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Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

I was in a beautifully erotic dream with one of my favorite male actors, when I heard the sound of my Call Me Maybe ringtone in the back of my mind.

I cracked my eyes open and hurriedly searched on the nightstand to my left for my iPhone. I tapped the screen, put the phone to my ear and was greeted to the sound of blaring rock music.

"Shit," I cursed, snatching the phone from my face.

Goddamn what time is it? I looked at the screen, blinking against the blinding light, it's 3 'o clock in the fucking morning!

"Hello?" I said into the reciever, almost hoping the other person wouldn't hear me so I could go back to my dream with Alexander Skarsgard.

"Helllooooo," someone sang back.

"Who the hell is this? Do you know what time it is?"

"I think it's time for you to get a watch," the man snickered.

"Oh fuck you I'm hanging up,"I rolled my eyes.

"No, no, no, Summer it's me Aidan, don't hang up wait!"

I shot up immediately.

Aidan? My tall, dark haired, green eyed and delicously ripped neighbor Aidan?

"Oh hey Aidan what's up?" I asked in my most sweetest voice.

"Hey I'm sorry for waking you up," he apologized.

"Oh no you didn't wake me up I-I've been up for, uh, hours," I stuttered, flinching. Why do I have to be such a nerd?

"Um ok, well uh, I called because I'm kind of in a situation and the only person I could think of calling was you."

Oh God he was thinking about me? "Aww that's sweet," I bit my tongue, quit being weird you weirdo! Don't screw this up, "I mean uh, what's wrong?"

"Well, earlier I'd gone to some stupid party and many beers later, I end up in some club clear across town and now I have no way to get home. I'd call a cab, but I only have a twenty on me and I don't think that'll cover the tab and you know how the drivers out here are. Can you come pick me up and I swear I'll make it up to you?"

"Sure!" I said a little too excitedly," I mean, yeah I guess. What's the name of the club and I'll be there as soon as I can."

He gave me the name and before hanging up said, "And hey Summer?"

"Yeah Aidan?" I said hopefully.

"Thanks for doing this, you're a great friend."

My heart completely sank.

"Oh yeah, no problem," I said solemly.

I put the phone back on my nightstand, he said I was a 'great friend', not something every girl wants to hear from the man she's attracted too.

I pushed the covers back and climbed out of bed. I went into my bathroom and stripped in front of the mirror, giving myself a once over. I didn't think I was 'beautiful' but everyone else said I was. Pretty maybe, but beautiful? No. I had waist length brown hair, a tiny mouth, tiny nose, and blue eyes too big for my face. I had really pale skin, almost translucent, with, thank God, zero blimishes or tan lines. I had average sized breast, C's, with tiny pink nipples. But the part of my body I was most proud of was my butt.

I turned around in the mirror and winked before giggling softly. I loved my butt. It was so perky and round and soft and firm all at the same time. But even my perfect ass wasn't enough to catch Aidan's attention sexually.

All he ever wanted from me was for me to babysit his german shepard, Murphy. While he went out and brought back big titted blondes and fucked them all through the night. I hated those bitches. It seemed like every one of them looked at me so patheticly as I quitely excused myself from his house every Saturday night.

"Yes!" I wanted to scream at them, "Yes I know that Aidan would rather go out and fuck every girl but me!"

'Stop Summer, don't bring yourself down. Just get in the shower, get ready, and go pick his sexy ass up', I told myself.

With a final glance in the mirror I stepped into the shower, turned on the water and let the heat run over my sleepy skin. My mind drifted as I squeezed my favorite honey scented soap into a cloth and scrubbed it over my skin. I wonder how he's going repay me?

With that curosity coursing through my mind I finished up, stepped out and patted myself dry. I walked to my closet and chose a knee length blue spaghetti strap dress with white sandals. I opted against a bra and slipped on a pair of blue boy short panties. Before leaving I brushed my teeth and combed my hair into a pony tail.

Taking the stairs down from my fifth floor apartment, I power walked through the parking garage to my car.

I turned the car on and typed the name of club into the GPS system. Goddamn it's pratically 50 miles away! I sighed, oh well, the things you do for cock. Like he's ever going to give it to me anyway.

"Oh shut up," I rolled my eyes at myself and left the garage.

About 45 minutes later I pull up at this dingy looking club and spot Aidan leaning against a light pole. I honked my horn and waved at him. He turned his head toward me and smiled before pushing himself off the pole, taking a few steps, and then falling flat on his face. I gasped and ran out of the car towards him.

"Oh God are you ok?"

He chuckled softly, "Yeah, just a little embarrassed."

I helped him from the ground, slung his arm over my shoulders and walked him to the passenger side of the car. After adjusting the seat to go back as far as it could, because he was so damn tall, he slumped into the seat.

"Wait," he slurred as I was closing the door, "I forgot how to buckle up."

I felt myself redden as I leaned across him and clipped the belt into place. I heard him chuckle next to my ear and I felt chills go down my spine.

Before I could retreat he grabbed my hand and stroked my palm before saying, "Thank you," his green eyes burning into mine.

"N-n-no problem," I stuttered, having him so close and touching me was making me nervous.

He chuckled again before releasing me. I closed the door, went around to the driver side and drove away from the nightclub. Neither of us said anything for awhile but I could feel his eyes on me.

"Are you cold?"

"Um, no. Why?" I asked confused,"Are you?"

"Why are your nipples so hard?"

I gasped and looked down at my chest. Oh God they're like two little torpedos!

"That is a very rude thing to say!" I blushed, using one of my arms to try to cover my chest.

He laughed loudly, "You're right I'm sorry, I just can't take my eyes off them, it's like your hypnotizing me."

I blushed even more, "Well, try harder."

He laughed again and that was the end of our 'conversation'. I was shocked, was Aidan flirting with me? He'd never done it before and we'd known each other for over a year.

Last June at 21 years old I'd finally moved out of my parent's house and into an apartment building by myself. I was fresh out of community college with a RNA liscense and was happy to be on my own. I was especially happy when I got a look at my 27 year old neighbor. But until now, he'd only ever addressed me with complete respect. I sighed and decided it was probably the alcohol.

What felt like hours later, we pulled into the parking garage. I went around the car and helped Aidan out. We slowly walked over to the elavator and I propped him against the wall before pressing our floor number and pressing myself against the opposite wall. Aidan was looking at me all over and I felt a warming in my lower tummy.

"You look beautiful in that dress Summer," he slurred.

I blushed, "Thanks."

"You're so cute when you blush."

I blushed even more and he chuckled under his breath.

"Are you a virgin?"

I felt my mouth dry at his question.

"Don't be embarrased if you are."

I turned head away, "No,"I huffed, slightly offended. Do I just look so unfuckable?

"I didn't mean to be rude, you just look so delicate and innocent."

I looked at him and smiled, "You have no idea."

The corners of his mouth lifted into a mischivous grin and he was about to say something when the elavator binged opened. Once again, I put his arm over my shoulder and we walked over to his door.

"Can you get my keys from my front pocket and unlock my door please?"

I reached into his right pocket and fished around. I gasped and stilled as I felt my knuckles brush against his cock.

He chuckled and whispered huskily, "That's not my house key Summer."

I reddened and pressed my lips together, refusing to meet his heated gaze and snatched my hand from his pocket and reached into his left. I grabbed the key and opened the door. We stepped into the apartment and were greeted by Murphy jumping up and down and barking his head off.

"Hey Murphy! Hey boy!"Aidan said, "Can you help me to my room and feed Murph for me please?"

I agreed and helped him to his room where he flopped onto his California king sized bed. I looked around kinda amazed, I'd never been in here before. Everything was, black. The chairs, dressers, the silk sheets and pillows on the bed, all black. The bed looked so comfy too. It was so high from the ground and deep with four pillars at each corner. And with hot cheeks I noticed there were vilcro strap restraints on each of them.

I turned on my heel and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed Murphy's bowl, filled it, and was putting it on the hardwood floor when I heard a noise behind me. I turned around and Aidan was there standing behind the kitchen counter, shirtless. I felt myself wetten as my eyes devoured the sight of his muscular chest, which had a light sprinkling of hair that thinned to a line down his stomach.

"You know when you bend over like that, your dress comes up right below your little ass, a very nice ass at that," He whispered huskily, and chuckled as I blushed once again, "Thank you for all your help Summer. You're really amazing."

I swallowed thickly and struggled to keep my eyes on his face, "N-no problem. I'll just go home now."

But I didn't move, I just stood there staring at him like an idiot. Aidan smiled darkly and came around the counter towards me and my jaw dropped.

He. Was. Naked.

I mean cock swinging and balls dangling naked. And God his cock was a monster! It had to be at least 10 inches in length and 3 1/2 inches in width. No wonder those bimbos screamed and moaned so loud when they were with him. And that thin line of hair spread over his crotch and over his balls lightly.

I licked my lips and looked at Aidan as he came towards me, an almost animalistic look in his eyes. He grabbed me by my arms and crushed his mouth to mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I pushed my fingers into his hair and pulled his head to mine, accepting his desire and wanting more. I licked and nipped at his mouth, sucking his tongue and bottom lip into my greedy mouth.

Moaning I broke away, "Aidan, mmm, we can't do this."

"Why," he questioned, kissing across my jawline and down my neck.

"You're drunk."

He kissed my lips again before looking into my eyes, "I'll still make you cum," he promised, and began nipping at my jaw and ears.

I shivered at the thought of what Aidan could do to me, "But why now," I gasped as he licked at the nips, "Why tonight? After all this time?"

Breathing heavily he said, "Since the first time I saw you I wanted to fuck you, devour you. I used to hate it when you would prance around the apartment pool in those skimpy bikinis. And you were killing me when you came over in those tiny little jean shorts with half your ass hanging out to watch Murphy. But you just seemed so innocent and I thought you still were. But when you told me in the elavator that you weren't, I decided that tonight I was going to fuck you."

I moaned and kissed him hard. Our teeth banged together as we gasped into each other's mouth. I felt him grip my ass with both hands and press me to his erection. I gasped, toed off my sandals, and wrapped my legs around his waist, my hot, panty clad center pressed tightly against his cock.

Aidan walked us to his room and settled me onto the bed, taking down my hair and stripping me of my dress and panties. Laying back, I spread my legs wide and rubbed a hand softly against my landingstrip waxed pussy.

"Are you going to fuck me?" I breathed, looking him in the eye as I masturbated for him, flicking my clit around, circling it softly.

He licked his lips as he watched me stroke myself, "Yes, I am," he breathed huskily, "Finger fuck yourself for me, do it hard."

I moaned as I pushed two fingers inside me, immediately pumping them violently. I planted my feet and started humping my pussy against my fingers, almost forgetting that Aidan was there. The only thing louder than my moans was the sucking sound of my wet cunt clenching on my fingers.

With my other hand I rubbed my clit vigarously, determined to cum all over myself. I slipped a third finger into my pussy and moaned loudly at the slight burn and fucked myself harder, feeling my juices leaking down to cover my ass.

My hips were completely off the bed as I humped against my hand, which was covered with the juices from my cunt. I gasped as I felt Aidan grab my ass cheeks and push my pussy to his face. I moaned deeply as I felt him lick all over and around my pistoning fingers. I removed the hand on my clit and tried to steady myself on the bed as he put my legs over his shoulders so my entire lower half was lifted. I continued finger fucking myself as I felt him tongue my asshole.

"Oh God yes, fuck. Oh fuck, yes lick my asshole. I'm gonna cum on your fucking face, mmmmm yes!"

Aidan pushed my fingers away and shoved his tongue deep inside my spasming pussy. I moaned loudly as I felt him wriggle his tongue inside me while I came, and I screamed as I felt him push one of his fingers in my ass.

My body locked on itself as he pumped his finger hard in my ass, prolonging my orgasm, causing more of my cum to gush into his mouth. When my body spasms slowed to shivers, he lowered me to bed and wiped his face. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily and my body slick with sweat. I moaned softly as I felt him cup my breasts, squeezing them and molding them into my body.

My back arched as he plucked at my nipples, pulling them hard before releasing them to let my breasts bounce on my chest. I sucked in a sharp breath as he bit my nipples, pain going down my body, but I liked it.

I opened my eyes and watched him as licked away the stings, sucking my breasts into his mouth. I giggled as he pushed my breasts together and tried to take them into his mouth at the same time. He laughed and leaned up to kiss me before coming to lay by my side.

He stroked my face softly and looked into my eyes, "I want your mouth on my cock."

I felt myself wetten hearing those words leave his lips, it was so kinky. I rose to my knees and pushed his legs open slightly. I settled between the vee of his legs and got down on my stomach. I didn't take Aidan's cock in at first, first I teased him. I kissed his hip bones, circled his belly button with my tongue. I looked up at him as I nuzzled his cock with my cheek. I gasped as he growled and reached a hand down to grip my hair tightly.

"Suck me, now," he said firmly.

It turned me on that he was so forceful, so dominant. With his hand still in my hair I complied, grabbing his dick by the base and licking his tip like it was the sweetest lollipop I ever tasted.

He moaned as I circled him, pressing my tongue against his hole, nipping lightly and sucking his tip softly. Still sucking his tip, I stroked my hand up and down his thick shaft. He released my hair and moaned, softly pumping his hips up against my hand.

"Sit on my face, I want to taste you while you suck me."

I released him with a final lick , got up, put my knees on either side of his head, and settled my pussy over his face. I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth, moaning around his length when I felt his tongue push against my clit. I braced my hands on his thighs and using just my mouth, I pumped my head over his dick, taking in his full length and stopping just at his head before diving down again.

I moaned on his cock hard as I felt Aidan spread my lips and lick my slit from top to bottom. I shivered as he flicked my clit, sucking my clit deeply before letting it pop from his mouth. Sometimes the pleasure was so intense I would let his cock fall from my mouth and moan loudly, humping my pussy against his face. He would smack my ass smartly to tell me to get back to his cock and I would greedily take his dick into my mouth, even more eager to suck it than before.

Using only my mouth I worshipped his cock. I sucked him in deep, gagged myself on him, licking him all over his throbbing shaft, sometimes releasing him to attack his balls. I nipped at his balls and sucked them deep into my mouth, licking his sack wildly, covering them in my hot saliva.

I moaned against his balls as I felt him alternate between tongue fucking my pussy and pressing his tongue against my quivering asshole. I raised my head and looked back at him, and I humped even harder against his mouth, moaning loudly. He reached a hand up and smacked my ass hard, causing me to yelp and take his cock into my mouth, jacking his dick furiously, determined to make him spew his cum down my throat.

All of a sudden I felt him grip my head and push my mouth down his entire length. I shivered as I felt him moan into my pussy as he came violently down my throat. His cum was so thick and hot and it slid down my throat delicously. His cock jumped with each jet of his cum in my throat and I swallowed thickly around his shaft. When he released my head I shot up, gasping for air.

I screamed as Aidan gripped my hips hard and began attacking my cunt. His tongue was everywhere, on my lips, my clit, inside me and pushing against my asshole. I fucked his face violently, not caring if he could breath, if I was hurting him. The only thing I cared about was smothering him with my cum.

"Eat me, eat my fucking cunt!" I screamed, cumming deeply and beautifully.

I moaned as he smacked my ass repeatedly. My pussy clenched on his tongue and when my hips slowed to a stop I rolled off him, shaking from my orgasm.

But Aidan wasn't done with me yet, not for a long shot.

He came over me and pushed my legs open. Gripping his cock, he pointed it towards my pussy and slid in with one forceful thrust. I grapped up the bed sheets, my back arched, my eyes wide open, and I screamed at the top of my lungs. His cock filled me to overflowing. I could feel every throb, every vein, every pulse, every ridge of his dick. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him towards me.

He positioned his hands on either side of my face and pulled out to the tip. His eyes on my face he shoved his cock in deeply, moving me across the mattress. I moaned loudly, begging him to do it again, more, to never, ever stop. He reached under my arms and gripped my shoulders, holding me in place for the savage fucking I was about to receive.

"Fuck me Aidan," I whispered against his mouth, "Fuck me hard."

He lost all control he ever had.

He put his forehead against mine and fucked his cock into me. He pulled out to his tip and shoved his way in all the way to the base. Over and over and over he slammed his dick into me. The bed was squeaking loudly, banging against the wall violently.

His balls slapped into my ass repeatedly and the sound of our bodies meeting together wetly filled the room. I moaned loudly, digging my nails into his ass, pulling him into my pussy deeper, needing more of him in me, wanting all of him.

"Beg me," he breathed against my mouth, "Beg me to make you cum all over my fucking cock."

"Please, Aidan, please make me cum", I whimpered, "Make cum on your dick please. Let me cum Aidan. I want to cum all over your fucking cock!"

He pushed into me harder, picking up the tempo, the shaking of the bed becoming even more violent. He grunted and groaned with each vicious thrust.

"Yes Aidan! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," I moaned with each thrust of his cock inside me.

I wanted to feel him cum in me, to splatter my walls with his cum. He gripped my neck and he kissed me hard. I could taste his darkness, his desire in that kiss. I moaned into his mouth as my pussy quivered around his dick. I'd never been so wet, so aroused in all my life. I wanted to be more naked, for this to never end, to cum all over him.

I couldn't think straight. Nothing going through my mind made sense. The only thing making sense was Aidan fucking me so good, so hard, so fast and I wanted more. I wanted him to fuck me until it hurt. Until I would I never be able to be with another man again, because it was only him. Only Aidan could make me cum like this, only Aidan could make me this wet.

"Aidan, Aidan, Aidan," I chanted into his mouth.

His cock was bouncing me against him and his hand on my shoulder pulled me back down. I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and spread them as wide as I could, wanting him deeper.

"I'm going to cum so fucking hard inside you," he growled against my mouth.

I moaned, "Give it to me you motherfucker, I want to feel you fill me with your cum!"

With one last thrust he pushed his hips into me and roared, literally roared. Veins came out in his neck as his back bowed, and his body jolted with each spray of his cum inside me. I screamed as my pussy clenched down on his cock tightly, holding him in place, forbidding him to leave. My body shook as I came beneath him, my nails digging into him so deeply I knew I'd penetrated skin.

He slumped against me momentarily before rolling onto his back and taking me with him. I lay there on his chest bonelessly as I felt him trace my spine with his fingers, I listened to his heartbeat, trying to calm my own.

"You are so amazing, so beautiful," he rumbled softly.

"You're amazing too," I said sleepily. I was just about to drift off when I felt him smack my ass sharply.

"Ow!" I exclaimed, now wide awake.

"No falling asleep on me," he chuckled, "It's shower time."

"Mmm are you going to bathe me?"

"I'm going to do things to you no man should ever do."

I giggled and propped my chin up on his chest, "I like the sound of that, but when do you plan on repaying me for picking you up?"

He looked shocked, "I just fucked the living daylights out of you, isn't that enough?"

I laughed, "I think you could probably do better than this," I teased, " You are drunk after all."

He rolled me onto my back and pinned my hands on the side of my head, "Is that a challenge?"


His mouth lifted into an evil grin and I shivered as his voice lowered in a promising tone.

"Challenge accepted."
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