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My fantasy of being bound and Spanked comes true

My boyfriend finally fulfills my fantasy.
It was a Saturday night and my boyfriend invited me over to his house. "My parents aren't home," he confirmed.

I could feel the heat rising between my legs. "I'll be right over." I hung up the phone and quickly jumped into my car.

Now I don't consider myself extremely hot, but I'm 5"4 with short brown hair, 36D breasts and a bit of an ass. He is 5"10 with a slim muscular body, and the yummiest looking 8 inch cock I'd ever seen and couldn't wait to ride.

"Hey," he said opening the door to his house, smiling with a sly smile I wasn't used to.

"Hey," I replied kissing him on the lips then walking passed him to his living room. What is he up to? I thought.

We snuggled next to each other watching TV for what felt like hours. When is he going to fuck me? was all I could think.

Suddenly he got up in front of me. "What're you doing?" I said getting a bit worried.
"Oh...nothing," he said as he brought out a roll of duct tape. "Put your hands out. Now," he said in a commanding voice.

I quickly put my hands out in front of him. I could feel even more heat rising between my legs. He quickly wrapped tons of duct tape around my wrists. "What're you doing?" I repeated.

"Turn over," he commanded.

"No," I said. Was this really happening?

He knew about my fantasy about being tied up and being spanked, but said he wasn't really into that sort of thing, so what the fuck is this?

He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down to the ground and bent me over the couch so my ass was level with the cushions and my knees were on the ground. By now I was starting to drip with juices.

"How dare you not do what I say, you slut. Let me teach you a lesson."

His hand crept down my back to my ass. I looked back at him and he looked at me as if to confirm that this was okay. I just turned away and hid my face between my arms.


The first smack came down. I was surprised at how loud my moan was. I could feel his bulge get bigger and rub between my cheeks. So he is liking this as much as I do.


The second hit came down. I cried out, "FUCCCCCKKKKK."

"Oh you like that? You naughty slut," he said as he pulled my pants down.

"What's this? Looks like you've soaked through your undies," he said as he rubbed my mound making me push my hips back into his hand.

BAM! The next smack. I wasn't expecting that one.

WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM! over and over he smacked my nearly bare ass that was slowly turning red. I moaned and screamed and the wetness between my legs was now dripping down my thighs.

I looked back at him again and all I could see was lust in his eyes. He suddenly ripped my underwear off of me and threw them to the side and slowly buried his face between my legs. The next thing I felt was his tongue gliding along my throbbing clit. I groaned and pushed my hips back as to welcome his tongue deeper into my pussy.

He happily obliged and licked even harder and faster. God that boy knew how to eat me.

I let out one final moan and came so hard my body shook. He licked up every bit of my juices and gave me a playful smack on the ass. I thought he was done, but apparently not. Without a single word and one thrust forward he was buried deep into my pussy.

I had never felt him this hard before.

He felt even longer than usual.

He pumped so hard and fast into me all you could hear was the slap of my ass against his hips. It didn't take long for us both to reach the edge.

"Fuck, I'm cumming!" I nearly screamed.

Just as my body began to shake his did too. He rammed his cock one last time deep inside me and we both collapsed in exhaustion. He got up and retrieved some scissors and cut the tape off of my wrists. I kissed him and we laid back down on the couch and went back to watching TV.

When I got home and crawled into bed my phone lit up, it was a text from him. It read: One day when we have an opportunity I'll bind you up again and really give it you.

I smiled as I felt my that familiar warmth spread between my thighs.

This is only the beginningI grinned.

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