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The Demerit System, part 4

Tags: oral, d/s, otk
"Do you have a minute, sir?"

It was Laura. Pete had just answered the doorbell Monday afternoon to find her there.

"Of course, Laura. Please come in."

Laura was dressed in jeans and a turtleneck, as it was a bit chilly out. Pete figured she probably was just finished with classes for the day. He ushered her into the living room and towards a chair opposite the coffee table. He asked, "Can I get you something to drink?"

"No, thank you." She replied.

Pete sat down and asked, "What brings you here today, Laura?"

Laura bit her lip and fidgeted a bit. She seemed to Pete like she was bringing herself to talk about something difficult. Finally, she said, "When Linda told us she came here on her own to be spanked... well, I... I dunno, I was shocked... but I wasn't completely surprised."

Pete raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. Laura filled the silence on her own. "I don't know... I mean, we all come here every Sunday, and we know what's going to happen..."

This time when her voice trailed off, Pete spoke, "I think I understand, Laura. I know that the three of you enjoy being spanked."

Laura's mouth dropped open at that, but Pete continued, "It's no surprise, Laura. I see for myself how the three of you react when I bare your bottoms and spank you all until you cry. I see how wet you get."

Pete paused to let this sink in. Laura didn't move. Her mouth was still open and she was staring wide-eyed at Pete. He continued, trying to make his voice sound as understanding and caring as he could, "It's alright, Laura. The discipline helps improve your behavior, but that it has that other... side effect... is perfectly fine."

Laura blushed and smiled weakly, but didn't say anything. Pete said, "Let me ask you this, Laura. Does talking about it like this with me make you just a little bit tingly down there?"

Laura looked at the floor and nodded. Pete smiled and said, "I'd like to see for myself, Laura. Stand here in front of me." He pointed to a spot in front of his chair.

Laura visibly trembled slightly and stood up and shuffled slowly over to stand in front of Pete. He spoke again, "Now, Laura, take off your clothes."

Laura reached for her waistline and began to peel her shirt up over her head. To Pete it seemed like she was hesitating less than he remembered. The girls were clearly becoming more used to being naked before him. "So much the better," he thought to himself.

Before too long, Laura's clothes formed a neatly folded pile on the coffee table and she stood nude before Pete with a weak smile on her face, and her hands by her side.

Pete looked up and down his tenant's young, beautiful body. Finally he said, "You're very pretty, Laura. Now, let's see if I was right. Step a little closer."

She took two small steps towards him, ending up just in front of his knees.

Pete said, "Now, spread your feet apart a bit."

She complied, inching her feet apart until they were just a bit further than shoulder width apart. Pete could see her pink pussy lips poking out of her pubic mound. He reached his hand in and placed it completely over her sex. It was warm to the touch. Laura immediately closed her eyes and moaned faintly. Pete moved his hands in a small circle, and immediately could feel her feminine moisture.

"You're very wet, Laura, aren't you?"

Her voice cracked a bit as she said, "Yes."

"Yes, sir," Pete corrected.

"Yes, sir," Laura repeated.

Pete continued to move his hand in small circles over her pussy. He said, "What shall we do about that, Laura?"

Laura opened her eyes and looked at Pete. Pete thought he looked confused. She said "Sir...?"

"What do you want to do now, Laura?"

Laura closed her eyes again and swallowed hard. Pete moved his hand subtly forward, concentrating for a moment on her clit. She moaned again and said, "Please, sir."

"Please what, Laura?"

"Please spank me and then help me come."

Pete gave the front of her pussy another firm rub, making Laura moan again. He said, "Very well. Over my knee."

He removed his hand and Laura stepped to his right side and lowered herself over his knee, scooting herself automatically into place as she had before. Pete rested his left hand on the small of her back and patted her bottom with his right as he asked her, "Ready?"

Her reply was weak and high pitched, almost a whimper: "Yes."

He began to spank her, raining down swats on alternating cheeks, concentrating on the bottom part of her ass globes and the tops of her thighs. At the start, Pete felt her tense up as each swat brought out an "Ooh," or an "Ouch," from her, but after a dozen or so spanks, she began to cry continuously. Pete kept spanking her until he felt her suddenly release the tension in her body, surrendering herself to the spanking.

When he stopped, she was sobbing openly, her tears forming a puddle under her head on the floor. Pete began to caress her burning ass while she cried. As he did, his fingers edged between her thighs, and spread them apart, giving him access to her pussy. He brought his left hand down from her back and rubbed her bottom with it while he probed inside of her moist slit. Her sobbing began to morph into moaning as he ran his finger back and forth between her cunt and clit, feeling it stiffen under his touch. He kept this up for a few minutes while she continued to moan, and her sobs transitioned into heavy breathing, and then panting alternating with her moans.

At that point, he began to flick his fingertips over the top of her clit as fast as he could. She raised her head up and yelled out, "Oh yes!" and tensed up as her orgasm began. She froze for a long moment, tense and silent, not even breathing, and suddenly clamped her thighs together on Pete's hand and cried out, her voice beyond words. And just as suddenly as it had begun, her strength left her and she relaxed onto his thighs, panting hard, her thighs opening once again. Pete went back to gently rubbing his hand over her pussy, while she relaxed in her post-orgasmic bliss.

After a moment, Laura raised her head to look back at Pete, her eyes slightly glassy. She said, "Thank you, sir."

"Of course, Laura."

He helped her to her feet, stood and gave her a hug. She smiled began to dress while Pete watched. When she was done, she walked back to Pete and hugged him again, this time, bringing her face up to his and kissed him. He kissed back, and they remained locked for a long time. Finally, Pete pulled away and looked into her face as she smiled at him.

"Thank you, Laura."

He let her go, and she turned and walked out the front door, closing it behind her.

Pete sat down and began to think. He had fantasized about his young tenants practically non-stop since he had become their disciplinarian. He had seen them all nude more than once at this point and had spanked them all to tears. He had given a strapping to Lana and had given orgasms to Laura and Linda. But today was the first time one of them had kissed him. What did that mean for their relationship? As he asked himself that, his next thought was "Relationship...?" He knew deep down what he wanted - what he fantasized about - but he hadn't dared to even consider it. But Laura kissed him... Did he dare to think that maybe what he wanted even began to mesh with the desires of his lovely tenants? He went to the kitchen and made himself a scotch and soda, then went out back to watch the sunset and contemplate this further.


Sunday evening came again, and the knock at the door was right on time - 8 PM sharp. Laura, Linda and Lana were, like the previous week, each in a bathrobe. Pete ushered them into the parlor to the circle of chairs. As always, there were four chairs arranged around a small table with a box of tissue on it, along with a large, oval wooden hairbrush - three kitchen chairs for the girls, with cushions on each, plus a large oak chair for Pete.

When everyone was seated, Pete cleared his throat and began to speak.

"Girls, I think we all now know that what we are doing has gone beyond just keeping order between the three of you as roommates. I think you all know that you each derive no small amount of pleasure from being spanked, don't you?"

He paused. The three girls each blushed as one, looked back and forth at each other, then turned to Pete and nodded.

"I think there's nothing wrong with that at all. But I do think we can't ignore the disciplinary aspects of what we're doing. So, who has the book?"

Laura reached inside her robe and pulled out the book and held it for Pete. He took it in his hand, and said, "I'm going to just take a guess that this week it's Lana again. Am I right?"

As he said this, he looked back at the girls and saw Lana fidget nervously. Pete opened the book and skimmed it. "I see Lana has 4, and Laura and Linda have two each. I must say, I'm happy to see the counts going down."

Pete put the book on the table and spoke again, "This week, we're going to do things a little differently. All three of you please stand and remove your robes."

The three girls looked at each other and then complied. There was less hesitation as the three bared themselves at Pete's command.

"Lana, come here," Pete said as he patted his right thigh. He continued, "Linda, I want you to sit down and Laura, I want you over her knee. Linda, you are going to spank Laura while I start Lana's punishment. When I switch to the hairbrush, then I will have the two of you switch places. Lana, over my knee, please."

Laura and Linda looked at each other, and Linda sat down, while Lana took her place over Pete's knee, followed by Laura placing herself in position over Linda. Linda placed her right hand on top of Laura's bottom and looked back at Pete. Pete raised his right hand over Lana, looked at Linda and said, "Begin."

Pete brought his hand down hard on Lana's bottom, bringing a grunt out of here. As he did, he saw Linda began to spank Laura. He continued to spank Lana while keeping an eye out on the other two girls, trying to insure that Linda was neither going too easy on her housemate, nor too hard. Laura and Lana kept up with a constant "ouch" and "ow" and such while their spankings continued. Pete kept up his punishment of Lana until her bottom was practically glowing and she was beginning to whimper and sniffle. He paused and said, "Alright, Linda. Now the two of you switch places." As he said this, he reached forward, holding Lana on his lap with his left hand, to retrieve the hairbrush from the table.

Laura quickly got up and rubbed her bottom for a moment, as Linda stood up behind her. She then gingerly sat down with her knees together, while Linda took her place over Laura's lap. Pete patted Lana's bottom with the hairbrush and then said to Laura, "Alright, begin."

Pete rained hard swats with the hairbrush down on Lana's already red bottom, making her cry out and sob almost immediately. As before, Pete made sure to keep an eye on Laura to insure she was spanking Linda properly. Linda started sobbing almost immediately as her spanking began, but Pete could see that Laura was spanking her fairly. Meanwhile, Lana's sobs became continuous and her breathing more ragged as Pete kept up the fiery rain of swats on her tender ass cheeks. When Pete was satisfied that Laura had spanked Linda for the same length of time, he stopped spanking Lana and said, "Ok, Laura. Stop and let Linda up." As he said this, he allowed Lana to stand.

Lana quickly got to her feet, and her hands shot behind to rub her bottom as she hopped from one foot to another, her breasts bobbing as she did so. Pete gathered her in his arms and hugged her, as she cried on his shoulder. After a long moment, she raised her head to look into Pete's eyes. He gazed back and reached down and kissed her. She returned his kiss with her own with her eyes closed. Her whimpering changed to a soft moan as she did.

Pete glanced out of his eye over to Linda and Laura. They too were in each other's arms kissing. Lana distracted him with her hand, which she brought down to the front of his pants. She felt for and found his hard cock through his pants. When she felt it, she looked up at Pete's face with a smile. She slowly dropped to her knees in front of Pete and worked the zipper down. She reached inside to fish his cock out. Pete looked over and saw that Laura had sat down on one of the chairs with her legs spread as wide apart as she could get them. Linda was kneeling, her head near Laura's crotch. Meanwhile, Lana was stroking his erection, looking at it eagerly before she took him in her mouth.

Pete closed his eyes and reveled in the moment. It had been far, far too long, and Lana's cocksucking skills were beyond excellent. He let loose with a pleasurable moan as Lana stroked and sucked his manhood. When Pete opened his eyes, he saw Linda's head bobbing over Laura's legs, spread wide apart. Laura's head tossed side to side, lost in pleasure. Just then Lana redoubled her stroking of the base of Pete's cock, urging him onwards towards the inevitable. He started breathing deeper and grunting before he shouted, "Oh, God, I'm gonna come!" Lana took the cue and took him deep into the back of her throat as he began to pulse and send his hot load straight into her throat. As he did, he looked over to Laura, who was looking straight at him, eyes wide, muscles taught and her voice letting loose with a high pitched squeal as she too succumbed to the pleasure.

Lana and Linda stood and joined together in a tender embrace. A moment later, they were joined by Pete and Laura, and all four of them exchanged long, deep kisses.

Pete broke away from the group hug first. He cleared his throat and reached down to zip up his pants. "Girls, have a seat."

The girls returned to their seats, sat and looked at Pete.

"I'd like to make a proposal. I don't expect you to make a decision tonight. I'd like you all to think about it individually and talk to each other. You can give me your decision next week. I propose that the three of you move in here, in my house. I would allow you to live here rent-free, but in return, I'd like you all to be, more or less, my girls, so to speak. I don't mean to imply that I'm going to deny you any free time, but I do intend for us to be... together, as it were. What we just had, we could have on a regular basis. I'll want your help in keeping the house, and I'll obviously be dispensing discipline when it's called for. But I can dispense pleasure too, girls, and I have every confidence that together we can have more of that than any of us can even now imagine."

Pete paused. His audience didn't move. He wasn't sure what kind of reaction he expected to his proposal, but he was, at least at the moment, completely unable to read the girls. He pressed on, "Go ahead and grab your robes and go back home and think about it. If you have any questions - either individually, or together - you can come talk to me any time."

The three girls looked at each other, and together they reached down for their robes and put them back on. Lana finished first and came over and gave Pete a kiss. Laura and Linda followed behind her, and they too gave Pete a kiss before they followed Lana out the front door.

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