanted to go, but the combined cost of transport, hotel, meals, and tickets was too dear for her. Alice, from New York, was a Ranger fan, but agreed to go 'cause she loved the game. They needed two more friends to complete their girls' getaway. "Let’s see if we can get some of those hunky Canucks," said Cindi.

Eventually, in the last couple of weeks before the game, Samantha and Alexis agreed to go. The game intrigued them, since they'd never attended a hockey match, but what really attracted them was the clubbing afterwards. The girls teased Cindi about her fixation on handsome, Canadian hockey players. “What’s not to like?” was her response.

Alexis, a Poli Sci major, said, "Dallas? The Buckle on the Bible Belt? I'll take it as a challenge and get a Sunday School teacher to let his hair down. Get away from here and Texas is just about pure right wing Bible-thumpers." The tall, willowy blonde thought she had a chance with any guy she met.

Four girls can't drive a couple of hundred miles without pit stops. Every time the carload of coeds pulled up to a convenience store, young men flocked around them as they lined up for the washroom. The girls just laughed them off, but it was nice to feel so attractive and desired.

Midafternoon, they arrived at the hotel and got settled. Cindi showered, then pondered how to dress for the game. Her tightest, maroon boyshorts, trimmed with lace, sported a seam up the back to hug her wide, high cheeks. Tight, white shorts with rolled up cuffs. She rummaged in her bag and pulled out a couple of bras. The first was a true seduction special: lace cups, stiff underwire that rounded her upper slopes and emphasized her cleavage. The other was a soft cup, stretchy thing that left her 38Ds barely supported, exposing the deep, natural valley between the firm mounds. I'll be jumping up and down in the game, she thought. Let 'em jiggle. On went the soft cup. She completed her outfit with a white peasant blouse with red embroidered trim leaving a wide expanse of her shoulders, chest and upper bust bare.

All the girls wore shorts. Alice, busty like Cindi, showed her midriff under her halter, Sam wore a very tight tee shirt emblazoned with “Flirt!” in blue letters grading to red, and Alexis wore dark blue a tank top.

The girls enjoyed dinner and a drink at a bar in the stadium complex. A couple of hopeful guys sent drinks over for Alexis and Alice, but both turned out to be unimpressive in conversation. Inside the stadium, their first stop was a souvenir stand. Alice wore her Ranger cap, so she waited while Sam and Alexis tried on Stars hats, and Cindi bought a small Canucks hockey stick to wave when she cheered.

In the stands, as they watched the gliding players go through drills, Cindi kept her eyes on Jeff Tambelini. Cindi secretly called him Jeff Tortelini ‘cause he looked good enough to eat. His handsome face, straight nose, unruly hair and scruffy beard in the picture on his team website page fueled many a fantasy. She hoped her fave forward would get lots of time on the ice.

The girls strained their budget for their seats, low and not far to the left of one of the goals. Their view was worth it for the fast-paced, hard fought game. The Stars scored the first goal and brought the crowd to its feet. As the game progressed, Cindi’s cheering stood out, since she was one of the few Canuck fans in their section. Her bobbling boobs earned her lots of leers from the males in the crowd. Cindi cheered extra hard every time Jeff was on the ice, more than half each quarter, but not enough for her. She jumped up and down, shouted and waved her stick around.

The score was 1 to 1 at the half. Both teams played strongly in the third quarter, concentrating on good hockey, neither side wanting anyone sidelined by penalties. Then, on a very questionable high sticking call after a Star hit the side and went down briefly, one of the Canucks sat in the penalty box. That was all the Stars needed. Within a minute, they scored.

The Canucks tried hard, but didn’t score. In the last minute of the game, they got the puck, advanced and a teammate passed to Jeff, who slipped by the last defenders except the goalie and skated right toward Cindi’s section, setting up his shot. “Go, Jeff, go,” screamed Cindi, bouncing off her feet, waving the stick frantically, her red-brown hair haloing her head. So intent was her gaze, she noticed Jeff’s head move to one side slightly. He shot…and missed.

The game was soon over without providing the Canucks with another shot on goal. Cindy, deflated, sighed deeply. At least it was a good game, she consoled herself. To Cindi’s disappointment, Jeff wasn’t named as one of the players signing autographs. She filed out with her friends and they returned to the club, luckily obtaining a table, for the place was filling with jubilant Stars fans.

Cindi nursed her Long Island Iced Tea, waiting for the post-game dejection to pass when she noticed a familiar figure enter at a side door and take a seat at the far end of the bar in the dark. It was Jeff, and he looked soo sad. Cindi jumped up and ran to her end of the bar, barely in time to catch the bartender by the wrist. Handing the man a twenty, she said, “Give that man whatever he wants.” She slipped her black rimmed glasses into her purse.

“Ok, cutie,” said the middle-aged barkeep with an appreciative glance. He worked his way down, taking orders, pouring a few pints, and finally reached Jeff. The pair spoke briefly, then the man indicated Cindi. She smiled hopefully and raised her stick in greeting.

With little enthusiasm, or even a smile, Jeff indicated the stool next to his.

“Excuse me. “Pardon me.” Contorting her way through the press, Cindi reached her stool and smiled at Jeff. She showed him the stick. “I’m a real Canucks fan from Texas,” she said, “and you’re Jeff.”

“Yeah, well, we didn’t give you much joy tonight, did we?” He glanced at her, then dropped his eyes to his beer.

“It was a good game and you tried as hard as you could.”

“Yeah, the team did, but I’m the one blew the last shot.”

Cindi sighed. “But you did your best and you’re a very good player.” I’m going to get him out of this funk, she told herself.

“Thanks. What’s your name?”

Cindi expanded her lips, and in her huskiest voice slowly said, “Puckbunii” just as her phone buzzed. “’Scuse me a mo.”

Cindi opened her purse and retrieved the device, flipped it open. Alice, texting. “Where RU?”

“Farend bar….w/Jeff! No w8 4 me!”

“Lucky! U Go gurl!” She replaced the phone in her purse and turned to Jeff.

He leaned back, looking at her, evidently noticing her lush curves for the first time. “It was you,” he said.


“Those glasses in your purse, that blouse and especially those big, beautiful, bouncy boobs! It’s your fault. You’re the reason I missed that shot.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sometimes, in the rink, you can actually hear individual voices. I heard yours, and my eyes were sweeping across that part of the ice at the time. Those beauties momentarily distracted me, and I missed. So you see, it’s your fault!”

Puckbunii wasn’t going to let this chance pass. “Oh, you’re right, I’m really the one that caused your team to lose. How can I make it up to you?” She appeared lost in thought a moment. She brightened up and looked Jeff right in the eye. “I know. Since my breasts distracted you, the least I can do is let you know how they look and feel. I mean that’s the very least I can do. Where’s your hotel?”

Jeff smiled, his first since entering the bar. “I feel better already,” he said. “The hotel’s within walking distance.”

Puckbunii took most of her change from the bar. On their way out, she caught Alice’s eye and waved to her friends, who beamed back. Some suit had an around Alexis’s waist.

During the short walk to the hotel, Puckbunii slipped an arm through Jeff’s. He winced and moved his shoulder. “Are you hurt?” She went around him and took his other arm.

“Normal stuff, stiff from where a Star bumped me. “

“I give a good massage.”

“Massage, eh? That’s good. I’ll get ice, too. What was that name again?”

“Puckbunii,” she said with a smile.

“Puckbunii, eh? Unusual.”

She grinned. “It’s an online name ‘cause I’m so hot for Canadian hockey players, and now I’ve got my favorite on my arm!”

He patted her hand, looked at her face and gave her a quick kiss. That seemed to remind him of something as they arrived at the hotel. They whisked through the lobby and into the elevator. Puckbunii wanted to kiss him again, but he held up a hand. “Puckbunii, I’m sorry to do this. I’m sure they carded you in the bar, but I can’t be too careful.”

“Oh, sure, no worries.” She fished her license from her purse. Jeff studied it, and her face, intently, then smiled and handed it back.

“You should text your friends the hotel and room number.”

“I will. Enough of this.” She kissed him again as the elevator glided to a stop.

Inside the room, littered with clothes and uniforms, Jeff got the ice bucket and went down the hall. Puckbunii texted her location to Alice.

“In 4 gd?

“Let U no.”

Jeff returned and put most of the ice in an icepack. Jeff sat on the couch and kicked off his shoes. He carefully balanced the ice pack on his shoulder. Puckbunii joined him for a kiss, careful not to dislodge the pack.

He said, “You know, it was pretty naughty of you to distract me like that and make me miss that shot.”

Naughty? Thought Puckbunii. “Yes, I’m a naughty girl.”

“What happens to naughty girls?”

“They get spanked?” she said hopefully. Could it be?

“That’s right, and I’m just the man to do it. Ever been spanked?”

“Only by guys who weren’t really into it, didn’t do it hard enough – I think. I hope I like it, I’ve fantasized about it enough. I want to be spanked ‘til I cry.”

“Oh, we’re both lucky tonight.” Ginning, he discarded the ice pack and kissed her, long and deep wrapping her in his arms.

Puckbunii kissed back, holding her hockey player tight. Her first Canadian hockey player and her first real spanking. Would it be as good as she hoped? The kissing was great. Dampness seeped through her panties.

Jeff caressed her breasts, muttering, “My downfall.”

Puckbunii crossed her arms and pulled her blouse off. She jiggled up and down, giving her breasts life, bounding like they had when she cheered.

Jeff stroked the exposed cleavage, nuzzled between them. He fit his fingers under them, catching the bra and drew back as he removed the flimsy garment.

Puckbunii, her breasts finally free, shook them from side to side until Jeff claimed them with his eager hands. His gentle squeezes erected Puckbunii’s nipples. He licked and sucked them, then crudely said, “I want to glide through these beauties.”

Puckbunii slid to the floor between the athlete’s mighty thighs. She quickly undid his pants and whisked them and his boxers off his legs. The sight of a thick, eight inch long, throbbing penis rewarded her. “Oh you’ve got a big stick,” she said, grabbing it with both hands. It was as big as any she’d ever enjoyed. She stroked it happily a few times, then licked the bulbous head, savoring the taste of the precum her hands distributed down the length. She slid her lips along the thick penis, trying to take as much in her mouth and she could. Way sooner than she wanted, the head reached the back of her throat and made her gag. She nipped her head back a bit, sucked in her cheeks and massaged the underside with her tongue. Taking a deep breath, she willed her throat to relax, then slowly sucked the thick shaft in again. She knew she took more of Jeff and felt proud. Placing her thumb and forefinger around the shaft and against her lips, she slid her tongue along the sensitive underside with its throbbing veins. Some slight motion made her gag again. Three times she bravely sought to take in more, with success measured by her thumb and finger ring moving ever closer to Jeff’s body.

Jeff moaned and rocked his head from side to side, fingers twined in Puckbunii’s hair. “That’s so good, Puck, so good!”

With a final gag, Puckbunii backed off, still sucking the first several inches and the all-important, expanded helmet, tongue alternating attention to the rim and the shaft.

Jeff tilted her head and smiled at her. “You are a champion, Puckbunii, always giving your best effort. You take the gold.” He lay back and enjoyed her skill, then said, “This is marvelous, Puckbunii, but I don’t want to finish in your mouth, not this time.”

She slowly, a bit reluctantly, backed off, slowly releasing the beautiful, warm penis from her lips.“ My personal best,” she smiled. She stood to rejoin him on the bed.

“It’s a record for me, hon. No one took as much as you.”

“Really?” Delighted, Puckbunii clapped her hands and jumped up and down as she had at the game.

Jeff was again mesmerized by the springy boobs. “No wonder I missed,” he said, grabbing twin handfuls.

Puckbunii kissed him and the strong forward picked her up and carried her across the room.

Maneuvering a chair away from the desk with his foot, Jeff sat and deposited the surprised coed face down over his hard thighs.

This is it, thought Puckbunii. I’m going to get a real spanking at last. She wriggled her tush in anticipation, finding the most comfortable spot.

“Stay still, Puckbunii. A proper spanking takes time.”

“What about the neighbors?”

“Who cares? Don’t keep the noise down.”

He sensuously rubbed the backs of her thighs, her rump. He squeezed her cheeks and jiggled them a bit. Jeff’s palm tapped her a few times, then the massage resumed. More taps, a trifle harder, massage, then two sharp taps, on one each side. No massage, a pause, then a steady rhythm of sharp taps that weren’t painful, but rather like a reminder to pay attention. Safe on her lover’s lap, Puckunii relaxed.

Jeff gripped her cheeks, tugged. “Raise up, Let’s discard these shorts,” he said.

Puckbunii braced herself. With one hand she undid the zipper of her shorts. Jeff tugged them down very slowly, off her bottom, her thighs, knees. She scissored her legs to remove the garment.

“Mmmmm, “ growled Jeff appreciatively. “A most spankable bottom in delectable panties. I’m in heaven.” Jeff’s hand roamed all over Puckbunii’s cheeks, followed the central seam in her cleft and squeezed each round rump in turn. He said, very slowly and softly, “Spread.”

Puckbunii opened her legs and the big hand of the athlete, finger tips barely touching her, slowly probed her sex, lightly pushing the lips in and pulling them up and down. She gasped as her fluids dampend her lips and the panties anew.

Jeff slowly withdrew his hand and resumed the spanking. He swiftly regained the force he’d used before, gradually adding to the force and speed of his blows, his hand curved to her contours. The smacks were loud in Puckbunii’s ears, but the strikes felt like a reassuring touch to someone lost in the dark who meets a guide. She sighed and all tension left her shoulders and hips. She almost didn’t notice the change when Jeff next probed her genitals. He did so longer, more insistently, until Puckbunii rocked her hips in time with him. Too soon for her, he withdrew and she whimpered plaintively.

Smack! Smack! The hardest blows yet rained down on her and she gasped, kicking her calves. She ducked her head down when the onslaught stopped, as rapidly as it had begun. Her stinging cheeks felt the soothing, light pressure from the same palm that moments before imparted the sharpest sensations yet. Thick fingers hooked into the waistband of her final garment. A barely audible, “Up” came to her ears. She arched her hips and the wispy nylon slowly descended, letting cool air on her warm cheeks. The fabric caught momentarily on her expanded lips, providing a stimulating pressure until their release and continued descent. “Oohhh, sobbed Puckbunii, feeling more exposed and vulnerable than she could remember. The gush she felt dampen her presaged her pungent aroma reaching her nostrils.

Jeff breathed in. “Mmmm, delicious.” He left her panties just below her knees. Holding her tenderly at the waist, he lifted her arm, shifted his grip to her wrist and guided her to feel her cheeks. They tingled pleasurably and the warmth Puckbunii felt seemed like a reward for the pain she’d accepted. She twisted her head to smile at Jeff, who released her wrist and bent to kiss her. The kiss was nice, the position difficult, so it was brief. “You receive this so well.”

“I love it.”

Jeff pushed her hair from the back of her neck and lightly bit her. She twisted and moaned, goosebumps flowing over her back and upper limbs.

Jeff rubbed and squeezed her again, and touched the fully exposed core of her being for the first time. He traced her mound from the outside, the lips , and finally the slit.

Again, Puckbunii thrust her hips to meet his erotic fingers. She gasped when he again withdrew. The hard slaps resumed, and very soon, Puckbunii kicked her legs to dissipate the pain. Her wispy panties flew across the room. Sooner than she expected, he stopped and once again touched her. This time, however, he placed his fingertips to cover her entire pubic mound and rocked it gently, applying a steady pressure. The hand withdrew, as she expected. She tried to relax, anticipating the next spanks.

Her whole body jerked in reaction to unexpected, severe cold on her warm, dripping sex. Jeff held an ice cube to her and held her down! She couldn’t twist away. “What are you doing?”

“Icing the Puck, bunii. There are at least two red lines down there and I’m crossing them all. “

Puckbunii laughed in spite of herself. The joke was so corny, and yet so apt. He withdrew the ice with a laugh and she wriggled about, regaining her comfortable place. She became aware of Jeff’s tumescent manhood. Right, all this and sex, too! The thought flooded away any drying caused by the ice.

Jeff turned her head and kissed her again. “You’re wonderful, Puckbunii,” he grinned.

Puckbunii’s heart filled with emotion. Jeff, who had been so sad, now grinned with delight and lust. The compliment, the lingering sting, her gratitude, arousal, and surrender all swirled within Puckbunii, producing a feeling of contentment, and, pride, and deep joy. She barely felt his fingers again at her lips, so overwhelmed was she.

Crack! Smack! The first really stiff blows descended and pushed her over the edge. Tears filled her eyes and spilled out, flying in every direction as she tossed her head frantically, chestnut hair flying. She sobbed and cried, “Oh, Jeff, Jeff. Oh, spank. Spank me. Jeff!”

Jeff smacked her hard and fast several times. He reached for the souvenir stick on the table and whacked her inflamed cheeks with it.

“Ow, ow!” Puckbunii, still broadcasting tears, twisting about to see what new indignity Jeff doled out to her. The stick provided the pain she’d craved for so long. She wailed and kicked her legs wildly, savoring each blow. Summoning all her strength, she cried out, “High sticking, high sticking. Penalty!” She was right at her limit.

Jeff grinned, gave one laugh, and…game over. He laughed so hard he dropped the stick. His empty hand came to rest on Puckbunii’s rump. “Oh, Puckbunii, feel how nice and warm your bum is. Gosh, I love this.”

Both her hands caressed her flaming cheeks. “Oh, wow, that is hot! That was incredible, way better than any fantasy I ever had. Oh, Jeff!” They kissed again, the last of her tears flowing down her cheeks. Puckbunii asked, “Is the spanking over?” not knowing what answer she wanted.

He favored her with a wicked grin. “There’s one more step. You’ll like it. Spread. After I start, adjust your legs to the best position. You’ll know what to do.” He kissed her again, then touched her sex. First the gentle fingertip fluttered over her lips. The palm pressure and pull preceded a finger penetrating her lips at last. The digit never went deep but slipped up and swirled around her throbbing, engorged nubbin, only twice before Jeff withdrew.

Jeff arched his hand, finger tips pointing as far back as possible, holding his wrist so the line of knuckles at the base of his finger was the farthest forward part of his hand. The spanks followed an oblique path. The hand came up from her behind her thighs, and met the crease between her the tops of her legs and the swell of her warm, red bum. The bottom of the palm fit into the crease, and the ridge of knuckles momentarily invaded her crack, pulling the tender flesh up as the hand traveled upwards. Again. Again, in a slow, steady rhythm.

Puckbunii gasped, the sensations were so different. She opened her legs wider and ducked her head, raising her hips and presenting Jeff with an unobstructed view of her wet, open lips. He adjusted his angle to her new position and kept striking her, same force, same rhythm, listening intently to her breathing and to anything she said.

She cried, “Oh” softly with each spank, gradually getting louder. Smiling to himself, Jeff carefully increased the pace, not the force. “Oh, Oh, Jeff, Jeff, don’t stop.” Grinning, he struck her harder and faster. “Oh, Jeff, I’m cummmminnnggg! I’m cumming!”

“Yes!” he cried, smacking her again and again. “Cum! Cum!” He almost missed because Puckbunii thrashed so hard in her final spasm. With a loud sigh, she relaxed.

Jeff stood and gently lowered the beautiful girl to her hands and knees. Positioned behind her spread thighs, he grasped the base of his impatient member.

“Do me, Jeff, do me. I need it!”

Jeff positioned his swollen tip at her portal. As he slipped slowly inside, in his deepest voice, he growled, “Gooooaaaallll!” He rested a moment when his full length filled her. He leaned forward, fitting his torso to her warm, round cheeks. “Oh, I love the feeling of freshly warmed rump against my belly.” He rocked his hips, sliding in and out as well as he could.

Puckbunii, so well filled, her cervix palpated by the gently thrusting tip, felt another climax building. She tightened inside to give Jeff all she could.

“Oh, yeah,” groaned Jeff, holding still to savor her massage.

She gave her man several squeezes before her muscles weakened. “Please, Jeff, in and out , in and out.”

He straightened up and slowly withdrew until only his tip remained, then worked his way back into Puckbunii’s canal. He crossed his wrists and smacked her upturned bottom again as he rocked his thick, hot stick in and out of the moist goal. Growling, he grasped her hair and twisted it, pulling her head up. Slamming into her as hard and fast as he could, he commanded her, “Give tongue, girl, give tongue.”

From the moment her head was pulled back, Puckbunii felt one of the strongest orgasms of her life shudder through her body. She screamed, “Oh, oh, OH, YES! YES!” as Jeff pulled and released her hair, bobbing her head with his pumping. She slammed her hips back to meet him, screams subsiding to moans as she passed her peak. “I want to ride you! Reverse cowgirl!”

Jeff, breathing hard, released her hair and put his knees together, and placed his palms on the floor. A mighty heave and…

…Puckbunii opened her mouth in surprise as she rose off the floor, riding him.

Jeff moved his legs forward and let his frame, with Puckbunii still impaled and astride, down to the floor.

Puckbunii put her feet flat on the floor, and bounced up and down as hard and fast as she could. “Yee Ha!” she whooped, swinging one arm over her head. “Ah’m a Texas cowgirl on a Canadian stud!”

Jeff laughed. “I love you, Puckbunii!” He’d never had a girl this wild and fun. “Oh, baby, here I go, here I go! AAAAHHHH!” Jeff arched his back thrusting his body into the air once, twice, three times, raising his beautiful rider, clinging to him with her thighs, screaming in one final, body wrenching orgasm.

Spent, he collapsed. Puckbunii, catching her breath, slowly turned her body on his, their combined fluids making it possible without dislodging him. She lay on his broad, heaving chest and kissed him, relishing the continued fullness.

“Should be Fuckbunii,” Jeff murmured before he kissed her again.

The pair cuddled and kissed, smiled and caressed each other. “That was incredible, Jeff, all of it. But I never had a spanking remotely like that. I loved it. I came! Where’d you learn to spank like that?

“Well, I always liked spanking for fun, but that last bit I got from a Yank, calls himself Paddler, posts stories on You should check it out.”

“Oh, I will.”

Puckbunii’s phone buzzed. She managed to retrieve it from the table without getting up or dislodging his penis. The girls held the calls sacred and would answer as fast as possible. Alice again.

“Lxs gone, Sam sleep. Hrny. Want cmpny?”

A three way with Alice and Jeff? Puckbunii treasured the memory of her one 3-way and she always fancied Alice, but thought she was straight and vanilla. Now this offer.


I can’t remember having as much pure fun writing a story. Puckbunii, thisis a gift for you. Thanks for your inspiration. You may continue the story in any way you like.

The spanking technique described will give pleasure to any woman who enjoys being spanked. Orgasms are possible, though not guaranteed. Have fun – Paddler

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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