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A Night in Eva

Spring Break brings reunions and rekindles old passions.
Spring Break, freshman year, 2010

My watch read four 'o clock. A ten minute ride to the train station followed by an hour long train ride and I was home. Finally . . . after two long months back at college I was home. I was back home in Philadelphia, but was standing at the Wayne Junction train station. My best friend Malik was taking me truly home and thankfully, he was already there waiting for me.

"Yo Relle!" He called from his car. "Let's go."

At my best buddy's call I headed towards the car with a smile on my face and a weeks’ worth of clothes in the bag on my shoulder. I put my bag in the back seat then sat in the passenger's side, Malik and I giving each other dap.

"What's up, man?" Malik asked as we hit the road.

I smiled, "Nothing, it's just good to be home."

"Once again though . . . you’re the last one to get back though,"

I smirked, "Just like the Fourth of July. What can I tell you, bro? I'm busy nowadays,"

"I know, busy fucking that Vicki chick, huh?"

"What?! No, it's not like that, Malik," I replied with a strong look. I hated when he made dumb assumptions about my love life.

"Calm down, Jay. I was just playing," He said in his weird way of apologizing. "I know she's got you sprung though."

"I wouldn't say all that, but she's growing on me." I admitted.

"So, you're still riding solo or what?" Malik asked, stressing the question.

I nodded, "For the moment."

Malik laughed, "I know somebody who’s going to be happy about that."


"Don't play dumb, Relle. You know Eva's waiting on you,"

I smirked, "Yeah . . . and so is Janis."

"But Janis isn't fiending for that dick now is she?"

I busted into a fit of laughter, but knew what Malik was driving at. Eva and I had history. All of it was good, but history nonetheless. What was supposed to be a onetime encounter between us on our senior high school class trip to Baltimore, we slept together. That onetime however, became a summer of sex sessions between us. It was fun and hot while it lasted, but it had to end. We were headed in two different directions in life as well as colleges and that needed to be our focus. We had to leave the lust behind along with the Hood as we left for school and ventured out into the world. The world offered new opportunities and we had to seize them. So to bottom line mine and Eva's relationship by this point; we were friends, but still to some extent we were lovers. I thought about her often while away at school and we still kept in touch via Facebook and phone calls.

"First thing, Janis doesn't do any kind of dick and second, it's not like that between me and Eva. Not anymore," I spoke aloud. "We're just friends and that's the way it's got to stay."

"Okay," Malik replied with a hint of doubt in his tone. "You might feel that way, but are you sure Eva does?"

I let out a sigh completely done with the conversation, "Just get us home, man."


Twenty minutes later, we were back in the Hood on Mt. Pleasant Avenue, but contrary to the name; our neighborhood wasn't a pleasant place to live at all. Stepping out the car, I laid eyes on my house my house followed by trash littered streets. A blaring siren made me look up the block and I watched a police car speed past us.

"Yeah, I'm home." I said inwardly.

I retrieved my bag from the back seat and gave Malik a brotherly hug.

"I've got to go check on the family, but I'll be over in a bit." I told him.

"Alright, just don't keep us waiting, Jay." Malik warned with a smile. "We've got a fun night ahead of us."

I smiled, "Like always."

Coming into my house, I immediately came face to face with my grandmother, who greeted me with a silent hug. No words were needed. I knew how much she missed me when I was gone. I always felt a bit guilty every time I left her plus I knew I'd have to put her through three more years of sporadic appearances.

My grandmother kissed my cheek, "I missed you, baby. How have you been? You haven't called or anything, Jerrell."

I kissed her back, "I'm fine. I'm sorry for not calling too, but mid-terms had me busy."

We ended our hug and smiled at each other.

"How have you been though, Grandma? Do you have food in the fridge?"

"Yeah, me and your Auntie Joy went shopping last week."

"Good, you need anything from me while I'm standing here?"

"No, baby. Go have fun with your friends,"

I smirked, "How'd you know about that?"

"'Cause y'all always get back together on your breaks plus Eva called earlier asking for you."

I let out a breath as this was the second time Eva's name came up in the span of an hour.

"That's girl's been missing you like I miss your mother, sweetie." Grandma chimed in.

"Dang, it's like that, Grandma?"

"I'm just calling it like I see it,"

I shook my head, "Whatever Grandma,"

"Okay, y'all should talk though."

"We will . . . no other way around it," I said after kissing her cheek again. "I've got to go now."

"Have fun and be safe out there,"

My last words to my grandmother were I will before leaving her once again. I was going to have a fun night and being safe wasn't an issue because I was just headed to Malik's house up the street. Along with Janis and Eva, I was hanging out and sleeping over there. It was going to be a night full of films, food, and drinks. Plus since we were grown we were going to be drinking stuff other then soda and Kool-Aid. I could hardly wait as excitement filled me as I walked to my best friend's. I smiled to myself as I was dressed my very best. I wore blue jeans, a black t-shirt with an open red button up shirt and a black leather jacket over it. Within moments, I was standing before Malik's front door at 5:15pm ready for fun, but butterflies rumbled in my stomach a tad about seeing Eva. I rang the doorbell and instantly, Janis opened the door. Her face lit up at the sight of me.

"Hey Relle," She exclaimed, opening the door.

"Hey Ms. Muff Diver," I replied jokingly.

Janis playfully punched me in the arm, "Shut up."

I entered the house, "Are we all here, Janis?"

"Yup," Malik suddenly answered as he appeared from upstairs, leaning on the banister of the stairs. "And we've got drinks, bro."

"You guys promise not to get shit faced though, right?" Malik's mom asked coming from the kitchen.

"Yeah Ma," Malik told her.

His mom had to go to work, so she wouldn't be around to chaperone us. She really trusted us.

I smiled and gave her a respectful nod, "Hey Ma."

"Hey baby," She said after giving me a kiss. "How's school going?"



I looked around a bit, "Thanks, but I think we're missing somebody."

"Nope, we're all here," Eva's voice spoke from the kitchen.

"So . . . do I have to come back there for a hug or can you meet me half way?"I asked.

Eva gave me no reply, so I made my way towards the kitchen. I stopped in min-stride though as Eva ran at me, taking me into a strong embrace.

"Damn, I guess you really did miss me, huh?" I said, wrapping my arms around her.

"Eva kissed my forehead, "Boy, you know I did."

We separated and my brown eyes took in all of Eva's beauty. She was a dainty frame of café au lait skin with hazel eyes, and caramel-colored hair styled in her favorite way, long soft curls. She also had A cup breasts or as Janis dubbed them itty-bitty titties, but Eva's backside made up for it. Eva's behind was plump, juicy and shaped like a ripe apple. She looked sexy in the attire she wore, which was a pair of black jeans and a red Aéropostale t-shirt. Just looking at her made my cock throb in my pants.

"Looking good Eva,"

Eva smiled and blushed at my compliment, "You look good too."


By six 'o clock Malik's mom had gone to work and the food we ordered came, so the fun could begin. We sat in the living room watching Katt Williams with pizza cheese fries, and a two liter bottle of Pepsi. We were laughing and having a good time, but when brought out the drinks . . . things got turned up a notch. It took two trips to the kitchen, but Malik came back with a bottle of Ciroc vodka and bottle of Captain Morgan rum.

"Aw shit . . . here we go," Janis crooned, clapping her hands.

She stood up and reached for the Ciroc, but Malik jerked it away from her.

"Slow your role, Janis. We're taking it slow,"

Janis groaned, "All right. Damn,"

"That's right, girl. Sit your ass down," Eva spoke up, drawing laughter from Malik and I.

"Damn, eight months in college and you're already an alcoholic?" I asked still laughing.

"Y'all know how I get down," Janis replied.

"Yeah . . . between a bitch's legs," Malik spoke up.

Janis lashed her tongue at him, "Damn right, 'cause pussy tastes so good."

Eva and I gave each other a look, shaking our heads at her comment though as a guy I had to agree with her. Janis' words stayed with me a second and my mind spawned memories of licking Evie's coochie. My dick began to throb again and the thought of just talking to Eva alone made me nervous. I knew I had to though and some liquid courage would surely help.

I let out a sigh, "Yo Malik, pour me some of that Ciroc. I seriously need a drink,"


It was eight 'o clock. The food, Pepsi, and Ciroc were gone while half of the Captain Morgan remained. Eva and I sat on the couch while Malik and Janis lay asleep on the floor in two drunken heaps. The alcohol we drank took its toll on us differently. Two of us were knocked out; Eva was tipsy while I was drunk, but coherent. I knew this night was over and done with. Eva and I draped blankets over our fallen friends then sat back down on the couch.

"Look at them, Relle." Eva said laughing softly. "Sleeping like a couple of angels,"

I smirked, "I didn't know angels could get drunk or that they snore though."

"How are you feeling, Jay?" Eva asked.

"Well, I'm drunk . . . but other than that I'm fine." I told her.

Eva smiled, "Come on, let's get you upstairs."

I looked to Malik and Janis, "What about them?"

"They're fine where they are, Relle. Best not to wake them up,"

"What're you going to do?" I quizzed.

"I'm going to get you upstairs then I'll see what happens. Hell, I might just go to bed."

"Okay, so you want to head up now?"

"I think that's your best bet, babe."

I smirked, "So, I'm babe again, Eva?"

Yeah . . . now let's get you upstairs."

We made our way up the stairs and the alcohol had my hormones raging. Eva was in front of me (holding my hand) going up the steps and my eyes followed her derrière all the way up, making my dick brick up something fierce. It took everything within me to resist reaching out and palming it. She led me into the guest room and laid me on the bed.

"There you go, Jay." Eva said with a caring look. "Now, you're going to stay here, right?"

I got comfortable on the bed, "Mmhm."

"Can you chill with me a little?" I asked quickly still knowing we had to talk.

Eva gave no reply, but came over and lay on the bed with me. We lay face to face, side by side in silence for a minute as niether us knew where to begin.

Eva broke the silence though and asked, "Hey, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, what's up?"

"Are you with that girl, Vicki?"

I shook my head, "No, but I like her though."

My words made my best friend frown and she looked toward the ceiling.

"Do you have a problem with that?" I asked, but Eva gave me no answer.

I cupped her chin and forced her to look at me.

"Come on, be honest with me, girl." I told her.

"I saw all those pictures on Facebook of y'all hugged up together and thought. . ."

"You weren't thinking, Eva." I interrupted her. "You were feeling something. You got a little jealous, huh?"

"Yeah," She said truthfully.

"Let me be real with you, Eva." I said being dead serious, looking her in the eyes. "I like Vicki and hell, she may be the one, but nobody can replace you."

"I know,"

"Straight up, we have a bound that nobody can break. Understand that you, Janis, and Malik each have a piece of my heart. I love y'all and that's my word,"

"I love you too, Relle."

I kissed her forehead, "I know you do. You just wish I'd show you though, right?"

Eva blushed and nodded, "Yeah."

I leaned in and kissed her lips. It was our first kiss in eight months. It was a good kiss, a passionate kiss while my hand ran over her breasts, stomach, then lower. I snaked my hand in her pants, feeling her soaking wet panties. My left hand found her pussy while my right massaged her breasts. Our lips and tongues intertwined furiously as my fingers played in the wetness of Evie's core. I undid her jeans and along with her panties, pushed them away before my fingers worked Eva over . . . from her labia lips to her clit.

"Mmmm, Relle."

"That's right . . . I’m here, Eva." I moaned, placing myself in between her thighs.

Eva's feet danced on my shoulders as my tongue replaced my fingers. Eva wanted me to show her just how much I loved her, so I was going to do just that. I ate her out leisurely, patiently, the way Evie liked it. My eyes never left her though as I pleased her. I loved the sight of her eyes curling up in her head in sexual bliss. I savored her taste while she began creaming on my tongue. Eva's thighs locked me in place while she fucked my face letting me know she was going to cum.

"Here it comes!" She shouted. "I'm cumming!"

Eva's orgasm was mine. She pressed herself against my face as she came, mashing it hard, back and forth, and then in a circular motion. When I came up, my smiling face was glazed with her love juices. I took off my clothes and kissed my way up Eva's body, removing her shirt and bra. My tongue slipped back into her mouth, letting her taste herself. Her juices were leaving wet spots on the sheets and her wrapped around me. We were both covered in sweat as each of our hands found the other's ass. Kissing her hard, I forced her on her back, but didn't stop the lip-lock. The kiss ended as our need for air gripped us. We lie down and lay together as if we were spooning with me behind Eva. I entered her warm, tight wetness and my ears loved the cute cry she let out. I fucked her from behind, my eight inches digging deep inside her womb. Eva instantly began pumping backward creating a sweet rhythm. I gave Eva the dick nice and slow while reaching around, playing with her clit. Soft whimpers became loud moans between us as we loved each other into a state of ecstasy.

"Oh, Jesus, Relle! Yes!"

I leaned over her shoulder and took her tongue in my mouth. To my surprise, Eva's face was wet with tears streaming down her cheeks. She sucked on my darting tongue, climaxing again and again as I felt my own setting in. Cumming, I let out a mighty roar with strong thrusts and deep strokes as Eva milked my manhood for its seed.

"I'm cumming, Eva! Ahh,"

I held my best friend close as we drifted to sleep, our sexual organs still conjoined. Little did I know . . . this night in Eva would be my very last night in Eva.

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An excellent story!
Posted 25 Feb 2013 07:44
Great writing!!!

Posted 25 Feb 2013 07:28
You are so good at dialog. The sex is great too, but the writing is what makes the story come alive.

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