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A Hard Ride On The Sofa

A Hard Ride On The Sofa

Scott and Becca take a short ride on the sofa.
Becca sat outside in the sun thinking about Scott. They hadn’t been together a long time but long enough to know they were in love. The warm sun bathing her skin, she sips her cool drink and her thoughts lead to sex. Thinking about Scott always lead to thinking about sex. Sex with Scott. Lots of sex with Scott. It seemed like they were always having sex, not that it bothered either of them. Her panties became very damp while all this thinking was going on. She walked inside and removed them and then she heard the front door open. Scott was home. As soon as he stepped inside, they looked at each other and grinned.

“I’ve been sitting outside daydreaming about you Scotty. Made myself all wet, wanna see?”

Scott was the same as Becca, always thinking about sex. Sexually, they were more than compatible. Grabbing his shirt and leading him to the sofa, she pushed him backwards and into a sitting position.

Becca straddled Scott’s lap, placed a knee either side of his legs and got comfortable. Running her fingers through his hair, cradling the back of his head with her hand, she pulled him closer and caressed his lips with a soft, lingering kiss. Pulling away a little, she returned to his lips, drawing the outline of each with her tongue, slowly licking across his top lip, and slowly nibbling her way back across his bottom lip. Scott closed his eyes and sighed. She danced across his cheek with her tongue and slowly licked and kissed her way up to his eyes. His eyelids fluttered as the tip of her tongue made its way across each eyelid.

She made her way across Scott’s other cheek to his ear with small, feather light kisses, and heard a deep sigh as she sucked his earlobe, then gently bit it. Her tongue travelled upwards along the back of his ear, then down again along the outside edge. She felt his cock harden underneath her when she leaned forward and whispered,

“I’m gonna make you cum so fucking hard you won’t remember your name.”

He pulled her close, gently swept her hair aside, and nuzzled, kissed and licked his way down the side of her elegant neck to her collarbone. Pressing his lips hard against hers for a long, deep kiss, softly sucking her tongue and biting her lips.

Becca purred as Scott slid his hands underneath her sweater and squeezed her warm, pert breasts. Lifting her sweater, he took it off her. Her breasts were perfect; perfect size, perfect shape, and perfect nipples. His fingertip traced a line across both collarbones, ending at the centre of her chest. Locking eyes with Bec, he continued tracing a line down to her breasts and circled one nipple, close yet not touching.

His fingertip travelled across to her other nipple, only this time Scott held it between his fingertips and pinched lightly. Becca closed her eyes and dropped her head back. He pulled her closer and took a nipple between his lips, sucking it hard, flicking it with the tip of his tongue and gently biting. His fingers toyed with the other, scraping his fingernail lightly back and forth, squeezing and twisting lightly, causing Bec to moan softly. Nipple play was one of the things that aroused her the most.

He slipped his hands under Becca’s short skirt and walked his fingertips lightly up and down her inner thighs, moving closer to her pussy. She looked at him, lifted her skirt and smiled. He smiled back at her when he saw she was wearing no panties. After unzipping her skirt, he pulled it off over her head. She sat naked, straddled across his lap with her legs wide open. Scott’s eyes glazed over as he looked at her perfect body; her flat stomach, perfect tits and creamy soft skin. His fingertips barely touched Bec’s skin as he trailed them up and down her thighs, slowly moving further down to her inner thigh. She shuddered as his fingers brushed lightly over her plump lips.

Scott whispered in her ear, “Spread yourself open for me Bec.”

She reached down and spread her pussy open for him. He thought Bec had the prettiest pussy he had ever seen. Plump lips hid the cutest clit he had ever licked, and her labia were the loveliest shade of pink. She was so wet Scott could see her juices running down her thighs. He touched a drop of her nectar and brought his fingertips to Bec’s lips. Looking straight into his eyes, she opened her mouth just enough to be able to taste herself. It always drove him fucking wild to watch her while she did.

Before Scott could touch her again, Bec leaned in close and kissed him hard, biting his lips, sucking on his tongue. She undid the first button on his shirt, leaving a soft kiss where his shirt had just opened.... She undid the second button, leaving another soft kiss. She slowly kissed her way past his chest and his stomach then helped him off with his shirt. She felt how hard his cock was underneath her, looked down and saw it straining hard against his pants.

Becca reached down and undid his belt. She looked up at him and with a little smile on her face, slowly lowered the zip on his jeans, pulled his boxers down and his cock sprung free. There was already precum on the tip so she scooped it up with her fingertip and smeared it across her lips as though she was applying lip-gloss then leaned in and kissed Scott’s lips.

Becca stood up and pulled his jeans and boxers off him, pushed his knees wider apart and knelt between them. Seeing more precum on Scott’s cock, she drew little circles around the tip spreading it over the head. Without any warning, she wrapped her lips around the head and sucked gently. Scott groaned and looked down at Becca, and seeing her beautiful lips wrapped around his cock made him even harder.

With one long lick, she ran her tongue from the base to the tip, flicking it back and forth then licked her way down the side of his cock to his balls. Sucking one into her mouth, she rolled it around her tongue and heard Scott groan. If there was one thing Bec was good at, it was sucking cock.

She licked her way back up his shaft, wrapped her lips around his cock and ran them down to the base of his cock in one slick movement. Feeling his hips rise to meet her mouth, she pulled his cock back out until only the head was in her mouth. Bec felt his cock twitch and his knees tremble when she swirled the tip of her tongue around the head and under the rim. She plunged him into her mouth again, until she could feel the tip touch the back of her throat. Becca gave a light swallow, putting a little pressure on the tip of his cock, opened her throat a little more then gave a light hum against the tip.

“Fuck Bec! STOP! I don’t wanna cum. Come back up here sweetness and spread your pussy open again.”

She opened herself up to Scott again but he wasn’t satisfied with her effort.

“Wider Bec, I wanna see inside you and see that pretty little clit sitting up high.”

She was so wet and aroused she didn’t hesitate to do as he asked. He reached down and slid one finger inside her then spread her juices over her clit before sliding his finger back inside her pussy. Bec’s breath became more rapid as he finger fucked her drenched pussy.

Scott whispered, “Rub your clit for me sweetness, I wanna see how wet you can get before I fuck you.”

Keeping her lips spread with one hand, she reached down and circled her clit with her fingertip. Scott continued to finger fuck her but with two fingers inside her now and at a faster pace. With each thrust inside Bec, he curled his fingers up to hit her sweet spot. Her pussy was getting a little tighter with each passing minute.

She scooped more precum off his rock hard, throbbing cock and used it as lube as she rubbed her fingertip back and forth over her now very swollen clit. Her pussy was throbbing so very hard; she was drenched and so ready to be fucked. Scott didn’t need her to tell him she was getting close, she was almost panting and he could feel how tight she was. He also knew he wasn’t going to last a whole lot longer before he exploded, himself.

Scott grabbed her ass, pulled her closer to him and whispered, “Feel like taking a ride sweetness?”

“Fuck yes Scotty! "I want your cock inside me, I’m getting so close,” Bec replied.

Without any warning, Scott grabbed her ass again, lifted her up and aligned her pussy with his cock. Bec felt his cockhead softly pushing against her entrance but then went no further.

“How badly do you want it Bec?” Scott whispered.

“Scotty, I swear I’m gonna cum as soon as your cock slips inside me. Don’t make me wait, I’m almost there!”

That badly huh?” he asked.

Without another word, he let go of Bec’s ass and she was impaled on his dick in one swift movement. Bec screamed as his thick cock spread her tight pussy open but the pain became pleasure as she started to ride him slowly. She felt Scott’s cock throbbing and her pussy tightening again as the orgasm built in her belly and the tension spread through her limbs. Bouncing on his cock faster, she was oblivious to anything else around her except the sound of his rasping breath and the sound of his cock plunging in and out of her.

Scott sucked hard on one of her nipples and rubbed his palm lightly over the other. That was enough to send Bec spiralling out of control. She held her breath, her thighs trembled and a deep moan escaped her lips as her pussy started to spasm around his cock. She pulled Scott close and bit into his shoulder as her bliss overtook her whole body. The pressure of Bec’s tight pussy spasming around his cock was too much for Scott. His heartbeat soared, he started panting and he felt his balls tighten and a familiar tingle coursed throughout his body. He uttered a low growl as he started cumming inside Bec and she felt his cock pulse and twitch with every spurt.

In the calm after the storm, they sat with their arms wrapped around each other, relaxed and waiting for their breathing to return to normal. Scott nuzzled his face into Bec’s neck and breathed in her sweet perfume. He lifted Bec's chin with his fingertip and kissed her softly on the nose.

"Time for a quick shower before dinner hey Bec?"

Having a shower together was never a good idea... they never made it to dinner.

This story was written for Lush Stories, if you are reading it elsewhere it has been stolen.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 15 Apr 2014 17:30
The story was very erotic and well written. Nicely done!

Posted 15 Apr 2014 06:44
Hot, sexy and very erotic story. Loved it and your details Girlie Girl. 🌸
Posted 15 Apr 2014 06:21
I loved it, felt like I was there watching it all happen! See, only took one line to say how I felt!! HAHA!!
Posted 15 Apr 2014 04:08
Great mood setting. I really felt like a voyeur to the whole scene. Very hot and sexy.
Posted 15 Apr 2014 02:34
Lisa, I so enjoyed it. Thanks for your efforts

Posted 14 Apr 2014 22:29
Thanks for your comment, and your email.

Posted 12 Mar 2014 18:04
This is the hottest story I have read in a while. Absolutely captivating and explicit. Even a cold shower will not satisfy this read. Good job, well earned 5.

Posted 07 Jan 2014 13:23
sizzling hot sexiness every step of the way. I love this line: "Wider Bec, I wanna see inside you and see that pretty little clit sitting up high." very, very fine.......
Posted 23 Nov 2013 02:01
I rilly enjoy it!
Posted 17 Nov 2013 19:37
There is onlt one word to describe what I have just read .

EROTIC 5+++++
Posted 05 Nov 2013 10:51
Very hot, very sensual, very good writing.
Posted 04 Nov 2013 18:35
Well written; loved the detail and word pictures you created; a 5+

Posted 01 Nov 2013 21:51
An excellent sexual interlude!
Posted 01 Nov 2013 15:30
Hot damn that was a sexy story.

Posted 31 Oct 2013 21:07
That brings back a memory or two.

Thanks, good job.
Posted 28 Oct 2013 12:57
HOT HOT this was great

Posted 28 Oct 2013 10:44
Thanks chick, as always an enjoyable read!
Posted 26 Oct 2013 11:11
Hot , sexy and extremely well written...what more can you ask for ? ...more please

Posted 26 Oct 2013 07:00
Very good story Trinket! Hot and steamy, just the way I like them! LOL
Posted 25 Oct 2013 08:59
A great and well written story T, lots of details made it very erotic reading. I'm a detail kind of guy. Made me wish I was Scott. Thanks
Posted 25 Oct 2013 06:09
Posted 24 Oct 2013 15:55
Hot, sensuous and intensely erotic! You just keep getting better!

Posted 24 Oct 2013 11:12
While you write many stories and you have gotten much better, they still are rather a lot of "tell" with little "show." This makes it difficult to be involved with the characters. Telling a reader things reminds them that they are reading a piece. Keep writing, I look forward to seeing you progress.
Posted 24 Oct 2013 10:19
Mmmm you can come and ride me anytime and write about your experiences thank you Trinket i love your filthy mind
Posted 24 Oct 2013 05:32
Enjoyed another of your great stories,hope you don't mind but when I read them I picture myself in them with you Kiss Victoria

Posted 24 Oct 2013 03:14
Trinks, you can tell me a story anytime !! Excellent job !! Great writing!! 5+

Posted 24 Oct 2013 03:05
Your characters came to life in this story. Their interaction was perfect... honest, open and enjoying each other to the fullest. Well written, beautiful love story.
Posted 24 Oct 2013 01:46
Ah Trinks, destined to be a classic!
Posted 23 Oct 2013 22:31
I'm really getting into your stories so hot and filled with great emotion
Posted 23 Oct 2013 22:04
Hot and sexy, loved it

Posted 23 Oct 2013 20:35
Great story, enjoy reading, sexy....
Posted 23 Oct 2013 19:23
I loved the story very much

Posted 23 Oct 2013 14:38
I loved every word , every detail. It felt like I was right there. I am so hot and turned on after reading another of your outstanding works . Man I need a cold shower!!

Posted 23 Oct 2013 14:35
Loved the story! And ALL your makeup is going to run in that cold shower, Captain Drifter!
Posted 23 Oct 2013 14:30
A fantastic story dear! A thoroughly arousing read! xx
Posted 23 Oct 2013 14:16
Love your story, full of passion and hot
Posted 23 Oct 2013 14:07
Good thing my phone is waterproof...having to post this from a cold shower!! Awesome job baby
Posted 23 Oct 2013 13:49
That was a fun ride my friend Very well done, indeed !!!
Posted 23 Oct 2013 13:23
I love Trinket's stories, but sometimes she leaves me all confused. I thought she wanted to do it in the car?

Posted 23 Oct 2013 13:22
Trinket - I really enjoyed your story. It was super sexy and very hot. I love all your details. You are a very good storyteller. Lovely writing. 5

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