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Cookie Shares

Cookie Shares

For Cookie, because sometimes, reality supersedes fantasy.
This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen.


Cookie: He’s upstairs in the study. I’m chatting to MonstaMunch.

Jellybean: Are you sure? Last chance.

Cookie: Go for it, sweetie. Make him happy, please.

Finally, the night was here. Lashing rain, howling wind, and the slime of the wet leaves on the path made the walk up to the front door mysterious and exciting.


Months of chatting online to Cookie had broadened Jellybean’s world. Neither of them had shared their real names, preferring to keep the sweet friendship as simple as possible. During the months of chatting, they had discovered a shared passion for sweet treats, big men, and giggling.

Jellybean remembered the night when Cookie had first offered her the “companionship” of her husband, Richard. At first, she thought she was joking. Cookie had told her, when they first began to chat, that her husband had requested a more open marriage. He loved her, but he wanted to explore and have sex with other people. Cookie had been his first, and gently taken his virginity, unleashing a sexual craving in him. He enjoyed experimenting, had found a confidence, and he wanted to use that outside their marital bed.

He said he didn’t love her any less; he just wanted to explore more, to spice things up. He wanted to both share with Cookie, and have fun without her, to explore his own sexuality, as well as their passion for each other.

Cookie was devastated. Was it her fault? Was she not woman enough for him, not sexy enough? How had their marriage vows slipped down the drain with his overflowing passion to fuck other women? Was it her size? He swore blind he loved her fat ass and massive breasts. But was he lying? He fucked her hard and well, but was it out of desperation to cover up an affair? Did he really want to leave her?

But if he did want to leave, why was he asking for an open relationship? Was it that he just didn’t want to hurt her? But he had asked her permission, and she had to respect that. She loved him so much, and only having him in their bed sometimes seemed better than never having him at all. She needed him; he was her Everything. She just wished she could be his Everything too.

But maybe… Just maybe… perhaps she could be his Everything! It didn’t mean that she necessarily had to provide for his every sexual need personally. But she could let him know she was willing to allow him the freedom he was asking for, as a way of showing how much she loved him. Maybe trying to see sex as something other than an extension of their intimate love for each other, but simply as a basic requirement, like food, air and water, was a way in which she could be his Everything. And so, Cookie did her best to swallow her intimate pride, and agreed to let Richard be free to pursue other women.

As part of the deal, she was free to explore too, but under the surface, she couldn’t help but think that she was settling, sort of. Exploring because she was allowed to was rather different than exploring because she wanted to. But, she told herself, she loved Richard, and she would allow him this concession. Perhaps, her heart told her, one day he would realise that she was all he needed. And so, until then, she would make the best of it.

She joined an adult stories and networking site, played on the games forums with people, got to know people from all over the world, and even dabbled in a little cyber sex now and again. A couple of times, she met up with online friends in real life, wondering if perhaps there might be more to it than just coffee and cookies. There were flirtations and possibilities, but when Jellybean began messaging with her, Cookie discovered a new option.

Jellybean was shy until Cookie got know her. She soon discovered that Jellybean, who also loved cookies and sweet things, had a hidden, naughty side to her. They shared silly jokes and confessed their love of larger men. They discussed their sexual experiences, and found a great many nonsensical similarities. Cookie lost her virginity in the garden. Jellybean lost her virginity looking out at the garden. Cookie bought her first vibrator in a pink colour. Jellybean, having bought the same model, had decided pink was far too girly for her, and went for purple, which matches well with pink. They joked about doing swapsies with them, just to see if the colour really did make a difference.

Their relationship was light-hearted and fun, but lately, things had taken a bit of a turn. Cookie had been thinking seriously about Richard’s choice in partners. She hated the floozy he had set his sights on recently. She was slimmer than Cookie, girly-giggly, and blonde. Cookie didn’t have any problem with blondes. She simply just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that she was so different to herself. She wanted Richard to fuck somebody similar in looks, attitude and character. She wanted him to fuck somebody she liked too.

She reprimanded herself over this often, though. Surely the whole point of Richard fucking other women was for the variety, was it not? And so, she had been searching for somebody who she thought Richard would like, even if she didn’t. She had been talking to people on her story forum, surreptitiously looking for somebody who was different to her, but that she felt comfortable with.

But one day, when she was a little bit tipsy, and knowing that Jellybean was very similar to her, even with their differences, she offered her some time with her husband. Jellybean, being single and rather lustlorn, couldn’t quite believe the offer. They had been chatting about their big asses, and how they liked them to handled. Jellybean had told her she liked hers squeezed.

Cookie: Yes, that is lovely. My hubs likes butts. Hee hee.

Jellybean: He sounds like my sort of man. Ha ha! I love the guy who wrote the "I Like Big Butts" song.

Cookie: He sings that for me. And yes, I do think you would like my hubs. Is that weird? Wanna share? Ha ha!

Jellybean: I cant reach from here, sorry. Ha ha ha!

Cookie: Ha ha ha ha. My hubs would love you. He says “Nom nom nom” all the time like you do.

Jellybean: Ha ha ha! I didn’t think you'd like sharing so much.

Cookie: Ha ha ha, I would share him with you.

Jellybean: Well, that thar’s a mighty fine offer, Miss Cookie. Ah’ll surely take ya up on it.

Neither of them had thought the other was serious, until a couple of months later, when Jellybean told Cookie she was so horribly lonely, and she jokingly wished she could borrow Richard for an evening. Cookie took a deep breath, and told her she was welcome to do that.

Jellybean: Are you actually being serious? *confused face*

Cookie: Yes. *Blushing face*

Jellybean: OMG! I never thought you were serious, girl. Why? Why me?

Cookie: I think he would like you. I want him to have the chance to experience someone else other than me. And I want it to be with someone I respect and who would enjoy each other. Does that make sense?

Jellybean agreed. It did. She could never take her friend’s husband away, but she could enjoy some sexual pleasure without guilt, because Cookie trusted her. And if it were her, then it couldn’t be somebody else. But then… she did feel guilty. She felt guilty that she could even contemplate fucking her friend’s husband, when that friend was clearly struggling with the issue.

Cookie: I want it to be you. Please let it be you. Just have at him, and make him happy. For me.

Jellybean: I never thought a friend would beg me to fuck her gorgeous husband, but since it’s you…

Cookie: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (Thank you).


And so, finally, the night had arrived. Jellybean, having driven over three hundred miles, stood before Cookie’s front door, and looked at her phone.

Cookie: Go for it, sweetie. Make him happy, please.

Taking a deep breath and putting her phone away, Jellybean rang the doorbell.

“Can you get that, honey?” Jellybean heard a muffled female voice inside call out. She knew it was Cookie. And she knew that she was about to take their friendship way beyond any boundaries she’d ever known before. This woman was trusting her to fuck her husband and make him happy. And he had no idea!

She saw and heard the large black figure of a man come thundering down the stairs through the frosted glass in the front door, soft yellowy light silhouetting him in rainy streaks. She gasped at how big he was. Over six feet tall and packing the pounds, just his mere shape had her wondering if he would squash her short little body.

In that fleeting moment, she took a deep breath and steeled herself. Richard liked his women to take charge, Cookie had told her. She had dressed accordingly, in a black, fitted suit, white blouse, and patent heels. Her hair was up, and she had her black-framed glasses perched on the end of her nose. She regretted the rain drops smeared all over them, and knew that if she made it inside the front door, they would steam up. But never mind that, she had to be a domineering figure, dumpy and little though she was.

What if he didn’t like her? What if it all went wrong? What if she messed up, and Cookie hated her? She tried to concentrate on the sexy, black and red underwear she had on, grimly smiling to herself about the trouble she’d had trying to fix her suspenders properly. Over the panties? Under the panties? She’d settled for under, just in case he liked that sort of thing, and wanted her to keep them on.

The door was flung open, and the huge bear of a man towered over her. Her height made him look out into the distance for a second or two, puzzled. Then he glanced down and saw her. She gathered up her buxom figure and peered up at him like an English school marm about to administer a spanking.

“Richard Martinez?”


“I believe you have been waiting for me.” He stood there, confusion spreading across his olive-skinned face. Her eyes frightened him, so intense and staring seemingly right into his soul.

“Waiting for… I… I’m sorry, who are you?”

“I’m your sexual fantasy, and you’re going to let me in, young man, right now.” Jellybean cringed inwardly at her own words, knowing for a fact that they were about the same age. But she held her strong attitude, drawing herself up even more until she felt as if she was going to fall forward into him with the pressure.

“I… I’ve got a… a…”

“A wife? Yes, yes, I know all about it. It’s very rude to keep me waiting on the doorstep. Let me in right this instant, and show me your bedroom.” She couldn’t believe her own daring. Who was this freaky little witch she’d become? She waited for him to slam the door in her face, but dazedly, he stepped aside and gave her room to pass through the door.

She teetered her way, with as much dignity as she could muster in the pencil skirt that hugged her large thighs, up the two steps, and past him, stopping at the foot of the stairs. He stood there, looking at her, little but with impressive breasts and black, sparking eyes that snapped at him in the yellow lamplight.

“Shut the door, young man. Show me upstairs right now.”

There was a not a sound in the rest of the house, only the wind and rain outside the door. Still staring at her, Richard closed the door slowly, afraid to look away.

“Is it up here? Hurry up!”

She began to climb up the stairs, deliberately swinging her large hips slowly, so that he got an eye-level view of her rotund ass wobbling as she went. He followed her, his mouth hanging wide open, staring at the two globes he had a desperate urge to feel. Thoughts of Cookie kept flitting through his head. If this woman knew all about her being his wife, then it must have been her who set this up. He didn’t have time to decide how he felt about it, as, reaching the top of the stairs, this snappy little school teacher was firing sparks in his direction, waiting for him.

“Bedroom. Now.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he blustered, walking respectfully around her, and opening the second door on the left.

He waited as she swept past him, leaving the scent of mangos and cocoa butter flirting in his nostrils.

“Close the door, young man.”

Dutifully, he closed the door, feeling like a naughty school boy, for all his height, poundage and stubble. He stood for a moment with his back to her, wondering what to do next. She helped him out.

“Turn around.”

He turned around.

“I believe, young man, that you have asked your wife for an open relation. Is that right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Have you forgotten your marriage vows?”

“No, ma’am.”

“But you wish to explore sex with other women?”

He paused, unsure of what he was supposed to answer.

“The truth, boy! Now!”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And were you aware, when you asked your wife for an open marriage, that it may hurt her feelings?”

He paused again, face flushing bright red, and he felt shame.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“But you asked anyway.”

It was not a question. He nodded.

“Answer me properly!”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Well, I suppose you get an extra point for being honest with her. But I am now going to teach you a lesson regarding your breaking of your marriage vows. You have chosen not to forsake all others, and whilst your wife has agreed to an open marriage, the fact is that you have broken that vow. Take down your trousers and underwear.”


“I said, take down your trousers and underwear.”

He stared at her, blushing and shame momentarily forgotten with the shock of the instruction. She quivered inside, wondering if he was going to refuse to. She drew herself up again and tilted her head back, peering at him imperiously down her nose.

Still staring into her dark eyes, the big man felt shivers wash through his body, and his groin was tingling and beginning to throb. Slowly, he undid the belt buckle, hearing the jingle as the pin hit the sides of its frame. He unzipped the fly, still staring into her eyes.

“Down,” she instructed.

He was keenly aware that his cock was stiffening, and if he took down his trousers, she would see.

“I said, down!”

She took an imposing step towards him, and hurriedly, he bent, pushing down his trousers and underwear, and, not wanting to stand up, but feeling too ashamed to crouch down, he raised himself up into a bent posture, so his t-shirt just managed to cover his fast-stiffening cock. He felt a draft on his balls, and it only served to make him harder.

“Stand up straight, young man!”

Instantly, he stood up straight, staring at the carpet in his shame, and trying to cover his raising cock with his hands.

“Hands behind your back!”

Immediately, his hands went behind his back, holding onto his fingers tightly in abject embarrassment, his face burning with heat and beginning to sweat.

Jellybean was rather enjoying the fact that this giant seemed to obey her every command, and she was gaining a little confidence. She bought herself a little bit of time by beginning to slowly walk around him, inspecting him. She was amazed to see his erection growing before her eyes, and couldn’t quite believe her luck. He was not little, even with the overhang of his stomach threatening to make him look smaller.

She circled him twice, letting him feel the shame and embarrassment.

“Do you like being looked at, with your hard cock under my scrutiny?” she asked him.

He pursed his lips and closed his eyes, face beginning to turn a deep shade of purple.

“Did you know your wife spent hours inspecting her own body in the mirror, thinking she wasn’t good enough for you? Thinking she had nothing to offer you that you wanted?”

He said nothing, feeling misery at what his wife had been through without telling him the whole story.

”Did you know?”

“No, ma’am,” he whispered.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, a big man like you, making a grown woman cry! You should have discussed this before you went into your marriage.”

“But I didn’t know…”

“No excuses! It is not acceptable. The fact is, you changed your mind. And now I shall punish you for it. And the fact that your twitching cock is straining for punishment tells me I must be harsher with you than I was going to be.”

He snapped his head up to stare at her, images of his poor penis being tortured crossing his mind. Surely she wouldn’t... Couldn’t…

She stood before him, this round little doughnut woman, who, a few minutes earlier, had him thinking he was going to fuck her hard and deliciously. But now?

She took her jacket off to reveal two enormous breasts bulging out from inside her slightly too-small white blouse, with the dark presence of black lace beneath it. She hung the jacket on the wardrobe handle, sat on the blanket box at the end of the bed, and stared at him over her glasses.

She spread her fat legs as far as her tight pencil skirt would allow her to, and patted a thigh. His gaze travelled between her piercing stare and her lap. The thoughts running through her mind were fearful, wondering if his weight would hurt her. The thoughts running through his mind were the same.

“Get over here right now, young man!”

He shuffled, shame-facedly, with his trousers and underwear around his ankle, and stood next to her. His cock was right in her eyeline. She stared at it. He stared at it. It twitched, and a globule of pre-cum oozed out of his hole and slid over to slide smoothly towards her. They were both intensely fascinated by the little drop.

Suddenly, she snapped them both out of the trance.

“Get over my knee right now.”

He blew out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding, and carefully lowered himself down, trying not to squash the little woman’s legs. As it turned out, much to their individual relief, he was so big, and the blanket box so low, that he could support most of his weight on his arms and legs, so that his immense size didn’t hurt her.

And there they were, Jellybean with her friend’s bare-assed husband over her lap, and Richard, with this scary little school teacher about to punish him for upsetting his wife.

Jellybean was both amazed, and horny as hell.

Richard was both in shock, and stiffer than he’d been since he first fucked his wife.

Jellybean waited a minute, letting him suffer the fear and shame of his big hairy ass being exposed to a complete stranger who had only bossed him around and shamed him so far.

“Oh yes, Richard, you’re a very naughty boy.”

She began to smooth her hand over each buttock, running her fingers through the little hairs, never realising how much this would turn her on until now.

“And do you know what I do to naughty boys, Richard?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And what is that, Richard?”

“You spank them, ma’am.”

“Why have you been naughty, Richard? What did you do?”

“I broke my marriage vow and upset my wife, ma’am.”

“That’s right, Richard.”

SLAP! He tensed his buttocks against the sudden pain.

SLAP! He groaned, feeling the sting of her fat little hand on his bare flesh.

SLAP! SLAP! He shifted, finding that his legs were trembling. She shifted, finding that she needed to rub her now-throbbing pussy on the hard wood below her.


He groaned, whether from the pain or the throbbing in his rock-hard cock, neither of them knew. There he was, bare ass being spanked by this little dominating school marm, and he was about to cum all over her pencil skirt. He began moaning with each slap, the sting of her hand calling forth some primal lust he’d never quite felt before. It was one thing to have a woman take control, but to be controlling him? This was something new, and he ground his hot, hard dick into her.

Suddenly, pulling herself from her own lust of seeing this man humiliated by her own hand, his bare cheeks deep red, she realised that if she carried on, he was going to be fit for nothing else. So she grabbed his balls and squeezed them tightly.

He gasped loudly, fear shooting through. She wasn’t hurting him, but she was about to. The fear made him teeter on the edge of the deep spasms he could feel about to wash through him. His ass felt like it was on fire, the sting both threatening to send him hurtling off the Cum Cliff, and holding him back, too.

She waited a minute or so, giving his balls little uncomfortable squeezes to stop him grinding against her. She could feel her own juices oozing out of her lips and soaking through her lacy knickers, any slight movement spreading it through her lips and soaking out from either end of her slit. She knew she was a wet, sticky mess underneath.

When he lay still, obviously tired of supporting his own weight, but patiently waiting for her, she took pity on him, and gave him one little slap on each deep red buttock.

“Get up.”

Slowly and clumsily, he got up, ashamed to see the pre-cum he’d oozed onto her skirt. He was not too abashed to note that she was looking rather rumpled and flustered herself. Her snapping eyes had now darkened to a deep, ember-burning gaze that spoke of a deep lust coursing through her body.

The heat of his tingling ass was warming the wall a few feet away, and he could see by the look in her eyes that his punishment was over. He said nothing, not wishing to receive worse. What he had just had was enough fantasy material for years to come.

“Are you sorry, Richard?”

She looked up at him, a gentler expression on her face, one laced with a primal hunger that made his cock twitch differently from before. This was even deeper.

“Yes, ma’am,” he told her, almost smiling at her, feeling foolish at standing there after his chastisement with his trousers and underwear still around his ankles.

He drew himself up as she had done, reading that his punishment was done.

“In that case, Richard, it’s time for you to take your pleasure.”


“Your wife agreed to an open marriage, did she not?”

“Yes, ma’am, she did.”

“Well, you’re not a naughty boy any more. You’re a man with a huge hard-on and a woman with wet panties sat before him. What are you going to do about that?”

The change in control had suddenly shifted. She had given him the reins, and dear god, he was going to take them. He leaned his head back, breathing deeply and observing her. Suddenly, she had transformed into a woman with an edge of vulnerability. Seconds ago, she was whaling his backside for all she was worth. And now, she was offering herself to him.

He drew his t-shirt off over his head, kicked off his trousers and underwear, and, feeling rather foolish, peeled off his socks. How two such small items of clothing could make a man look so silly, he never knew, but he resolved never to wear socks in the house again, just in case.

He stood there before her, naked by his own choice now, and let her stare at his huge, hulking form. She was so tiny, like a fat little doll sat on a shelf, as she regarded him from where she sat.

“What’s your name?”



No, not really.”

“If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that perhaps, just maybe... are you Jellybean?”

She flushed. She knew he’d known of her, but she didn’t know how much he knew.

“You’re the sweet little thing that keeps my wife out of mischief on that web site of hers, aren’t you?”

She grinned at him, naughtily. He didn’t know much, then.

He walked over to her, again, his big erection at her eye level, threatening to poke her. She lifted her head a little, gently blowing up one side of shaft, over his head, and up the other side. She ran her cheek almost imperceptibly up and down his shaft, the same way, the heat of her flushed facial cheeks mirroring the heat of his burning buttocks behind him.

She continued to move her face and little breaths over him and she slowly unbuttoned her straining white blouse, revealing the firm structure of a black lace corset with little red ribbons threaded thorough it.

“Mmmmm...” Richard hummed, nodding in admiration of the large cleavage she displayed as she took her now-damp shirt off. He took it from her with one hand, and pulled her to her feet with the other. She was wide, but a short ass, no doubt about it.

“Get on the box, ma’am.”

Holding her hand, he watched her try to climb up, but her pencil skirt was too tight. Now it was her turn to feel shamed and red with embarrassment. He grinned as she stared at the floor, and then picked her up and put her on the box himself. She gasped at the sudden movement, in disbelief that he had the strength to do that.

She was now face to face with him, and both were flushed and hot as hell. Staring each other in the eye, Richard slid his arms around her dumpy little waist, feeling for the zip to her skirt as he breathed in the fruity scent she wore. He found it, unzipped it, and let it drop to her ankles, still staring into her dark eyes.

They were both inhaling each other’s scent now, breathing heavily, eyes glittering with need for contact. And yet neither seemed to want to be the first to move and break this moment before any return was possible.

He tilted his head and stood back a little so that he could look her up and down. She watched his face, looking for any judgement in it.

His eyes traversed over her large breasts in their scaffolding, with the little straps digging into her plump shoulders, down over her lace-encased ribs, fat tummy poking out a little beneath it, and a fleshy black-lace covered mound. Her suspender belt was tight, causing the voluptuous hips and thighs to bulge a little. He nodded in satisfaction, suddenly realising that she was now staring at him.

Her eyes travelled over his body, large, padded shoulders, hairy chest and large stomach with a slight overhang, tree-trunk thighs and still, that straining cock.

They both met each other’s gaze again, each defiant about their own bodies whilst enjoying the sight of the other’s. He stepped closer again, his arms snaking meatily around her surprisingly small waist, and hers entwining themselves around his neck to run through his black hair.

They shared a first kiss hungrily, tongues pushing against each other, trying to taste every inch of each other’s mouth. He squeezed her waist hard as she smooshed her heavy breasts against himself, feeling them squashed up against his bare skin. He brought one hand around the front and pulled one of the cups down so that one burst out from its structured prison.

He dropped his mouth and began to suck on a hot, hard nipple. She ran her hands through his hair, grabbing handfuls of it, before dropping her fingers to massage his neck and broad shoulders.

They were both breathless now, and he could smell her intimate scent rising up between them. Her juices were smeared between her fat thighs, and letting go of her nipple from between his lips, he pushed his hands up into her black lacy panties to squeeze her ass cheeks. Then he wiggled her lacy panties down. She was glad she decided to put the suspenders under them now. She stepped out of them, and he lifted them to his face to sniff them, inhaling deeply, and smearing her over his skin.

He thrust a hand between her legs so quickly that she fell backwards onto the bed with a gasp. He stood there, looking down at her, legs wide apart, black, shiny heels in the air, with her swollen pussy on display, one huge breast leaning over the side of her corset, with the other straining for release, and he couldn’t help himself any longer. Diving onto the bed, giving momentary thanks that he’d reinforced it after a rather strenuous love-making session a few years back, he pushed his full weight onto her fat hips, and lay with his arms propping him up on either side of her head.

He moved the head of his cock up and down her sopping slit, not knowing if she was enjoying it, just feeling the hot wetness and smelling her sweet, juicy scents. Still a little stunned from the fall, she simply kept trying to breath. He felt down to feel for her hole, sliding a couple of fingers into her to find it, and then pushed his bulging head against her entrance. He thought briefly that he'd love to flip her over watch her big ass wobble for him, but he was too desperate.

“I’m going to fuck you real hard now, ma’am.”

She gave a little nod, and he rammed his aching cock home into her surprisingly tight pussy. The sheer weight of the giant pressed her soft frame into the mattress, and she lay there, arms grabbing handfuls of the sheets as her legs wobbled with the force of his thrusts. She couldn’t move, but just lay there, feeling him pumping his massive weight against her own.

It crossed her mind that she should be feeling him, and making him feel good too, but the overwhelming sensations of the experience were just too much for her, and she came hard and fast with the relentless pounding, balls and flesh slapping her own, juicy sucking sounds accompanying the furious rhythm. She was lost in the heat and weight of the fucking giant, and she fucking loved it! She felt the waves of orgasm running back and forth through her, and wasn’t even sure when he came himself, she was so completely lost in the labyrinth of orgasmic chaos.

But come he did, hard, deep and pounding, balls squeezing so tight he feared they’d never work again after they emptied their contents deep into the tight little school marm Jellybean. It crossed his mind momentarily that he should have messed about with her little bean, but he just couldn’t help himself, he needed to fuck her senseless, and in doing so, he fucked himself senseless, too.

When he came round to consciousness again, he realised that she lay beneath him, gasping for breath under his bulk. He rolled off her, and lay by her side, both breathing heavily.

It took quite a few minutes before either of them could move, and by that time, Richard had fallen asleep. Jellybean rolled off the bed, wondering what she should do now. Would it be rude to take a shower? She decided it would, and tried to dress herself again, feeling the stickiness rolling down her legs. She grabbed her jacket, and crept out to find the bathroom, where she cleaned herself up with tissue paper. She washed her face and hands, pushing her breasts back into the corset, and pulled on her jacket. From the pocket, she took out the little gift bag she had ready, and crept down the stairs.

She didn’t feel right, going to find Cookie. She didn’t know if she was mad at her or not for going ahead with it. So she went to the front door, and as she moved to open it, she found a bag hanging from the handle.

It was a silver gift bag, filled with chocolate chip cookies, with a small box placed on top. The little note on the handle simply said, “For Jellybean. X”

She smiled to herself, wondering what it could be, but too shy to stay any longer. And so, picking up the bag, and placing her own blue gift bag on the handle instead, she left, scooting to her car as fast as she could against the weather, and drive to the hotel she’d booked in at.


Cookie heard the front door close quietly. She stayed seated for a little while, not sure what to do. Eventually, she went upstairs, and found Richard, naked and shamefaced, stripping the bed. He couldn’t look her in the eye.


He stopped, unsure of what to do or say.

“It’s okay. I’m okay. I meant for it to happen.”

He said nothing.

“Are... are you mad at me?” Tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Mad?” He stared at her in disbelief. “How could I be mad? You’re the bestest, sweetest, most wonderful wife in the world!”

“Was... was she fun?”

“She was.” He looked at the floor again, guiltily.

Cookie moved to leave the room. She patted his face as she went, nudging him to look at her.

“I’m glad,” she whispered.


After her shower, Jellybean climbed into the hotel bed, exhausted from not only the events of the evening, but from everything it had meant not only to her, but to her friendship with Cookie, and to Cookie’s marriage to Richard. She was so afraid that Cookie would resent her now, and that she lost her friendship with her forever.

She sat there, looking at the silver gift bag. She felt like a traitor. Eventually, she took out the little green velvet box on top of the cookies. Slowly, she opened it. Inside was a little silver necklace, with a tiny little star-shaped charm. She loved stars. She took out a cookie, and began to eat it, glad that her friend didn’t hate her now. She couldn’t have, if she had left her such a beautiful gift.


Cookie lay in the freshly made bed, wondering if Richard would prefer to be with Jellybean now, and hoping that she hadn’t just killed her own marriage. She wondered if Jellybean would despise her now, for letting her fuck her husband, unable to perform to his satisfaction herself.

Richard, after a shower, and grabbing some cookies from the kitchen, got into bed with her.

“This was hanging on the door.” He held out the little blue gift bag. She took it, and looked inside. There was a little bag of jellybeans, and note attached to the blue box, that simply said, “For Cookie. X.”

She slowly opened it, and inside was a little gold necklace, with a tiny charm in the shape of a rose. Cookie loved roses. She accepted a cookie from Richard, and began to eat it, glad that her friend didn’t despise her for her inability to be her husband’s Everything.

Richard coughed, nervously. Cookie couldn’t look at him.

“What you did... that was... that was... I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you.”

Cookie couldn’t say anything.

“I don’t know anybody in the world who would have let their husband do that, just because he asked for it.”

Cookie still said nothing, waiting for him to end their marriage and run away with Jellybean.

“And it was great, and I loved it. But...”

He coughed again.

“But... she wasn’t you. And... I want... you.”

Cookie didn’t dare look up.

“I decided, I... I don’t want an open marriage any more. It was fun, and everything, but... I want to do those things... with you.”

Cookie began to cry and flung her arms around Richard.

“I know you won’t want me any more, after I did that, and I’m really sorry,” he said miserably.

Cookie cried even harder.

“And I know we can’t come back from this, but... you’re all I want, and I can’t be with anybody else. I meant my vow to forsake all others, and I mean it now. There’s only room for two of us here and now. I know you weren’t happy, and I’m sorry. I want to make you as happy as you make me. If you still want me. I don't want others at the expense of not being with you completely.”

Cookie gave a loud, yelping snort, crying hard.

“Y... yes, I s... still want you! I always have!”


Cookie: Whatcha doin’?

Jellybean: Forum whoring my latest story. Whatchoo doin’?

Cookie: Nomming cookies and writing a story.

Jellybean: What’s it about?

Cookie: A school marm who makes a husband see the error of his ways. What’s yours about?

Jellybean: A tasty cookie who wants to make her cookie husband happy. And does.


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