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Aaron's office

Sabrina and Aaron conduct more than business in his office.
I had arrived early for my appointment, so I opened my laptop. I knew my presentation to the board had been a success, but still wanted to familiarize myself with a few details before I met with Aaron. He called three days ago, informing me that the contract was mine, asking me to wrap things up with him today. I closed the program and glanced at my watch. I still had 20 minutes before my appointment.

I was feeling a little wicked under the gaze of Aaron's prim and proper secretary. She had given me a look over her half glasses when I walked in sporting my favorite power suit. Some might consider the skirt a little too short, the blouse a little too low cut, and the heels a little too high, but I believe in flaunting all my assets. And knowing I would be meeting privately with Aaron had probably influenced my choice of clothing as well. Now THAT is one HOT man! I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to concentrate on the business at hand when I was alone with him. His tall buff body was not very well hidden under his expensive suits, and his gray hair set off intense blue eyes. The looks he gave me showed his appreciation for me as well. He seemed to have a hard time keeping his eyes off my big tits.

I rose from my seat and informed Ms. Stevens that I would be right back. I went to the rest room to be sure I was all pulled together. I fluffed my auburn hair and reapplied lipstick. My nipples were hard under my lace bra, and my thong was damp. I decided to unbutton another button on my blouse, showing enough cleavage to get any man's attention. My "fuck me" heels thrust my ass out, and the whole package looked a bit slutty.

When I returned from the rest room, Ms. Stevens was gone. Aaron's office door was open and he got up from his desk as she walked into the waiting room.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Sabrina. I was on a conference call."

I assured him I had not been waiting long, and had arrived early, at any rate.

"It's nearly 5:00, so I told Ms. Stevens she could leave for the day. I think we can wrap things up on this contract pretty quickly."

He took me by the elbow as he led me into his office. Mmmmm, I thought. He even smells delicious.

"You look lovely today, Sabrina. That color is great with your red hair."

I thanked Aaron for his compliment, blushing. With my fair complexion, I flushed down my neck and cleavage as well.

I had a seat across from his desk, crossing my legs. My skirt rose even higher up my thighs. We discussed a few details that needed to be dispensed with. I bent over to retrieve my lap top from the case, and realized I was flashing him my sheer lace covered tits. I heard a soft moan escape him, and smiled broadly knowing what effect I was having on him. I rose from my chair and walked over to his desk, ostensibly to show him something on my laptop.
When I got to the other side of his desk, the bulge in his pants was obvious. My thighs brushed against his knee as I set her laptop down. This time his moan was louder. I bent over the desk, and logged off my computer.

"I think our business is concluded for the day, Aaron."

I turned around and sat on the edge of the desk.

"Yes, Sabrina, but we aren't done."

Aaron grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand down onto his bulge. Ohhhhhhh his cock so hard, and straining for release.

"Get on your knees."

I went to my knees in front of him without a moment's hesitation. The intensity he was looking at me with had my nipples straining against the confines of my sheer bra and my cunt twitching. He opened my blouse, ripping a couple of buttons off in the process. With one hand, he opened my front-hook bra as he unzipped his fly with the other. His hard cock was bobbing in front of me as he grabbed my nipples, twisting and pinching. I threw my head back and screamed with pleasure, and a bit of pain.

"I knew a slut like you would like it rough, Sabrina."

I reached towards his cock, licking my lips sensuously. Aaron slapped my hands away.

"Put your hands behind your back."

I did as he told me as he grabbed my hair in his fist.

"Suck me slut, suck me like the whore I know you are."

I opened my mouth and he shoved me down on his cock, the thick hardness stretching my mouth. He held onto my hair, roughly forcing me all the way down on his cock. I struggled for breath as his huge cock went down my throat. I sucked for all I was worth, loving being used. My tongue slid along his shaft as he fucked my mouth. I could feel the juices running down my thighs. His cock was throbbing in my mouth and I tried to suck his load from his balls. But, he pulled his cock from my mouth, slapping my face with it. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but I certainly was not the one in control.

"Stand up slut," he said, pulling me up by my hair.

He turned me around and pushed me down across his desk, pushing my skirt up over my ass.

"Spread your legs."

I spread my legs and he stepped behind me, pressing me down with one hand, and sliding his fingers inside my panties, shoving two fingers into my sodden cunt. As he finger fucked me, he told me to rub my clit for him.

"Show me what a horny slut you are."

I frantically rubbed my clit, the juices gushing from my cunt. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and walked around the desk, shoving his fingers into my mouth. I exploded with orgasm as I tasted my juices on his fingers. As I sucked his fingers, his other hand removed his tie. He walked behind me again, and pulled my arms behind my back. He used his necktie to tie my wrists behind me.

"Look at you, Sabrina. My own private whore, bound and spread on my desk. Just waiting for me to use you, however I want to."

Aaron rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet slit, driving me crazy with desire. I tried to push back onto his cock, but he wasn't done teasing me yet. He pinched my swollen clit between his fingers. He pulled my thong aside and shoved a finger up my ass as he pinched and rubbed my clit.

"Cum for me slut, NOW!"

I screamed with orgasm, the juices soaking his hand. As I went over the edge, I felt him ram his big cock deep in my cunt. My pussy squeezed his cock as it slammed into me over and over again and I heard him growl as he unloaded into my cunt.

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