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Linda's Torment Part II

Linda earns a harsh spanking

After Linda calmed down, she told Matthew how she had 'stalked' him for months, having seen him at a company picnic where she worked in the secretarial pool, and he was an executive officer. 

"You just looked so elegant and so strong and in charge.  I fell in lust if not love and coudn'tt get you out of my mind."

"So the accidental meeting at the mall where you bumped into me and nearly knocked me down wasn't really an accident..."

"No.'  She looked down in embarrassment. 

"How many other lies have you told me, I wonder."

"I'm sorry."

"You're sorry for what?"

"For whatever is making you angry."

"Sorry just won't cut it.  What punishment do you think you deserve for first, the stalking, and then the lying.  Lying is a very serious offense."

"I don't know.  Please don't make me decide."

"So, you'll let me decide then?"

"Yes, but don't be too hard on me.  I can't help wanting you, wanting to be near you."

"You are very impulsive, Linda.  I'll add that to the list.  That's three sessions.  I think I'll begin with a sound spanking with the paddle for the impulsiveness.  Tomorrow, I'll do the more serious punishments.  Finish your meal, and we'll get started.

Matthew noticed that Linda lost her appetite but she finished her wine, probably hoping it would give her courage.  He rinsed out their glasses and put all the dishes in the dishwasher.  Then he led Linda to the punishment room.  "Did you find out I was a dominant man while you were stalking?"

"Not really, but I suspected it by your manner."

"How is my 'manner?'"

"You're bossy."

He chuckled as he restrained her arms behind her back, not too tight but sufficient to keep her from reaching back to protect herself.  He led her to the spanking bench which was custom made.  It consisted of an area in the middle of about 2 feet squared and level with his waist area.  There were four padded extensions, two on each side which could be moved about freely.  He placed Linda on the middle portion at her waist.  With her arms behind her, her upper body was not yet supported.  He placed each knee on the padded extensions and strapped her leg from the knee down to the bench, left and right.  He then decided to untie her arms and place them on the other extensions, elbow to hands strapped down.  This gave a little support to her upper body but she still would have to hold herself up, else she would hang from her upper arms and shoulders.

As Linda whimpered in dismay, he swung the extentions as far from her torso as he could causing her to be exposed totally.  She was spread so wide that her genitals including her anus were easily accessible as was the skin surrounding them.  Her arms were bound so that she could not reach out to protect her bottom nor could she help support herself much.  The configuration allowed her beautiful breasts to hang down and swing or jiggle.  He loosened her hair which fell about her face when she wasn't twisting her head trying to see behind her.  It was difficult to hold her upper body up.

"I am not going to gag you if you don't scream wildly.  Crying and sobbing are permitted but no shrill screaming. 

He ran his hands over her butt cheeks, then down the crevice and into her genital area.  He ran his fingers along her slit and up to her very sore clitoris.  She stiffened when he touched it.  He found her to be very wet and wondered if she was turned on by the spanking or the restraints or something else.  Evenutally, he would figure out her psyche and what made her hot little body tick.  He walked around to look at her face, pulling her head up some by her long hair.  Her cheeks were stained with embarrassment. 

"As wet as you are, you either want the spanking or something else.  Do you like being spanked, Linda?"


"You like something about this.  What is it?"

"I don't know.  I just like you."

"Even when I punish you."

She couldn't answer him.  She looked so lovely lying there, splayed and displayed for his pleasure.  It made him so hard, he walked closer, pulled her head up again and told her to suck him.

"I don't know what to do."  She tried to move her head away but could not.

"I'll show you.  Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.  When she did, he placed a few inches of his penis on her tongue.  "Now, I want you to lick, suck, slurp it like it was the best popsicle you ever tasted.  Now!"

She began to suck and lick.

"Twirl your tongue around it."  He pushed forward another inch, approaching the back of her mouth.  After a few more minutes of sucking, he told her to take a deep breath.  When she did, he pushed hard right down the back of her throat.  She began to gag just a little.  "If you gag, choke, or vomit, I will punish your breasts severely and then we will start again.  She managed not to choke  He fucked her mouth for about 30 seconds and came out so she could get air.  He continued.  Each time he said 'breathe,' she would take a deep breath and he would push forward again and again.  Finally, he said 'swallow, swallow every drop, and he came in her throat and mouth.  He made her clean him up. 

"Not bad, but we'll get plenty of practice if you stick around.  He walked to the wall and selected a paddle, one not much bigger than a hairbrush, but it was 4 inches thick and carried quite a 'thud' when used properly.  It also left a powerful sting wherever it landed. 

He began to spank her using his favorite method.  He would spank 5 times in the same place, then move a few inches and spank 5 more times and so on until every inch of her ass was covered with deep red welts.  He spanked her thighs the same way.  Finally, he began on her 'sit spots.'  She was crying and begging, promising anything and everything if he would just stop.  He continued until he had given her 20 spanks on each sit spot. He didn't have to hit hard.  Just a flick of his wrist caused the paddle to spank solidy and painfully.  She had gone limp, her head falling down and her tears making a puddle on the floor.  He finished with spanks to the skin close to her anus on both sides.  She would really feel these when she walked for the next few days.

Her sobs decreased some when the spanking stopped until he fingered her sore clitoris.  He rubbed her bottom a few times, used a hand towel to wipe her face and let her blow her nose, and then he told her he would return in one hour, and he left the room. 

He knew the soreness would set in and her bottom would be very tender for the next part of the punishment.

He returned to the room, surveyed the implements on the wall.  He chose a wide leather strap.  When held in his hand, a good 12 inches was left free.  He began to strap the back of her legs without comment.  She was not prepared and shrieked.  "Calm down, Linda.  We'll be here for a while.  He moved the strap to the crest of her bottom and swung it with much strength, whap!  She cried out but did not scream.  Overlapping the strikes he moved down and continued down her ass to her thighs.  Soon, she was incredibly red and very tender.  He let her rest a few minutes.

He moved between her legs and ran his fingers through her slit, stopping to squeeze her clitoris while she moaned and complained.  He noted that much of the swelling had gone done.  Soon, he would have to revisit this area.

He was erect again, his desire quickened by the site of her bottom and her cries.  He was not without compassion for her suffering but she clearly had allowed it.  He rubbed his penis in her wetness and placed it at the entrance to her anus.  He applied a little pressure, and she moaned and twisted her head, trying to see behind her.  As he hand spanked her, he impaled himself in her hot, tight channel.  Her entire body stiffened but, after all, what could she do?  He began to thrust in and out, fucking her roughly in the ass until he came with a great orgasm, filling her ass with his cum. As it dribbled out of her, he lay on her sore ass and back.  Then he went to her face, leaned over and gently kissed her.  She returned his kiss even though she was crying.

"We need to talk," he said as he patted her back.  "Later."  Once again, he left her in her bonds.

(to be continued)

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Getting hotter. Where is part three four all.
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