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Best Friends to Lovers

Stan and I go all the way.
The first thing you would notice about Stan was his eyes, they were the same shade of blue as my dad's, they were kind and genuine eyes. His eyes were dark blue in dim light, a green-blue in sunlight with flecks of amber round the pupil, when it was snowing his eyes had silver flecks round his pupil. In normal daylight his eyes were a medium shade of blue with dark blue round the edge of his iris.

His slim face was framed by luscious strands of curly honey, beige and caramel coloured strands of hair. His mouth was so kissable. His lips were fairly plump for a man and white teeth which made his blond hair look even more blond. His face was framed by a perfectly strong jaw with was cleanly shaven. He was around 6 foot and was beautifully toned without all the muscle making him look like the Incredible Hulk.

Obviously, there is an attraction there, a physical attraction, not a emotional one because I know too much about him.

Our parents kind of understood our relationship. We did flirt but we did it on the down low and most of it was banter anyway. We are both King and Queen of sarcasm so conversations with us were...unusual, to say the least. Also, we both had very similar interests. For example, we both burped out loud, we both loved going swimming, both had a dog named after a state in America...the list goes on. The only thing I didn't like was his choice in girls. He was forever picking the ones who's brain was in their fake 34FF tits. The worst girl he introduced to me thought Albert Einstein was a shoe designer. I almost cried at her stupidity.

Enough of those bimbo's. I'll move onto me. If I was to describe myself in three words they'd have to be: blunt, curvylicious and loving. My body size is somewhere in the middle of a pear and an hourglass with muscly legs, I am 10 stone with 32DD tits, long dark brown hair to my large hips and green eyes. When my girls ask me what my favourite part of my body is I tell them that it's a toss up between my huge ass and my big puffy lips. Also, I am guilty of having a muscly arm fetish (Ladies, is it just me??)

I can absolutely remember the day when we passed the stage of being friends. It was a snowy, winter Tuesday and we, Stan, Dylan, Isaac and myself, had decided to meet up in my favourite traditional American dinner down a little road in the centre of London. It took me about 20 minutes more because as soon as the sun stops shining, the train delays begin.

Quickly, let me describe Stan and his friends. Dylan was Mr. Man's Man, Isaac was Mr. Romanic and Stan was a combination of Mr. Big Shot and Mr. Man's Man. All three looked like they had just stepped out of a Bond movie with there slick clothes, sharp tongue and that perfectly coiffed look of someone in a lad's mag. They were a beautiful trio and all we single.

I was sitting in a rather uncomfortable seat opposite an elderly gentleman with gold rimmed specks that sat on the tip of his nose. He was reading one of those free newspapers that they leave in the station. I read the front page as the train pulled to halt outside my station. I pulled my coat from my lap, swung it behind me then let it slip down my arms.

As I stood and reached for a handle I could feel the silk lining of my brown fur jacket caressed my forearms. My black pencil dress and black heeled boots clung to my soft skin as I swayed as the train driver applied pressure on the breaks. I flattened my poker straight, long brown hair, slipped my gloves on then hoiked my black shoulder bag round my body.

As soon as the double doors automatically opened there was a gust of cold midday air which, as soon as it hit my face, sent chills down my body. I stepped out onto the snowy platform. My shoes crunched the snow as I walked towards the exit.

It only too me five minutes to get to the diner. The door swung open with the tingle of a little bell. To my surprise, the diner was almost completely empty apart from my friends and a man at the bar. I felt a strong pulling sensation in my bladder so I ran over to them and threw my bag at Isaac before I ran towards the little ladies room.

"Hey. Sorry I'm late. Fucking trains." I slid along the red sofa next to Stan and rubbing my cold, recently washed hands together.

"Is the scarf to hide the hickeys?” Dylan asked with a smirk.

"Haha, fuck off!"

“Stan, I'm disappointed that you’re not doing your job right.” He laughed.

"Shut up!" He kicked his shin under the table.

I held my arm out to Stan who grabbed hold of the cuff of my jacket and pulled it from my arm. I slid the other arm out then slipped my coat through the handle of my bag.

"Tonic water?" I asked Stan.

"Here." He slid the glass along the table into my hand.

"Thanks. So, what's the plan for today?" I asked Dylan who is known as the 'party planner' to his friends.

"At the end of the day we've got a party but till then we can do anything."

"AHHH! No party! I'm not feeling the party vibe today. I just wanna chill in front of the TV so can we just crash at mine?"

They looked at each other before nodding in unison.


We all just sat on the sofa watching TV. The guys were talking about the rugby match on later tonight and I was just laying across their laps in a state of utter boredom. Stan was rubbing my hair as they chatted.

"Liz. Can you get me another beer?"

I rolled off their laps and went to the kitchen. I pulled open the fridge and grabbed a 6-pack. I whacked my ass against the fridge door, causing it to swing closed with a bang. As I turned to walk to the living room Dylan was sitting on the counter. I jumped slightly and threw my hand on my heart, shocked.

He smiled and dug his hand in his pocket and pulled out what looked like close to £500.00. He shoved it into my bag. I frowned at him, took a seat next him and let him explain.

We walked back into the living room and dumped the beers on the coffee table in front of them. Before Isaac could ask for a beer opener I put the beer into my mouth and popped the lid off, spat it into his lap then handed him the chilled beer. He lifted his beer to me before he took a sip.

I slumped back down, sandwiched between Dylan and Stan.

"Have you ever banged her?" Dylan asked Stan across me.

"You guys know we aren't like that." Stan spoke, almost sad. The guys faked an understanding nod.

I pushed my body against his left arm, my tits pushed up against it, I moved some blond hair from his cheek then tucked it behind his ear and pushed my lips close to his ear, "Stan, would you like to fuck me?" I pulled back and studied his face. He was torn between two emotions. Firstly, wanting. Secondly, certainty. Wanting to go to take me up on the offer but certainty that it won't happen. For that reason, I felt an overwhelming sense of love and care for him.

The next few minutes happened in slow motion. I got up and walked out of the room, I heard his footsteps along the wooden floor as we walked to the bedroom. His footsteps were in sync with the beating of my heart. I rushed ahead of him. His footsteps rhythmically paused as he checked each room for me. I lowered my eyes as he turned the corned. It was as if I went back to the 18 year old virgin version of myself and was waiting to feel the warm touch of my best friend.

"So..." I whispered to his shoes but couldn't bring myself to look at his face. For some reason I had become the nervous version of me. I'm like this when I have to speak publicly or to more than one person I don't know. I noticed him come closer but remained a concrete statue.

He stopped in front of me, he was a breath away. His fingers lifted my pale face up. Our eyes locked almost instantly. The evening light blazed through my window. He had changed only slightly. He had the most beautiful head of golden hair, his blue eyes had golden flecks, light freckles appeared on his curvy nose and his moistened lips sparked in the warm light. This is the first time I'd seen him with such a desired look painted on his face.

A strand of my dark brown hair fell in my face, his thumb moved it out the way as he admiringly looked at me.

"I missed you." His deep voice barely a whisper.

"What?" I wrinkled my forehead.

"I waited my whole life for you." I paused. His words were so beautiful, a tear escaped and rolled down my cheek. He wiped it away and smiled at me again.

He pulled me into an embrace. We enjoyed the warmth of each other. His face was buried in my hair which always smelt of strawberry and my face was resting on his shoulder with my arms round his back. Having him just breathing into me made me happy but I needed more. I pulled away, grabbed his hand and pulled him to the bed.

I lazily laid back on the bed and sighed. That was when I felt his soft fingertips run from my foot, up my leg, round my stomach in a circle, up between my breasts then back down the trail that he had created.

My eyes were closed, letting the air hug my body. I felt one side of bed dip down a little, that was where he had put his hand to prop himself up before he ran his hand down my torso to my mound then back up to circle round a tit.

I wriggled out from under him, knelt on the bed and let him pulled off my black dress and threw it somewhere. I felt him come up behind me.

As soon as my skin was exposed, I his soft lips kiss my shoulder, my neck then tilted my head to the left and he planted a kiss on my mouth. The kiss became engulfed in passion as I opened my mouth to match his. He then slipped his tongue in my mouth. He moved behind me and pulled off the black bra and threw it on the floor. As we both knelt on the bed together my calves were between his and his hand was round my waist, pulling me into him. He slipped his hand round my stomach and down into my wet panties where he found my very large, very red clit and began rubbing it. Our breathing was staggered as he rubbed my clit and pulled my body even closer to his so our movements were one. As my movements changed from rocking to bucking I felt the tension build up inside my oven. I closed my eyes, pushed against him and squirted all over his hand. There was such passion in his acts that my orgasm was silent.

He turned me round and lowered me on the bed. I watched his biceps tense as he lowered my head down. He took his shirt off and threw it near my bra. His chest was covered in a thin carpet of blond hair and his abs were just perfect. Especially those two lines that disappeared into his pants. He smiled down at me before he kissed me again. His hands were straight on my 32DD tits, he grabbed a handful of my tit before taking a big lick over my left nipple then sucking on it. He sucked the other nipple then came up to give me an open mouth kiss, his hands were intertwined in my hair and mine were running down his bare back.

He kissed down my stomach and licked inside my belly button. He kissed over my pussy before he hooked his fingers round the material of my thong. I lifted my hips then I lifted my legs in the air to let him pull them off. He kissed down my leg then looked directly into my eyes when he took that first amazing kiss on my mound. He didn't mess around and began sucking and licking my pussy. One hand snaked up my body and roughly grabbed my tit but the other was rubbing my clit. He began to lick deeper in my pussy, his tongue felt so amazing that I pulled his head closer to me (not that that was even possible!), bucked my hips and moaned into the air. I felt my pussy begin to pulse, the pulsing became rather painful so I pushed him up and sat up with him then pulled him for a kiss. My sweet juices in his mouth.

"Why did you stop me?" He said as he layer down next to me.

"I didn't want to squirt over your face." I cringed but he smiled and slowly kissed me.

I rubbed my hands down his body before I pushed myself up. I got off the bed, turned around and looked over at him before I paused then swayed my hips to music in my head. I ran my hands over my waist and down to my ass and pulled my ass apart to play peek-a-boo with my ass hole. I ran my hands down the back of my thighs before turned round and got on all fours at the base of the bed.

I seductively smiled at him and began to crawl towards him. I crawled over his legs and kissed his bulge before I licked over his abs, underneath his pecks then nibbled at his nipple, causing him to jolt. I kissed up and over his collarbone, rubbed my hands down his neck, over his shoulders and clawed down his back and at the same time as I kissed up his neck, round his jaw to his ear lobe which I sucked. He moaned into my ear and slipped his hands round my waist.

I ran my hands between our bodies to reach the button on his blue chinos. He kicked them off as we made out. I bent at the hip and pulled my hands down his body as I did so. I roughly rubbed his junk through his white boxers before I rested my hands on his large biceps and pulled myself up to sit myself on his crotch. I began to gently rocked up and down.

"Liz..." He moaned.

I continued to braced myself on his biceps as I forcefully began to grind in his hard dick. I could feel the heat radiating from his junk so I slipped off and pulled his boxers completely off. His dick was about 9 buy 9 and aggressively sprang up as straight as a mast.

I innocently watching him as he lustfully eyeballed me.

I took it into my soft hand and gently moved my hand up and down. Pre-come almost instantly oozed from the tip of his dick so I bent down and shoved half at least half of his dick into my mouth. As I sucked on his big slippery member I matched it with my hand movements.

I looked up into his blue eyes as I licked the side of his dick like it was a lolly pop then plunged myself onto his dick, hitting the back of my throat before I pulled myself off his dick. Slowly, I got 5 inches in before it hit the back of my throat but I gently continued to push his dick into my mouth. Once it was at the back of my throat I pushed it further. He loudly moaned, me eyes met his as I sucked him off. I took his dick out of my mouth and sat back before I grabbed his dick and sensually licked it from his balls to the tip and took the head of his dick into my mouth. I licked all the way up again then licked round the sides before I sat up and laid next to him.

"Stan, baby, I can't wait anymore." I turned to him, he turned to me and smiled.

I lifted my legs up round his neck as he kneeled. He kissed my foot before he slipped his hands round my legs to pull me closer to him.

He took his solid cock in his hand and rubbed his head round the wet opening of my pussy. He shuffled a bit before he pushed it in slowly but his thickness really hurt my pussy so he pulled out and spat on his already slippery member. He also grabbed a pillow and slipped it under my hips to allow for deeper penetration. He adjusted himself again and slowly pushed into my pussy. My pussy, untouched for years, tightened round his pulsing dick.

As soon as he hit the back of my pussy he stopped and looked into my eyes.

"Say my name again." He pleaded.

"Oh Stan..." It was my turn to plead. He moaned.

"You feel so good." He half smiled/half groaned at me.

I tightened my vaginal muscles as a response. He groaned even louder. He held himself in me. His eyes shut and his lips were pursed.

"Are you alright?" I watched his lips form into the shape of words.

"I've waited so long for this, combined with the fact that you feel so fucking good means that I could cum right now." I laughed at his honesty.

"Baby, you can cum if you really want too." I ran my hand through his hair.

"Don't be stupid, I'd be known as the one second wonder." We both laughed.

He pulled out and pushed his thickness back into my pussy. His dick stretched my pussy with each thrust. He thrust slowly but deeply into my oven. He looked into my eyes as he took each thrust into me. With each thrust I was pushed a little bit higher up the bed so I wrapped my legs around his hips and crossed my feet round his ass.

"Hard." I gasped as he leant over and put a hand either side of my head.

"Beg." His eyes glazed over with pure desire.

"Stan, please can you fuck my tight little cunt with your big dick?" I put my hands together like I was praying and blinked at him.

I felt him pull himself out and thrust almost all the way in. I gasped, unclasped my hands and dug my blood red coloured nails into his shoulders.

"Oh fuck meee!" I screamed into the air as his thrusts picked up speed.

"Fuckk." He groaned as his big dick pumped in and out of my pussy.

As his dick continued to stretch my pussy I could feel my pussy throbbing, pulsing and tingling so I reached down to rub my clit but Stan beat me to it. His big hands quickly rubbed my swollen clit. I couldn't bare it anymore and was ready to release my juices on him.

"I'm going to cum, Stan." He continued to mercilessly fuck my cunt.

He rubbed my clit and powerfully thrust into my and howled. The feeling of his hot cum shooting into my pussy pushed me over the edge so I began to shake and buck against him. He pulled out to let my cum squirt on him. There was stream after stream of cum that hit him or the white bed sheets.

We sighed together as we just lay there. It was silent but for the sound of dripping, heavy breathing sweat and the euphoric sense of love.

Author's Note: All constructive criticism is welcome. Any similarities between people or places in reality is purely coincidental. Hope you enjoyed it!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 26 Feb 2014 07:37
Thanks for your advice
Posted 26 Feb 2014 00:48
Nice combo of romantic and raunchy, especially for such a young writer. There were a few areas i wouldve like more detail
Posted 15 Sep 2013 04:58
Posted 15 Sep 2013 02:19
Enjoyed the story. The sex part is so nicely detailed that it does make the story a nice erotic. 5+
Posted 14 Sep 2013 23:35
Thank you

Posted 14 Sep 2013 22:58
Enjoyed your story and you do have a created mind. Take your writings where your mind goes. A big 5

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