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The Naughty Miss Henry

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Student gets taught a lesson
I sat nervously outside the door dreading what was coming ahead. I reread the note in my hand, looking for a clue as to what it could be about; although in reality I already knew. I mean it was really obvious, and if it was what I was thinking, I was in for a very embarrassing conversation. A voice roused me from my thoughts. I glanced up and saw Miss Adams looking at me expectantly.

“Um, pardon?” I asked meekly.

A sympathetic smile spread across her face, “He’ll see you now, just go through to his office.” She pointed to the door on the far side of the room. I stood up and grudgingly walked towards the door. My feet felt like lead, I stared at the floor with trepidation. I took a deep breath and knocked timidly on the door. “Enter” rumbled a cantankerous voice. I walked into the room and as soon as I saw Mr Cross standing alongside Mr Martin any hope I had been clinging to was crushed.

“Sit” ordered Mr Martin. I slipped into the hard chair opposite his desk. He and Mr Cross sat themselves down facing me. “Miss Henry, looking at your file I can see that you are a student with an impeccable record. You have recently turned 18 and will soon be leaving us for college. However it appears that you still have a lot of learning to do." He paused as he dropped the folder onto his desk. His eyes glared at me icily from behind his glasses. "Mr Cross has brought it to my attention that your behaviour in class today was inappropriate.”

I remained silent, but I could hear the sound of my heart pounding. “In fact,” he continued “from what I have heard, I would go so far as to say it was bordering on obscene.” I snuck a furtive glance at Mr Cross. He was staring at me intently.

“Well, do you have anything to say for yourself young lady?” He asked raising one eyebrow accusingly.

“Umm,” I stumbled, trying to think of something to say.

“Would you say your behaviour was inappropriate?” he demanded.

I whispered “Yes”

“Well that’s a start at least” he sniggered. “Mr Cross has given me a brief overview of the incident, but I would like to you tell me your version. Completely and honestly, from the beginning”.

“Yes Sir.” I swallowed deeply. I wasn’t expecting this. Mr Martin was a terse and strict Senior Dean, who was feared by all the students at St Mary’s. The thought of relaying the details in front of him was mortifying.

“Well Sir, I kind of touched myself”

“Touched yourself? Where, how? Speak up”

“I touched my neck, and my legs, and my …. breasts.”

“Why would you do that?” He demanded.

I cleared my throat and repositioned myself in the chair. “Because I was dared to” It wasn’t a complete lie, it was someone else’s suggestion, but it was said as a laugh. However the idea had turned me on and I thought it might be fun to see Mr Cross squirm. He was a good looking guy in his thirties. All the girls had a crush on him, and seeing as we were an all-girls school and the pickings were slim, he was the subject of many of our fantasies. So I decided I would try my best to gain his attention. I went into his English class early and made sure I sat at the back corner. This was the furthermost chair in the room; which meant as long as none of the girls turned around I more or less had the freedom to do as I liked. And I intended to tease Mr Cross the entire period.

“And who dared you?” demanded Mr Martin, snapping me back to reality. “Can you give me a name?” “No Sir,” I responded. 

“No, of course you can’t. I'm starting to lose my patience Miss Henry. Since you appear to have lost all ability to speak articulately, I think for clarities sake it would be best if you showed me exactly what you did. Then I can choose the most appropriate form of punishment.”

I shot a look at Mr Cross and saw he was grinning. Now it appeared he was going to enjoy seeing me squirm. There was no way I wanted to ‘re-enact’ anything in front of these two, but I could tell by the irate look on Mr Martin’s face that I had no option.

“Well, first I did this.” I awkwardly uncrossed my legs and raised my skirt up higher around my thighs. I started to trace my finger over my knee. I stopped; I could feel my cheeks burning with embarrassment. Mr Martin sighed and looked on wearily; his raised eyebrow remained in place, almost challenging me. What an asshole I thought; he can make me do this, but there’s no way in hell I’ll let him sit there looking bored. Fuck that, I will tease new life into that old cock. I shook off my embarrassment and feigned confidence as I spread my legs a little and gradually worked my finger up my thigh. Then I started to touch my breasts under my uniform, before undoing the top buttons of my shirt. My breasts were large, but I rarely wore a bra. None of us girls did. I think we liked to secretly perv on one another. I stopped abruptly and looked at Mr Martin.

“Well,” he said “continue.”

“I can’t Sir.”

“Why not?” he demanded.

“Well, I had a pencil,” I hesitated, “and I dropped it.”

“Of course you did,” he scorned. “Here,” he said, shoving a pencil across the desk. “Show me.”

I took the pencil and ‘dropped’ it onto the floor. Then slowly bent down to retrieve it making sure my cleavage was on full display. I sat back up in the chair and looked at them. I could see the hunger starting to show in their eyes. Once again I rubbed my breasts through my shirt then undid more buttons and slipped my hands into my top. I pinched my nipples. Seeing the old man stare greedily emboldened me. He thinks he can humiliate me? I’ll show him.

Rising to the challenge, I undid the remaining buttons as alluringly as I could. Then I slowly opened my shirt revealing my large pert breasts. They were my best asset and I had used them to my advantage as soon as I developed them. The old bastard can't resist these I smugly thought. I started to play with them, squeezing them together, caressing them. I raised them high and took a nipple in my mouth kissing and sucking it. There’s no way I did this in class, but fuck it, I was going for gold now.

As I continued to lick my nipple, I spread my legs wider. I let go of my breasts and let them bounce back into place. Then I slowly started to wind my fingers back up my inner thigh. I could see Mr Martin’s face stare intently. I looked at Mr Cross waiting for him to say this never happened in class, but the sparkle in his eyes showed he was enjoying this version of the ‘re-enactment’. I started running my fingers over my lace underwear, toying with my pussy.

“Were you wearing underwear Miss Henry?” Mr Martin suddenly asked.

“What? I mean pardon Sir?”

“Were you wearing underwear at the time?” He repeated.

“No, she wasn't.” answered Mr Cross, speaking for the first time. I shot him look and he was smirking. The liar! He never even saw above my thigh in class. Obviously he was relishing my ‘humiliation’.

“Um, no I wasn't Mr Martin. Sorry.” I faked a smile at Mr Cross and stood up. Well, if they want a show I’ll give it. There’s no way these two are defeating me. I turned around and raised my skirt over my ass, then bent over and slowly pulled my underwear down. I kept my legs apart ensuring my pussy was on full display. Then I turned back, casually placed my undies on the desk, and sat down in the chair with my legs spread. I looked at the two men and they were openly staring at my smooth cunt. Having my pussy so exposed them suddenly kindled my arousal.

I could feel my clit start to tingle. I resumed rubbing my pussy, this time I could feel my juices starting to flow. I ran my finger back and forth inside my lips, stroking slowly all the way along. I swivelled my hips and danced against my fingers as they explored deeper and deeper. I started in on my clit, pinching it and massaging it. I was so horny. I moved my fingers faster, groaning. My heart was racing as my breasts swelled to its rhythmic beat. My rock hard nipples throbbed.

I raised one leg over the arm of the chair, opening my pussy lips wider and slapped my clit. It felt so good; I could feel the wetness spread. I stopped and stared at the men, both were breathing shallowly. Mr Cross met my gaze and I smiled. Then I plunged my fingers deep into my cunt and groaned. I finger fucked myself hard and fast. My breasts were jiggling as I ground my pussy into my fingers. I couldn't hold back any longer, and letting out a soft groan I let myself cum. I slowly withdrew my fingers and felt my body relax. I remained sitting with my legs astray, displaying my glistening pussy; taunting them both. Then nonchalantly, I raised my hands and shrugged my shoulders.

“It was something to that effect Mr Martin.” I brazenly said.

He coughed and reluctantly pulled his eyes from my cunt and stared at me. He could clearly see the defiance in my eyes, and smirk on my face. Composing himself, he picked up the phone and spoke to his secretary. “Miss Adams, you are free to go now. Thank you for your hard work today. Yes you may look the front door. See you tomorrow.” He replaced the receiver and stared at me. “We have a problem Miss Henry and I see only one of two outcomes happening.”

I started to get nervous. I had been stupid to play with this old man. “I can call your parents right now and tell them all about your exhibition, which you appear to be so proud of. Then I will report your behaviour to the Principal and the School Board. You will be expelled from the school immediately.”

Shit, shit, shit. This was bad. I started to close my legs and sit up properly. Mr Martin leant forward across his desk and whispered harshly “Stay exactly as you were.” I slumped back into my pose, but all relaxation was gone. I was tense and this time my exposure made me feel vulnerable. “The second option is one in which I would strongly recommend you take. It would involve some punishment for you flagrant disrespect and lack of moral fibre.’

I swallowed hard, fearing what was going to happen. There was no way I could afford to get expelled, so whatever option two was, it was my only option.

“You will receive corporal punishment. I will give you the cane a total of 5 times, and then I will spank you with my hand 10 times. The choice is yours.”

I was shocked. I looked at Mr Cross, but could only see the sparkle in his eyes grow as he looked admiringly at Mr Martin. I had no choice. “Option 2.” I said, feigning courage.

“Excellent choice Miss Henry, I'm glad to see you haven’t entirely lost your faculties. Take your skirt off, then bend over and place your hands on the desk.”

I slowly stood and unpinned my skirt, letting it drop to the floor. Reluctantly I leant over and placed my hands on the desk as instructed. From this position I was mere inches from his face. I could feel his breath on my cheek as my heavy breasts swung.

“Very nice Miss Henry.” Mr Martin got up from his chair and walked to the far side of the room. He opened a cupboard and retrieved something. I looked for some kind of support from Mr Cross. However, there was none forthcoming. He was simply leaning back in his chair staring at my tits and obviously savouring what was coming next. Mr Martin disappeared behind me.

“Spread your legs.” I did. “Wider,” he commanded. I did as I was told. My pussy was spread enough that my lips had parted and I could feel my still moist clit poking out.

“Good. Now you will feel some pain, but you must take it. It is your punishment for being a horny little slut. Do you understand?”

As I answered him, I could feel him running the cane up and down between my ass cheeks. He stood back and laid the stick across my ass. Then he raised it off fast and slammed it hard back down on my backside. My body shot forward as the cane struck. A loud crack reverberated around the room. Heat shot through my body as the agony spread. I bit my lip to suppress a cry as tears began to well in my eyes.

“Four to go.” Each one was worse than the other. The stinging increased and my ass was throbbing. Each impact sent me forward and my tits swung like pendulums, almost hitting my face. I gripped the desk tighter and stared at Mr Cross who sat propped back enjoying the view. I could see his cock was hard; the bulge from his pants was enormous. Mr Martin counted down each stroke and when he was done my ass was on fire. He stood behind me and rubbed my cheeks tenderly, letting his fingers glide down to my pussy. He inserted a finger deep into my cunt and I gasped. He leant forward over me and I could feel his hard cock press against me. He put his mouth by my ear and whispered “Now for the spanking.”

My body quivered as I involuntarily responded to his touch. Standing up he gradually withdrew his finger. He sat down on the chair and spread his knees wide.

“Come bend over my lap. Put your head down and hold onto my leg.” I positioned myself as I was told. He grabbed one of my legs and pulled it toward him tight. Laying on him like this meant I was spread wide open. I could feel his erect cock pressing into my side.

“You've' been very naughty Miss Henry; now don’t cry too loud, take your punishment like a good girl.” He rubbed my still burning ass with his hand and then slapped it down hard, heat spread through my body like wildfire. My ass wobbled as the sting jolted through me. Each spank seared my throbbing ass. It felt so good; I had never been so horny in all my life. The slap, the pain, the feel of his hard cock all sent tremors of pure pleasure pulsating through me. My clit was engorged and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. When the 10 smacks were completed Mr Martin tenderly massaged my ass.

“Get up Miss Henry”

“Yes Sir.” I replied. I got up gingerly from his lap and held my burning ass.

“You're a horny little slut aren't you Miss Henry? Look what you have done to my pants,” Mr Martin said smirking, I looked at the wet patch I had left on his pants. “Sorry Sir.” I shamefully whispered.

“You must be punished again” smirked Mr Martin. “You need to learn that we don't tolerate little sluts at St Mary's. And then there’s the small matter of the humiliation you caused Mr Cross in his classroom.” I had completely forgotten about Mr Cross. I looked over at him and saw that he was rubbing his hard cock.

“I don’t think my ass can take any more.” I said.

“What your ass can or cannot take is not up to you at this point Miss Henry.” I stared at Mr Cross, his cock had been the subject of many of my fantasies and I have to say it was better than I had imagined. It looked about 8 inches and was nice and fat. My heart started racing again. He swirled his chair as I walked around the desk.

“Get on your knees and open your mouth.”

Wow, Mr Cross was getting all assertive now too. I knelt down between his legs and took his cock straight in my mouth. I ran my lips up and down his shaft, taking in every inch I could. It was so hard; I could feel every vein pulsate. I swirled my tongue around its hood and let saliva run from my mouth in a steady stream, making him glistening wet. My hand rubbed his shaft firmly as I kept his head in my mouth sucking hard. Mr Cross was moaning. I heard a noise beside me and saw Mr Martin unzipping his pants. They dropped to the floor exposing his hard cock. He began stroking it.

I was so horny, my pussy was dripping. I cupped Mr Cross’s balls and squeezed them and I deep-throated him. I fucked his cock with my mouth as fast as I could. The taste of pre cum and sweat mingled in my mouth. I used my hand to stroke him firmly, as I licked and sucked his balls. I begged him to cum on my face and opened my mouth wide to receive. He groaned and I felt his balls restrict as he shot his hot cum on me. I continued to masturbate him to ensure every last drop came out. I then looked up at Mr Martin’s throbbing cock and cupped my tits. I held them for him as he unloaded his cum all over me. I rubbed his juice all over my tits then wiped my face. Smiling, I sucked my fingers tasting their salty cum mingle in my mouth.

“Look at you Miss Henry. You’re a mess. We can't send you out looking like that, can we now? Come here.” I walked towards Mr Martin as he sat back down alongside Mr Cross. I stood before them both as they each started to lick clean my breasts. They suckled, bit and nibbled as I groaned uncontrollably. Mr Cross rubbed my inner thigh and slowly inserted a finger deep into my cunt while Mr Martin worked a digit into my ass. They worked me in alternate strokes, back and forth, one finger then two. I groaned and whimpered in pleasure. My knees weakened, my body was overcome by the intensity, as they worked relentlessly on me, fingering and sucking hard. I felt myself jolt and spasm uncontrollably as my body heaved in exhaustion.

Mr Martin released me first and stood. He pulled me up and lifted me off my feet. I straddled my legs around his hips and sunk my pussy onto his hard cock. He supported my weight and thrust his cock in deep. Then I felt Mr Cross spread my butt cheeks and insert the tip of his cock into my ass. Mr Martin stopped thrusting as he waited for Mr Cross to enter me fully.

His large cock filled me up and I gasped. Mr Cross held my thighs up as Mr Martin grabbed onto my ass cheeks and they plunged into me simultaneously. I screamed. They started with slow steady strokes, their cocks forcing me a part, teasing me until I was begging them to fuck me harder. They shoved their cocks deeper and faster. Pounding against me, I felt each inch thrust slam inside me. My body was overcome. I could barely breathe as they fucked my brains out.

Their cocks kept delving into me as I turned to jelly and I was completely engulfed. Mr Cross started to play with my clit, pinching and rubbing it hard. I squirmed and convulsed in pleasure, my tits jiggling uncontrollably. Our grunts and breathless heaving melded together as they thrust one last time. I felt their cocks explode in unison. I screamed as squirt gushed from my pussy, spraying all over Mr Martin. He smiled and licked a spot off his chin. As they withdrew, their cum oozed out of my engorged holes, and trickled down my legs. I stood there dazed and spent.

“Now get on your knees like a good girl and clean us up.” I knelt before them and took turns at licking their cocks clean. I hummed in bliss as Mr Martin gently patted my head. “We've made a good start Miss Henry,” Mr Martin said. “but Mr Cross and I both feel you haven’t sufficiently learned your lesson yet. Report back to my office tomorrow afternoon. ”

“Yes, Sir!” I answered, hiding my grin.

I got dressed and headed to the door. “And Miss Henry?” I heard Mr Martin say.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Don’t ever distract a teacher in the class again.” He said winking at me.

“No Sir!” I replied smiling as I skipped out the door.

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