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My Friend Rob, His Sister Maggie and Their Cousin Janice

Disciplined- My friend Rob, his sister Maggie and their cousin Janice
It was my friend Rob's backyard. I was with my friend Rob, along with his cousin Ron and the other boy Roy from neighborhood. I was 18 then and so were the other three boys. We four had been chatting, when Rob's gorgeous and mean elder sister, Maggie, showed up in backyard. She was 20. She was looking very happy. She told Rob that their mother wanted him right in. He hadn't cleaned his room and that he was going to be punished for it.

His sister gleefully announced that he was going to get his bare bottom whacked by their mother.

Poor Rob wanted us to leave, but his sister was all set to see him humiliated in front of his friends. She offered us to join her in the painful humiliated ordeal of her younger brother.

On the way in, Maggie continuously kept on teasing Rob for his then forthcoming punishment. She was telling us how he would howl and kicked like a girl, how his penis would flip up and down when he danced with no pants on. She said she was so going to enjoy it. She had never watched him got it in front of his friends. She then even picked on her cousin Ron for his humiliating bare bottom spankings.

Well, we all entered the room and we saw Rob's mother, Mrs. Martha, was standing there waited for him. She was looking very angry. She had a very flexible switch in her hands, which she was swishing in the air. The very vicious sound of it was itself very disturbing for Rob.

Rob was trembling in fear like a leaf. He immediately started apologizing to his mother that he was sorry and he would not repeat it again. He said he would clean his room right then, and all that. I looked at her sister and the gleeful smile on her face. She was so excited to watch her brother's shameful humiliated naked punishment in front of his friends.

I always used to think of Rob as a stupid person. That day he proved me wrong. He somehow managed to change his mother's mind. She told him that she wanted him to clean his room right then, and that he would be getting his punishment later in the evening.

It was a big disappointment for Maggie. Her face was worth looking at. Her plan to humiliate her little brother didn't really work as she would have had thought. I guess that was why she lost her temper. In a very disrespecting manner she accused Mrs. Martha that she went easy on Rob.

Mrs. Martha didn't like the accusation. Moreover, she didn't like the tone that Maggie was using. It got her angry again, but it was Maggie's turn to face the consequences of her mother's anger.

She ordered Maggie to come forth. Maggie was trembling in fear as she was getting nearer to her mother. Maggie was trembling like a leaf. She was pleading. She murmured in the same as her little brother Rob was doing a little while before.

Mrs. Martha grabbed Maggie by the arms and told her that she had seen and heard how Maggie was talking and teased her younger brother. How she brought us all to watch her younger brother's punishment, and that she wanted to see him humiliated.

Maggie was trying her best to escape those moments of humiliation, at least for then. She was still murmuring and pleading when her mother told her to keep quiet. She was told that she really needed a lesson. Teasing and humiliating her younger brother was wrong and that she had to face the consequences of it.

She grabbed Maggie from her waist and started to unzip her jeans, right in front of us three boys. Mrs. Martha had raised our hopes to witness the bare bottom punishment of Maggie, when she pulled down her jeans within a one strong swift attempt, and before Maggie could realize; Maggie was standing with her jeans curled at her feet and her tiny sky blue panties totally exposed to us all.

Within a second, Mrs. Martha's fingers were holding the waistband of Maggie's tiny sky blue panties, and instantly she yanked them down all the way to her ankles. Maggie was then standing bare bottom; totally naked below her waist, and was displaying her long bare legs and her bare nude ass to everyone.

We were all watching her with our eyes and mouth wide open. She had gone red like a tomato, when she was told to turn around and face the boys. Her mother turned her around and exposed her bare privates with thick pubic hair.

Maggie was trying to hide her crotch with her hands, but her mother had told her to raise her hands. She announced that Maggie was about to get her punished in her birthday suit; totally naked in front of boys.

Maggie was so shocked and couldn't believe her luck. A moment before, she had been trying to humiliate her younger brother in front of his friends, and then there she stood bare bottom and was about to go nude in front of the friends of her little brother.

Mrs. Martha grabbed Maggie's T shirt and pulled it up along with her camisole over her head. Thus, she had left with nothing on, to cover her modesty or dignity. Her exposed petite breasts and her hard perky nipples were really spectacular.

Maggie was then stood there totally naked right in front of us boys. She had her eyes glued at ground and her color was turned into red with shame. Her mother asked her how she was feeling, while she stood buck naked in front of her younger brother's friends.

Maggie just tried to look at us and we all saw shame and humiliation in her beautiful green eyes. Her eyes automatically turned down, but she couldn't speak a word, in the reply to her mother's humiliating question. She was feeling exposed, ashamed and humiliated. She tried to humiliate her younger brother. So, that was her lesson and she had got it well by then.

Maggie was again told to turn around and she did it reluctantly. She was then told to bend over and touched her toes; the most humiliating position for any girl to perform when she was in the state of total nudity. Specially, in front of guys, who had their eyes glued on her stark naked body.

Maggie had no other choice, but to swallow her pride and complied with Mother.

She was then told that she was going to get 15 whacks on her bare ass with a wooden hair brush, and she had to count each one loudly followed by, "I am so sorry! I will never tease my younger brother. I have learned my lesson."

Later, after a week, we were once again in Rob's backyard; me, my friend Rob, along with his cousin Ron and our mutual friend Roy from the neighborhood. I was still 18 and so were the other three boys. We had been talking about the girls and stuff when Rob's mean and beautiful elder cousin, Janice, showed up in backyard. Janice was 20.

She started picking on Rob and humiliated him. She was teasing him and she told us about the bare bottom spankings that he had got in front of her. How he danced without any pants on, how he whimpered like a girl and how red he looked in his state of nakedness. She smirked how desperately he tried to hide his exposed penis in front of her.

She told us that she liked to think at times whether his face was more crimson or it was his ass. She also picked on her own younger brother Ron. She compared his naked punishment with that of Rob's and who would kick and howled more.

Janice was laughing with her fingers pointed at Rob's crotch. Her mother, Mrs. Dorothy, saw her doing that and possibly had thought that something fishy was going on. The overprotective Mother decided to intervene and called us over.

She Kind of yelled, calling Rob. That she wanted to see him right then. Terrified Rob lost his color and told us that his aunt only called him like that when she was going to punish him.

Poor Rob turned into pale and we all saw the fear in his eyes as he was walking towards his aunt.

Janice smirked that Rob was going to get spanked. Her eyes shone with the excitement and she told us that we should better go along with her. She said we could all watch him getting his bare bottom whacked, or perhaps, the even more humiliated nude spanking.

Rob pleaded to his aunt that he was sorry if he had done something wrong. He urged her not to punish him in front of his friends.

Mrs. Dorothy replied that she saw Janice was pointing her fingers at his privates, what was going on, what we were all doing out there. She asked if he had been doing dirty things with Janice.

By then Janice also started looking little pale and still she tried to set up Rob. She told her mother that Rob misbehaved with her. He had been a bad boy.

I thought we had already seen how humiliatingly Maggie got punished that day and it might happen again with Janice. All we needed was to turn things against Janice and made her look like a dirty girl.

So, I interrupted Janice and I told her mother that she was teasing poor Rob for his naked punishments. She was telling us she liked to see his dangling little penis, when he got punished naked. She had even twisted poor Rob's balls.

Janice never had thought I could say all that to her mother and would turn table for her.

Mrs. Dorothy looked at Janice and said she was getting out of her hands and perhaps, she needed a lesson on how to behave. She was required to know what happened to bad girls, who liked to tease their younger siblings.

Twisting her little cousin's genitals was not something she could get away with easily. She was going to get punished for it right there in front of everyone.

Janice tried to protest somewhat, but the determined Mother didn't care for her daughter's protesting.

Rob seemed so happy as if he couldn't believe his luck that he had successfully saved his pride for the second time on a girl's expense; the one who wanted to humiliate him and almost had him lose his clothes with his pride.

Rob was told to bring the very wooden paddle which had been a vicious punishing instrument to discipline him and his cousin Ron many times.

Janice then was ordered to strip off to her birthday suit right away or she would be caned. She was trembling in fear and reluctantly started removing her clothes.

Janice once again pleaded that I was lying and framing her, and that she would never do something so dirty. She kept on pleading that she was a good girl and she had nothing to do with whatever I said.

The already determined Mrs. Dorothy refused to listen anything. She warned her again if Janice would not comply with her orders, then she would likely to get caned nude in front of boys.

Janice was already in tears. She first took off her skinny jeans followed by her little navy blue panties. We had our eyes glued on her naked long legs and her round ass. Next, it was her top and lastly her camisole. She then stood there in her birthday suit; totally naked in front of us four boys. She was blushing red like turnip when her mother told her that by then she had learned her lesson. Mrs. Dorothy asked her how it felt like standing nude in front of others, and that she would remember it for her whole life; not to tease her younger cousin.

Rob immediately returned with the wooden paddle in his hands. He gave it to Aunt.

Just a moment ago she had been teasing and making fun of Rob for his naked punishment and then there she stood complete nude in front of Rob and three other boys. We boys had our eyes stuck on her young naked flesh and were gleefully enjoying ever naked moments of her humiliation.

Janice was asked how she was feeling standing there buck naked in front of her little cousin and his tree friends. She had realized what it felt like to be teased upon for the naked punishment. Janice was trying to hide her crotch and breasts, but she was strictly told to keep her hands aside and not cover herself. We were gawking at her thick public hair at her pubes, without even stopped to blink for once. She was petite and her perky pink nipples got so hard.

Janice was totally humiliated, ashamed and degraded. She had no dignity left to look anyone in the eyes. She was standing in her birthday suit in front of four boys. She was forced to shamefully display herself in the state of total nudity.

Mrs. Dorothy then told Janice to turn around and bent over. It was obviously hard for Janice to believe. In fact, she had never thought of it that she would do something so degrading. Again, she had no other choice and had to follow her mother. With her whole body turned red out of shame, she slowly turned around exposed her beautiful ass and she bent over.

Janice was then told that she would get 15 whacks on her bare ass with the wooden paddle, and that she had to count each one loudly followed by, "I am so sorry! I will never tease my younger cousin. I have learned my lesson."

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