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A Holiday Tease Ends Well

Hanna and Tom discover the sun, sand and stars which leads to sex.
I was travelling around the world and had reached Anegada in the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean and was due to meet my old friend Alice and you, one of her friends from back home in Canada. Alice and I had enjoyed several holiday romances, or sex sessions, in various places around the world and I was looking forward to catching up with her. Unfortunately she wasn’t going to be here for another few days so we had some time to kill: 

I’m on my way to the bar where Alice had told me to meet you. I know what you look like from a picture she sent me. I know it was just for identification purposes, but fuck me, you look good. A body to die for, soft kissable lips, tousled blonde hair and even though they were hidden under a loose sweater the swell of your breasts is unmistakable. With Alice not due to meet us for two days we had some time to get to know each other; I for one am definitely looking forward to it. Especially the thought of getting out on the boat and seeing you in a bikini.

I walk in the bar wearing some battered board shorts, flip flops and a loose t shirt that had definitely seen better days but was pretty much the cleanest thing I had in my bag. A little early, I walk up to the bar and order myself a beer and take it outside to sit at a table on the beach. I clean my sunglasses as I wait catching my reflection in their mirrored lenses and smile a little as I see the effect of five months travelling. My tanned, slightly weather beaten face that looks older than my twenty-seven years.

I lean back in my chair and start to drink it all in; the crystal clear blue waters dotted with sailing boats, the perfect endless beach, the cloudless sky and the feeling of the cold beer in my hand. Watching families and other travellers revelling on the beach. Noticing the girls in bikinis laying out or giggling together, I feel a familiar stirring in my board shorts.

I spot a beautiful blonde walking uncertainly towards the bar and realise it must be you. Your hair catching in the wind as you look at something in your hand and then back up at the bar’s name. I hesitate for one second taking in how good you look in short shorts and a loose fitting top and call out, “Hanna, over here.”

You look around you, unsure of where my call came from and finally catching my eyes you smile and wave before pointing at the bar. I wave back and in a series of hand signals that reflects the laziness brought on by the sun you finally head on over. I stand to greet you and smile, “Your picture hardly did you justice.”

Blushing slightly you give me a hug and smile, “By your accent I’m hoping you are Tom, right?”

I grin, “Of course, take a seat, there’s a girl doing the rounds getting drinks.”

You sit to the side of me at a 45 degree angle so we can both look out over the sea. I leave the silence hang in the air so you can take it all in. Your breathing slows and I can see you relaxing before you smile, “Sorry, been a long trip to get here.”

I smile back looking into your bright green eyes and shake my head, “No need to apologise, it’s quite a place to have a beer.” Noticing a barmaid with a cooler full of beers I grin, “Speak of the devil” and order us two beers.

We clink our beers and take a long drink as the sound of the waves and the frolicking families washes over us.

Turning to face me you ask, “So where did you meet Alice?”

“That was a long time ago in a horrible little hotel in the south of France. She was having an argument with the owner and I gallantly stepped in to defuse the situation. She’s been getting us in trouble ever since.”

“That’s Alice; we’ve been in a few scrapes over the years too. She’s told me a lot about you. And I mean A LOT,” your eyes widening with a knowing smile creeping across your lips.

It’s my turn to blush as I grin at you and look away before smiling back and looking into your eyes, “Most of it is lies and the rest is exaggerated.”

Biting your bottom lip briefly you smile, “I hope not.”

The thought that you and Alice have been talking about me and no doubt all the things we have been up to brings back some old memories and I feel my body react as I sit up straighter. My cock swelling slightly as I imagine the two of you going over all the details of our past adventures. I check myself as my mind races to visions of threesomes with you and Alice. Your long blonde hair and her short black bob, her long legs and your incredible breasts. Snapping out of it, I realise I’ve finished my beer and signal the girl to bring two more.

I see you have been watching me as my mind drifted off and the look in your eye lets me know you have a very good idea what I was thinking. I laugh at the situation and you giggle softly with me taking a swig of your beer as your eyes stay locked with mine.

Breaking the look I smile, “The sun will be going down pretty soon; there’s a good restaurant on the West coast we can get to if we finish these beers quickly.”

“Ooooh, sunset over dinner, how romantic; Alice warned me about you and your British seduction tactics.”

“Did she now?” I smile and we laugh together drinking our beers rapidly. I settle up the bill and we start to walk around the beach to this restaurant I was recommended at my hotel. We walk side by side our hands touching from time to time as we get to know each other a bit more.

We see a man fishing and it looks like he has something on the line fighting for its life and giving him a right battle. You turn to me and smile in the sweetest possible way, “Let’s see what he’s caught”. Dashing off I let out an involuntary groan as I see your ass bouncing with each short stride in your very short shorts. Rushing after you I catch up and standing behind you place my hands on your hips as we watch man and fish wrestle it out.

You lean back against me, the top of your head just reaching my chin as you pull my hands around to rest on your abdomen, your hands over mine. We watch the fight unravel in complete silence; enjoying the feeling of your body pressed back against me as you feel the swell of my chest with every deep breath I take.

You look back over your shoulder at me and smile before turning your attention back to the fishing. I see the fisherman start to reel frantically and give you a squeeze, “Here it comes.”

Pressing your ass back against me briefly you giggle cheekily, “Not yet I hope!”

Kissing the top of your head I smile to myself and whisper in your ear, “Oh no, Hanna, there’s plenty of time yet.”

The fishermen finally hauls in a huge five foot tarpon to a round of applause from a small gathering of watchers and I give you another squeeze, “Let’s go and eat and watch this sun go down”

You turn to face me and smile and taking my hand we walk off towards the restaurant.

We’re greeted at the restaurant and I say we have a reservation. You look up at me with a quizzical look. I squeeze your hand and we head to our table overlooking the sea and the destination of the setting sun. “A reservation? You had all of this planned did you?”

I smile, “Well we have reservations at a few different places depending on what we wanted to do.”

You chuckle as we order some wine, “So what were the other places?”

“Erm, well there’s a place not far from here that does vegetarian food, but I didn’t pick up that vibe from you!”

Giggling you take a sip of wine and smile “No, I like meat.”

“You are terrible! Then there’s this fancy fish place but I’m not sure either of us would be allowed in with what we are wearing.”

“How dare you!” you chuckle smoothing out your loose top but accidentally revealing a bit more cleavage.

We order our food and relax into conversation about our upcoming boat trip. About past stories with Alice that become more and more steamy as the wine and the sunset run their course over us. Finishing dessert I grin, “Shall we get the bill and head back to the hotel...”

Interrupting me you playfully hit my hand “Bad boy!”

“I was going to say and have a few beers on the beach and look up at the stars!”

You smile almost shyly silently chastising yourself and look me in the eyes with a small nod, “That would be nice.”

We settle up and I help you to your feet. I wrap my arm around your shoulders as we walk with your arm around my waist. Your fingers stroke absentmindedly over my muscles through my thin t-shirt as we walk slowly in a wonderful peaceful silence. I smile to myself at the blissful simplicity of walking along an almost deserted beach with a beautiful girl like you. From time to time I feel you give me a light squeeze as I hope similar thoughts drift through your mind.

We reach the hotel where we are both staying right on the beach and I give you another light squeeze, “I’ll go and grab some beers from my room. Do you want a sweater or anything?”

You smile a quick nod and I rush inside, bringing back a six pack of cold beers and an old hoodie for you to put on. You take it with a small “Thanks” suddenly shy. Taking your hand we walk down to the edge of the water our toes just getting wet from the occasional wave.

Opening two of the beers I hand one to you and we clink our bottles, “To good company.” I lean back on my elbow facing you and you do the same our faces illuminated by the glow of our small hotel and the moon reflecting off the sea. I smile, “I’m pretty sure things can’t get better than this.”

Placing your beer down you lean in to me and whisper in my ear, “I think they can.” Your lips pressing softly against my cheek and down to the corner of my mouth. Pulling back a little you look into my eyes and back down to my lips as my eyes follow the same dance. Taking your cheek gently in the palm of my hand my thumb brushing over your cheekbone I softly press my lips against yours as our eyes close.

Kissing me back slowly and softly at first your lips tentative and unsure you run your fingers through my hair. You break the kiss and bite your bottom lip in an agonisingly cute way. Our eyes lock and a wave of need and desire courses through my body. I pull you closer and kiss you again our lips hungry and eager now. Your lips open and I feel your tongue against mine. Opening them I pull you further on top of me until you straddle me your hair cascading over our faces as our lips and tongues lock in a passionate orgy,

My arms slide up your back my hands in your hair and caressing your neck as our bodies melt together your full round breasts pressed hard against my chest. I break the kiss and grin, “I wish I hadn’t given you that hoodie now.”

Chuckling you lean back on your haunches and pull it up over your head; your hair a tangled mess that makes you even more desirable. You run your hands down over my chest and then slide your fingertips over my lips. Your eyes following your actions, seeming to take in every detail.

My hands slide slowly up your legs starting at your knees and up your thighs, my thumbs running up the middle of your thighs my fingers around the outside in small slow strokes. My eyes looking up at you; breathless and seemingly mesmerised by my touch.

You lean down and kiss me sweetly and tenderly before smiling, “I had a wonderful night but I’m going to head to bed now.”

I smile back hiding my disappointment and stroking your face, “OK, want me to walk you to your room?”

You grin “Of course.”

We stand up and grabbing the remainder of the beers and my hoodie in one hand I put my other around you as we walk up to our small hotel. As we get to your door you lean back against it and run your hands over my chest before kissing me once more. Dropping the beers and hoodie I place my hands on your hips and stroke slowly down your legs as far as I can reach before I suddenly lift you by your ass. You instinctively wrap your legs around my waist your beautiful breasts crushed against my chest as I push you back into the door kissing you harder.

I kiss over your jaw line in small urgent kisses my hands caressing and squeezing your ass as I hold you still. My lips pressing against your throat as you arch your back. Your hardening nipples feel incredible against my chest as you hold my head in your hands. Lifting you higher I kiss lower over the tops of your breasts that are revealed by your loose top.

I groan as you scratch lightly at my back through my t shirt. A small moan escaping as you hear the need and desire in my voice. Suddenly you pull my head back and kiss me once breaking our flow. “I need to go to bed Tom. I’m not that kind of girl.”

I smile, “I think your body wants to be that type of girl but it’s ok, we have plenty of time.”

You bite your lip the indecision clear on your face but the angel on your shoulder wins out and you kiss me again as I lower you to the ground with one last squeeze of your ass. “Good night Tom”

“Good night Hanna, sweet dreams.”

With a cheeky grin in your eyes you chuckle, “I’m sure they will be.”

I kiss you again and watch you slowly close the door behind you. Walking next door to my room my cock rock hard I open the door and chucking my stuff down grab another beer. Taking a big swig I imagine you next door undressing and rub my cock through my shorts. A subconscious groan escapes my lips as my hard cock presses against my board shorts and my hand.

I open the door to my small balcony and look out over the sea lighting a cigarette. I look up to the stars praying quietly to myself that this isn’t the end of our adventure. I grin at all the things that Alice has told me about you and what a bad girl you actually are despite all your best intentions. I finish my beer and cigarette with thoughts of your incredible body rushing through my mind. Of all the things I want to do to you, of how you sound when you moan, when you cum.

I get ready for bed, my cock still throbbing hard and climb in completely naked. Taking my cock in my left hand I start to slowly stroke it up and down. Feeling its hardness and width as I stroke it slowly. Imagining your small hand in place of mine. Shaking my head I release my cock and, listening to the waves fall off into a deep sleep.

I wake up to a knocking at my door and hastily grabbing a towel around my waist open it a crack. The door is barely open and you push it fully open bouncing onto my room. “Good morning hot stuff,” you chuckle as you run your hands over my hard chest. “Mmmm, I like.”

Holding the towel in one hand I grab your short skirt covered ass and pull you close to me kissing you “Good morning beautiful. You're full of energy today!” Slipping my hand under your skirt I feel your bikini bottoms and grin “Mmmm I like too.”

You slap me away and hit me playfully on the chest, “Come on, get showered, we need to be at the marina in like 30 minutes.”

I grin and kiss you again, “You can join me if you want?”

“I’ve showered already; think it takes just five minutes to look this good?” Your eyes smile at me.

“I reckon it probably takes hours and hours but you’d look just as good after a three day bender!”

I scamper off to the shower and clean myself all over stroking my cock slowly thinking of you. I come out of the bathroom in a different pair of board shorts and see you reading something on the small desk in front of the bed. Your ass swaying subconsciously from side to side. I watch you transfixed and hoping I get to fuck you from behind at some point very soon.

You see me watching you in the mirror on the desk and grabbing a loose button up shirt off the floor throw it at me, “Stop gawking and get ready, you are incorrigible.”

Pulling the shirt on I do up a couple of buttons and present myself, “Happy now?”

You giggle a little and run your hands over my shirt smoothing it against my chest, “You’ll do!” with a small wink.

Picking up my bag with camera and overnight stuff I sling it on my shoulder and catch you as you are about to open the door. “Ready with ten minutes to spare, I know what we could do in that time!”

You press your ass back against me and grin over your shoulder, “I bet you have a few ideas but we have to go.”

“At least tell me you haven’t applied your sun tan lotion yet.”

You hit me again, “Get away with you, we have to go.”

I close the door behind me as we head out and watch as you walk away from me with a definite sway in your hips. Your thin white top clearly showing you are wearing a very small bright pink bikini. I groan out load and you turn around blushing for the first time since the very first time we met. “Come on!” you say holding out your hand.

I race to catch up and we hail a cab and head to the marina. We find our boat and there’s been a mistake. An absolutely brilliant mistake as there is nobody else on our boat; just the two of us and our skipper. He explains that we will sail for a while around the islands before mooring in a secluded bay and he will leave us for the night before coming back to pick us up in the morning.

I can’t stop all the thoughts running through my head and whisper in your ear, “There’s no hotel door to hide behind tonight.”

You simply squeeze my thigh your hand rubbing slightly higher as the skipper sets off doing his thing to get us launched.

There’s no time to see where this goes unfortunately as the captain starts to order us about and we set off for a sail around the Caribbean. He is teaching us as we go what all the ropes and sails do and curses the fact that there are only three of us. Between us though we set our course and settle in with you and me taking it in turns to make adjustments to lines and sails as we go.

We pull in to a secluded bay and the skipper has us drop the anchor and attach ourselves to a buoy. He then heads down to the galley and comes back with a feast of cold seafood and some salads and says to us to tuck in and enjoy it. About fifteen minutes later we hear the slow chug of an outboard engine and a small boat comes alongside. He quickly points out where the fishing stuff and snorkelling gear is and explains how to use the BBQ and that there is a hut on the bay we can use if we want. We thank him and wave as he motors away.

I grin at you, “All alone at last.”

You smile and kiss me once before placing your fingers on my lips and smiling cheekily at me. You pull your top over your head and your full round beautiful breasts almost spill out of your tiny pink bikini top. You wiggle your hips as you push your skirt down making your breasts bounce and shake and turning my cock rock hard. Giving me a little twirl you run your hand over my growing bulge.

“I’m going to tease you all afternoon and then as soon as we can see the first star you can do anything you want with me. If you touch me with your hands before then and I haven’t asked... you miss out on all this.”

You spin around again before slowly grinding your ass back against me. I run my hands up your body and caress your breasts cupping them feeling their pert weight in my hands your hard nipples rubbing between my fingers. I kiss your neck as you work your ass back into my now rock hard cock.

Suddenly you slap my hands away and smile, “That was your one free touch, from now on though you have to be good.”

You slide your hands over my chest and unbutton my shirt pulling it off me. Placing small kisses on my chest and abs your hands stroking softly over the defined muscles. You look up at me biting your lip softly and giggle thinking this is going to be hard for you too.

Suddenly you walk to the edge of the boat and untying your bikini top and bottoms dive naked into the clear blue waters. You rise up out of the water slicking your hair back over your head looking impossibly sexy and I groan to myself rubbing my cock through my shorts.

“Nuh, uh. No touching yourself either. Now get in here it’s beautiful.”

I walk to the edge and am about to dive in when you giggle, “Don’t be silly, no clothes in the water.”

Chuckling at you my mind a whirl out of pure lust and frustration I pull my shorts off revealing my thick hard cock standing up throbbing in need of your touch. I see your reaction as the smile is wiped from your face momentarily before you splash me giggling, “Get in here big boy!”

I dive in careful of my exposed cock and swim up to you wary of touching you with my hands but I needn’t have worried as you jump into my arms and grin, “You can hold me, but no funny business!”

Your arms around my neck we kiss as my arms hold you. We swim slowly together our mouths entwined until I can stand with the water up to my chest. You wrap yourself around me completely; my cock pressed between us you start to slowly grind yourself against me.

My cock presses against your pussy lips and against your clit as you very slowly rock your hips back and forth against me. Soft little moans escaping your mouth as whispers in my ear. I groan out in frustration as you use me so wantonly which only makes you chuckle the filthiest giggle before you whisper in my ear, “Just think how good it will feel when you finally pin me down and fuck my tight wet pussy.”

I groan and squeeze you tight unable to do anything else and you gasp and moan as my cock rubs hard against your erect clit.

Gasping in my ear you moan, “More, Tom, make me cum right here, grab my ass and make me cum right here.”

My hands instantly slide down to your ass feeling its beautiful curve and firmness as you continue to rock your hips up and down; rubbing my cock against your pussy lips and clit. Squeezing your ass harder I groan at the sensation as your breasts rub against my chest your hard nipples like pebbles against the soft firmness of your round breasts.

“Fuck Tom, yes, harder, make me cum.”

Gripping your ass hard I grind you harder as your head falls against my shoulder and you start to gasp and pant as you feel a wave of pleasure surge through your entire body. Every nerve tingles as my cock presses harder and harder against your clit in hard but small movements. I groan in your ear “Cum for me you little tease, cum for me you bad girl.”

You squeeze your legs tighter around me as my hands knead and caress your ass grinding you harder and harder and faster and faster against my cock. You suddenly gasp choking back a scream as every fibre in your body explodes in orgasm and all you can do is hang on and ride out wave after wave of pure pleasure that courses through your body. Holding you firmly by your ass I continue grinding you hard until you almost collapse in my arms. "Fuck, Tom, yes, fucking yes, don't stop, don't fucking stop. Oh fuck, I'm cumming, fuck I'm cumming so hard." Holding you close to me I slowly tease you down from your orgasm hoping against hope you let me fuck you right now.

Finally you lift your head up and kiss me your hands in my hair, urgent and passionate our mouths battling for dominance. You grin looking over my shoulder, “I think there’s probably about two hours ‘til sunset.”

“Oh Hanna, you are pure evil!”

Biting your lip you lower your eyelids batting your lashes at me, “In a good way though?”

“Oh yes, the best.”

You jump down from me and swim to the boat, climbing up very slowly letting me take a good long look up between your legs at your beautiful pink pussy as you climb the ladder. I follow you and you wait for me at the top giving me another long lingering kiss your hands stroking down over my arms as they flex holding me on the ladder.

You jump away and giggle, “How about some beers whilst we wait for the sun to go down? They might help you relax.” You grin at me eyeing up my throbbing cock as you head to the front of the boat which is long and flat and perfect for sunbathing.

I smile after you, mesmerised as you bend over to pick up your bikini. Your pink swollen pussy peeking out between your perfect ass cheeks. I groan and you turn around and giggle biting your lip, “Those beers won’t get themselves.”

I pull on my shorts not wanting to burn my cock and balls and fight to rearrange myself in the tight space. Grunting I head down to the galley. Looking in the icebox I grab a bunch of beers, some ice and a bucket and head up to the main deck. When I get there I’m slightly disappointed to see you back in your hot pink bikini but smile at the way the tiny bit of cloth adds to your sexuality as you absentmindedly slide your fingers over the edges of the thin material.

I walk quietly towards you drinking my beer as your fingertips tease lightly over your hardening nipples through your bikini. I grin, “Want a hand?”

Laughing you look up over your shoulder at me and say, “You can give me a beer for now.”

I hand you one and settle down sitting next to you and facing you my hips level with yours as we drink our beers and momentarily allow ourselves a chance to calm down. Looking into your eyes as we drink I can’t help but think of all the teasing you’ve done to me and your promise that once the first star appears you are mine. Completely mine.

You finish your beer and lay back your head on a small travel pillow. I'm pretty sure you are drifting off to sleep even though your eyes are hidden behind your sunglasses. After five minutes I hear your slow, steady breathing and smile to myself that you are now definitely asleep. Laying back my arms behind my head I drift off to sleep as well with images of you running through my mind.

I wake up as a bird flies overhead I see you are still asleep. Checking my watch I see I have been out for about an hour and instinctively look over my shoulder at the sun and feel my cock swell as I see it hovering low over the horizon. I crack open a still cold beer and feel the condensation drop down onto my leg.

Smiling to myself I hover it over your taut stomach and watch as first one and then two and three quick ice cold drops fall on your beautiful smooth tanned skin. You wake up with a start smoothing over the water and pushing my arm away. “I said no touching!”

I grin in mock outrage: “I wasn’t!” and taking an ice cube run it slowly up your leg. From your ankle over the line of your shin and then in small circles over your knees as you try not to kick out at me. I tease it higher up your thigh and you let out a small moan as I near the line of your bikini bottoms. Slowly pressing the ice against the fabric of your bikini I slide it along your hip following the line of the thin ties.

You let out a small groan and taking off your sunglasses look over my shoulder at the sun. Breaking out of your reverie you bite your lip as a flash of light strikes your eyes and a filthy thought passes through your mind. You sit up and push my arm away and take first one of my hands and then the other in yours and smile, “Sit on these and don’t you dare move them.”

I do as you say. My legs straight out in front of me as I sit there my arms tensing from the awkward position, my chest muscles tight as my eyes roam your body as you sit up on your heels. Grinning you crawl around until you are directly in front of me on your hands and knees my eyes drawn to your breasts. You start to slowly crawl towards me pushing my legs together yours either side of them. As your face reaches mine you smile sweetly and wrapping your arms around my neck kiss me longingly and hungrily. Shuffling forward until you are straddling me you break the kiss and smile wickedly, “Looking at that sun I only have about ten minutes left to tease you.”

Groaning in your ear I moan, “And you only have ten minutes before I make you cum over and over as my thick cock slams in and out of your tight little pussy.”

I see the reaction to my words all over your body as you squeeze your legs around mine and your nipples harden through your bikini top. You hit my chest and run your hands over my skin and grin, “I better make the most of these ten minutes then!”

You start to slowly rock your hips in slow circles over my lap as you feel my cock hard against you. You arch your back in time to your slowly rocking hips staring into my eyes full of need and yearning. Working your body over mine. All I can do not to bring my hands up and grab you is bite hard on my lip and ball my hands together making my arms tense. You moan softly as your clit makes contact with my hard cock through your bikini and my shorts. Your hands stroke up and down the muscles straining in my arms as you ride against me again. As I groan in frustration you smile again wickedly and whisper in my ear, “Not long now baby.”

Slowly you lean down over me and kissing my neck start to kiss slowly down my chest lingering over my pecs and then down over my abs. Your ass sticking up in the air behind you, you look up to check that’s where I’m looking and giggle, “Untie my bikini bottoms but don’t you dare touch me.”

Awkwardly I lean to one side and carefully tug at the ties of your bikini as I feel your hands untying my shorts and pulling them down. Lifting my ass you pull them down until they are resting around my knees. I lean to the left and untie themas well before you pull them off and throw them behind you. Pushing me back down onto my back you take my hands putting them behind my head.

You grin as your eyes slowly roam my body from my arms and chest and down to my thick hard cock. A small shudder passes through you before you look up and see the sun getting ready to go down and the light fading. Crouching low over me you rub your big breasts over my chest and then up over my face. Swaying from side to side your hard nipples pressing through the thin material I yearn for some friction on my cock.

Arching your back as you sit up slowly you run your hands slowly over my chest and smile sweetly at me, “The sun’s gone down baby and I can see the stars.” The look of pure joy in your eyes unmistakeable as your hand reaches for my cock and you start to slowly stroke my hard cock in your small hand.

I look up at you a smile dancing across my lips as I run my hands very slowly up from your knees. So many thoughts running through my mind I don't know where to start. My thumbs trailing up the inside of your thighs, my fingers fanning out over your soft skin. You bite your lip as my thumbs pass your bare wet pussy and slide up higher. My hands covering your entire tummy as they slide higher up your body. My hands reach naturally to cup your breasts softly. Admiring every inch of your body, remembering every single detail before I take any semblance of innocence that remains.

Soft moans are escaping your body as your pussy throbs with need. You gently rock your hips back and forth, your lips pressing against my cock with each small movement. Your wetness coating it as your nipples slide between my fingers and I close my hands pinching them softly. You gasp out to me your eyes closed unaware of anything but the sensations running through your body.

My hands slip up to your neck and I pull you down to me kissing you softly at first. Smiling through the kiss at you my hands slide down your back to your ass. You support yourself on your elbows as our kiss builds in intensity our lips locked together in permanent embrace. My tongue eagerly licking at your lips you open them.

The moment our tongues connect my need to fuck you overcomes me and all restraint is gone.I roll you onto your back forcing your hands up behind your head with one of my hands. Your legs are wrapped around me your ankles crossed and pressing against my ass drawing me to you. I gasp as we break the kiss and looking down at your beautiful face full of apprehension and lust I can only smile and kiss you one last time.

Straightening my back I kneel between your legs and pull them over my shoulders your feet either side of my head. The heavy weight of my cock rests against your pussy and you try and rock your hips back and forth but I hold you steady by your thighs. Your breasts are heaving with each ragged breath you take barely constrained by the tiny bikini that has already exposed your hard nipples.

Shifting slightly I move back and taking the shaft of my cock in my hand start to rub its fat head between your pussy lips coating it in your desire. You groan out to me, “Please Tom, fuck me, fuck me now, I need you.”

I groan at the sound of your desperation and slide the head of cock between your eager lips hearing you gasp at the sensation as it stretches you wide. Your hand flies down to your pussy spreading your lips and rubbing against my cock. Unwilling to stop you as you look so wanton I groan and slide my cock deeper inside you.

Your free hand grabs at your breasts pinching your nipple as you beg for more. Groaning unable to resist your demands, I inch by inch force my cock deep inside you until my balls rest against your ass filling you completely. Your mouth open, eyes shut I watch your ragged breath as I hold you steady my hands on your thighs.

Your breath shallow and ragged, your hands completely still, your body trembling you finally gasp out to me, “Oh fuck! yes baby, fuck me now.”

I start slowly my hips rocking back and forth in long slow movements testing you and watching your body react as your fingers start to move over your body again. My cock squeezed by your impossibly tight but wet pussy I grunt as I start to fuck you faster. My cock sliding in and out of you as you pinch your hard and sensitive nipples.

Your other hand hovers over your clit barely resting against it as I fuck you harder still. Your moans fill my ears as you beg for more and more, “Oh my god, fuck, yes, Tom, fuck, oh fuck yes”

Your eyes hooded barely able to look up at me or the stars as galaxies of pleasure swell through your body. Between moans and gasps you bite your lip and tense your legs in my arms. I force my cock harder and deeper still with every stroke my balls now slapping against your ass as you cry out to me “Fuck, Tom, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum.”

Holding you down I fuck you relentlessly, harder and harder with each stroke as your back arches and your hands freeze again, your moans and gasps shouting out to the night, “Fuuuuck, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, fuck, yes, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop.”

Your moans and body driving me wild I fuck you over and over as you writhe beneath me. Wave after wave of pure pleasure passing through your body overwhelming you. Your eyes alternately closed and staring widely at me as I fuck deep and hard. Unable to control yourself you buck wildly as orgasm after orgasm rocks your incredible body to the core.

Your hands reach up over your body and are gripping your hair as you twist under me. Seeing you flail underneath me completely absorbed in the raw carnality of being pleasured over and over I groan and you moan out to me, “Yes, Tom, cum for me, please cum for me.”

I growl at your moans and reaching forward to grab your breasts rock my cock back and forwards as I feel my balls tightening and the familiar swelling in my cock. My pelvis grinding against your clit in this position you gasp out again. I’m groaning and grunting as you moan out to me, “Cum, Tom, cum for me,” as your own moans prove you are ready too.

“Fuck, Hanna, fuck yes.” I groan as I feel my cock shudder inside you. Pulling my cock from your pussy you stroke it rapidly making me shoot load after load of cum over your tummy and breasts. Looking into my half closed eyes you rub your clit until you scream moaning my name and gasping as you ride out another orgasm. My hands squeezing your breasts covered in cum pinching your nipples harder. You grip my cock harder in your small hand as you lay back completely ravished. 

Gasping at your hard squeeze the last cum erupts from my cock and I look down at you shaking, your body trembling from the fucking, your eyes half closed, and your lips open in a permanent moan. Your breathing ragged as you stroke my slowly softening cock and gasp out to me, “Fuuuuuuuck.”

I laugh softly and collapse down next to you smiling as you chuckle and roll onto me. Your head on my chest as your cum smeared body presses against mine.

You run your fingers over your body coating them in a thin layer of cum before sucking them into your mouth seductively. “Next time you cum in my mouth.”

My head resting back against the boat’s deck I sigh contentedly and stare up at the incredible night sky: “Deal.”

You smack my chest playfully and giggle, “You know; I’m not normally this kind of girl,” blushing shyly.

I smile and kiss your cheek, "Well I'm glad you are for me. Come on let’s have a swim and clean ourselves off.”

[To be Continued]

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