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Cottage Time

Anna has fun at her cottage with her brother's new friend, Jeremiah.
“My God, could it get any hotter?” Emily complained as she picked up her magazine and started to fan herself with it.

“It’s only 83 degrees” I exclaimed.

“You frickin' Americans and your Fahrenheit. What is that in Celsius?”

“28." I turned and stared at her.

Her face got slightly embarrassed, “Oh, that’s really not that hot." She stopped fanning herself and opened the magazine to read it instead. 

“No,” I chuckled. I picked up my lemonade and took a sip savoring the sweetness as I sucked up every last drop with my straw.

Emily was my longest and best friend, but it wasn't like one of those friends where you guys slowly separate. Emily and I have been best friends for 21 years now and only being 22, I would say that’s a pretty good friendship. I looked over at her, she was sitting to my right in a neon pink bikini. She claims bright colors make you looked tanner. Me being from Florida, I already have a nice tan. However Em is from Canada, so I guess the color helps her. She had her sandy blond hair tied up in a bun at the top of her head and was leaning back in a lounge chair trying to soak up the sun. 

“I can feel your green eyes burning a hole through my head,” Em said as she looked over to me.

“I was just thinking, I’m happy were still friends,” I admitted with a smile.

She smirked as sat up and walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the lips. “Me too."

Emily and I have explored each other. We’re not lesbians or anything; we just like to have a little fun. So a kiss was no big deal to me. 

“Would you take your clothes off so when your bro and his friend come you can show them what a smoking bod you have, they’re gonna be here any minute."

“No, see for me, this isn't hot. So I think I’ll stay in my clothes thank-you.”

“Whatever,” she shrugged it off.

She went over to the edge of the doc and dived in. It was between a belly flop and a dive. She’d never been great at swimming so when I started swimming she had it set in her mind that one day she would be better than me. She won’t, I've been swimming since I can remember and she didn't make it pass level 5, but she was convinced she would someday be better and I’ll at least give her kudos for being so determined. 

We were at my brother, Anthony, and my parents cottage. They went away to Vegas for a week instead of coming here, so we each got to bring a friend instead. I brought Emily and my brother brought some guy I've never heard of. I haven’t seen my brother since last summer so I’m sure he has met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends.

Our cottage was fairly big; it held six bedrooms and three bathrooms. It would look more like a big house if it wasn't for the fact everything was made out of wood. It even had a stove, fridge, laundry washer and dryer, dishwasher and barbecue. It had a huge six window view from the back of the cottage that faced the lake which gave us a gorgeous sunset every day. And it was higher up than where the doc was. We didn't create a stair case though because Mother Nature basically provided us with one made of out rocks and tree roots. All in all, I loved this place, it was my safe haven. 

I was snapped out of my thinking when I heard the car door in the distance close. I guess Emily didn't hear it but I didn't want to tell her they were here or she would freak out. I’d rather leave her startled. I picked up my book and continued to read it until they eventually found us.

About 10 minutes passed until I heard: “same old Anna-banana, always has her nose in a book." I smiled. That voice, so familiar. I put the book down, jolted up and practically ran to my older brother. He embraced me with open arms and gave me such a tight hug I almost couldn't breathe. He got more muscular since last year. I could feel the strength within him as he lifted me off the ground and put me back gently.

“Hey Tony,” I smiled. He grew a few inches and probably stood at about 6”2 now, but still had his green eyes and tanned skin like me.

“Where’s your friend?” he asked. 

I pointed behind me, “In the water, where’s yours?”

“Taking a leak, he should be down any minute."

I turned to the water and yelled “Emily!” She turned and started to swim to the doc. “You brought Emily?” Tony asked without trying to hide his disappointment.

“Yea, so?”

“Well I was hoping to get a little action down here, if ya know what I mean” he nudged me with his elbow. I slapped him in the arm, “Ew, gross."

Emily got up out of the water and my brother looked shocked. Emily used to weigh 160 pounds but she lost a lot of weight over the year and now sits at around 115. She looks healthier and with her big boobs, she looks even greater now with all the weight gone. With my brothers mouth still hung open I smacked the bottom of his chin. He turned to me and grinned, “looks like I still might get some action” and he started off to meet her.

“Don’t even think about it,” I said to myself.

“Don’t even think about what?” I jumped a little at the low voice emerging from behind me. I have great hearing and usually hear people coming up behind me, since I hate being scared; it’s a skill I taught myself. I turned around and that’s when I saw him for the first time. This gorgeous 6”4 tanned guy with piercing blue eyes, a smile that melts you from the inside out, blonde hair that I wanted to run my fingers through, an obvious fit body and the slightest blonde scruff on his perfect jaw line. Oh. My. God.

“Huh?” was all I managed to croak out.

“Well you said ‘don’t even think about it,' what should you not being thinking about?” He smiled as he made his way down the last few steps.

“Oh I was talking to my brother." He peered over my shoulder, as did I. We saw Tony and Emily hug then move to the edge of the doc. Indulged in a deep conversation as they put their feet in the water.

He looked back to me with a grin on his face. “I don’t think he heard you."

“No, I didn't really say it that loud on purpose. I don’t know why. But apparently I have a habit of talking to myself,” I spilled. Good, that’s it, just keep rambling like you do every time you get nervous.

He arched an eye brow. “Well not like I’m crazy or anything, it’s just something I do." 'I think everyone does it actually,' I thought to myself.

“I think everyone does it, and if they say they don’t, they’re a liar,” he said.

Did he just read my mind?

I was stunned, but managed to smile. “Yea, exactly.”

He stuck out his hand. “Jeremiah, but people just call me Jere."

I slipped my hand into his. “Anna, but people just call me Anna."

He shook my hand as he laughed, showing his perfect straight and white teeth. He let go of my grasp and put his hands in his pockets. “Nice to meet you,” he paused, “Anna” he said with a nod.

I felt a hand slap my shoulder and knew who it was. 

“I see you've met Jere." Then he turned to Jere, “this my good friend, is Emily."

I turned and Em was trailing up behind Tony wrapped in a towel and her hair dripping. She saw Jeremiah she stopped. She wore a shocked look on her face but managed to smile and shook his hand as he did with me. We finished introducing each other and the boys went back up to the cottage to go unpack. Emily was barking my ear off about how hot Jeremiah was as I just kept nodding, keeping my thoughts to myself.


It’s been 4 days since the boys arrived and I have yet to swim with them. Not that I don’t want to but apparently I’m the only one who can cook or clean in this place (since I've been a cook on a cruise for 3 years they all assume I’m just going to cook) so I've been busing being the slave that when I’m done I’m just too tired to swim. However every night I sneak down to the doc and get in a hour or so swim before heading back up stairs to sleep.

One morning I had just finished making breakfast and they were all going down for a swim. They asked if I wanted to join. I politely refused and kept on cleaning. About an hour rolled and I was awakened with little water droplets running down my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw Jeremiah hanging over me, hair dripping and shorts soaked. I tried to keep my eyes off of his 6 pack and stay focused on his face.

“Why are you sleeping? It’s 11 am,” he asked grabbing a seat next to mine. “I haven’t slept very well these past couple nights."

He leaned back into the chair and smiled. “That’s probably from your midnight swims,” he stated.

He knew about that? I thought I was quiet.

I must have looked shocked. “Don’t worry, I wasn't stalking you. I got up one night to pee and saw a shadow sneak out the sliding doors. I went to the deck and tried to see the doc but I couldn't. Then I heard a splash and figured someone was swimming. Then I remembered that you love to swim and haven’t since I got here, I just assumed it was you.”

“How did you know I love to swim?”

“Well if wasn't a dead giveaway by your body...meaning you’re pretty fit, but also Tony told me."

“Oh,” I blushed. “Where are Em and Tony?”

“They took the canoe over to the island to go jump of the rocks. They wanted me to join them but I told them I’d stay with you.” He looked over to me and grinned.

He stood up and reached his hand out, leaving it palm up waiting for me to grasp it. “Come on,” he encouraged.

I didn't care where we were going but I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up and led me down to the doc pulling me right behind him never letting go of my hand.

Once we were on the doc he let go of my grasp, ran and dived in. A pretty impressive dive with little splash I might add. He popped up from the water and shook his head getting the water out of his face and hair.

“Well? What are you waiting for?”

“That was a pretty impressive dive.”

“Think you could do better?”

I scoffed then laughed. I looked at him raising one eyebrow.

“Then prove me wrong,” he smirked.

I slid of my flip flops and pushed them to the side. I grabbed the button of my jean shorts and popped it open and wiggled them down my legs. This was going to be his first time seeing me in a bikini and he was going to get a show. Our cottage was in a little bay, so we were excluded and no one could see us. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it off my head and let it slip between my fingers then it joined my shorts on the doc. His face was priceless, he was in utter amazement.

Not to be cocky or anything but I had a nice body. I had toned arms and thin yet strong legs and the slightest set of abs placed on my stomach. He looked me up and down and slightly licked his lips. I should have felt embarrassed but I was proud in my olive green bikini. All my hard work at the gym was for this moment.

I pulled my blonde curls into a pony and took a few steps back. I ran and put my arms above my head and dived in. The water was warm, not like at night and as it hit me it refreshed my entire body. I swam for a bit, relishing the feel of the water pass me as I glided through it. I popped my head up and turned to look for Jeremiah. He had an impressed smile on his face. “Wow, you really are a good swimmer."

“Proved you wrong.” I smiled then turned on my back and started to float.

He swam over to me in a few quick strides and I had a feeling he was up to something. He had a cheeky look on his face, so I swam away heading towards the doc. I was a fast swimmer but for someone who’s a foot taller than me, that means they take bigger strides so he was able to catch up to my fast. I felt his hand slide around my ankle as he pulled me towards him. I spun to face him as he pulled my body against his. He wrapped on arm around my lower back as the other treaded water to keep him a float. With confidence I guided us to the doc so he could hold on to it. As he did he pushed my back against the doc and I wrapped my legs around him. He put on hand on the doc the other staying in place on my back. 

“Can you teach me?” he breathlessly asked. His face so close to mine I just had to lift my face a few inches and our lips could meet. 

“I’m sure I could give you a few private sessions." I glided my hands over his chest and linked my fingers behind his neck.

He grinned from ear to ear. He pushed his face to my neck and started to place soft kisses all over my collarbone. It sent a shiver through me.

In between kisses he asked; "Can..."

Jeremiah lifted his gaze to me pleading for me to say yes. Instead of speaking I answered his question with a kiss. I put my lips on his and a bolt of electricity shot through me. My lips felt tingly as we kissed for some time. Our mouths slowly opened allowing our tongues to explore. I slowly moved us close to the ladder and when I felt the bars behind my back I slowly climbed up them backwards. My body was still facing him as I gave him a sexy smile. 

He watched my every move like a lion ready to pounce on his prey. I made it to the top of the doc and started to pull back but he grabbed my knee and held my in place. He stepped on the bottom step of the later and leaned forward, balancing his torso between my knees against the doc. His gaze traveled up my legs to my throbbing pussy and stayed there for a second longer before moving up my torso, to my breasts and to my face. He grabbed my nape and pulled me into another passionate kiss.

His hands smoothed all over my body until they found the top of my bikini bottoms. He gently pulled my bottoms down but stopped because my ass against the doc was holding them in place. He looked down and realized that I was stopping him. I grabbed his face and lifted his gaze to me. I was nervous and a little scared, he must have sensed that.

His eyes burned with passion. He came in close to me and whispered “I’m not going to hurt you." That was all I needed to hear, I kissed him and lifted my butt off of the doc. He smiled against me and continued to remove my bottoms. Once they were at my ankles he slipped them off and placed them beside me. 

He started a trail of kisses, starting with my mouth until I could feel my stomach clench as he reached my pussy. He left soft kisses on the lips and I quivered under his touch. He moved his tongue over my clit and it began to throb. I craved his touch. He licked and sucked my clit as I felt him stick one, then two fingers inside me. My warm hole welcomed his fingers and began to vibrate against his digits. He continued to suck and lick my clit as his fingers increased in speed. He lapped his tongue against me and I could feel the intensity rise. I was about to explode.

He quickly withdrew his fingers and shoved his tongue into me as far as it would go. I moaned and he took that as a sign to go deeper. He sucked me hard, ravishing every drop of juice my vagina was producing.

“Jeremiah, I’m gonna cum...” I croaked out.

He sucked and sucked and then it hit me. A wave of intense pleasure rippled through my body. I let out a scream, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, ohhh my god!” Good thing our cottage was enclosed or my scream would have echoed over the lake.

However he didn't stop, he licked up every last drop of my juices. And slowly began to climb the ladder. I crawled backwards on the doc. I found his towel and quickly unfolded it and sat on it. He crawled forward to me with that same smug look like he was up to something. He got on top of me pushing my body against the doc until I could feel his weight on top of me and kissed me. This time there was no slowness to it. It was a hard kiss, both of us showing the need and yearning out bodies were craving of each other.

I could feel his cock in his thin shorts rub against my stomach. He grinded on me as my hands ran over his toned body exploring every inch of him that I could. I propped myself up on one elbow and took my other hand behind my back until I found a little bow that held my top in place. I pulled the string and in one motion my top undid and I pulled it off my head. My nipples were erect and sensitive. He took no time and placed one in his mouth. He began to suck gently just as he had done somewhere else not too long ago. I was turned on, but enough of this.

I leaned into his ear and in my sexiest voice I whispered just loud enough for him to hear me. “Make love to me."

He body shuddered and his cock pressed even harder against me. In an instant he removed his shorts and I could feel the tip of his penis rub against my clit.

He cupped my face with one hand and smiled. Such a loving caring smile, “you’re gorgeous." Before I could respond he kissed me and plunged into me at the same time. Overwhelmed by his touch, I almost came again right there but he pulled back until he was almost out and dove into me again.

His cock was slowly spreading my vagina as I could feel him push against my walls. He leaned his head beside mine and started to kiss my neck. I could feel every inch of him inside me.

“Harder Jere, harder” I moaned. He shivered and pushed into me so deep I cried out. “Oooohhh Yeeesss!” He grunted a deep grunt and kept gliding his shaft in and out of me. 

His pace began to quicken and I was excited for what was to come next. I put my right hand on my clit as his cock continued to devour my pussy and I started to rub my clit.

“That’s it baby, rub your clit,” he told me in a deep, husky voice that almost made me cum.

I rubbed faster and he pushed harder. I was on the edge of glory. My body began to tense and I could feel he was close as well.

He pushed one last time as I orgasamed. My body stiffened and I held my breath and the intensity washed over me. He continued to drive into my soaking wet pussy until I felt an explosion of warm liquid flow within my pussy that sent another orgasm ripple through me.

I arched my back and he let out an, “Ahhhh, oh my god." I bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming. My first scream was so loud I didn't want to scream again. He gave a quick yelp as I bit into him. 

His cock shot more sticky, hot cum, two more times into my pussy and I kept my mouth enclosed on his muscular shoulder. He held me against him as our bodies slowly began to loosen up again. He were both panting and then kissing, his tongue mixing with mine. He waited until his cock got soft and pulled it out of me and flopped over beside me. I pulled myself against him and his arm reached around me to pull me closer. We sat there in pure ecstasy and tried to catch our breath. 


I woke up first, still wrapped in his arm. We were both stark naked and got a nice tan from the sun. My god his body was perfect. I stared at him for a while before I started playing with his hair awakening him from his slumber. 

“Hi you,” I smiled. He looked like a little boy when he woke up. So cute.

He grinned, “Is our first session over?”

“Apparently so," I leaned down and gave him a kiss. Our kiss broke when I heard the familiar sound. I heard Tony’s laugh mixed with Emily’s giggles. They were close. “Shit,” I muttered. 

I reached over and put my top on as fast as I could. I grabbed Jeremiah’s shorts and threw them at his face and pointed to the water. He understood and dove in, as I put my own bottoms on and tried to cover up any evidence that Jeremiah and I had sex. I lay back against the doc and draped my hand over my eyes, making it look like I was tanning. Jeremiah had put his shorts on in the water and was making it look like he was floating or swimming or whatever. 

“Hey guys!” I heard Tony shout. I looked up, and helped them tie up the canoe as Jeremiah came out of the water from ‘swimming.'

“Hi,” Emily blushed to me. Tony and Emily looked guilty of something. And before I could question it Tony spilled. “Okay, we have a confession to make.”

Jeremiah came and stood behind me as we stared at Tony and Emily, both beat red. “What?” I asked.

They looked at each other than back at us. Emily was the one to talk, “We fooled around a bit. It was nothing serious, not like we had sex or anything but we feel terrible and I’m sorry it won’t happen again."

They stood in silence waiting for a response. I felt Jeremiahs hand touch my back and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. “It’s okay, thanks for telling me."

Emily smiled, grabbed her stuff and headed up to the cottage.

Tony blew out his breath in relief and gave me a hug. He mumbled a sorry and walked past to Jeremiah; he gave him a slap on the shoulder and went to keep walking but stopped, his hand still resting there. He turned and looked intensely at his shoulder.

He looked at me and pointed to Jeremiah. “Are those teeth marks?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

I felt myself blush and tried to come up with some excuse. “Busted,” Jeremiah said.

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Posted 16 Mar 2014 11:06
You are quite good at this. You do dialog well.

Thank you for the story.
Posted 04 Feb 2014 19:24
Oh how I hope that there will be a second one.
Posted 07 Jan 2014 03:10
You have a wonderful talent for natural dialogue. Nicely written with good emotional connection. I look forward to more great stories.
Posted 06 Jan 2014 19:07
Hot as hell! Thanks for posting this.
Posted 06 Jan 2014 18:41
very nice and hot story
Posted 06 Jan 2014 13:20
loved it
Posted 06 Jan 2014 13:20
loved it
Posted 06 Jan 2014 10:46
Hi Sabrina, liked that a lot, lots of description and very gently told. Will read more of your stories Cx
Posted 06 Jan 2014 09:50
Nice twist at the end. One of the delightful little touches that make this more than just a straight forward "first time" story, one that makes the characters pop a bit.
Posted 06 Jan 2014 09:46
Great story, nice length I find a lot of stories on lush are fairly short and often feel a bit rushed as a result.

I really enjoyed your description, and am hoping to see a possible continuation of this story.
Posted 06 Jan 2014 06:57
Enjoyed as a nicely described story. 5
Posted 05 Jan 2014 21:30
Beautifully written with a nice twist at the end.

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