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Angel in the flower shop.

He has wanted her for so long. Now is the time.
I was so nervous that day. Walking quickly to the flower shop. My mind racing with so many different thoughts.

What if she wasn't there today? No she was always there! What if she didn't have time to talk today? No she always made time to talk! What if she didn't want to hear what I had to say to her? I needed to stop thinking and just get to her shop.

As I rounded the corner and the shop came into sight I stopped dead in my tracks and almost turned and ran the other way! My heart was pounding so hard I could hear it! Why was I so nervous? I had spoken to her so many times before. It was just going to be another normal conversation I said in my head. Trying to convince myself! Trying to calm myself down. Its just another visit to her shop to pick up some more flowers I kept saying over and over again in my head.

The sun was shone brightly in the cloudless summer sky as I reached the door to the shop. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, past the bell, letting her know she had a customer.

"I'll be right with you," came the sweet sound of her voice from the back room of the shop.

"It's just me," I answered back, "take your time."

"Hi Mark. How are you today?" she shouted through.

"I'm doing good thanks Angel. How are you?" I replied, my heart still pounding.

"I'm good too thanks. Come through. I'm just finishing off an arrangement," came her reply.

My eyes wandered around the shop as I made my way to the backroom where Angel was working. It was a fairly small front of shop, obviously filled with all kinds of flowers and some arrangements that Angel had prepared for customers. It had stained glass along the top of the windows which through waves of different colours through the shop as the sun shone in and along with the different aroma's from the multitude of flowers it heightened your senses.
As I walked through the doorway to the back room she was stood with her back to me working away with her flowers. She looked beautiful even from behind. Angel was about 5' 10 with long brown hair, stunning eyes, which seemed to change colour with her mood, and curves in all the right places as far as I was concerned! She wasn't no catwalk model but she wasn't fat by any means, curves where they needed to be! She was wearing her yellow flower print summer dress which looked amazing and almost see through when the sun hit it right.

I'm no model either for that! Still quite fit for a man in his forties and not too bad looking, if I do say so myself. I'm 5' 8 with hazel eyes and shaved hair. I cycle a lot so keep myself reasonably slim and fit.

"Hey!" she turned and said smiling as she saw me come through.

"Hey yourself!" I smiled back.

I couldn't help but look at her and think about what she looked like underneath that dress, not that I needed to think very hard because as I said the sun revealed a lot more of her than I think she realised! When she walked past the door to the front of the shop it was almost as though she wasn't wearing a dress, almost as though she was 'naked', the sun revealed the outline of her body and her underwear to me! It was captivating to watch. I would watch in hope that she would walk past the doorway so I could admire her 'naked' body.

We stood and chatted as she finished off doing her arrangement. She would walk past me to get more flowers, brushing against me. Making my mind rush with thoughts. Is she doing it deliberately? Does she like me as much as I like her? Does she want more? I was doing it again! Thinking too much! If she wanted more surely she would have said something by now! We had known each other for a while and she has never said anything. Then I thought, well neither have I!!

My mind and body were reacting to what I was seeing. My heart was beating faster, my breathing was getting heavier and my cock was starting to grow inside my jeans! If she had looked at my crotch she would surely see what was happening to me.

"Back in a second, I just need to get something from the front shop." Angel smiled to me as she walked through the doorway, allowing me once again to see the silhouette of her body through the thin material of her dress.

I could hear her moving around in the front of shop and thought I had heard the door close. My cock was now throbbing as I watched and waited in her coming back through the door way so I could catch another look at her body.

As she stepped back through the doorway she paused and turned slightly giving me the most amazing view of her yet! Was she doing it on purpose? Did she know that I could see her almost naked?

As she turned back and walked back into the rear shop I saw her eyes look over me from toe to head. She smiled as her eyes made their way up over my body.

She had to have noticed the bulge my almost hard cock was making in my jeans and my face flushing as the thought of her seeing me like that made me a little embarrassed. She turned and worked on the arrangement she was finishing off. My eyes caressed her body as I took in every inch of what I could see contained in that thin summer dress. The curves of her body accentuated by the dress clinging to her body. Her ass pushed out slightly towards me almost inviting me to reach out and touch it. I moved a little towards her when she suddenly spoke, making me jump.

"It's rather hot again today isn't it?" Angle said rather more than question.

"Yes it is and it just seems to keep getting hotter," I replied with a wry smile.

"Finished!" she said as she turned around holding the display for me to look at.

"Very pretty!" I commented, "and the flowers aren't too bad either!"

My god that was such a cheesy line! I thought to myself but Angel just laughed, bowed and replied, "Why thank you kind sir!"

We both laughed as she cleaned up the last bit and pieces from her bench.

"Well that's me for the day. I'm all done here," Angel said as she leaned her back against the bench, pushing her chest out a little towards me.

 I couldn't help but let my eyes wander over her and take in the beauty before me. The dress hugging her body and accentuating her curves and making her breasts appear to stand out even more than they normally seem too. Then again it was probably the lustful throbbing in my jeans that was making me think that way! As my eyes made their way back up to hers I noticed she was looking down towards my crotch again.

"What would you like to do now that I'm finished work?" Angel smiled as her eyes came back up to meet mine.

"Well, er, I have an idea" I just managed to mumble out as I moved towards her, hoping I wasn't going to make a fool of myself.

She stood up and looked me straight in the eyes "Oh, do you? What might that be?"

I took my chance, it was now or never, and moved right into her, taking her, wrapping my arms around her, cupping her head in my hand and bringing my lips to hers.

Her lips felt so soft against mine. I took a deep breath in through my nose filling it full of her sweet scent as our lips caressed each others, her arms wrapped around me and we pulled each other close. Our lips parted as our tongues found each others and entwined together. A soft low moan came from Angel and my heart raced as we held and kissed each other.

My hands ran down her back and caressed her through the thin summer dress I had been imagining removing from her. I could finally feel the shape of her body with my hands instead of my mind. She felt amazing. My hands were tingling as they caressed her body. My hands reached the curves of her ass and I pulled her even closer to me. My throbbing cock now pressing against her through our clothes. Her hand was at the base of my back and I felt her pull me in to her as our bodies connected as close as they could.

I lifted her and sat her on her work bench, pulling her dress up a little as I did so. Her legs opened, allowing me to moved in between and get closer to her again. I looked at her eyes and was about to say something when she brought her finger to my lips and shook her head, smiling. This wasn't exactly the place I had imagined things to happen between us but I wasn't going to complain.

My hands were on her knees as we kissed again, long slow lingering kisses with our tongues exploring each others. My hands softly caressing the flesh of her thighs as they slowly moved up and down under her dress. Her body shivering as my hands touched her. Her soft moans as she enjoyed the touch. Our kiss broke as I kissed along her jaw to her neck, her head moved to the side to allow me to kiss her neck easier. Moving along her neck to her ear, kissing and gently nibbling on it. Her moans a little louder, her breathing a little heavier and faster. My hands reached the top of her thighs and could feel the material of her panties. My mind was saying just rip them off but I restrained myself. My cock was throbbing restrained inside my jeans, it was almost painful.

My hands moved back down Angel's legs and found the bottom of her dress. I pushed it up and she knew what I wanted, so she wriggled to allow me to get it from under her. I looked her directly in the eyes as we both knew I was about to see the flesh I had been lusting after for a long time. My heart was racing so fast inside my chest it felt like I was going to explode. I was hesitating lifting the dress from her when I felt her hands on mine and take the dress from me. She lifted the dress slowly up over her head, exposing her body to me, letting me see what I desire so much. My eyes never left her face the whole time and I could see her flush a little as she dropped the dress to the floor and look back at me.

I stepped back a little, and she crossed her legs, so I could take in the full beauty of her body. She sat on her work bench, staring at me, as I took in the view before me. She sat before me in her pale yellow bra and lace panties. Her long legs hanging off the edge of the bench. I smiled as I saw her lean back a little to try make herself make her body look better for me but it didn't make any difference as I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

I grasped my own top and lift it up over my head as I move back to her. I want my bare flesh against hers so much. Our skin touches as I hold her in my arms again. My body tingles with excitement as we embrace each other. I can feel the goosebumps on her skin as my hands move over her soft flesh. I hear her moaning softly into my mouth as we kiss and caress each others bodies. My hand finds her bra clasp and I amazingly manage to unclasp as if I had done it a million times before. I kiss her neck and ear lobe again as I slowly remove her bra. Her arms moving to allow it to fall from her. My lips move down her neck, caressing and kissing her skin with my lips. Down to her shoulder and along her collar bone. My hands continually caressing her bare flesh of her back and sides. Brushing against the sides of her breasts as I move them over her body. My lips constantly kissing, moving down her chest. My hands move over her stomach and up to gently cup her breasts. My head moving down, kissing the soft flesh of her breast towards her areolea and her already erect nipple.

Cupping her breasts as my mouth moves slowly over one kissing it and feeling the softness of her flesh against my lips. My mouth kissing her areolea around her erect nipple. Listening to Angel moaning louder as my mouth arouses her body. My other hand moving over her other breast softly caressing it, moving my hand and fingers gently over her, feeling her shiver at my touch. My mouth now encapsulating her left nipple. Slowly closing around it. Taking her erect nipple into my mouth. Feeling her body reacting to it. My tongue lightly licking her nipple as it swells even more in my mouth. She moans even louder and her body arches, pushing her breast into my face. I suck on her nipple, swirling my tongue around it and over it. My hand now fully over her right breast, my fingers working around her nipple, brushing against it as I caress her areolea and then taking her nipple between my fingers and softly squeezing and pulling it. Her chest rising and falling as she breathes so deeply as she becomes more and more aroused.

I felt her hands on my head and she gently pulled me back up to her lips and we kissed passionately once again. She held my head in her hands as her mouth moved to my ear and she gently whispered "Take me. I'm yours to have."

My cock throbbed in my jeans and my body shook in excitement as her words ran through my head. I stood back and looked at her. Her chest heaving as she waited on me. Her legs open slightly letting me see that her yellow lace panties were now damp from her arousal. I unbuttoned my jeans pushing them to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking them away. My hard cock now more than obvious in my boxers, along with the damp spot of precum that had been oozing from me. Angel's eyes widened as she saw my cock throb as I dropped my boxers, revealing myself to her totally naked. I ran my hands back up her legs and hooked her panties. Angel lifted her ass from the bench allowing me to remove her panties and expose the smooth shaved flesh of her pussy.

I knelt and kissed her legs as I worked my way up her thigh with my lips and hands. Her legs opening to allow me to kiss her inner thighs, breathing in the sweet scent of her juices that were seeping slowly from her. Kissing softly over her smooth mound, reaching her labia and tasting her sweet nectar. My tongue opening her up and licking the length of her warm wet slit. Her body arching up, pushing forward as she moaned out loudly. My tongue pressed harder against her as she pushed forward. Finding her clit and circling it, licking it and taking it into my mouth. Her juices flowing even more from her now as her arousal grows. My hands either side of her soft, smooth pussy, opening her up and sliding my tongue down her slit, finding her opening and pressing my tongue inside her.

Her hands on my head pushing me into her as she moaned out "Yes yes fuck yes!"

She tasted so good. I just knew that she would. The sweet scent filling my nose and the sweet nectar filling my mouth was making me more aroused and my cock harder than it had ever been before. I wanted to work her pussy with my mouth until she came for me but she had other ideas. Her hands pulled gently on my head as though to say come here. I move up her body, kissing her soft skin as I went. Stopping for a minute to take each breast in my hand and mouth, kissing and sucking on her nipples causing her to moan loudly again.

"Fuck me!" Angel said as she looked me directly in my eyes.

My cock was already pressed against her hot wet opening as she moved a little taking the head of it just inside her. Our lips locked together as my hard cock pressed slowly into her tight, wet pussy. She gasped into my mouth as my cock pushed deep into her until I was all the way in. Holding myself there, allowing myself a minute to enjoy the thought that I had now finally succeeded in fulfilling my sexual dream!

Her pussy felt so good around my hard cock. The soft velvet feeling of it around me and the warmth of her was mind blowing. I took a few seconds just to control myself before I exploded prematurely inside of her. Every touch of her hands on me was electric. I was covered in goosebumps and every time I moved my hands over her or our skin moved against each other she shivered and moaned in pleasure.

I slowly moved out of her just leaving my throbbing head inside and then slowly and gently started fucking her beautiful pussy. Her legs wrapped around my waist pulling me in closer as she pushed back against me as my cock drove deep into her. My lips kissing her neck and ear. Her chest heaving as her breathing grew even more heavy.

Her moaning becoming more constant and louder, "Mmmmm yes yes, fuck yes. Feels so good. Fuck me Mark, fuck me faster" she whispered into my ear as I nibbled on her ear lobe.

My hands on her hips as I drove my hard cock into her faster and harder than before. My cock soaked with her juices that I could now feel running down my legs as I stood fucking her on the edge of her work bench. Her arms behind her holding herself up with her chest pushing upwards as I fucked her. My mouth moved down and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. Swirling my tongue around it as I sucked it into my mouth.

Her legs grasped around me even tighter pulling me in harder as I fucked her. Her arousal growing, as was mine.

Louder she moaned out "Oh fuck yes! That feels so good! Fuck me and make me cum. Fill my pussy with your cum! Fuck my pussy Mark!!"

We were both almost at the point of no return. Fucking her harder and faster. My cock was so hard I thought it may explode. Driving it deep into her pussy, hitting her cervix, and making her moan loudly was making me so aroused.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming!!" Angel shouted out as her body shook as her orgasm took over. Her pussy tightened even more around my hard cock as her juices squirted out around me. "Oooooohhhhhh ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yesssssssss!!!"

Oh fuck! Wow! I had never seen a woman cum so hard and squirt before! This just pushed me over the edge and with one last hard drive I pushed my cock as deep into Angel's tight velvet pussy as I could and felt my cum explode from the head of my cock deep inside her!

"I'm cumming Angel baby," I managed to stammer out as my cum coated the inside of her soft velvet pussy.

Pulse after pulse of my cock as I shot my hot cum into her. Her pussy tightening and relaxing around my cock trying to squeeze every drop of cum from me. Her legs wrapped tight around my waist, holding me deep inside her. Fuck it felt so good to finally be filling the pussy I had been dreaming of for so long.

Our lips met again as our orgasms rose and then subsided. Our bodies shaking at the euphoria that had just occurred. Our bodies tingling at each touch, like electricity passing through us.

I moved to her ear and whispered " That was amazing! I have wanted to hold you in my arms for so long now and make love to you."

She placed her hands either side of my head, looked me straight in the eyes and said "Why did you wait so long? Did you not think I wanted the same thing?"

My cock throbbed inside her and her pussy tightened around me as her words ran through my head. "Maybe but lets not worry about that now, it would seem I have some time to make up on!"

This story is different from the others that I have published here so far. I do hope that you enjoy it as much as the person it was written for. As always, all and any comments welcome. Your critique can only make my stories better.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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