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Italian Night School

Carlotta spanks night school students who fail to do their homework.
Out of the twelve that began attending the Italian night-school course run by Miss Shoreham, just five of us remained. We were all in our early twenties, Mike, Jim, Julia, Sharon and me, Angie. Our teacher was a stunningly pretty Italian lady, a couple of years older than us and married to an English guy. The five of us enjoyed the course and going to the pub afterwards but we were not very good at doing the homework she set us or reviewing what we’d learnt.

Carlotta always taught sitting on the front edge of her desk and only went behind it to write on the board. I noticed that Jim always sat in the first desk to get a good view of her long slim legs, sexy firm body and gorgeous arse.

She brought the class to order and announced that she was calling an end to the course after this next half term as we were not making any progress and as far as she could see we weren’t that interested. We all said she was wrong; we were keen and would try harder and pleaded with her not to continue the course. She said she was very disappointed in the effort we put in and really felt it was not worth her while teaching us.

It took a good twenty minutes of our pleading before she started to reconsider. She told us to read our books and she would have a think. After a little time said she had just one suggestion which we could take or leave. We all said we’d try it but she told us we must hear her out and then decide.

“In Italian schools if children do not do what they are told they are spanked on the bottom to help them see the error of their ways. I have decided to treat you the same way.”

We all began to talk at once... But she continued, “If any of you do not complete your homework or have not practiced what I teach you each week, then I will give you the cane on your bottom. Do you understand?”

Each of us thought about what she had said and all had questions but it was Mike who spoke up.

“When you say on the bottom do you mean the bare bottom?”

“Of course I do!” she replied, “Otherwise it would not be a proper punishment.”

Julia added, “Where will this punishment happen?”

“As we do in Italy, the person to be punished will be brought out in front of the whole class and given the cane in front of their friends.”

Mike stood up and said he wasn’t happy about it. He muttered goodbyes and walked out.

Jim said, “If this will help us be more focussed and help us learn the language then I am prepared to give it a try.”

I said, “All right, I’ll give it a go.”

“Thank you, Jim, thank you, Angie,” said Carlotta, and one by one the others agreed.

“Very well,” said Miss Carlotta, I will continue with the course until the end of next term on that basis but you must accept the punishment if I decide you deserve it.”

We all murmured that we would but Miss said, “If I am to continue I need to hear each of you say you will accept the cane on your bare bottom if you have not done your work properly.”

Each of us confirmed this, looking rather sheepishly at each other.

The class then continued as normal, though I noticed that we were all making rather more notes than before.

We soon realised that our progress over the next two weeks was in a different league and we were starting to enjoy learning the language.

Unfortunately the following week’s class did not go so smoothly. Julia apologised that she had only managed to complete half the homework and had not had time to review the previous lesson.

Miss called her out to stand at the front and face the rest of us.

“I am very disappointed in you Julia, I thought you were making excellent progress. I’m afraid you will be the first to receive the cane.”

Julia started to explain why she had not had time to do the work but Miss stopped her.

“You all agreed that if you did not do the work you would accept the cane. That is an end to it.”

“But I have had loads on at work and ……..” protested Julia.

“If I allow that as an excuse now we will soon be back to the way things were before and I would have to cancel the course. Accept your punishment as you agreed.”

“All right.” mumbled Julia.

“Strip down to your bra and pants please Julia.” said Carlotta.

“Just a minute……….” started Julia

“Are you going to argue with everything I say, Julia? Please get undressed.”

Julia started to move behind the desk but Miss stopped her and made her face the class. Slowly she removed her shoes, her skirt and her blouse revealing a very attractive tanned body.

“As you are the first to be punished I will not insist you remove all your clothes but in future anyone being caned will be wearing no clothes. Take down your panties.”

Julia was about to argue but saw it was pointless. Jim’s eyes were on stalks and he shifted uncomfortably in his chair facing Julia as she took off her panties. She looked down at Jim and quickly covered her slit but Carlotta tapped her hands and she put them by her side.

Julia had fine blond hair on her mound which hid very little. I saw Jim move his legs apart to allow his penis room to grow and I was pretty sure that both Julia and Miss had also noticed the bulge in his trousers.

“Bend over the desk, Julia, and put your feet 60cm apart.”

Reluctantly Julia turned and got into position. Jim was now sitting just feet from her beautiful taut bum and directly in line with the top of Julia’s legs. From my chair I could see how aroused she was, her slit glistened with juices.

Miss swished the cane in readiness and Julia’s cheeks clenched. Swish, swish, swish, Julia’s hand came round to protect her bum.

“Put your hand back on the desk, Julia. Do that again and you will get extra”

Swish, the first stroke caught her directly across both cheeks and Julia yelled. Swish two caught her more diagonally across the centre of her bum and it was over.

“Julia, turn round, you may rub your bottom.”

Julia rubbed to take away the sting and her breasts moved up and down inside the bra. I sensed Jim thinking if only she had been made to remove her bra.

Miss told her to remain at the front for five minutes to reflect on why she had been punished.

A short time later Julia was allowed to dress and return to her desk, trying to act normally as we continued the lesson. By the end Julia seemed to have overcome her embarrassment though her punishment was the main topic of conversation in the pub that evening.

After witnessing her punishment none of us wished to be the next and three weeks passed without incident.

At the end of the fourth week’s lesson Miss announced that we would have a half hour test the following week, just two weeks before half term. She suggested as a way of encouraging us to prepare well, anyone getting less than 50% would be receiving the cane.

The test was tough but all of us had prepared so we were reasonably confident. Miss collected in the papers and we continued with the rest of the lesson.

There was some nervous chatter as we arrived for the following week’s lesson.

Ms. Carlotta looked even more stunning than usual as she came into the room and shut the door. She carried our papers to the front and sat on the edge of her desk looking rather serious.

“Two of you passed the test,... just.” she paused while we fidgeted nervously. “Two of you got less than 50%.”

“Sharon, you got 56%, well done. Julia, you got 53% so you just avoid the cane. Jim you got 45% and Angie, you got just 43%, so you will both get the cane.”

I couldn’t believe it, I was to be stripped naked in front of all these people. I was a brunette, around 5ft 7in, slim but curvy and I often wore dresses with a plunging neckline to show off my ample bosoms but that was different from everyone seeing my most secret parts.

Then I realised that Julia, Sharon and Carlotta would all be focussed on watching Jim receive his punishment. He was just over 6ft with light brown hair, quite muscular, broad chested and definitely fit. Unfortunately as I was to be punished too I would not be in a good position to watch.

“Jim, Angie, come out here to the front and remove all your clothes.”

We didn’t know where to look; Jim and I started to take off our things. Julia, as usual, sat in the front desk to the right of Jim’s while Sharon normally sat a back row with me.

Sharon got up as we started to undress and she slipped into Jim’s chair, directly in front of where Jim and I would be punished.

Both Jim and I had stopped when we got down to our underwear.

“Take off everything.” instructed Miss Shoreham.

I reached behind and removed my bra. This had the effect of thrusting my breasts forward as the bra came away. I could see from Jim’s face he was impressed. My nipples were hard and even though my breasts were large they were very firm. I saw Jim’s penis was already responding to the thought of being seen by so many ladies.

A swish of the cane on Jim’s leg reminded him that he should be taking off his pants, rather than staring at me. I was sliding down my panties as he pushed down the waistband of his pants and out sprang an 8 inch hard-on. I gasped and stepped back as my face was level with his cock as I removed my own panties.

Miss instructed us to face the front. All eyes were on Jim’s cock which Sharon could have touched if she’d been brave enough.

“Stand to one side of the desk Jim and... please control that….. ‘el cazzo,’ we say at home,” she said, tapping his rigid member.

“Angie turn round, bend over the desk and spread your legs.”

I stepped up to the desk, spread my legs wide and bent over until my nipples brushed against the desk. I was feeling so aroused, my slit was full of juice and I was sure some ran down the inside of my thigh.

Swish, swish, swish, swish. With each stroke my breasts lifted and pushed back down on the desk. I could feel the red lines criss-crossing my bum, hoping that it would soon be Jim’s turn. Swish, swish and I started to get up.

“Stay where you are, Angie, you only scored 43 so you get seven strokes to make it up to 50.” Swish, one last stinger came down across the top of my thighs. I leapt up and began to rub my bottom and my breasts swung around wildly. I looked over at Jim and saw his cock grow ever more rigid and it was throbbing.

“Step over there, please Angie.” she pointed to where Jim was standing. “Jim, take up your place over the desk.”

I stood where Miss told me and found I had an excellent view of Jim’s body; his pecs were gorgeous and his stomach ribbed, it was obvious he worked out. But my eyes were drawn to his stunning penis, so thick and stood out rigid, pointing upwards.

Carlotta ran her finger along his cock and warned him that she would punish that too if he remained erect and I heard Julia give a little moan.

Jim bent over the desk and spread his legs as instructed. Miss took hold of his cock which I could see was resting on the desk top and she pushed it down between his thighs. Julia moaned again and Sharon was in heaven.

Swish, swish! I saw from his face that he was trying not to let the pain show but Carlotta delivered a real stinger dead across his clenched orbs and he yelled out. Swish, swish, just one to go. Swish, another across his clenched cheeks and he stood up.

“Turn round and rub your bottom, Jim.”

I could see the tramlines across each cheek.

He turned to face Sharon and gave his bum a good rub, his cock was still rigid and swung from side to side. For this he received a stinging swipe of a plastic ruler and Sharon winced.

“You clearly haven’t learnt to listen to what I say, Jim. I told you that el cazzo would also be punished if you didn’t control him. Face the class with your hands on your head. Stand up straight”

His penis throbbed, now just inches away from Sharon who was leaning forward in the chair. Julia had moved her chair closer to Sharon’s for a better view and I stepped forward; I did not want to miss this.

Miss Carlotta picked up the plastic ruler in her right hand and ran her left under his balls, along the underside of the shaft, around the head, rubbing his juices round and round before trailing her finger along the top of his shaft. Thwack, thwack, two strokes along the shaft, thwack, another struck underside of the shaft making his cock bounce and we all gasped. It was a glorious monster.

“Two more.” said Carlotta stroking his throbbing member again.

“On the end of el cazzo I think.”

Thwack, thwack two more strokes of the ruler hit his cock, one on the head and one on the very tip, making Jim yell out again.

“Rub him better, Jim.”

He gently rubbed the length of his cock, bringing more juices flowing and another gasp from Sharon.

“Stand there with Angie and both of you reflect on the quality of your work.”

Jim moved over to me, his cock brushing against my thigh as he took up his place.

We were both now so highly aroused. I and the other girls studied Jim’s body and saw that his rigid member still refused to behave. As Miss tried to regain the classes attention I couldn’t help myself.

I cupped his balls in my hand then slid my hand around his erection, wrapping my fingers round the head and rubbing the juices back and forth.

I let go as Miss turned towards us,

“You may both get dressed and we will continue the class. Please don’t take too long.”

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