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Kiss me the way you fucked me

“Spanking you is just an excuse to fondle your ass.”

As the door closes, we are enveloped in darkness. You fall into my arms and our mouths are joined. Your tongue hungrily searches for mine. Mine, teasingly, darts in and out of your mouth, playing hide ‘n’ seek with yours.

My hands, under your jacket, are warmed by the heat of your skin which radiates from beneath the fabric of your shirt. As my hands travel up your sides, I feel the soft, pliant fullness of your breasts. My thumbs pass over your nipples, separated from your naked flesh only by a thin layer of cotton.

I begin to unbutton your shirt and as I open the front, your sweet dark little nipples are free and open to me. They stand, puckered, and erect, aching in anticipation of my touch.

My cock swells as your hand firmly strokes the bulge at the front of my jeans. I groan and fumble with the button. Laughing, you push my hands away, kneeling down in front of me. You deftly undo the button, pull the zipper down and slide my jeans down over my hips to my knees. My cock head peeks from the waistband of my underpants twitching like a caged animal. You reach in and your hands begin to stroke my hard shaft sending a new rush of blood into my already engorged cock.

“I want a shower.”

“We had one before we went out.”

“I want to get the smells of the city off my body. I want to feel really clean. And I want to taste your clean skin.”

Your words excite me. My cock gives a lurch of anticipation.

I push back the shoulders of your shirt and let it slide down your arms and drop to the floor behind you. You stand before me, naked above the waist. Your curved, pert little breasts stand proudly. I reach for your hips and my fingers find the button and zipper of your jeans. As they open, my hands slide to your ass, down inside the waistband and I slide them off your hips. The warm globes of your ass cheeks are soft, pliant and fill my hands with pleasure.

“Let’s shower,” you mumble through our joined lips.

The water is warm as it cascades down your body and, as I join you, you feel the warmth of my body close behind you.

We lather each other and the scent of the soap fills the air, a clean, fresh, sensuous perfume that fires the senses. My slippery hands find pleasure in caressing every soapy inch of your skin. Your hands soap my back, my ass, my chest and you hold my stiff cock as you lather my balls beneath.

You take the shower hose and rinse the soap from my body. When all the soap is gone, I take the hose and rinse your skin too. The lather streams off your chest and breasts and down your legs. I turn you to face away from me and the soapy bubbles stream down your back and flow between the sweet cheeks of your ass.

My lips touch your shoulder and my hands lightly grip your hips. You lean your head back against my shoulder, exposing more of your neck and I gently kiss upwards from your shoulder along the side of your neck.

The warm water feels hotter as your body responds to my lips on your neck. The water flows down around your breasts and tummy and runs down your legs.

My hands move slowly down your hips towards your front, running along your skin and down your legs. I reach between, stroking your inner thigh with each hand.

My mouth reaches midway along the side of your neck. You feel my teeth teasing your skin.

You spread your legs a little as you feel my hands pulling at your thighs. A small moan escapes from your throat as you feel the water run down between your legs. Even though the water is warm, it feels a lot cooler than the warmth spreading from your pussy.

I reach for your thighs as I gently bite your neck. My hands slide up a little, getting closer to your warm wet cunt. You move your hips a little, forward, waiting for my fingers to touch you.

One of my hands moves up from your thigh. You push your hips forward still, encouraging my fingers to touch you sooner. My hand hesitates, close to your hot little opening; so close to your aching clit.

You groan inwardly, feeling frustration.

I move myself closer to you. Your groan turns to a moan as you feel my hardness against your hot skin.

My cock throbs against your bottom, electrifying your skin each time my hardness pulses against you.

You move your hips back, pushing your body against mine, trying to feel more of my hardness. My hard cock, slippery from the water, nestles neatly between the cheeks of your beautiful ass.

I feel the heat from your aroused little slit, and slide my fingers between the swollen lips, feeling the oily wetness there. You shiver as my fingers slide along the opening, finding your clit, and rubbing gently.

You moan. Your hips thrust forward, making my fingers brush harder against your clit. It feels so smooth and so good.

The warm fountain of water from the shower flows excitingly over your pussy, between your cunt lips, and seems to put more pressure against your clit.

You force your hips up and push your clit harder against my fingers. You feel the warm water rushing against the little button as it begins to swell and stiffen.

“Push your fingers inside me,” you moan, “Fuck me with your fingers.”

I move my fingers deeper and stroke along your clit. The tips of my fingers spread your cunt lips, gently touching your entrance with every stroke. You move your hips in time with my hands. You move. My fingers move.

“Oh yes,” you pant, “fuck me with your fingers.”

Your body shivers as you feel the tips of my fingers spread and enter your cunt. One, two fingers slide into you. I revel in the feeling of your cunt walls clamping onto my invading fingers, sucking them deeper into your tight little hole. You shiver against me as you feel your cunt lips open, swell, and suck at my fingers.

“Oh fuck, YES,” you cry, “fuck me like that. Fuck me with your fingers! Shove your fingers in me!”

You thrust your hips harder, faster, intensifying the feeling of my fingers stroking your clit and forcing them deep into your cunt. My fingers move faster, deeper into you and I let them slide halfway up your cunt.

My hand moves your hips, speeding your movements against my fingers and rubbing your ass against my hard cock.

You place one of your hands on the wall to support yourself as you move your hips faster against my plunging fingers.

You shiver.

You feel yourself so close, on the brink.

Your moans become a long, drawn out scream as the first convulsion of your orgasm rips through your body.

In moments, I feel you tense up; your breathing stops. You grab my hand, forcing my fingers deep inside, and your pussy clamps down on my fingers, as your body begins its journey to ecstasy.

I push my cock against your skin, and you feel it throb against you. It seems to move with your coming cunt. It throbs like your electric clit.

A moan, through gritted teeth, escapes your throat as your orgasm rakes through your body.

You shudder once more and a final convulsion grips my fingers as I gently bite your neck.

Your body sags from the exertion and your shoulders heave as your breath comes in gasps.

You push yourself away from the wall, turn and sink to your knees.

My cock stands rigidly before your eyes; my cock-head swollen, angry red.

“Poor you. I think you need some attention too.”

In one swift motion you grip my rigid cock, enfold it between your lips, and sink it deep into your throat.

Your mouth sucks as your fist begins to pump on my shaft in long steady strokes. All the time your black, black eyes look up at me.

For a moment you pull back, your lips release me but your fist continues to pump on my cock. On each upstroke, your thumb rubs the sensitive spot underneath where the cock-head meets the shaft.

“Mmmmmm. I’ve wanted this all day. I want your cock. I want your cum. Right now!”

Your lips envelop my cock once more, your tongue swirling lightly over the head. And again you release it.

“I love your cock. I love sucking it. I love the feel of it in my mouth; feeling it throb and pulse. Mmmmm. So hard! I love the taste of your cum. Are you gonna come in my mouth?”

Without waiting for an answer, your lips return to my cock and you begin to suck me harder as your fist grips me and begins to stroke me faster with almost blinding speed. Your other hand caresses my swollen balls, filled with my juice.

“Come for me… I want your hot cum down my throat… Fuck my mouth with your big, hard, dick… Fuck my mouth. Fill my mouth with your cum.”

Time seems to stand still as you work my shaft with your lips. You drag your tongue up and down the length of my pole, swirling around the purple head each time you make a pass. Your stiff little tongue pokes and teases at the little opening at the tip.

You look up at me again, slowly sliding the saliva-wet tip of my cock around your lips, rubbing it across your cheek.

You feel my cum boiling up inside me.

“I want your cum.”

The sensations are almost too much for me to bear. Tonight I want to fuck you but the way you are sucking me is so good that I am tempted to give in and let you suck me off completely. I want to come in your mouth; I want to see my juice all over your lips. I look down at your face; it always arouses me so much. You suck me deep inside and you moan as you take me in. The sight itself is enough to make me come.

My cock is ready to erupt, ready to blast a hot load of cum into your gaping mouth.

But I resist. I pull back and my cock pops out of your mouth. You cry loudly in protest. But it's not time to come yet.

“I want your cum. Give it to me. Fuck my mouth! I want to drink your cum!”

“I want YOU to come with me! I want to feel your cunt suck my cock.”

“No no. I want it now. I want it now.”


I lift you to your feet, turn off the shower and begin to dry you. You are complacent and for a moment you stand quietly as I rub you down with a towel. I begin to dry your hair and as I do, you drop to your knees in front of me and draw my rock hard cock between your lips once again.

“I want it. I want your cum. I want to drink your cum!”

“Wait, I want your cunt!”

You look up at me from your kneeling position and reluctantly you release me. With a pout, you take a fresh towel and quickly dry me off.

And, suddenly you are gone and a small light in the bedroom comes on, dimly lighting the room.

I finish in the bathroom, turn out the light and in the faint light of the bedroom, I find you, lying on your back on the bed with your knees up and your legs spread.

Tonight was supposed to be long, languid love-making. Your passion has overwhelmed you again.

“Hurry up. Hurry up and fuck me. Quickly. I don’t care what you do to me, suck me, finger me, lick me, I don’t care. Just do me. Do me from behind. Do me any way you want! Just hurry!”

Moments ago my balls were ready to empty into your mouth. I know that I won’t last more than a few strokes in your waiting cunt before I come.

I want you to come in my mouth. I want your sweet cunt juice on my tongue.

I toss the towel aside and crawl onto the bed from the bottom, licking your leg all the way in one long stroke of my tongue. Without hesitation, I plunge my tongue into your slit, torturing your steaming pussy.

“Oh,” you moan as my tongue lunges between your cunt lips. “Keep doing that. That’s so good. God that’s good. Eat me – uh - —uh - uh! Eat my cunt! Oh god. Oh god. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuck – fuck – fuck! OH MY GOD!”

Another orgasm rips through you like being jolted with a hot strike of erotic lightning. You roll over onto your knees with your shoulders flat on the bed and shove your ass back at me. You jam your own fingers into your cunt as you ride the waves of your orgasm. Your fingers thrust in and out of your dripping hole and you tease your clit with slow circular motions of your fingertips.

I watch in awe as your orgasm slams into you, stealing your breath and, spurt after spurt of your cum gushes from you and runs down your legs.

"Ahhhhhh. God – God – God! Uhhhhhh, Jesus, God, Ohhhhhhhh, Fuck me – fuck me – fuck me. Fuck me NOW!"

"How bad - how bad do want it?"

“Don’t tease me – fuck me! I'll do anything! Just fuck me!”

I carefully move, positioning my hard cock at the wet entrance to your pussy.

“Are you afraid?”

“God NO! Give it to me!”

Your ass is angled perfectly to accept my cock. I push into you, just a little. I pull back and then, slowly, slide back into you a little further, stretching your pussy, feeling it relax as it adjusts to the size of my dick. Again and again. Slowly; each time deeper, until my cock finally travels its full length, buried in your tight hole.

With soft, slow, shallow thrusts, I taunt you with my length. Then, I draw back, grab your ass and pull you back onto me, ramming my cock deep into your little fuck-hole, filling you completely.

“Fuck me!” you scream. “Ram it up my cunt! Fuck me hard! Hard… Harder… HARDER!”

You slam your ass back at me, demanding more. Your hand reaches under and between us; and you begin to massage my balls.

I watch as your ass bounces and jiggles under my thrusts.

“Oh god. Fuck me harder. Make me come again. Oh yes, yes, yes,” you scream. “Fuck me! Fuck me!...I'm…I'm…oh oh oh oh yessssssssss…”

You give in to the sensations ripping through your body and come over and over in one long, intense orgasm. Bursts of heat sear through you and an electric current shoots through your body, centering in your smouldering cunt. Your sudden wild movements and shouting cause a rising urgency in me that I can no longer hold back. I gasp and try to control the powerful swelling inside.

I pound into you, reaming your cunt with my cock, feeling my balls tighten and my cum begin to rise. My cock pounds at your cunt, harder, faster, deeper with every stroke.

“Oh fuck,” I hiss, “I'm gonna come!”

“In me, PLEASE. Come in me. Come in my cunt. I want to feel you come.”

“Oh fuck!” I shout again as my cock spasms and a torrent of hot cum shoots up my shaft and spews into your pulsating pussy. I ram into you, burying the full length of my cock up your cunt. My cum boils from my balls in long spurts as stream after stream of hot juice gushes up your throbbing cunt. Your cunt muscles spasm around my cock seeming to draw me deeper into your convulsing body. My mind and body are in overload. I gasp and groan as my balls continue to tighten and my cock fires another burst of steaming cum to flood your insides.

Your body thrashes about in an agony of delight as you feel each spurt of my cum splash inside of you. Your cunt clenches my cock as I continue to ram into you.

As your orgasm fades, I raise one hand, palm open. Do I dare? My hand sweeps downward with one firm slap to your ass. Not hard.

“Ow,” more in surprise than in pain. The surprise causes you to clench your cunt tighter around my pounding cock, sucking the last spurt of hot sticky cum into you.


“Because you always wanted me to spank you.”

“But, I’ve been a good girl.”

I can feel the smile on your face.

“Do I deserve another?”

My hand descends once more and slaps your other ass cheek. And again your cunt tightens its grip on my cock.

“Oh god. Is it supposed to feel good?”

“You imagined it would.”

You think about this for a moment. “Have I been naughty?”

“No, but your ass was so tempting. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Besides, spanking you is just an excuse to fondle your ass.”

All through this exchange of words, my cock slowly wilts and slips from your soaking cunt.

“Awwww. Where did you go?”

I chuckle, turn you onto your back and slide up beside you. Face to face, noses touching.

You reach back, rubbing your ass, glowing hot from the recent slaps. You smile mischievously.

I chuckle again and pull you to me.

“Kiss me...,” you whisper. “Kiss me the way you fucked me - Hard and deep.”


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