Chloe Comes Calling Chapter 4

By Alex7

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Chloe walked into the shade at the side of the house. "Are you two coming, or what?" she called. With that she raised her hands, and covered her breasts. I looked down at India, who was still breathing heavily on the sun lounger.

"We'll be there in a minute. I think your friend needs to recover," I answered.

"I'll be inside. Come and join me. Whenever you're ready, that is..." she trailed off, not quite managing to hide the frustration from her voice. With that, she turned and stepped through the open door.

"How are you doing?" I asked India, who was still prone on the sun lounger.

" Mmmm, yes I'm fine thanks," she answered, a relaxed smile spread across her lips. "Never better." She reached up and ran her fingers through her long, dark hair.

"Can I ask something?" I said, and kneeled down beside India. Partly so I would be at her level, and partly to relieve the ache in my balls.

"Sure," she replied. "What's on your mind?"

"How long have you and Chloe been, you know, together?" India crossed her arms over her flat stomach.

"I've known Chloe for a few years, and I've always sensed an attraction to her, but I never recognised it for what it was. It wasn't until a few months ago that one day we started to fool around a bit in her bedroom, and she kissed me. I was surprised at first, because I had only been with boys before. This felt, I don't know, different. I to kissed her back, and I got really horny . We began to explore each other's bodies, and she knew just what to do to make me feel good. When she put her fingers inside me for the first time, I had my first orgasm with someone else. It was almost unreal. Ever since that day, we get together whenever we can, but we still see boys too. Does that make sense?"

"Sure,"I said. "You can't always choose who makes you feel good, or who you fall in love with."

"I don't think I'm in love with Chloe. I don't know, it's all just so confusing... One thing you should know is that she likes to be the one in charge."

"I've found that out already," I replied, recalling the time she came over on that rainy Saturday morning.

"Anyway, we had better be getting inside. Did you see that look she have us when she went in?" I said as I stood up. "

"Yeah, it won't hurt her to wait a bit," she replied with a sly smile.

I extended my left hand towards India. She grasped it, and also got unsteadily to her feet. Perspiration covered her dusky skin, and glittered in the bright sunlight. Her dark nipples stood erect.

"Fuck, that was intense," she whispered. I glanced down at the towel laid across the sun lounger, and I noticed the large damp patch on the lower third. I resisted the urge to push her back down onto the plastic bed, and take her there and then. My erection had subsided, but had lost none of it's length, or thickness. My balls still ached. I needed to cum, badly.

I'm surprised you're able to stand upright," I replied as she drew closer towards me. I felt the wet tip of my cock brush against her upper thigh, leaving a spot of glistening pre-cum. She lightly placed a hand on my upper arm.

She seemed to sense what I was thinking and stood on tip toes. "Come on, let's head inside," she whispered, her lips grazed my ear lobe. She started to walk towards the house, and I followed; my cock swung between my legs with each step.

"Chloe, where are you?" India called. I looked around the small, tidy kitchen. There was no sound, apart from the quiet hum of the refrigerator. India went to the doorway that separated the kitchen from the hallway. "Chloe. Chloe," she called again.

I thought I could hear a quiet moan. I raised my finger to my lips. "Sshh," I gestured to India. She listened intently, and pointed down the hallway. She padded through; her bare feet slapped quietly on the beechwood laminate floor. She stopped abruptly at the living room door. I walked into her, not expecting her to stop, and looked over her shoulder. Chloe was led on the dark brown leather sofa, her bikini bottoms discarded on the cream, deep pile carpeted floor. Wooden blinds were partially closed over the large window, shielding the room from the outside world. Her left hand was squeezing her breast, while the other was slowly rubbing between her legs.

She opened her eyes as we entered the room. "You two took your time didn't you?" she murmured.

"It doesn't look as though you've wasted any," I said, as I felt my cock regain it's hardness. She withdrew her middle and index fingers from her glistening slit.

What are you waiting for, India? It's my turn now," Chloe said sternly. India walked over to the sofa, and kneeled down on the floor, her pink bikini bottoms stretched over her tight, pert ass. She ran her tongue over Chloe's fingers.

"Mmm you taste so good," India murmured. I watched as she took them into her mouth, and sensuously bobbed her head up and down. She must give amazing blowjobs, I thought to myself.

"India, you're such a dirty bitch," Chloe breathed, and tilted her head back. Her long, dark hair cascaded over the arm of the sofa. India leaned forward; her small breasts pressed against the front of the three seater, and began to plant light kisses on the inside of Chloe's thighs. Chloe parted her legs to allow her easier access to her smooth pussy.

I walked over, and stood behind India. My thick, erect cock pointed at Chloe. She lifted her head, and opened her eyes. "What's matter, Alex? Are you feeling left out?" she asked with a sly smile playing on her lips.

"Um, yeah a little," I admitted. Chloe motioned at me to come closer, and tilted her head back once more. I watched as India climbed onto the sofa between Chloe's legs, and began to suck noisily on her clit. I took a couple of steps, and stood with Chloe's head between my legs. She reached up with her right hand, and started to stroke my shaft.

"God, you're so hard," she said as her hand made a small twisting motion as it reached the top. She pulled me closer so my balls were above her mouth.

"You keep that up, and I'm going to cum," I sighed.

"Isn't that the idea?" she answered, and flicked her tongue against the underside of my shaved sac. I groaned as a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of my cock, and slid down my shaft. She just managed wrap her hand around the base, capturing my balls between her thumb and forefinger. The ache in my balls intensified, but it was not an unpleasant sensation. She ran her tongue over the underside of my rock hard member, and captured the drop of pre-cum with her tongue.

I'd had enough of being teased and thought it was time I took control of the situation. I gripped her head between my thighs. I held my cock in my hand, and I guided it between her lips and into her slightly open mouth. She placed her upturned hands either side of my groin to stop me going too deep, too quick. I felt her tongue slide over the top of my bulbous head, and I slowly withdrew.

I repeated the motion, each time going a bit deeper into her warm, wet mouth. Her hands offered little resistance, until they fell completely away from the tops of my legs. I started fucking her face ever harder, and ever deeper. A string of spit formed at the corner of her mouth, and start to slide down her cheek until it dangled precariously from her jaw.

I looked down at India. Her face was still buried between Chloe's legs, and her ass was raised in the air. Chloe breathed noisily out of her nose, as the head of my cock filled her throat. I withdrew completely, allowing her to take a deep breath. A second string of saliva connected us.

"Fucking hell, that feels so fucking good," she gasped and began to buck her hips against India's face. India sensed that Chloe was close, and she doubled her efforts. I could see her head moving up and down, as she alternated between fucking her pussy with her tongue and sucking on her clit.

"Oh fucking hell India, don't stop, don't stop. That's it, keep it there," she gasped.

"Fuck me... Oh fuck, oh fuck." Her breathing grew faster, and she arched her back once more.

"Ohh, fuck, fuck me," she gasped as her body went rigid; and waves of ecstasy almost visibly washed over her body.

I couldn't hold back any longer and fed my throbbing cock into Chloe's mouth once more, not stopping until I hit the back of her throat. I felt her cough and gag a little, but I was too far gone to care.

"Oh Chloe," I gasped. "I'm going to fill your mouth." She looked up at me with her big, brown eyes, and nodded her head slightly .

Oh fuck," I grunted, and looked up at the ceiling. With one final thrust, I unleashed a torrent of cum into her mouth. Chloe coughed, and some spilled out of the sides, and dripped down onto the dark brown leather. I withdrew completely, and coaxed out the final spurts with my hand. Some shot onto her chest and throat, while the last few drops fell onto her cheek and nose. Chloe swallowed deeply.

"I think you needed that," she said huskily, and wiped some of the cum running down her cheek with her fingertips.

I looked over Chloe's naked, spent body at India, who was sitting back on her heels, and watched what was unfolding in front of her. The lower part of her face was wet, and shiny with Chloe's juices.

"That was incredible," I sighed. India chewed on her lower lip, and Chloe sat up cross legged on the sofa. India lowered her head and began to lick up the spots of cum which peppered Chloe's tits.

"Mmm, you taste good." India fixed me with a stare. I felt my cock stiffen once more. Chloe uncrossed her legs, lay back on the sofa and pulled India down on top of her. Their mouths met, and they kissed deeply. Chloe's hands danced down the sides of India's body, until she reached her pink bikini bottoms. Chloe hooked her fingers into the waistband, and started to ease them over her hips. I walked around to the other end of the sofa; and pulled India's bikini the rest of the way down her legs, and over her feet.

Her face was buried against Chloe's tits, and she took a sensitive nipple into her mouth. Slowly she teased it with her lips and her tongue. I admired her pert, round ass which was raised in the air; and her bald pussy lips that glistened between her slightly parted thighs. My hand glided over her smooth cheeks, and down between her legs. In response she arched her back, and pushed her bum a little higher in the air.

"India, I want you to put your arms behind your back," Chloe whispered as she sat upright, and placed her hands either side of India's face. India nodded and obeyed without question. She put her wrists together against the small of her back, and I grasped them both in one hand. Her face was turned to the side, and her cheek rested on the dark brown leather between Chloe's outstretched legs.

I moved closer behind her, and began to rub the tip of my erect cock against India's juicy, wet slit. She let out a small moan, and pushed back against me. Her lips parted as I slowly eased the first couple of inches into her.

"How does it feel?" Chloe whispered to India.

"Mmm. So good," India breathed in reply and pushed harder against me.

"Fuck India, you're so tight," I said as I pulled back, so only the bulbous head of my cock was inside her.

"I should have loosened her with my vibrator," Chloe replied as she stroked India's hair.

I thrust a few more inches inside of her, and watched her pussy stretch around my cock. I felt her walls squeezing me, and I gripped her wrists a little tighter. I started to thrust into her a little more forcefully, and India cried out.

"That's it, babe. Take that cock. You want to be fucked don't you?" Chloe said.

India nodded. "Yes..."

I was almost totally inside her. Her pussy gripped my cock as I pushed in, almost bringing me to the edge each time. I slapped her ass with my free hand, and left a red mark on her cheek. She pushed back against me, and I felt her wet lips against the base of my penis. I could tell I was close, and I felt the familiar tightening in my balls.

"Fuck me, India," I gasped and forcefully pulled her wrists back so I was buried up to the hilt in her.

"Oh Alex," she screamed as I felt a bolt of cum shoot into her tight pussy. "Fuck yes, fuck yes." I could feel her juices running down my shaft, my balls and running down my inner thighs.

I continued pumping into her until my orgasm had subsided. "Oh India," I breathed as I withdrew. She clenched her pussy, and forced a globule of cum out. It hit the leather sofa with a soft smack.

"I think you enjoyed that, didn't you slut," Chloe asked rhetorically.

"Oh yes, I'm your slut," India replied breathlessly, her cheeks were flushed and perspiration stuck her hair to her face.

I looked at the clock. It read twelve thirty. I had two hours.

A click came from the hallway, and a gust of warm air blew in as the front door opened.