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Cinderella's Spin Around the Kingdom

It had been many years since the passing of Cinderella’s mother, but the freshness of her father’s passing was still new. Five years ago, at the age of thirteen, Cinderella had lost her only parent and had been left in the care of her Stepmother, Maleficent. 

Life drastically changed after that day. Gone were the days that she went to balls, had new gowns, or even sat at the family dinner table. No; since the day her father passed, Cinderella was a slave to Maleficent and her two daughters, Flora and Alice. She woke with the sun, cleaned, mended clothing, and was at the beck and call of the three “ladies” of the house. But on the day of her eighteenth birthday, Cinderella’s life would change.

The chirping of birds woke Cinderella who opened her sleepy eyes and glanced around the room. She guessed it to be almost three o’clock in the morning as she stretched into a big yawn. Throwing back the covers, Cinderella rose from bed and started towards the washing bin to freshen up. Her nightgown slowly slipped to the floor and she made a grab for a sponge and quickly poured water into the basin. Wetting the sponge, she slowly ran it over her neck and shoulders and down her ample, pert breasts. Her nipples tightened at the cold water and she gave a shiver as she continued to run the sponge down her body.

Here lately, Cinderella had been getting very odd urges. Her body seemed to be changing and there was an urge that she didn’t quite yet understand. It started a week ago, but today seemed like it was going to be the worst. Every scrape of the sponge on her body parts sent shivers through her and it frustrated her because she didn’t know what to do. She briefly thought to herself that maybe she should take a trip to the town doctor if it didn’t get better.

With a shake of her head, Cinderella tossed the sponge in the basin and quickly began to dress. It being her eighteenth birthday would not faze her stepmother and stepsisters. They would expect their breakfast and morning tea regardless. The kitchen wasn’t far from her little room and the ladies wouldn’t be up for at least three more hours, but this was the time that Cinderella had all to herself. She busied herself making her breakfast and sat down with an old book. So engrossed in this book was Cinderella that she didn’t notice the dull brightening of the room before going back to dim candlelight.

A soft clearing of the throat cut through the silence. Cinderella’s head snapped up with a gasp and she almost tripped over her stool in trying to stand. Before her was a beautiful woman in a blue gossamer gown. Cinderella blushed because as her eyes took in the woman before her, she could see her high milky breasts, blush pink nipples, and her woman’s mound.

“Hello, Cinderella,” said the lady with a smile. She had this fairy-like aura around her.

“H-h-hello, ma’am, err, milady!”

“You may call me Aurora. I’m sure you’re wondering why I am here before you.”

“Yes. Is there something I can do for you?”

“No, sweet child. I am here for you. You see, I am your fairy godmother. I’ve been watching over you since your Mother passed away. She herself used to be a fairy godmother until she fell in love with your father. She gave up her magic to be with him. I only wish she could have lived to see the beautiful young lady you have turned into.”

“You knew my mother?! What was she like? Do I look like her? Why are you here? Why didn’t you stop Maleficent—“

“Shh, child. I know that you have a lot of questions, but I can only stay for a short while. Your question will be answered in due time, but for now, the matter at hand. You are a woman now and I’m sure that you’ve been noticing urges here lately. Feeling that you can’t explain?”

“Why yes, yes I have.”

“Your powers have been coming into you. You’ve always been a beautiful young girl, but you will be considered the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. Men will be drawn to you, but you must save yourself for the prince. You see, your powers are of a sexual nature. You will be able to draw men in with your womanly and sensual nature. You will bring your prince to his knees with your talented tongue and sweet, tight pussy. Don’t blush girl! Your body was made to be fucked and though you are sweet and innocent, from your mouth will you pleasure your prince with the language of a whore. You will know what to do, my child. I have cast a sleeping spell on your stepmother and Stepsisters for the day. You have until midnight tonight to catch your prince. There will be obstacles, but no matter what you do, do not let the cock of any man but the prince’s enter your pussy. If you do, you will wake up here tomorrow and once again be at the mercy of your family. If you succeed, however, you will become the princess and win the handsome prince.”

“What do I have to do, Aurora?”

“First, I need you to stand in front of me. Now, hold still and don’t be afraid.”

Cinderella closed her eyes as Aurora said a soft chant. She could feel her body tingle and squeezed her eyes tighter.

“Open your eyes, Cinderella.”

Cinderella’s eyes snapped open and immediately lowered to the tiny strap of fabric that now clung to her body.

“Only those meant to see you will see you on your journey today. Each will try unwittingly to stop you from succeeding. You must summon your will power to not fail. Now, walk to the castle and remember two things: One, you will be invisible to all but the ones who are meant to see you. Second, do not let another man’s cock enter your pussy if he is not the prince.”

“Yes, Aurora, I understand.”

“Good girl. Now, hurry to the castle!”

With that, Aurora was gone and Cinderella stood in the kitchen confused. She tried pinching herself to make sure it was all real, but every time she looked down, she was wearing the scandalous piece of clothing. It was black and sheer and stopped right below the globes of her bottom. She ran her hands over the smooth fabric and walked to the mirror in the corner. Her pale pink nipples pressed against the fabric and the glistening lips of her womanhood shown through the gown. She forced herself not to blush as she ran her hands down her bare thighs and around to the back as she turned and bared her ass. She made herself put aside embarrassment and after a second look, walked out of the house and set off on the trail through the woods. At the very end, atop the mountain, was the castle.

Cinderella had been walking for almost an hour when she heard a small stream near the path. She didn’t think to bring anything with her and she was thirsty. Stepping away from the path, she walked the short distance to the stream where she knelt to cup the water to her mouth. Behind her, a twig snapped, and Cinderella stood quickly and turned to the woods. There, at the edge of the woods, was a man. He was almost a foot taller than her with shaggy black hair, piercing green eyes, broad shoulders, and muscles…muscles everywhere. Cinderella gaped at the specimen of the man before her and realized quickly that he could see her.

“Are you a wood nymph?

Cinderella wasn’t sure what to say, but she figured it was best if he believe that she was a magical creature.

“Yes. I am.” She remembered what Aurora said about her feminine wiles and quickly added, “Come closer.”

The man stepped closer to her and her eyes dropped to the obvious bulge in his breeches. She knew without ever learning that it was his cock and that it was hungry for her. She knew that it couldn’t enter her pussy, but what was the harm of touching it? Cinderella quickly felt a naughty feeling take over her.

“What is your name, sir?”


“Well, Ronan, I see that your cock is hungry for me. It looks so big and hard.” She walked up to him and pressed her breasts against his chest, running her fingers down his muscular arm. “Are you going to let me suck it, Ronan?”

Ronan was speechless, but reached between their bodies and undid his breeches, letting them fall to the ground. His cock sprung forth, hitting the woman before him in the stomach. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her hair was a long and silky black river, her skin soft and creamy. Her tits were gorgeous, full and rounded, and sat high. He could almost taste the pink nipples. Her waist dipped in and flared out into big hips and thick, creamy thighs. Before he had altered her to his presence, his eyes had been glued to her round, succulent ass.

Now, the nymph was lowered to her knees and the sight of her pink full lips at the tip of his cock sent his head reeling. He moaned loudly as her warm, wet mouth closed over the head and the tip of her tongue darted against his hard flesh. His hands moved on their own volition and sunk into her hair. Her moan vibrated his cock and he fisted her hair and started to pull her down on his cock.

Opening his eyes, he watched her bob on his cock, taking his monster length to the back of her throat. Spit poured out from the sides of her mouth and her blue eyes stared up at him. No woman had ever been able to take his whole length before and the feel of his cock disappearing into her throat made him want to cum. He began to fuck her face, his hands still fisted in her hair. She never flinched, but moaned, running her hands over her breasts, squeezing the ample globes and pinching her nipples.

“Holy fuck! Such a good little fucking cocksucker!” His head fell back as she moaned her agreement and he fucked her mouth faster, his strokes shallow. He was so close to coming when he felt her small hand squeeze his balls. The air left his lungs as his gaze shot to her. She continued to stare at him and he could feel her tongue perform magic.

His breathing became shallower and he started to ram his cock into her wet mouth. His grunts echoed against the trees and he held her face down on his cock as his cum erupted into the back of her throat. She moaned as he watched her swallow his seed, moving her head back to lick his cock clean. He stared down at her in amazement, but after a few seconds she disappeared.

Cinderella could tell instantly that he could no longer see her. She felt exhilarated and she reached her fingers down to her pussy and felt the wetness there. Her lips were swollen and throbbing and she knew now that her pussy needed release. She just hoped that she could soon find a way to relieve the pressure without breaking the rule.

Rising from her knees, Cinderella brushed off the dirt and walked back to the path. She walked for what seemed to be hours and every passing second seemed to be eternity to her pussy. Her thighs were slick with her juices and her nipples were hard as diamonds. She ran her hand over the top of her mound and was started by a new sensation. She stopped in the path and brushed her mound again. There! It was like a thousand lightning bolts had struck her pussy!

She pushed her finger between her lips and discovered the hard little nub hidden there. She moaned as she gave it a small flick and almost lost her footing. She opened her eyes and quickly looked around her for a place to rest and to explore this feeling. She spotted a nice size boulder and almost ran to get to it. She turned, placed her hands on the boulder, and pushed herself up the short distance. There was another rock on top of it and it was almost like sitting in a chair.

Cinderella looked down at her pussy lips. They were so swollen and slick with need and she spread her legs to get a better look at the pale pink center. Her fingers found the hard nub and began to rub. She almost lost her balance and placed her weight on her other hand, her head falling back in pleasure. Her cries were loud and her body writhed with the pleasure that she was being introduced to. She was starting to replay the scene with Ronan in her mind when she felt a pair of hands on her thighs. She opened her eyes and saw a man through her haze of need. He was even more handsome than Ronan, but in a more rugged way with the whiskers growing on his face. He was very solid and the hands on her thighs were big.

“Looks like you could use a little help, nymph. I could smell your pussy’s need from a mile away. “

“Please, sir, please. My pussy is aching so badly. Please make it stop!”

“Looks good enough to eat.” The man dropped to his knees and stared at the soaking pink pussy before him. She smelled sweet and musky and the sight of her tiny fingers rubbing her clit almost sent him over the edge. She was looking down at him with such need, waiting. An evil grin cut across his face before he buried it in her wet cunt. Her scream cut the through the air and her head flew back in ecstasy. He pushed her thighs open wider as his tongue invaded her wet hole. Her hips started to grind, pushing the sweet pussy into his face.

“Oh, fuck yes; you lick that pussy so good! Fuck me good with that big tongue of yours!” Her voice seemed to have dropped as she almost growled out the words. The feeling of his hot mouth against her was almost too much, but she knew this was what she needed. She humped his face, searching for release, begging for him to run that tongue of his across her sweet spot. He teased her. Ramming his tongue into her hole, only stopping to lick and bite the inside of her thighs. She begged and pleaded for him to make the torment stop, but this man seemed content in torturing her.

Only after what seemed to be an eternity did the man take that glorious tongue and run in up her dripping slit. She cried out and bucked as it hit the tip of her clit. She would have flown of the rock, but the man’s hands held her down and open to his mouth. She watched as his tongue flicked the sensitive nub and her fingers wove their way into his hair. She pulled him in, begging for the release. He would rapidly flick it one second and then the other, flatten his tongue and take long licks. She was in frenzy, shoving his face into her pussy, crying out, begging. His hands came up to engulf her tits, squeezing them until it burned.

“Oh, god! Yes! Squeeze them harder!” He answered with another hard squeeze and her guttural moan almost caused him to explode. “Eat that pussy! Please, make me cum! Please!”

Her begging cries turned him on as he ate her, scraping the inside of her thighs red with his whiskers. He pulled the fabric of her minuscule gown down under her tits and watched them push together and the heavy weight spill forward. He continued his rough treatment of her tits and finally decided to give her what she was begging for. Flattening his tongue, he rapidly pushed on her needy clit. Her head fell back and eyes squeezed shut. He could feel her body start to tremble and he knew it would be soon. Taking her clit into his mouth, he sucked. Hard. Her back came off the rock and her scream of release pierced the forest as he sucked her through the waves of her orgasm and tugged hard at her swollen nipples.

Cinderella’s mind flowed back down and her breathing steadied. She opened her eyes and watched the man before her untie his breeches. His cock was only a little smaller than Ronan’s, but it was fat. She licked her lips at the sight of it.

“Are you hungry for this cock, sweet vixen?”

“Oh, yes, I am.” He made a step closer and she panicked at the possibility of him sliding it into her pussy. She recovered quickly before he could tell and deftly slipped from the rock to stand before him. “I have a better idea, handsome.”

Cinderella lowered to squat against the rock. She was amazed at the dirty things that were rapidly coming to mind as she made a grab for his cock and started to rub the head against her nipples. He thrust forward with a grunt, his cock hardening at the sight. Dipping her head down, she spit on to his cock and rubbed it all over until it was slick and ready for her intentions. Letting go of his cock, she grabbed her tits and smothered his cock between them. With another spit, she demanded, “Now fuck my tits.”

The man was all too happy to oblige as he began to thrust in and out of the canal her lovely tits made and groaned with delight when she squeezed them tighter. His breath quickened and he felt his balls tighten at the sight of his head poking for the tops of her overflowing mounds. He fucked her tits slow, precum erupting as she slid the tip of her tongue across her lips.

Bringing his thumb to her mouth, he pushed it in and demanded her to suck. His thumb disappeared and he felt her tongue swirling around it and he felt it all the way to the tip of his dick. His pace quickened and the sight of her bouncing globes engulfing his cock fueled his orgasm. He gave a heavy grunt and thrust hard three times, watching his load spew on to the tops of her tits and chest. He slowly came to a halt, rubbing his cum into her.

And then she disappeared.

Cinderella sank to her knees and she watched the confusion on the man’s face. He could no longer see her. The release that she had felt when he sucked her pussy had been the temporary release that she needed, but even now, Cinderella could feel her pussy becoming wet and needy. Figuring on another long leg of her journey, she decided to bring herself to another orgasm.

Leaning back against the rock, she watched the man walk away. Her tits were still exposed and it gave her a thrill. Bringing her hand to her pussy, she spread her knees wide and started to rub her clit. Her head fell back against the rock and she moaned, her hips thrusting forward. She rubbed the hard nub, stopping to run her fingers through her fold and dipping into her pussy. She gasped, her cheeks flush with arousal. Pumping her fingers in and out, she began to hump her hand, her clit rubbing against the heel of her hand. She quickened her pace, her pussy squeezing around her fingers. The electricity that shot through her with every bump against her clit pushed her higher.

Her moans became louder, her hips humping frantically. Her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth opening to her breathy moans, her hand grinding against her clit as she came hard around her fingers. Her hips came to a slowly halt as she slowly rubbed her orgasm out. She took a moment to catch her breath before bringing herself to a wobbly stand. Straightening the bottom of her small gown she began to walk the trail. She smiled at her newfound womanly knowledge and looked down at her still exposed breasts.

Cinderella had been walking for a while. She could see the peeks of the castle towers in the near distance. She had been thinking of her experiences this morning. She smiled at the pleasure she had found and was curious to see what it would feel like to have the prince’s cock slide into her pussy. She found herself to be insatiable and wondered at all the things she would learn about this sexual side of herself.

Cinderella neared closer to the outer limits of the castle village. To her right up ahead, she spied a small cottage, smoke billowing from the chimney and behind it was a mountain stream. She decided to take a quick detour to the stream to freshen up before she found the prince. Anticipation tingled.

As she neared the back of the cottage she spotted a woman gathering water from a well. Aurora never said if she would be invisible to women or not, so Cinderella quietly walked toward her. As she neared closer, the woman looked up, her hands raising one at a time to grab and pull the rope. Cinderella watched as the woman noticed her and noticed even more the look of lust. It was the same look that she had seen on the two men.

Cinderella stood still as the woman finished pulling up the bucket and laid it on the edge of the well. The woman was striking with golden hair, ice blue eyes, fair skin, and had the body of a harlot. Her breasts swelled over her neckline, her waist cinched and flaring out to full hips.

“Are you a fairy?”

Cinderella decided to go with the assumption the men had. “I’m a nymph.”

“Do you have a name?”

“Aurora.” Cinderella didn’t think Aurora would be upset with her using her name.

“I’m Anne.” Anne looked at the beautiful woman before her. Her breasts were exposed, but she could see her body clearly through the sheer black garment that barely covered her. There was a reason Anne was a twenty-five year old woman who never married and the reason was because of the lust she felt for the nymph. She was never able to understand her feeling towards woman, but Anne had her fair share of discreet female relations over the years.

“Would you like to come in to my cottage, Aurora? I have luncheon on the fire.”

“I’d like that very much, thank you.”

Cinderella followed Anne into the cottage, taking the offered seat, and watched Anne check her pot over the fire.

“It’s not ready quite yet. “

“That’s alright. I’m sure we can find a way to make the time go by.” Cinderella noticed the spark light up in Anne’s eyes at this vague suggestion.

“Yes, yes, I’m sure we can. You know, you’re a very beautiful woman. I’ve never seen hair so silky or a body so feminine.”

“Thank you, Anne.“ Cinderella stood from the uneven stool and made her way to stand in front of Anne. Taking her hand, she led her to the corner of the small cottage where the bed lay and sat the two of them down.

“Anne.” Anne looked up into Cinderella’s eyes from where her eyes had been resting on her breasts. “I am only visible to those who are meant to see me. For whatever reason, I am here with you.” Cinderella was amazed already by differences there were between being with a man and woman…and Anne hadn’t even touched her yet!

“I’m very glad. I’ve always been attracted to women. This is something that I cannot let be known, but I do lead a very discrete and somewhat active love life.”

Cinderella leaned forward and placed her lips against Anne’s. They were soft and supple, so different from a man’s. Anne moaned deeply, sweeping her tongue into Cinderella’s mouth. Cinderella placed her hands on Anne’s face, pulling her in deeper, nibbling on her lips before sucking her tongue back into her mouth. Slowly, she started to lower Anne’s bodice, exposing her smooth shoulders and the tops of her breasts. Anne moaned and helped Cinderella by unhooking her arms from the sleeves.

Cinderella broke the kiss and stood them up, her hands gripping the top of Anne’s gown and pulling it down to reveal her full breasts. Her nipples were a cinnamon color and puckered to point. Leaning down, she grasped one into her mouth and sucked.

Anne’s head fell back and her hands ran through Cinderella’s hair, her pussy creating a pool of wetness at the first flick of Cinderella’s tongue.

Cinderella started unweaving the strings of her gown and when loosened gave it a good tug and it well to the floor in a puddle. Underneath, Anne wore nothing and Cinderella found this to be very naughty. Positioning Anne, she pushed her down onto the bed and the lay back on the mattress. Anne’s legs spread to accommodate her and the two began to kiss deeply. Cinderella’s hands grasped the firm globe of Anne’s breast and kneaded, her thumb circling the pert nipple. Anne moaned and rose against Cinderella. Moving away from her mouth, Cinderella moved down to take Anne’s nipples into her mouth, suckling them one at a time, her tongue making circles.

Moving down, Cinderella placed hot, open-mouthed kissed along Anne’s ribcage and her stomach. Anne’s fingers were threading through her hair and she felt the subtle push downward. Before her was a sexy sight. The woman’s pussy lips were swollen and wet, her hot pink center ready for attention. Using her thumbs to spread Anne’s lips, she found the swollen nub and lowered to run her tongue along it in long licks.

Anne’s hips came off the bed, smashing her pussy into Cinderella’s face, urging Cinderella to suck on her pussy lips hungrily. She used her hands to keep Anne’s lips spread as her tongue darted rapidly against her clit before dipping lower to pump her tongue into her tight hole. Anne’s cries were making Cinderella wet and her hips slowly started to hump against the mattress.

“Oh god, Aurora, that feels so good. You’re going to make me cum so hard!”

Cinderella looked up into the flushed face of Anne, watching Anne’s eyes grow heavy with pleasure as she watched her slowly roll her tongue over Anne’s clit.

“Fuck! That’s got me so close! Please, Aurora, suck it! Suck my little clitty until you make me cum!”

Cinderella moaned as she sucked the clit hard into her mouth. Anne screamed and she started to frantically hump Cinderella’s face. Cinderella put her forefinger and thumb on either side of Anne’s clit and pushed at her lips, baring the hard nub to her mouth completely. She made quick sucks, her teeth gently scraping. Anne’s cries became for passionate, her stomach spasming as she was pushed over into the orgasmic vortex.

Cinderella rose above Anne’s body and Anne used her hands to guide her up, motioning for Cinderella to sit of her face. This idea almost made Cinderella come. The first flick of Anne’s tongue was magic. She looked down into Anne’s eyes as her tongue began to assault her desperate pussy. Cinderella’s breathy moans spurred Anne on as Anne wrapped her arms underneath Cinderella’s thighs and used the leverage to pull her pussy into her face.

Cinderella started to slowly grind into Anne’s tongue as it invaded her pussy hole, the point of her nose nudging hard into her clit. Cinderella’s hand rose to her tits, taking the nipples between her fingers and pinching. She stretched the sensitive buds and felt it in her clit. She grabbed at her breaths, squeezing them hard as she spread her thighs wider to give Anne more access.

Anne’s tongue moved up to Cinderella’s clit and rapidly flicked it, stopping only to slurp on the swollen hard nub. Juices were running down her face and the scent of Cinderella’s arousal started to make her pussy swell with need. She started to suck on the nub repeatedly, making Cinderella’s hand fall back and her hands squeeze harder into her breasts. Her breaths became rapid and shallow, her mewing cries filling the air.

“Yes, Anne, don’t stop. Don’t stop. Oh, god, Anne, yes, right here! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck, I’m cumming! Aaaahhh!”

Anne pushed Cinderella off of her face and down the bed. Her dominate pussy needed to cum again. Cinderella fell back onto the mattress, legs spread wide, and Anne threaded her legs into Cinderella’s like a scissor. Scooting down, her pussy came into contact with Cinderella’s.

Cinderella gasped at this delicious turn of events and rose up on her hands to watch Anne’s pussy hump into hers. Each bump against her pussy sent a delicious shiver through her clit. She began to hump Anne back, their slick pussies humping and grinding against each other. The two women cried out, as they pushed desperately against each other. Cinderella grabbed Anne’s thigh and made their pussies flush. The linens became wet with their juices and their thighs glistened in the early afternoon sun. The two women became incoherent with need as they quickened their movements. The sound of their wetness filled their space and soon the women were spasming in orgasm, their hips jerking in release.

Anne lay back letting out a sigh of content. She smiled and said something to Cinderella. When she didn’t get a response, she opened her eyes and saw that Aurora the nymph was gone.

Cinderella slowly walked out of the cottage, her thighs still shaky from her release. That had been completely different than her experience with the men and in the most terrific way. Yesterday, she would have never thought of something like that being able to happen. She took her time getting back to the trail, relishing in her newfound experience.

Cinderella had finally made it to the castle. With the position of the sun, she guessed it to be about three in the afternoon. She had nine hours to find and ravish her prince before Aurora’s clock ran out.

As she approached the gates, they started to open. She panicked thinking that someone might have seen her, but her fears were laid to rest when she noticed a party coming through the gates. Knights.

She quickly moved passed them and onto castle grounds, quickly moving into the Castle itself. She was amazed at the rich opulence of the rooms that she passed. Blue, gold, damask pink….every room had its own color. Up ahead she saw the grand staircase and she made her way slowly up to the second level. People were running around and soon she learned that they were in preparation of a ball that would be taking place the next evening. She knew that her Step-Mother and her Step-sisters would be there as they always went to such things. She just really hoped that she would be there as the future Princess.

As she neared the end of a hallway that was line is rich, red carpet, Cinderella overheard two maids talking about the prince. She listened as they talked about taking hot water to his chambers and giggled about the prospect of giving the prince a bath. They stood there for several minutes talking and in that time Cinderella learned that her hope-to-be-future-prince was practically a sexual deviant.

Cinderella waited in that spot until she spied one of the maids return down the hallway. She followed the maid to the end and through the last door on the right. As she walked into the Prince’s chambers, she was taken aback by the beauty of it. Deep reds were everywhere, the enormous bed with its red and sheer drapes, the Persian rugs, vases. The fireplace was lit and in front of it was the tub. She watched as the maid prepared the things for the Prince’s bath and soon, a line of maids came in and started dumping buckets of steaming water into the tub.

One by one, the women left with their empty buckets until the only one left was the maid she had seen earlier. The maid had a coy smile on her face as she crept to the door. She was looking for the clear when Cinderella came up behind her and pushed her out into the hallway and proceeding to close the door behind her. She heard the maid through the heavy wood, but couldn’t make it out. She didn’t care though for she was about to meet her prince.

A man, tall, bronzed, and handsome as Adonis came through a far door. He was naked and Cinderella took in his battle-honed body with appreciation. She watched as his penis swung with each step and couldn’t wait to see it get hard. It already looked so big and she could only imagine.

The prince strode to the tub and stepped in. With a sigh of contentment, he laid his head back on the lip of the tub.

“Servant, come here and wash your prince.”

Cinderella’s nipples instantly hardened at the sound of his voice. It was deep and husky. She walked over to the tub and knelt behind him. On the little table next to the tub was a sponge and she picked it up and dipped it into the water, lathering it with soap. Starting with his shoulders, she worked the sponge over his skin, going down his strong arms. Bringing it back up, she scrubbed his neck and wet his hair. Putting the sponge in the water she brought her hands up to lather the soap in his hair.

The prince moaned in delight at the feel of tiny hands working his scalp. The servant behind him must be new, for he had never had treatment like this without a maid being told. She was almost caressing him. Her tiny hands dipped back into the tub to get the sponge and her fingers brushed his hip bone. He gasped at the touch but didn’t move. He didn’t want to frighten the poor girl, but that simple touch was making his dick hard.

Cinderella took the sponge and rose on her knees, leaning into the Prince to wash down his chest and stomach.

The prince felt the delectable tits pressed against his head and his fingers started to itch with the need to grab them.

Moving around the tub to kneel at his feet, Cinderella scrubbed down his muscular stomach, disappearing beneath the water to run the sponge down his thighs. The prince spread his legs and through the bubbles that had taken residence around his waist and hips, she could see the head of his cock poke through the water. Cinderella’s mouth watered. Leaning forward, the watering wetting the front of her black gossamer gown, she let go of the sponge and began to run her hands along the prince’s thighs.

The prince’s balls almost went into hibernation at the bold hands of this girl. He began to watch her under heavy lids, not wanting her to know he was staring. He almost lost his breath, for she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her hair was dark as night and her eyes were like vibrant emeralds. His eyes lowered to her breasts. They were heavy and full, spilling over the lip of his tub and the front of her gown wet. He could see her pink nipples through the gown. Scandalous! He loved it. Looking back up to her face, he caught the lust in her eyes as she ran her small tongue along her lip.

“Touch it.”


“My dick. Touch it. I know you want to. Wrap your hand around my dick and stroke it.”

Cinderella needed no further prodding and wrapped her hand around his cock. Her fingers could barely reach he was so thick. She started to stroke it, tip to base, squeezing slightly, her thumb playing over the head on her up stroke. She looked up to see that the prince was openly watching her now. His eyes boring into her. She looked back at him as she pumped his cock, licking her lips. His lips turned up in a very devious smirk.

“Tell me how much you like that dick.”

“Mmm, I love it, Your Highness. It’s so big and thick and fucking hard.”

“Fuck, you’ve got a mouth on you.”

“Do you like it?”

“Yes I fucking do.” The prince rose, watering pouring down his body, his dick jutting out to entice Cinderella. “Suck it, slut.”

Cinderella moaned as she took the cock in her mouth and began to suck. She moved her hand to squeeze his balls and she was rewarded with explicits. She moved to take his whole cock, the head reaching into her throat. His hands grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth.

“I’m going to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours.” With that he proceeded to do just that. Her “gawk” sounds and the spit pouring down her chin only spurred him on. Minutes passed and the little slip in front of him never pulled back. It was perhaps the most beautiful things he’d seen. Other maids and mistresses in the past would have already tried to get away. His thrusts slowed and grew shallow. Taking one hand, he took the head of his dick and spread it over her lips.

“Hold out your tongue.” The little pink tongue darted out. “Good, girl.”

He started to smack his head on her tongue. She moaned and he was amazed when her hands reached up to grab her own tits. His dick grew harder. Reaching down, he picked her up and she immediately wrapped her legs around him. With each step, his dick slapped her exposed ass. Throwing her on the bed, he pulled her to the edge and ripped the top of her gown down to expose her tits.

She gasped as his big hands covered and squeezed her tits, his mouth sucking on her nipples. He nipped them, sucked them hard, and all the while her cries filled his bedchamber. Moving down, he nipped at her stomach and inner thighs. He could smell her sweet pussy and he couldn’t wait to bury his dick in it. Moving her legs, he bent them to bring her feet to the edge of the bed.

“Raise your ass of the bed.” He watched as she did so and her gown slid down to her waist to expose her pretty cunt. Dipping down, he started to suck on her lips. She moaned and he could tell she almost lost her balance. His hands grabbed her thighs and he buried in face in her wetness. His tongue invaded her hole, his lips sucked on hers, and his tongue would slide up to tease her clit before starting the process over. She started to hump his face, her hands in his air.

“Fuck yes, my prince! Eat that fucking pussy! Uuuuuh! Make that pussy cum.” She looked up at his face buried in her pussy in midair. Her hands pulling at his hair. He spread her wider and found her clit. He started to suck it, swirling his tongue, stabbing at it with the tip of his tongue, sucking it, and on, and on.

“Shit! Fuck yes! Don’t stop! Get that little clitty good, prince. I wanna see my cum juices all over your fucking face!” The prince moaned and did as told. Her face was contorted with pleasure, her mouth agape as it released her breathy and throaty cries. Her thighs started to quiver and he moved his tongue rapidly over her clit. Her pussy humped furiously into his face and with a scream, her juices flowed and he moved down to lick from her hole.

Standing straight, he grabbed her by the waist and tossed her further onto the bed. On his knees, he ran his hands down her open thighs. The little gown she wore turned him on. Pulled down to expose her ample tits and raised from the bottom to show off her juicy cunt, he only knew that he needed to fuck this little slut of his.

“I’m going to fuck you hard.” With that he tossed her over onto her stomach. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her toward him. “Spread your legs wide, my lovely slut.”

Cinderella spread her legs wide and waited for his cock to enter her.

The prince ran his hands over her juicy ass, squeezing the ample rounded flesh until it left finger marks. He spread them; saw her pink anal hole and hoped for the future when he could fuck it, too. Spreading her cheeks further he watched her pussy, wet with desire. Pushing on her back so that her face was pressed to the mattress, the prince took his dick in hand and began to stroke her pussy with his cock. The woman moaned and pushed back on his dick. She was a hungry little slut.

“I want you to touch your pussy. Play with it while I watch.”

Cinderella reached under her and began to rub her clit, running her fingers down her slit to spread her lips and expose her hole to him. She heard him moan as his slapped his dick on her ass. She repeated the process, stroking her pussy as she rubbed her ass against his cock.

Finally, Cinderella felt the head at her entrance. Thoughts of being a princess were far from her thoughts and completely replaced with the need of his cock. It started to penetrate her and she contracted her muscles. The prince moaned and pushed further in.

“You’re so fucking goddamn tight! Fuck!”

“Gimme your cock, Prince!”

With that the prince grabbed her hips and rammed in. The girl cried out and it almost sounded like pain and pleasure mixed. He noticed the barrier upon entrance, but couldn’t dare believe that this girl who had amazed him thus far was a virgin. He began to fuck her, his fingers bruising her cheeks as he watched her ass jiggle with every thrust. She began to moan and back up on his thrusts.

Cinderella was in Heaven. It had hurt at first, but the pleasure that ran through her body was lightening. She couldn’t stop moaning, begging him to fuck her. She demanded it harder, rougher, and screamed for him to smack her ass.

Suddenly, he picked her up by her tits, her back arched as his thrusts came harder. His hands kneaded her tits and her hands went down to his thighs behind her to steady herself.

“Yes, Prince, that’s it. Fuck that little pussy of yours! You make it so fucking wet! Make it cum so fucking good!”


The prince brought her back against his chest and his hand came to rest against her throat, his other hand cupped her pussy.

“That pussy is fucking mine,” he growls in to her ear. “Tell me you love it. Tell me.”

“Yes,” came her guttural reply. “Yes, I fucking love it. Take that pussy!”

He smacked her clit and she cried out. “Tell me again. Whose pussy is it?!”

“Yours! Your pussy! Fuck it good, baaaby! That cock feels so good pounding into my tight cunt!”

“Yes. Mine.” He smacked her pussy again, his dick piston-ing in and out of her cunt, his hand tighter around her throat. “Cum for me. I wanna feel the pussy cum around this hard dick.”

“Ooooyeeessss! So close! Harder! Fuck me harder!”

His dick slammed into her.

“Fuck yes! I’m going to cum! Hammer that pussy! Make it cum! Make it cum!” Her tits bounced with the ferocity, the bed shook, her pussy convulsed.


The prince felt her pussy cum, milking his cock. He grunted as he lost his control and pumped in to her hard and fast. Pushing her back down into the bed, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back on his dick hard until he spilt his seed in her hot snatch.

Hours later, after many episodes, the prince kissed the woman’s head, finally known as Cinderella. He has decided to make her his princess for he could never let her go. She was made for him. The prince pulled her flush against his body and cuddled his future bride; content.

The next night as the people poured into the ballroom, the prince and the mysterious lady were watched by all as they stood by the king and queen. The roar of murmuring conversations filled the room as all who were there wondered who this woman was.

The ball had been going for almost an hour when Maleficent and her two daughters arrived. She was angry that they are late and blamed her idiot step-daughter who had gone missing for the day. The ladies had called for her and searched for her throughout the house, but she wasn’t to be found. Maleficent couldn’t believe how ungrateful the girl had turned out to be!

Maleficent and her girls worked the crowd as they slowly made their way toward the royal family. Maleficent saw this as her chance to try and entice the prince with one of her daughters and Cinderella could have very well ruined their chances! If they had arrived on time, they could have had extra time with the prince! These thoughts plagued Maleficent as she only halfway listened to the conversations around her, but as they walked around and talked with the other Lords and Ladies, they began to catch on to the gossip and turned to see the woman on the royal platform.

Maleficent was furious for this was supposed to be a night of mingling for the prince to find his bride! Who the hell was this woman!? Maleficent rudely pushed her and her daughters through the crowd to get a closer look. Coming to the edge of the crowd the three women gasped in unison, for there, in front of them in an exquisite gown and jewels, stood Cinderella.

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