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Mindy - Atonement

Part 2 of Mindy series - Stranger pays Laura and Mindy to spank him

Mindy never realized how exciting exposing herself to a stranger could be. Over the next few weeks she was hornier than she had ever been. When alone, she masturbated constantly, reliving the thrill she had experienced when exposing herself. She aggressively seduced Jeff often, and when he entered her she imagined him to be a stranger using her. So it should have come as no surprise that eventually she would have an overpowering urge to experience it again.

She struggled with herself, ashamed and disgusted that she had looked outside her marriage for excitement, yet desperately wanting to do so again. She hated keeping a secret from Jeff and wanted to share her secret fantasy with him, but she feared he wouldn’t understand.

She began buying and wearing more revealing outfits than she was used to wearing. She hoped that Jeff would approve and it would open the door to the discussion that would lead to her telling him.

When Jeff did notice one evening, she said, “That’s the style now. Do you like?”

Taking her in his arms, he said, “Yeah, looks great.”

“You don’t think it’s too trashy?”

“Not at all, you look great.”

“You don’t mind if other guys get to see what’s yours alone?”

“Well, as long as it’s not too revealing.”

“What if it were? Would you be jealous? Or turned on?”

“I don’t know. What’s for dinner,” he said, changing the subject as he went into the kitchen.

Following him, she said, “Really. What if it were? Would that make you excited, seeing other men looking at your wife and getting excited?”

“What’s with you?” he said. “You want to have other men?”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I don’t want anyone but you, Jeff. But don’t you think it would be exciting to show off your wife to other men?”

“Hell, no!”

Jeff had never been as adventurous in the bedroom as Mindy had wanted, though their sex life was satisfactory. Now, after almost eighteen years of marriage, it was routine. While Jeff was always accommodating, it was usually Mindy who initiated sex. Now she knew that Jeff would never participate in her fantasy.

“Oh, well,” she thought to herself. “I guess I’ll just have to forget it.”

But forgetting it was difficult. She found herself drawn to Laura more than any other friend she had. She loved living her fantasies vicariously through Laura’s experiences. They spent much time together, and Mindy wouldn’t leave until she had heard every last detail about Laura’s latest “date”.

Laura had a profile on several adult ad websites that allowed men to connect with her. Her profile contained pictures of Laura in various poses and skimpy outfits. She had a small regular clientele, and she was always on the lookout for new men that wanted to shower her with money for companionship. She made it clear that penetration wasn’t allowed. She had no desire to be arrested as a prostitute. The men could connect with Laura via on-line chat, if Laura was on-line, or they could email her if she wasn’t. They both knew it was a risky lifestyle, but Mindy thought it would be terribly exciting.

Whenever a live chat window popped up on Laura’s computer, they would stop what they were doing and see who it was. Most of the time it led to nothing; perhaps a teenager trying to get his jollies by chatting with a call girl. Laura was usually able to tell who was serious and who was just wasting her time pretty quickly.

One morning while they were sharing coffee, Laura got a chat request. As usual, she went to the sender’s profile to see what she could learn, but this guy was anonymous; no picture, no description of what he was looking for, nothing. That sent up red flags immediately.

“Probably some pimply faced teen,” Laura said as she typed.

“Hello, Cowboy. Are you looking for some fun?”

After a delay of perhaps two minutes, the on-line chat came back.

“Not really. I’m a bad person, and I want to be punished.”

“Whacko,” Laura said to Mindy as they shared a giggle.

“How bad have you been?” Laura typed.

“I’m unable to control my base desires, and I think it appropriate that my punished come at the hands of someone in your field.”

“What kind of desires do you have?”

“Desires that are inappropriate for me to have. Sexual perversions.”

“For instance?”

“Coupling with a female.”

“What’s inappropriate about that? Sounds normal to me.”

“Can you help me?”

“Maybe. But it’ll cost you.”

“I understand. How much?”

“Where do you live, and how long would you want me?”

“I don’t know how long. I live in another city. I’d rather not say where. Will this be totally discreet? No videos or photographs?”

“Discretion is my business. When do you plan to come to town?”

“I can be in town Monday by noon.”

“You’ll have to rent a hotel or motel room. Preferably on the north side of town. If you tell me your budget I can recommend one. You’ll have to rent the room for Sunday night to get access to the room at noon.”

“Yes, I’ll need recommendations. I’d like to spend as little as necessary on the room, since I won’t be staying.”

“Okay, hold on a minute,” Laura typed.

Laura opened another window and did a search for cheap lodging near her house, and typed back the recommendation. She also gave the man the address of a nearby Starbucks, where they would meet before going back to the man’s room. She preferred meeting in public, where she could evaluate her customer's sanity.

“Okay, that’s weird. Now how the hell am I supposed to punish a grown man?” Laura said, after the arrangements had been made.

They spent the rest of the morning searching the internet for ideas. It became clear that Laura would need some equipment, and a costume. She didn’t mind, even though it would cut into her profit; she had lots of various costumes in her wardrobe, and knew that the costume would come in handy another time, maybe many more times.

The rest of the week, Mindy couldn’t stop thinking about the upcoming session. She kept scouring the internet for ideas and communicating them to Laura. She was getting more and more excited, and had to masturbate every day. Finally, on Friday morning, she asked Laura if she could go with her.

“I wouldn’t take any money, it’s your deal,” Mindy said. “But I’d really like to go, if you don’t think it would be a problem.”

“I’d love you to go if you want. But I can’t ask him for more money now.”

“That’s okay, really, I just want to watch.”

Laura sent a private message to the guy from the adult website, hoping he would log on to see it. She told him that she needed another girl to help her administer his punishment. She didn’t ask for more money. On Thursday, he did respond to the message, leaving it up to Laura.

“Okay, you’re in,” Laura said. “Do you want to get a costume?”

“Hell, yes,” Mindy said.

Ever since Laura had shown her the costume she was going to wear for the meeting, Mindy had gotten turned on just thinking about wearing such a costume in front of a stranger. The allure of something so wicked was too much for her to resist. She was actually going to do this.

They looked at outfits on-line for Mindy’s costume. After Mindy decided what she wanted, Laura agreed to go to the adult store to buy whatever they had closest to the one she saw on-line. She knew Mindy’s size, and Mindy couldn’t be seen going in such a store.

Mindy was so excited she could hardly sleep over the weekend. Sunday night she tossed and turned for hours, listening to Jeff’s steady breathing next to her. Finally, she silently slipped her panties down, trying to not disturb Jeff as she took them off one leg, leaving them wadded up around her left ankle. Her pussy was moist with arousal, and she dipped two fingers into the warmth and moved them up her slit to her clit. The outer lips were wide open already; they had been for hours, as mental images of her upcoming session filled her mind.

She drew lazy circles around her clit, barely brushing it with her fingers. She imagined herself wearing her new outfit in front of the strange man she would be with tomorrow. He was bound and trussed, unable to move, unable to touch himself or anyone else, gagged and unable to make a sound, completely nude, able only to watch as Mindy and Laura did with him what they wanted. Their revealing outfits made his cock hard, but he couldn’t relieve his need.

Almost immediately Mindy had an overpowering orgasm. It was all she could do to keep silent as her body trembled. Her heart raced as the orgasm spread waves of warmth throughout her body. She lay still for a few minutes before gently reaching down and pulling her panties back up. Within fifteen minutes she was asleep.

Despite not getting a lot of sleep, Mindy woke before the alarm. She got breakfast ready for her family, but her mind was elsewhere. She could barely get down two bites of food.

“Will he be on the road already?” she wondered. “What city is he coming from?”

Mindy and Laura had spent a lot of time speculating about the man, and they were both convinced that he must be a minister or priest. Why else would sex fantasies be so inappropriate?

“Is he attractive?” Mindy wondered for the hundredth time.

She was so nervous that she started to dial Laura at least ten different times to tell her she couldn’t go. Every time, she put the phone back down. She paced nervously, unable to think straight.

Finally the hour approached. Mindy took a nice long shower, then made herself up and got dressed. She wore a conservative outfit, nice slacks with a simple top and a beautiful cashmere v-neck sweater. She headed over to Laura’s around eleven o’clock. Laura was still getting ready.

“Hello, Mindy, you’re a little early. Are you excited?”

“I’m so nervous I don’t know if I can go through with it,” she said.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine. You want a bite to eat before we go? It may be late by the time we’re finished.”

“No, I’ll wait until afterward. I couldn’t eat a bite.”

“Suit yourself,” she said, as she got herself a bowl of greek yoghurt and some fresh berries.

Mindy looked through the bags of equipment and costumes as Laura finished eating.

“I guess we’d better get going,” Laura said at 12:05. “Don’t want to be late.”

They pulled into the Starbucks and got a table outside. Their meeting was scheduled for 12:30. At 12:35, Mindy began to be convinced that he wasn’t going to show up, and she finally was able to relax somewhat. She was surprised that she was actually relieved when it appeared he wouldn’t show. Laura had told the man they wouldn’t wait beyond 12:45.

Finally, right at 12:45, as they were getting up to leave, a man approached them. He was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, with a ball cap pulled down low over his face.

“You’re late,” Laura said.

“Nerves,” the man said.

He was obviously very jittery, looking around him constantly from under the bill of his cap.

“Can we get going?” the man asked.

It appeared he was deathly afraid of being recognized.

“Sit down,” Laura said assertively. “We’ll be calling the shots. You’ll be doing what we say, do you understand?”

“Yes,” the man said quietly.

“You’ll do what you’re told, and you won’t say a word to either of us unless you’re asked to. The one exception is the safe word. If you say the word at any point, we will immediately discontinue and leave. You won't get a penny refunded, but if you change your mind during the festivities, just say safe.”

The man said nothing. He continued looking down at the table, unable to meet Laura’s eyes.

“Good, boy,” Laura said. “We can go now.”

The man had walked across the street from the hotel, and he walked back. Laura didn’t offer him a ride in her car. The girls waited in their car until the man had crossed the street, then got out and accompanied him to the door of his room.

Inside, Laura shut the curtains and turned on all the lights.

“Go in there and remove your clothes,” she said to the man, pointing at the bathroom.

The man’s head jerked as he met Laura’s steel gaze, and he started to sputter a response. Laura cut him off, saying, “You weren’t asked a question. You’ll be receiving your well deserved punishment on your bare ass. Now get in there and take off your clothes. All of them.”

The man blushed furiously, and he stood still, staring into Laura’s eyes.

“Now,” Laura said, not raising her voice, but in firm control of the situation.

Mindy nervously watched the test of wills. Laura never blinked or averted her gaze, expecting nothing but complete obedience. Finally, the man cracked, going into the bathroom to disrobe.

The girls quickly surveyed the room to determine the best way and place to bind the man with the equipment they had brought in. Laura decided that they would need to move the bed against the side wall to create as much space as possible. They turned the table upside down and put it on the bed, then moved the dresser over. Now they had about half the room clear.

“Come out here! Now!” Laura said sharply when they were done.

He had been in there for several minutes, more than long enough to take off his clothes. He was stalling. The door opened and the man came out. He was wearing a pair of briefs and still had his cap on. His face was crimson red.

“I told you to take off your clothes. This disobedience is going to cost you dearly. Now take off that ridiculous cap, and get your clothes off. NOW!”

The man hurriedly removed his cap and stood there, not sure what to do with it.

“Throw the cap on the bed and take off your underwear,” Laura said sternly.

Her confident and commanding demeanor compelled the man to obey her. He quickly pulled down his underwear, letting them drop on the floor. His entire face, including his ears, were bright red with embarrassment.

“Where is the money?” Laura demanded.

The man motioned toward an envelope on the nightstand. Mindy opened it and counted it. The man had brought twice the fee that Laura had asked for. Apparently he thought that he would have to pay double when Laura told him that she was bringing a friend. Mindy nodded to Laura, indicating all was in order.

The man appeared to be around forty five or fifty years old. He wasn’t a large man, perhaps 5’9” and around 165 pounds. His thinning, brown hair was cut rather short. All in all, he was kind of attractive. He had very little hair on his torso. His flaccid penis was shriveled up into his body in his humiliation, barely poking out of his thick, long mat of pubic hair. He stared at the floor, unable to decide where to put his hands. He alternately crossed his arms, then held them behind his back, then on his hips.

“Kneel down on the floor and put your arms behind your back,” Laura commanded.

The man did as he was told, and Laura snapped leather restraints around his wrists and a collar around his neck. She then attached a strap to the collar, pulled his wrists up until his elbows were at a ninety degree angle, and attached a strap from his wrist restraints to the collar. His wrists were directly against the middle of his back and he was unable to move them.

“Lie on your back,” Laura commanded.

She nodded at Mindy, a sign that Mindy was to go get the bags containing their outfits and the rest of the equipment. Mindy took a card key for the room, and went to get the stuff from the car.

Laura slipped a leather strap around the man’s upper leg and made him bend his knee up and out as far as he could, then she connected his leg strap to his wrist restraints with another strap. Then she did the same to the other leg. Now the man was curled up into a ball, his wrists behind his back and his upper legs pulled up into his chest and wide apart. If he tried to close his knees it would pull on his wrists painfully.

When Mindy got back with the bags, she locked the door and bolted it. Laura turned on the radio to create enough noise to drown out any noise the man, or her paddle made. She put a ball gag in the man’s mouth and fastened the straps around his head. He was unable to move or make any noise. They blindfolded his eyes.

When she was done, Laura was drenched with sweat. She couldn’t believe she had actually done it; forced a strange man to obey her against his will. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She went to the sink and got some cool water on a wash cloth to cool herself off. Mindy couldn’t believe how scared Laura later told her she was, because she seemed so self-confident when she was strapping the restraints on.

The hard part was over now; he was helpless. Every time Laura made a call, there was a fear that something would go wrong, that the man would become violent. Now, however, that was not going to be a problem. The man was completely helpless.

The girls took their time putting on their costumes, allowing the man plenty of time to anticipate his punishment. Now that he was trussed, he made no movement at all. It was obvious he was resigned to whatever was going to happen.

After they were dressed, they came back out and removed his gag.

“What will we call you?” Laura asked.

“Smith,” the man said.

“Very original, Mr…. Smith.”

Laura rolled the man over onto his front. His forehead supported his upper body, and his widely spread knees supported his lower body. Laura snapped a leather cock ring around the base of his penis, then attached a ball harness around his balls. The cock ring would allow the blood to enter his penis but keep it there, making his erection strong and long lasting. The ball harness had a leash attached to it. One pull of the leash would cause pain, assuring Laura that there would be complete obedience. Finally, she rolled the man back over onto his back.

“Now, what will we do with you, Mr. Smith?” Laura asked as she gently pounded a riding crop onto her palm. “Why don’t you tell us what you’ve done, and we’ll decide the appropriate punishment.”

“I told you already,” the man mumbled, embarrassed to discuss his transgressions in detail.

WHACK! The man lurched as the crop flicked across the back of his thighs. He grimaced in pain, as the sting forced tears to his eyes.

“I asked you, what naughtiness have you been doing?”

“My thoughts have been impure,” he said.

“Details,” Laura insisted, raising her crop to strike again.

“I find it impossible to keep impure thoughts of intercourse with a woman out of my head. I’ve tried everything I can think of.”

“And what is wrong with thinking about sex? It seems the most natural thing in the world.”

“Not for me. I’ve committed myself to a higher calling.”

“Have you ever had intercourse with a woman, Mr. Smith?”

“Absolutely not.”

“With a man?”

“Of course not.”

“Have you ever seen a woman naked?”

“No. Not really.”

“Go on.”

“Well, when I was younger I accidentally walked in on my mother when she was partially nude.”

“And when you have these fantasies about coupling with a nude woman, does this woman have a face?”

The man said nothing.

WHACK. The crop smashed against the man’s thigh, leaving a red stripe.

“Does this woman have a face?” Laura repeated.

“The man’s voice quivered with pain as he said, “Yes.”

“Whose face?”

He said nothing.

“Whose face?” Laura insisted.

His voice was so faint Mindy wasn’t sure she heard him.

“Louder,” Laura insisted.

“My mother’s face,” the man sobbed. “It’s my mother’s face, okay? Now do you see why I have to be punished?”


Laura flicked the crop quickly over both butt cheeks, as hard as she was able.

“Mr. Smith, I’ll ask the questions, not you. Your job is to answer my questions, nothing more. Does the woman in your fantasies also have your mother’s body?”

“Yes,” he answered softly.

“Well, Mr. Smith, I think you’re going to be very glad you hired us today, because I think I can promise you that you will never again have impure thoughts about your mother.”

Laura allowed some time for him to process that information before saying, “From now on, Mr. Smith, should you have impure thoughts, I’m almost certain it will be about someone other than your mother.”

With that, she leaned over his face and removed the blindfold. When he opened his eyes, he saw the girls in their outfits.

Laura was dressed in a pair of black shoes with stiletto heels, a pair of black fish neck stockings held up with garter belts, a skimpy pair of black satin panties that barely covered her cheeks, and a cupless black leather corset. The corset laced up the back and had a metal zipper up the entire front, as well as four metal buckles up the front. Her large breasts stuck through the openings in the corset and hung down right in front of his eyes. It was the first time he’d ever seen a woman’s bare breasts.

Mindy had on a red corset that was laced on the front and the back with long laces that left exposed a large section of the middle of her body, which included most of her breasts. The sides and nipples were covered, the rest of her cleavage exposed. She wore a red satin g-string, and red high heeled shoes. She had never felt so exposed. There were goose bumps all over her bare skin as she stood in front of the bound man. She stood with her hands on her hips and her legs spread, right next to the man where he could look right up her crotch.

The man’s mouth was agape as he stared at the girls, his jaw trembling. Sweat dripped from his forehead. Laura leaned over the man’s face, her breasts hanging from her body, the pink nipples erect and long.

“Mr. Smith, are you fantasizing about your mother now?”


“Hallelujah. You’re cured, Mr. Smith,” Laura said as her breasts hung inches from his eyes. “But I don’t think you’ll be happy until you’re properly punished, will you?”

“No,” he said.

“I’m going to have my friend do the honors. Is that okay with you, Mr. Smith?”

“Yes,” he said, looking at Mindy.

His dick was very hard now, and the ball harness and cock ring made his package stand out front and center.

“Mr. Smith, I’m going to have to put the gag back in while your punishment is administered, to make sure you don’t make too much noise,” Laura said as she replaced the ball gag in his mouth.

Laura took a plastic paddle out of one of the bags. It had raised places in the shape of hearts on it, as well as holes in it. Between the holes, and the raised hearts, it was made for pain and for marks.

She lightly tapped it onto her palm, and said, “Mr. Smith, I’m going to allow you to determine your punishment. You’re going to receive twenty five lashes with this paddle, but you have to decide how hard those lashes are. My friend here is going to paddle you, one lash at a time, until you acknowledge that she’s picked the right level of pain. At that point, she’s going to give you twenty five at that level. However, if I detect that you’ve lied, we start over. Do you understand?”

He nodded. The fear in his eyes was palpable.

“I don’t like liars, Mr. Smith. Do you understand?”

He nodded furiously. Laura helped him onto his knees, and leaned him forward until once again he was leaning against his forehead, his knees spread. His hard dick and balls hung down between his spread legs.

Handing the paddle to Mindy, Laura nodded to her and said, “He’s yours.”

Mindy had never been more nervous in her life. She didn’t know what Laura expected her to do. She was more aroused than she had ever been, totally in control of this man, with his hard dick exposed. She measured the weight of the paddle in her hand.

Laura tugged on the leash attached to his balls, causing him to jut his ass far out toward her as he tried to keep his balls from being pulled. He was now in a perfect position for Mindy to paddle, and his cock was even more prominently on display.

“Please keep your buttocks raised high, Mr. Smith,” she heard herself say.


She cringed as she slapped his butt hard.

“Is that hard enough, Mr. Smith?” Laura asked.

He shook his head.

“Harder, dear,” Laura said.


“Mr. Smith?” Laura asked.

He shook his head again.

Mindy was shaking. She had never experienced anything like the feeling of control she felt over this naked man. His hard dick and balls hung between his legs in her view. She desperately wished she could stuff his dick into her cunt. Her cunt felt on fire with desire, and she felt certain it would be wet.


It was as hard as she felt she could hit him. Red welts in the shapes of the heart immediately sprang up on his butt, as he winced in pain.

“Mr. Smith, is that hard enough to help you atone for your transgressions?” Laura asked.

Tears streaming from his eyes, he nodded his head.

“Please administer his punishment,” Laura commanded.

Mindy was visibly shaking as she surveyed this man’s bare ass. Her pussy ached with desire as she looked as his rock hard dick and his bound sac. She didn’t know if she could deliver twenty five lashes as hard as the last one she’d administered. It was so hard, she didn’t know how anyone could stand that many.


His butt turned white from the hit, then immediately began to turn red. With the second hit, she heard him whimper through the gag. By the eighth strike, tears were dripping from his face onto the carpeting. By the time she got to twenty five, she felt so sorry for him that she was only half-heartedly striking him.

After she finished, he fell over onto his side. He was convulsing, sobbing into his gag. Laura let him compose himself over the next five minutes. When he finally began to regain his composure, Laura removed the gag.

“Mr. Smith, do you feel you’ve been properly punished?”


“Mr. Smith, I’m going to ask you once again, and once again only. Do you feel you’ve been properly punished? Yes or no?”

He was silent for a moment, then quietly said, “no”.

“Mr. Smith, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to see to your punishment personally. I feel very passionate about my clients getting their money’s worth. I don’t want you to feel cheated. Before I do so, I want to ask you a question. When you have these impure thoughts, what do you do?”

“I touch myself.”

“Where do you touch yourself?”

He hesitated.


Laura lashed him across the thigh with her riding crop.

“Where do you touch yourself, Mr. Smith?”

He winced with the pain as tears streamed down his face.

“I touch my penis,” he rasped.

“Why do you touch yourself, Mr. Smith?”

“Because it feels good,” he said.

“What happens when you touch yourself?”

He hesitated again.


“What happens when you touch yourself, Mr. Smith?”

He still said nothing.


He tried to move away from her strikes, but her crop found its mark.

“Mr. Smith, what happens when you touch yourself?”

“I squirt,” he blurted out.

“Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it, Mr. Smith? Why didn’t you just say so in the first place?”

“Because it’s filthy and wrong?”

“Do you know what girls do when they have those feelings, Mr. Smith?”

He shook his head. “No, I don’t know what girls do.”

Turning toward Mindy, Laura said, “Jenny, dear, would you like to show Mr. Smith what women do when they have those feelings, or should I show him?”

Mindy said, “I’d be glad to.”

Walking toward him, she nudged him in the side with her shoe until he rolled over onto his back. Then, with one foot on either side of his head, she began pulling down her g-string. Lifting one leg, she pulled it over her shoe, and let it fall down her other leg until it was bunched around her shoe.

“Mr. Smith, have you ever smelled women’s underwear?” Mindy asked him.

“Yes,” he said softly.


“My mother’s,” he said.

He was staring straight up between Mindy’s legs, looking directly into her crotch. She had a neatly trimmed triangle of blond pubic hairs, but her lips were waxed smooth. Mindy lifted her foot and dangled the panties over his face, then let them fall from her foot onto his face.

“Mine might be a little stronger than hers,” Mindy said. “They get that way when I get aroused. I’m very aroused right now, Mr. Smith. Sometimes the feelings are so overwhelming, I have to touch myself there, Mr. Smith.”

Mindy inserted first one, then two fingers into her vagina right above his face. His dick was so hard, it had turned purple. It was perhaps seven inches long and had an arch. His sac looked ready to explode in the tight harness.

Mindy walked over to the bed sat on the edge of it, then laid back onto several pillows. Laura took the leash and pulled on it, forcing the man onto his knees. She then pulled it toward Mindy, forcing the man to crawl on his knees until his face was inches from Mindy’s cunt.

Mindy would never have imagined that she would be able to masturbate in front of anybody. Now, not only was she doing so in front of her best friend, she was doing so in front of a strange man. Being watched by this stranger made it even more exciting, and she began rubbing her clit in earnest.

Bending her knees up and back, she exposed herself totally as she rubbed. She imagined herself being impaled by his stiff cock as she dipped her fingers into her cunt, never stopping the rhythmic rubbing of her clit. In less than two minutes she began to feel her orgasm approach.

“Oooohhh, awww, unnggg, ungg, ummm, aaahh,” she grunted as the orgasm washed over her.

When she removed her fingers from her cunt, the man was able to see her vagina open and close as the contractions went on for half a minute. Mindy’s body was flushed, and she lay quietly resuming her normal breathing.

Laura said, “So you see, Mr. Smith, women aren’t much different than men. All animals have urges; it’s natural, and masturbation is one way to relieve those urges. And now it’s time to see to your punishment.”

The man’s ass was still bright red from the pounding that Mindy had given him. Laura pulled the leash, making the man crawl backwards on his knees away from the bed. She put the gag back into his mouth, and turned up the radio a bit louder. Mindy picked up her panties and put them on the bed.

“Bend over,” Laura commanded.

The man bent over, resting his forehead on the floor.

“Raise your butt as high as you can raise it, and keep it there. If you move, we start over.”

Laura held the paddle with both hands and swung as hard as she could swing.


The paddle cracked into his butt like a thunderclap. The man shivered and tears streamed down his face, but he didn’t move.


Strike after strike, without a pause, landed on the man’s ass. Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty. Laura never varied the pace, or the force with which she delivered the strokes. The man’s body was convulsing in pain and his tears poured from his eyes with the sting of the swats. Twenty three, twenty four. Laura paused slightly to catch her breath, and delivered the hardest strike of all for the last one.

“That’s all,” she said softly when she was done.

She put the paddle back in the bag. The man crumpled into a heap on the floor, sobbing and shaking for several minutes. When it finally appeared that he was beginning to compose himself, Laura pushed him over onto his back.

Slipping off a shoe, she put her foot onto his hard dick, smashing it against his body. The fishnet stockings created a pleasant friction as she rubbed her foot up and down the length of his dick while pushing it against his body. Within three strokes the man had a furious eruption. The cum oozed out of his dick in a long, thick stream as he looked up into Mindy’s crotch above him.

The girls went back into the dressing room and washed up a bit, then changed their clothes. They gathered all their stuff and put it into the bag. The last thing was the restraints. They removed the gag, then the cock ring and harness, then the leg straps. They were a bit nervous as they removed the restraints, hopeful the guy wouldn’t try to retaliate. Just in case, as Laura removed the wrist restraints, Mindy had the door open ready to leave. They figured the guy was unlikely to chase them in the parking lot naked.

Before removing the wrist restraints, Laura said, “Mr. Smith, I hope you feel you got your money’s worth. Any time you’d like to visit town again, please feel free to look us up.”

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