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Punished Princess

(P is for Paula) Sam's house-sitting duties include keeping Paula in line
Sam had had enough.

Two weeks ago, he agreed to house-sit for his best friend Jim while he went off to Europe for a month-long sabbatical. Jim had explained that he didn't want to leave his daughter Paula alone with the house, because she was a little on the irresponsible side. Paula was a 22 year old blonde, and under normal circumstances, Sam would have thought her quite sexy. But she was one of those girls who had managed to slide through life on her looks and her skill at manipulating people. But with Sam, she had drawn a blank. He didn't have a relationship with her, and she was the daughter of his best friend, so all of her usual tactics totally failed. Add to that the fact that she was angry that she didn't have the house to herself as she had hoped left her with a sour attitude towards Sam. She had not failed to talk back to him on a daily basis thus far, and was completely uncooperative.

But now, his car was gone, and Paula was nowhere to be found. Stealing his car was beyond the pale. As he was considering this, he heard his car pull up. He sat down on the couch facing the door. Paula walked in all smiles, until she saw Sam waiting for her. She stopped in her tracks.

Sam held out his hand and said, "Give me my keys. Now."

Paula tossed his keys down at his feet.

Sam stood up and walked over to her until he was just a few inches in front of her. She smirked and said, "You don't intimidate me."

"Oh no? Maybe the cops will. You stole my car. That's five years in prison."

The smirk disappeared from her face, along with most of the color. She tried to make her voice sound strong, but Sam could hear the fear in the background, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh yes I would. I will call the cops right now and you will be arrested. And your father is out of the country, so good luck getting bailed out. Or..." he paused for effect.

"Or what?"

"Or you can take your punishment from me. On your bare bottom from my belt."

Her jaw dropped practically to the floor.

"Shall I make the call?"

Her voice quivered as she spoke, "No. Please. I'll do... Whatever."

"Take off your pants and panties. Bend over the back of the couch."

She looked down at the floor and moved her hands up to the buckle on her belt and slowly unbuckled it, unsnapped her pants and peeled them down her hips, revealing that she wasn't actually wearing panties. She shuffled over to the back of the couch and bent over the back, looking back over her shoulder at Sam.

He walked over to her left side and slowly unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the belt loops of his pants. He folded the belt in half and then wrapped the buckle end around his right hand once. He held the belt up to Paula's ass, then wheeled back and brought the belt down sharply across the center of her entire ass. Paula shrieked and threw her head back. Sam waited a second before bringing the belt across her ass again, slightly lower than the first stripe. Paula wailed out loud tears streaming from her eyes. He kept up the rain of punishment until her entire ass was virtually glowing an angry red. Finally he let her stand. She turned toward him and hopped up and down rubbing her ass and crying. When she regained her voice she said over and over again, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Sam felt a little guilty. He wondered if maybe he had overdid it a bit. He stepped towards her and took her in his arms, rocking her back and forth while she cried on his shoulder. She calmed down in his arms. Finally, she lifted her head up and closed her eyes and kissed him. He kissed her back and she wrapped her hands around his neck and back. He brought his hand up and roughly pawed at her breast through her shirt. She brought her hands down and grabbed at the buttons of his pants, struggling to quickly free his dick. She reached into his boxers and gasped when she found his rigid manhood and wrapped her hands around it. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and ripped it up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra - the only remaining clothing on her were her pants, still around her ankles. She stepped out of them dropped down to her knees and took his cock in her mouth, with her left hand wrapped around the shaft while her right hand plunged between her legs, roughly rubbing her sex. She stroked his cock in unison with rubbing her pussy while she tongued the head of his cock. He ran his fingers through her hair and moaned. As he did so, her fingers danced across her clit and she moaned along with him, her moaning sending little vibrations into the head of his cock. It took only a minute before he was panting and moaning. He tensed up and let loose with a loud groan as he shot his load into her mouth. His orgasm triggered her own as she whimpered, her hips churning. She struggled to capture all of his cum, and a little of it escaped from the corner of her mouth, dripping down her chin.

Finally, they both calmed down. He helped her back up to her feet, and she hugged him, her naked breasts pressing against his shirt. She brought her hands back to her flaming ass cheeks and rubbed them some more. She finally said, "I really am sorry about the car, Sam."

"That's alright, Paula. I forgive you. And I think you're going to wind up getting spanked again before your father comes back."

Paula blushed. She said, "Next time, maybe you can be naked too."


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