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Behind The Scene

What's on the outside only masks what's on the inside.
The intense heat of the day had given way to the, crisp, coolness of night. Silence was the lullaby of the surrounding countryside. Within the city, however, it was the exact opposite. On the corner of Wendel and Avery was the epicenter of night life called The Scene. It was a popular night club where people came from miles around to have a good time and give in to certain temptations. The atmosphere always remained casual and accepting, regardless of one's lifestyle.
It was what made this particular club a favorite of Gemma's. The possibilities were endless when it came to connecting with new people. You never knew who or what you would find. It was also the only place that she could safely let out her wild side without to the excitement of her night life, every day routines were mundane. It is safe to say that Gemma was brought up in an privileged lifestyle.

Day to day she attended college and was an gifted student. Anyone who knew her would say that she was an beautiful and friendly girl. She was highly thought of from those in her society. Which was why The Scene was the last place anyone would think to look for her. Most assuredly, her family and friends wouldn't approve of her being there.

Gemma didn't care, however. The fact that it was a taboo to them only made her yearning stronger. Reason being, she had an dirty little secret. A dark temptation of sorts. Drugs and alcohol weren't her thing, in fact she avoided them as much as possible. No, her guilty pleasure was far more natural, and less of a risk to one's body. Gemma's temptation of preference was, quite simply, that of a sexual nature.

There was something to be had when the urge arose. Gemma longed for the thrill of it. Loved when other individuals delighted in her body. She just couldn't wrap her mind around the thought that making others feel good, including herself, could be bad. As often as was possible, she'd slip away from the overwhelming atmosphere of high society. Nowhere else was better suited than The Scene. Only here could she give into her desires, without drawing unwanted attention.

To those here, she would be nothing more than another individual looking to indulge in the pleasures of life. Gemma entered the club heading straight for the bar. She sat down upon one of the stools and ordered herself a beer. With a cold beer in hand she swiveled on her stool, and surveyed the crowd with interest.As was the norm, the club was quickly beginning to fill with people.

It was only a little after seven, and already a bouncer stood at the door ushering in a few people. Her eyes scanned over the dance floor, and came to linger on the far back corner. Gemma knew from experience that the seating back there was where seedier activities took place. Personally, she may not partake of those particular activities performed there, but she held no ill will. Even an individual under the influences of controlled substances was more than willing for a chance at sexual release. As a matter of fact, one of the best encounters she'd had was with an man who had been baked out of his mind.

Tonight, though, Gemma was looking for something different.When nothing caught her attention she turned back around to finish her beer. She ordered another and remained optimistic. The night was still young after all.

Another fifteen minutes passed, and Gemma took a gulp from her beer. Suddenly, an familiar voice grabbed her attention from the growing crowd. She turned to locate the person that owned that voice. There! Standing at the front of the club near the entrance was a tall, dark haired, woman. Her name was Lilith. Gemma had met Lilith here over two months ago, and the two had become good friends. Even had indulged in a few steamy rendezvous at the rear of the club.

Gemma enjoyed Lilith, for a multitude of reasons. One was because Lilith was the complete opposite, of herself. Where Gemma wore designer brands, and flashy colors; Lilith prefered dark hues and leather. The instant Lilith's eyes skimmed over the bar, Gemma waved in greeting. Lilith returned the gesture, and made her way toward her friend. Gemma, admiringly, watched Lilith approach. Lilith always carried herself with an confidence that was entirely her own. Admittedly, Gemma worried that her friend was to confident at times. Unfortunately, this often resulted in Lilith wandering down unstable paths of life.
If memory served her correctly the first night they had met; Lil's right eye was healing from a shiner. Gemma never mentioned it to Lilith because she knew it would only make Lil upset. Thankfully, Lilith had not gotten into any trouble since then. Besides, Lilith was to gorgeous a woman to sport around such ugly markings. Lilith reached Gemma, and wrapped her arms around her in a fierce embrace.

"You're a sight for sore eyes," Lilith said cheerfully."How have you been? Haven't seen you in awhile."

Gemma responded with equal warmth in her voice," I know. I've been good. You?"

"I've been around. Not much otherwise," Lillith said shrugging with nonchalance.

"Well, you look great!" Gemma said gesturing to Lil with her hand.

Lilith looked down at herself. When she returned her attention back to Gemma; a smile of self satisfaction brightened her features.

"You think so? It must be the pants. I just bought them three days ago." 

Gemma nodded good naturedly to Lilith's statement.

"Buy you a drink?" Gemma asked, waggling her eyebrows tauntingly.
She didn't think that Lil's smile could have widened any farther. She was mistaken. 

"Ever know me to turn down a cold one?"
They laughed simultaneously; as Gemma ordered her a beer. The bartender served Lilith, whom immediately took a large gulp of the brew. With an satisfied, ahh, she leaned onto the counter; resting her cheek on her palm.

"So," Lilith began,"find anyone worth ravaging yet?"

"Not quite, but the night has only just begun," Gemma responded with amusement.

 Lilith shook her head in agreement, and took another swig from her bottle.

"Knowing you, you'll have someone in your clutches within the hour."

Lilith teased with a sassy grin. Gemma playfully pushed Lilith.

"Leave it to you, Lil, to word it in such a way."

Both women broke into a fit of laughter. Lilith was the only person aware of Gemma's alternative lifestyle. Not once had she chastised Gemma for her actions. That little fact only made Gemma love her all the more. Soon, they were deep in conversation. They filled one another in on what had transpired since the last time they got together. Gemma was talking about her economics class, abrubtly halting mid sentence.

Lilith's gaze was focused on something over Gemma's shoulder. A mischievous smile crept onto Lil's face. Gemma gave her an questioning look. Lilith gestured with her eyes, for Gemma to look behind her. Carefully, so as not to seem obvious; she turned to look in the direction her friend had suggested. Instantly, Gemma understood the cause for Lilith's distracted behavior.

Just down the bar from where they sat a pair of brown eyes locked with her own. The man was only a few years older than herself, and he was fine. His hair was styled to look messy, and his face was cleanly shaved; only the faintest hint of shadow. He was dressed in torn, faded, jeans. His shirt was that of some rock band; she couldn't quite decipher from her angle at the bar. She noticed the way he looked her over. Approvingly, even from that distance. When he caught her staring; she rewarded him with her sweetest smile before turning back to Lilith.

" I understand now why you were so preoccupied."

Gemma mockingly hissed.Lilith responded by arching her eyebrows up and down.

"Yeah. Looks as though your night is about to reach its turning point. Here he comes."

With more vigor than intended, Gemma looked back in the direction of the man. Sure enough, the man was making his way straight for her. His eyes were fixated on her like, an predator staring down its prey. Lilith threw back what remained of her drink, and slapped a hand on Gemma's shoulder.

"Good luck, hun. He looks like an handful."

Then with an encouraging wink Lilith turned, and disappeared into the throng of people. Gemma took an large drink from her beer; at the same moment the aroma of men's body spray wafted into her nose. She didn't have to turn around to know that he was right behind her. Moments later he was standing at her side where Lilith was only prior.

 He flashed a bright smile, "Hey." 

His hand lifted, and extended toward her in greeting. Gemma smiled at him.


She took his hand in an friendly shake. The man's smile broadened.

"Names Gavin." He offered in a deep, but silky tone .

Gemma gave a nod of acknowledgment. In return she gave him her own name.


Gavin repeated her name, "Gemma. Exotic. I like that."

Gemma felt her cheeks grow warm from his compliment. She returned her focus back on the man before her, taking in the features of his face. Gradually, she looked over the rest of Gavin. Just enough, so as not to appear rude. He was well groomed, and had a very pleasant way about him. Yet, below his decent guy exterior Gemma could sense something more. If you looked closely you could see his inner bad boy. Lurking just below the surface. A tremor of excitement coursed through her body. Oh yes, she thought, he was the one.

Gemma applied a bit more seduction to her voice,"What can I do for Gavin?"

He took a drink from his glass; then slowly placed it on the bar before returning his gaze to her.

"Nothing. Just thought I'd come over and introduce myself. Since I saw you sitting over here."

Gavin's words made her smile.

"That was mighty thoughtful of you. Is this how you usually confront woman?"

A grin of pure amusement spread across his lips.

"No, actually. This is a first for me."

"Oh, really?" Gemma looked at him in disbelief.

"Honest. Usually the woman approach me," he said chuckling slightly.

Gemma laughed. Apparently Gavin had a sense of humor. She liked that. 

In a teasing voice she asked,"Why the sudden change of tactic?"

Gavin leaned in close. Too close, perhaps, but Gemma wasn't concerned over something she ultimately aimed for. That would just be silly. 

"Well, when I see a rare beauty sitting at the bar, with no sign of another man around." His voice trailed off lightly for a brief, but intense moment." I figure I'd better get to know her. Before somebody else does."

Gemma felt her body react to his words. She shifted slightly on her seat in a feeble attempt to ignore the growing sensation in her nether region. Turning her head up to look at him, she smiled playfully.

"Well, aren't you chivalrous."

Gavin's eyes, suddenly, took on an darker intensity, and seemed to hypnotize her to the spot.

"Not as much as you think sweet heart."

For an instant his underlying bad boy made a full out appearance. This was a good thing for Gemma. She knew that he wanted the same thing as herself. Even if he didn't say so out right. The notion ignited excitement deep at her core. Gavin's smile was dangerously seductive as he looked her over. Gemma's breath hitched as he reached out a hand, diligently caressing her bare arm. Her eyes traveled down his body, and came to rest upon his jeans. The front of them was growing tighter by the minute. She knew exactly what to do.


Gemma said his name seductively. She observed how he swallowed hard, as his pants tightened further. She leaned in close, and placed her palm upon his chest.

"You look slightly uncomfortable. I could help with that."

When her sentence finished; she diligently slid her hand down the length of his torso. Coming to a pause upon his bulge.Gavin sucked in an sharp breath. His body responded naturally to her touch; pushing his bulge harder against her palm. Slowly, he ran his hand from the top of her arm down the curves of her side. Pausing on her exposed thigh. His hand rubbed up, and down her thigh with purpose. At first, only his fingers would occasionally extend past the hem of her mini-dress. After a couple of more moments his hand traveled farther up the inner side of her thing. Teasingly his fingers brushed against the front of her panties. Gemma felt herself grow hot, and wet with arousal.

When next his hand slid up to caress her panties, the tips of his fingers slid beneath the thin, wet, fabric. Gemma, silently, cursed herself for wearing panties. They were always such an obstacle at times like this. For future reference she would have to remember that. Gavin never took his eyes off her. His fingers wrapped around the front of her panties, and gingerly moved them to the side. With on finger he slid it in an upward arch through her slick lips.

Gemma moaned as quietly as possible; her eyes closing as her head tilted back. When, again, she opened her eyes the first thing she noticed was that Gavin was struggling as well. His attempt to remain level headed as feeble as her own. Whatever, barriers that had existed between them before now, broke in an rush. Gavin swooped in quick, and captured her mouth with his. The kiss was strong, and passionate. Full of desire. Gemma knew now was the time. She pulled herself away from his kiss with some difficulty.

Grabbing his hand she whispered,"Follow me, Gavin."
He needed no more incentive. She hadn't expected him to either. They were aware of what each other wanted, for it was one, and the same. Gemma lead him through the crowd toward the back exit. The rear exit lead out to the side of the building where customers often stepped out to smoke cigarettes. About ten feet farther down along the side of The Scene, it curved into an dark secluded alley.Making sure that they were alone, and that no one had seen them, she lead him into the alley.

Seconds later they were completely concealed by the pitch black of the alley. The dim light of his cell phone was all they had to see by. Only a few trash bins, and some old, soggy, boxes lined one side of the path. The exception, was a brand new bin, yet to be used. Gemma decided that it was as good a spot as any. 

Once, they reached the spot next to the brand new bin; Gavin turned off his phone. As soon as the darkness of the alley swallowed them; there bodies collided in urge. Hands roamed freely over hot flesh, as their mouths claimed one another's. Tongues wrestled back, and forth. While hips gyrated simultaneously.

Gavin possessively took hold of the hem of her dress, and heaved it up over her head. Gemma felt no shame as the cool air swept over her exposed breasts. The only cover remaining was that of her thin panties, and four inch heels. Gavin knew, exactly, what he was after. No time was wasted, as he claimed her breasts with passionate need. His palms massaged her perfect globes of flesh, as his mouth alternated between each tight nipple.

His tongue would circle each perky tit in turn. With each suck he'd pull back, applying just enough tension to make it sting, pleasurably. Ever so often, he would gently bite each erect nipple.Gemma responded with hissing breaths, and tilting back her head. Each time she did she'd arch her body. Pushing her breasts up, and out to meet his hungry mouth.

With every movement she yearned for more. Gavin kept his mouth, and right hand busy with her breasts, but his left hand lowered to tease her swollen pussy. Her panties were still nudged to the side, from his exploration earlier inside the club. Gemma whimpered, wordlessly begging, for more. He was all to eager to oblige. Slipping two fingers inside of her soaked pussy; he massaged her, tight, core. He spent extra special attention on the bud of nerves. Circling it with a finger, or pressing upon it with his thumb; to achieve the best results.

Gemma released a whimpering moan; as the first orgasm washed over her. It was then she decided to turn the table. Before Gavin could, again, bring her to orgasm; Gemma pushed him back against the wall. Gavin was, momentarily, caught off guard by the sudden change. As quickly as it happened; it was forgotten. Her hands hastened to undo his jeans. With the skill of a woman experienced, his jeans were down. Gemma kneeled before him, and reached for his cock. Her hands roamed over his erection, and smooth sac.

She took time to admire his manhood. With one hand she cupped his balls, massaging them in an figure eight. At the same time, her opposite hand stroked his stiff length. Small beads of pre-cum accumulated at the head of his erection. She made an, mmm, sound flicking her tongue across his tip to lap up the delicious reward.

It was Gavin's turn to tilt his head back with a groan. He gave into the sensation. When he felt Gemma take his entire length into her, moist, hot mouth; he inhaled sharply. With deliberation she took her time. Slowly, but firmly she'd glide her tongue along his length. Her back, and forth motion covered every inch. Warm saliva coated his cock with each motion of her head. He thrust his hips forward; pushing his dick to reach the entrance of her throat.

Gemma was encouraged by his action of dominance, and picked up her pace. She massaged rhythmically, lips alternating between tight, and loose. Gavin placed his hands on the back of her head, and pulled her toward him.She had the slightest moment to take an large gulp of air; before his cock slid back into her throat. Entirely focused on pleasuring his dick with her tongue; she gave him the reigns. 

He fucked her mouth at his own leisure, closing his eyes, and dissolving into bliss. Gradually, his thrusts became faster, and harder. The force of his penetration borderlined near painful. Almost. The knowledge of what awaited her in the end, however, made it all worth it. Gavin continued his assault on her mouth for a few minutes more, before coming to a unexpected halt.

He stood there motionless for a time.Gemma was slightly confused, but was too distracted by the feeling of his cock throbbing in her mouth. Gavin, slowly, pulled back extracting his hard shaft from her mouth. Strands of saliva dripped to the ground from his dick. Though they couldn't see one another in the dark of the alley, she knew that he was looking at her. She could feel it like a sixth sense.

Before she could say anything, he hauled her to a up right posture. This was it. Gemma could feel it like an fire deep in her body. The main objective of tonights union. Sensually, he ran his hands down her body, caressing her smooth skin. Gavin's hands took control of her as he guided; turning her back to his front. He rubbed his hand up her spine, gently, applying pressure. By doing so, he moved her into a bent position. Her torso rested upon the new bin, leaving her completely at his mercy. She couldn't deny that this was what she wanted most of all.

Gavin trailed his hands along her sides, and over her hips. His fingers feeling her curves; making their way toward her, luscious, backside. Gavin stood there, momentarily, massaging each round cheek. A groan escaped her lips, as his hand landed a slap on each cheek. When his hands grasped her hips firmly; spreading her legs apart with one of his thighs, she trembled. Gavin wrapped a hand around his cock, and jacked it a few times.

Then with his hand tight around his shaft he slid the head of his erection up, and down her soaked slit. Applying just enough as to hardly penetrate her. Gemma moaned as he rubbed her clit with his dick. He continued to stimulate her bud of nerves. Next, he slid two fingers inside of her. She reacted instinctually by arching her hips upward, and back slightly.

In a husky tone he said,"That's it baby."

He rubbed his cock along her soaked cunt a few more times. Each stroke of his cock along her swollen slit, caused Gemma to perk her ass. It was a silent plea, but one Gavin understood. He slammed into her, hard. She cried out as the entirety of his length filled her. Gavin was in, so deep that she felt pressure just below her navel. He pulled out just enough, keeping only his head in her. Then he slammed into her again. Her arousal was so great that each thrust was met with a slick sound. One that only good sex could produce. The sound of pure arousal.

Gavin grabbed her wrists, forcing back her arms to gain more leverage.Attaining the position he sought, he began to fuck her unhindered. Gemma could only submit herself to him. She found great pleasure in his domination. When a man took charge, and followed his most primal instinct; it was extremely sexy to her. He needed no encouragement. No coaxing. Just a woman who was all to willing to submit herself to his needs. No questions asked. It was as simple as that. No need to get complicated. It was all about pleasure, and nothing more.

Repeatedly, his dick slammed inside her, deep, and hard. Gavin's pace quickened with less time in between thrusts. This signifed that he was approaching his peak. Gemma began to feel her body quake with tremors; her own climax rippling through her body. Gavin groaned, panting from exertion. Her pussy pulsed with pleasure.

"Oh, yeah. Cum Gemma. Tighten around my shaft."

Those simple demands were just the push she needed. She cried out as her pussy swallowed all that Gavin offered. Gavin's orgasm was simultaneous with her own. With a deep groan, he pulled her hips tightly against him; emptying the entirety of his load. Gemma bucked her hips in a natural response to being mounted.

"There ya go ,baby. Take it all." 

As his words reached her ears, she felt liquid heat flood the inside of her body. The mass of his load was large. Despite his cock still inside of her, cum began to drip back out. Upon completion, Gavin released a deep sigh and slumped over her back. They remained that way for some time. Both of them taking a few moments to bring themselves back down.

Once both of them were back to normal, albeit relieved, they parted, and searched for their clothes. Gavin pulled his boxers, and jeans back up. Then pulled his phone out of his pocket; using the light on the phone to assisst Gemma in locating her mini dress. In no time at all, they were both dressed and ready to return to the club's interior. Before they exited the alley Gavin wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in for one last kiss.
"Thanks for that," he said with an smile, and she felt that he meant it.

"The pleasure was all mine."

As Gemma turned to walk away, Gavin stopped her by grabbing her arm.

"Wait," he said, his voice uncertain.

Gemma felt her stomach clench with anxiety. The only time the people she had flings with stopped her in this manner after sex; was to get all wishy washy. Hopefully, this wouldn't be the case, because she had enjoyed what they had, and didn't want to spoil it. Many a good encounter had been demolished in this fashion. The other person wanting more out of an entirely casual hook up.She turned to face him in the dark alley, waiting to see what he'd say. She didn't want to trample on Gavin's feelings, but she was prepared to if it came to it.

"Let's do it again sometime okay."
It took her a moment before the meaning of his words sunk in. The feeling of anxiety was replaced by one of gratefulness. Gavin wasn't one of those poor sods who always made a good thing turn sour. Others had, though, all because they read more out of it than what was really there.

Gemma's tone was joyful,"Sure thing."

Having mutually understood each other; without another word, both of them left the dark silence of the alley. Neither of them had taken the scenario for more than it truly was. Nights like this were special, and made for an ideal ending. Nobody could ask for a better turn out when it came to something like this. Before entering the club, they smiled at one another a final time. It lingered for a bit between them. Then Gemma pulled on the door handle, and reentered The Scene.

Thankfully, nobody paid much attention to either of them; as they stepped through the door. A few curious glances flashed their direction from a couple people. Probably expecting a friend to come back from a smoke break. Neither Gemma, or Gavin gave any thing away that might suggest what had really transpired. As far as anyone else was concerned they were strangers, merely, using the same side door. Effortlessly, they parted ways. Gavin disappeared into the crowd toward the restrooms, and she continued over toward the bar. 

Up at the counter Gemma signaled to the bartender.Gemma held up a ten, and placed it down. Certain that the bartender saw the gesture; Gemma turned away from the counter and aimed for the front door. She was almost there, when a voice called to her over the din of the club. Gemma turned around, and stepped off to the side; leaving the path to the door clear. Her eyes searched, for whoever called her name. 

It was then she noticed Lilith. She was making her way, roughly, through the crowd. Each step sent her bumping into a bystander. Gemma smiled to herself. It was obvious that Lil's love of alcohol was to blame, for her uncordinated movements. Lilith didn't seem to mind, however, as she beelined toward Gemma. She came to an, swaying, halt infront of Gemma. The scent of alcohol was so strong, Gemma had to take a step back in order to breathe. Lilith's grin was definitely that of someone who felt on top of the world. 

Lilith's words were slurred as she asked,"So, how did things go with Romeo?"

"What can I say?" she began,"Operation Romeo was a success."

Gemma emhpasized the word Romeo.

Lilith's lips curved into a sassy smile, "Good for you hun. How was it?"

Lilith took a large gulp from her beverage. Gemma gave Lilith an sly, but sexy, smirk.

"Job well done, Lil. A job well done."

"You always get what you're after, don't you."

It wasn't a question, rather a matter of fact. Lilith gave an drunken smile.
"You'll have to let me in on your secret sometime."
Gemma nodded, sincerely taking her friend's words into account. She replied with an genuine smile.

"Sometime, perhaps I shall." 

They said their good byes, and pulled each other into an friendly embrace. Both of them planted a kiss on the other's cheek. Gemma gifted Lilith with one last smile, before turning away. Disappearing out the door. 

On the street she could still hear the beat of the music. Since the noise outside was greatly lessened, as opposed to within, Gemma allowed her mind to clear. After a couple of relaxing breaths, she allowed herself to smile with satisfaction. Her goal had been reached this night. Tomorrow she would return to her normal, everyday, facade of being little miss do-gooder.

At home no one would be the wiser about Gemma's little tryst. The events of tonight would be kept safe in the vault of her memories. Tucked deeply away, where no one else would ever come to learn of the, naughty, secrets existence. Unless she decided to divulge to someone, that is. Gemma shook her head with an sarcastic chuckle. As if that would ever happen. No. Everything would remain the way it was intended. Just like the location of her actions. All would remain behind The Scene.

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