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Spanked For Free Again

22-Year-old Scott gets spanked in front of the family
Life for Scott had settled down to a routine of whenever the 22 year old fell foul of his Mum’s new rules or if after a warning he still failed to comply then he would receive yet another bare bottom spanking.

Sheila was quite happy with the new arrangement. To her there was something therapeutic about giving a good hard spanking when it is deserved, therapeutic and stress relieving. She wondered though how come Scott wasn’t better behaved. During the first few months she found reason to spank her son at least once a week, often more and expected the need to reduce. However the frequency had not reduced. He wasn’t learning. Even when she made him bend over for the cane he claimed he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again, but once the caning was over he just seemed to lapse back in to his old ways.

One thing she noticed though was how he was well behaved in company, as though his fear was to be disciplined in front of anyone else. Sheila had started to threaten Scott with a more public spanking and he visibly shrank away at the thought. Still, Sheila knew if things continued as they did a public spanking was bound to happen.

Scott wasn’t quite so happy being spanked so often. He had been quite content having Rosie spank him when he wanted to be spanked and enjoyed giving her back chat in return for her spanking and the hairbrush and the cane. He now realised the £100 a time he paid Rosie was a good deal for him. Mum had made it sound such a great idea. She would spank him once a month and she had emphasised she would mainly spank him only when he deserved it, and always with a warning. Other times she would spank him when he wanted to be spanked by simply breaking a rule. Yes it had sounded so good to Scott. Well it didn’t turn out like that. Now he was spanked when he didn’t want to be and when you get spanked that often it just plain hurts, your bottom stings, sitting becomes a real problem and it is sometimes hard to hide the fact you are spanked from your friends when you grimace when sitting on a chair they have just thrown themselves on to.

Even so maybe it was just the rebel in him but he saw no reason to behave. He reckoned his Mum will get fed up spanking him although that hadn’t happened yet and sometimes he still flt like being spanked and broke a rule on purpose. Like tonight.

Sheila was playing cards with the girls. Well that means her Mum, sister and youngest daughter. The four played cards on a weekly basis. Sheila looked at her watch and was getting annoyed. It had been nearly a week now since she had grounded Scott. That meant he had to be home by 7.00 pm, or else.

Scott was out with the boys at a football match and it was getting very close to 7 O’clock and still no sign of him. He was due back with his friend Mark who was staying over for the next week. Scott had called from the match. He wanted to go for a drink afterwards. Sheila said no. Forcefully. It was as clear a warning as Scott had ever been given. When he told his friends he had to get home they mocked him, called him a mummy’s boy, jokingly as they knew that was the way it was, but it was enough to make Scott join them for a drink. He knew he would be in for a spanking but Mark would get to watch. Mark wanted that as well.

Sheila kept looking at her watch. 7 O’clock came and went and still no Scott. She needed him home and knew she would give him a hard spanking but that would have to wait until they were alone. She wasn’t ready to spank him in public, even in front of such close family members. A spanking in front of Mark was now a given though.

Sheila fidgeted and decided to go the kitchen for a drink. She really was annoyed with her son. The front door opened and Scott came in just as Sheila went out in to the hallway. Mark was with him. She gave the 22 year old one of her glaring looks that invariably ended up with Scott’s trousers and pants around his ankles bent across his Mum’s lap having his bottom spanked with her hand and hairbrush.

“Look Mum, I’m really sorry but I just wanted to go for a drink with my friends.”

“No Scott, not good enough. I warned you didn’t I?”

Scott walked passed his Mum and as he entered the lounge said over his shoulder, “Look Mum, Mark knows you spank me and I knew you would spank me for being late so if you must spank me what the hell ….”

Scott froze when he turned and looked in to the living room. His Grandma, Aunt Steph, and even his 18 year old sister Becky. All there. All open mouthed. Scott turned in panic. Being spanked by his Mum with Mark watching was one thing but not this. His Mum just glared back, tight lipped, hands on her hips.

Grandma was the first visitor to speak. “Sheila, do you spank Scott still?”

Sheila turned to her son and said, “Scott, do you want to answer that?”

There was silence again as Scott struggled to find the right thing to say

Becky let out a “Wowee, you do Mum, you spank Scotty.”

Sheila shot a look at her teenage daughter. Becky was always rowdy and argued the whole time and Sheila momentarily mused that now would be a good time to include Becky in the same disciplinary regime she imposed on her son, but knew that would have to wait.

Sheila said, “So Scott, now everyone knows I still spank you and it’s your own fault isn’t it?”

Scott turned trying to save something from the situation. “Please Mum, don’t.”

“Don’t!” Sheila’s eyes blazed. “Don’t indeed. Like don’t go for a drink when I told you not to. That kind of don’t Scott?”

Scott blushed. He bit his lip and waited. It was out of his hands now. Sheila momentarily felt sorry for her son. A Mother’s sorrow for her son. She knew he hated being spanked so often but that didn’t worry her. Should she spank her son in front of everyone she wondered? Her mind was swayed when each of the ladies egged her on.

Becky said, “Go on Mum, if he needs to be spanked don’t worry about us.”

Grandma added, “Becky is right dear, discipline is discipline after all.”

Aunty Steph smiled at the thought of it and even she said, “I think you know what has to happen Sheila.”

Sheila did know and on reflection reckoned it would do her errant son some good. She looked at Scott who held his breath as he awaited his Mum’s decision.

“Go and face the wall Scott.”

Scott let out a moan as he trudged over to the wall. “It’s his naughty spot,” Sheila informed everyone as though they needed to know.

Sheila turned to Mark and said, “You may as well watch young man and goodness knows you deserve what Scott is going to get.”

Mark blushed. He too was spanked by Rosie and felt a pang of envy when he heard Scott was now spanked by his Mum.

Sheila decided that now the decision was made there was no need to go lightly. Last time Scott had so flagrantly disobeyed her he was spanked with her hand and hairbrush and given six with the cane with the promise that next time it would be twelve. Well now was the next time. Sheila told the others she needed to collect her “things” and would be back in a moment. Scott shuddered as he heard the conversation behind him.

Grandma said, “You know Stephanie this reminds me of that time you were rude to our neighbour, do you remember it?”

Stephanie laughed as she said, “I do Mum, and being put across your lap with him watching. It was so humiliating, though I have to say I wasn’t rude to him ever again.” More laughter resounded around the room.

Grandma continued with her I know best tone, “That’s right, in my day we gave a proper spanking and no one needed very many to learn their lesson. Discipline was something that had to be given.”

Becky asked loudly, “Hey Grandma, did Mum ever get spanked?”

“Now now young lady, is that a question to be asked when your Mother is out of the room?”

Just then Sheila came back in with her hairbrush and cane. All three visitors were speechless. Becky so excited at the chance of watching her older brother get spanked.

Stephanie said, “Well Becky, your Grandma took a hairbrush to us but never the cane.”

Becky immediately said, “So, Mum was spanked.”

Sheila looked around with fierce eyes but as soon as she saw her Mum’s face she burst out laughing. “Yes Becky, I got spanked and know the benefits. That’s why I spanked you two, but you learned how to behave so I only spanked you a dozen times or so whilst unfortunately your brother didn’t learn. And yes, your Grandma used a hairbrush on me and I know it hurts like mad, but I realised it meant Mum just spanked longer and harder, and I learnt quickly.”

Sheila held up the hairbrush, “Hence this.”

Becky commented, “I thought you’d stopped spanking us a while back Mum. I didn’t know you still spanked Scott.”

“Oh I had stopped spanking him but recently I needed to start again.”

“How come Mum?”

Sheila knew Becky was just troublemaking. Sheila decided she wasn’t going to tell everyone her brother paid to be spanked. That was a step too far. Instead she said,

“Scott and I had a discussion and both felt reintroducing spanking was right, for both of us, so we did. If he breaks any rules he gets spanked as you are all about to witness. It’s as straightforward as that.”

Scott wasn’t enjoying the friendly banter. He knew Mark had backed up against a wall and didn’t join in any of the repartee, and wondered what he was now thinking. He wasn’t thinking about it for long. Soon enough his Mum spoke in her usual no nonsense tone when she wanted him to immediately do as he was told.

“Over here Scott, now.”

Scott turned to find a sea of faces looking at him, all smiling except for Mark. Grandma sat with her arms and legs crossed, Aunty Steph had on a tut tut face but was obviously enjoying the spectacle, whilst Becky had the broadest grin. At least Mark looked worried, Scott hoped for him but it may have been for himself. Scott walked across to his Mum and as usual stood by her side in his usual position to be scolded. This time though his Mum there was no scolding. She lent across and as usual undid his trousers and pulled them down quickly followed by his pants. Sheila then ordered him straight across her lap. He wasn’t aware of it but he had a mid way erection already, not quite as stiff as he usually had when about to be spanked, presumably because of the audience, but he was still aroused.

He bent across his Mum’s lap and as usual juggled about a bit so he was comfortable, making sure his penis was in at least a position to stiffen as it so often did. He looked across at Becky who now had her hand over her mouth and even that could not hide her grin. She knew why he was shuffling about and nearly burst out laughing. Sheila saw the erection and again had an element of sympathy for her son. It was one thing being spanked at 22 years old in front of the family, quite another for his manhood to be on show longer than necessary.

Sheila put her hand on Scott’s bottom and rubbed in circles and his head dropped, preferring to look at the floor than the audience. Sheila remonstrated with him, a one way telling off, reminding him he only had himself to blame for being in this embarrassing position. The telling off ended and the first spank was given which produced a gasp a from him and he heard Becky give a shrill cheer. The spanking went on at a pace, as usual Sheila warming Scott up with spanks on alternate bottom cheeks and interspersed with a series of harder spanks on the same spot, sometimes a dozen or so, which always made Scott squirm around on his Mum’s lap.

Sheila had a very hard hand and was able to maintain a hand spanking at quite a brisk pace for about 5 whole minutes. She turned Scott’s bottom a deepish shade of red and drew regular gasps from the struggling 22 year old. The smiling stares from those watching turned to wonder when Sheila picked up the hairbrush. She tapped Scott’s bottom with a flurry of light spanks as she again told him off, finishing with a stark warning to stay still.

The first spank struck Scott’s right bottom cheek with a loud thwack which made Becky jump and gasp although none of the others seemed surprised. What surprised them all was what followed. Mark made the conscious decision to count the strokes knowing how many Rosie would dish out. Even he was taken aback by the thrashing Sheila was giving her son. Rosie would give six spanks at a time with the brush. Not Sheila. She didn’t stop after six of the hardest spanks with a hairbrush Mark could recall. She didn’t stop after twelve or twenty four spanks either. However, they weren’t full force spanks. Sheila preferred solid and constant spanks allowing the pain to build up and the women saw how effective that was in.

Sheila held Scott by the waist to keep him in place and gave him literally dozens of spanks, without any break. Scott was squirming and gasping and after sixty spanks started to cry. Sheila remained silent, focussing on her task of applying the wooden back of the hairbrush solidly and persistently to Scott’s reddened bottom. Sheila moved her hips slightly to get a better aim at the various angles of Scott’s bottom to ensure ever square inch was covered and turned red. The only time Sheila spoke was if Scott kicked his legs up and she would snap at him to keep his legs down, but there was little wonder in the room that he always did.

The faces of the watching women had changed. Gone were the smiles, although they were still enjoying the spectacle far more than their game of cards. Now they had looks of awe as they watched Sheila, the loving daughter sister and mother to them as she concentrated on spanking her son. Her lips were pursed and the grip on Scott’s waist firm, Scott wasn’t going anywhere as he suffered spank after spank after spank, crying freely on the relentless seemingly never-ending beating of the brush.

The women looked on with equal delight as the hairbrush hit home and the resultant wave of Scott’s bottom cheeks as they bounced away form the point of contact, only to sway back as the brush was lifted back above Sheila’s head to again be brought down hard on Scott’s waiting bottom cheeks. Sheila wasn’t malicious or thoughtless or made any trivial comments at any time. Quite the contrary in fact. She was the very epitome of seriousness and always looking like the mother who expects her son to learn from the spanking.

On and on she spanked her son with the hairbrush, never seeming to over exert herself, never looking as though she might get tired. Mark lost count of the number of times Sheila spanked Scott with the hairbrush. The number was far higher than he had ever received himself and he was mesmerized by the way Sheila gave Scott no break at all. How did he manage to take it? Could he? Surely he would not be able to, he would be bawling out, begging like a baby for the woman to stop. Yet Scott wasn’t. Maybe he too could take it as well. Maybe the threat by Sheila will be realised and he too will be spanked. Would he have the nerve to ask her to spank him anyway he wondered? All he knew was he now had an erection watching the punishment, even though it was his friend who was suffering. A hard fully erect penis pushed out the front of his trousers. Steph saw it and her eyes opened in amazement.

Suddenly the hairbrush was set aside and Sheila rubbed Scott’s burning bottom as she always did waiting for his heaving to subside, until he was calmer. Scott made no effort to get up. For one he wasn’t told he could, and for a second he didn’t have the energy as receiving a spanking is as exhausting as giving it, and he has to suffer the pain in addition.

A few minutes passed whilst the room was full of Scott crying. None of the women felt like making flippant comments. They had witnessed a good hard spanking and knew Scott was suffering. They watched his heavy breathing and matched it with their own. Becky felt exhausted just watching. Grandma appreciated the effort Sheila had given to dispense such a thorough spanking. Steph wondered if she could have given Scott such a spanking and reckoned it would take quite a few trial times before she would get there. At last Sheila gave the crisp instruction,

“Right Scott, get up and bend over for the cane.”

Oh my goodness the cane. Becky and Steph looked at each other in wonderment. Mark gasped. Grandma was the only one who knew it was coming, having thrown glances at the cane on the table during the spanking. Scott made no objection. He also knew it was coming. He stood up, waited for his Mum to get up, and with tears flowing down his cheeks he simply bent over and waited for his Mum to pick up the cane. Sheila positioned herself and tapped Scott’s bottom still intent on handing down the promised discipline. She took her time as she tapped her son’s very very red bottom, saying to those watching,

“The hairbrush is very good for spanking a bare bottom. It will be a good day before Scott will want to sit down, maybe longer if the seat is wooden. The cane is different. The cane is a very quick way to impart pain, but whilst I need only spend a couple of minutes, at most, dispensing the twelve strokes Scott is about to get,” Sheila pausing there to allow the sentence to sink in particularly with Scott, “Scott here will suffer the stinging for much much longer.”

Grandma nodded, Steph and Becky again looked at each other. This was new ground for all the women, as none had used a cane, nor received it.

Steph looked across at Mark again, saw the bulge still in his trousers and the way he bit his lip, and it dawned on her that he wasn’t showing the same surprise. She reckoned he had been caned before.

“Ready Scott?” Sheila demanded but didn’t wait for his reply. Two light taps were followed by the cane being quickly pulled back and brought down much faster on to Scott’s bare presented bottom. There were gasps from the women from the moment they heard the whoosh of the cane as it travelled through the air, heard also the crisp thwack as it hit home, saw Scott;s bottom bounce differently to the reaction from the hairbrush, fiercer somehow, and they saw the red line left across his bottom.

Scott gave the biggest reaction, a loud gasp, the bending of his knees showed the effect the cane had made on him. It was clear to all it hurt.

The women looked at Sheila, holding their breaths as they watched her pull the cane back up and their eyes followed it as it travelled back down in an arc, diverting their eyes at the last moment to look at Scott’s waiting bottom and the repeat of the whole experience. Sheila rattled off the first six strokes in under half a minute. Red lines were now streaked across Scott’s bottom, his cries again filling the room. Sheila only allowed half a minute before the tell tale light taps of the cane on Scott’s bottom, her hand pulled back and the stream of whoosh followed by thwack, then Scott’s cry of pain. The women watched again in awe, a spectacle they were savouring, the control exercised by Sheila, the submission given by Scott, a demonstration of discipline they all admired.

Steph looked across at mark and smiled as she saw his hand on his own bottom, the look of discomfort on his face, deep in thought. Just what thought she wondered?

Sheila landed the last stroke with a relish and put the cane down. She stood away from Scott who as before remained in position, sobbing, raising one leg then the other, going from foot to foot as though the movement would ease the pain.

After a minute’s respite Sheila said sternly, “Have you learnt your lesson Scott?”

Scott knew that was his Mum’s signal for him to stand up. He did so and as usual his hands flew to his bottom and rubbed as fast as he could, still lifting moving from one foot to the other, and as he did so his penis swung in front of him. The women saw Scott’s erection and giggled. Sheila hid her smile as best she could and said firmly,

“Scott, go to the bathroom and wash. You have twenty minutes to come back down.”

Twenty minutes Scott knew was enough time to wash, lie on his bed and deal with the erection, get dressed and resume his life. He didn’t look anywhere but at the floor as he pulled his trousers back up and left the room. He went straight upstairs to the bathroom and washed his face, lowered his trousers again then took some cold cream and rubbed it in to his bottom as best he could feeling the welts from the cane. After a few minutes he felt calm enough to look in the mirror and as his bottom stung he knew he was getting an erection. He pulled his trousers back up for the short walk to his bedroom remembering the time he didn’t and his Mum saw him walk to his bedroom already stroking his erect penis. She followed him in and immediately put him back across her lap for a second equally intense spanking as the first. He never made that mistake again.

He got back to his bedroom and closed the door looking at the clock and seeing he had ten minutes left. He removed his t-shirt lay on his bed and grabbed his penis in one hand and rubbed his welted hot bottom with the other, picturing himself across his Mum’s lap He let out a gasp as the first stream of cum covered his bare chest, then two more gasps and two more spurts of cum. His eyes were still closed as he kept rubbing his post ejaculation penis, enjoying the wetness of the tip as he rubbed his own cum down the shaft still picturing his spanking.

Soon he was recovering, getting over the spanking, still feeling tender, still hurting, but elated in the way he had always been when he went to see Rosie. Relaxed and alive and ready to enjoy the rest of the day taking pleasure in the stinging reminder of his sore bottom. It was time to face everyone again and show them how well her had coped. Just so long as they didn’t make him sit on one of those hard kitchen chairs….

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