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Daddy's Boss 3
rebecca23 & frogprince

Daddy's Boss 3

Contributing Authors: frogprince 
I was so excited, as I walked to my car, the memory of Luke stuck in my head. We just had the greatest sex in my dad’s office and no one caught us. It so turned me on that once I reached my car, which had Luke's brand new BMW parked next to it, I had a wicked idea. I sat down in my car. I snap chatted Luke a quick picture of my panties, before I removed them and placed them on Luke’s windscreen wipes. I never dreamed anyone would catch me. 

After getting home, I knew I had the place to myself and could just relax. After I finished all my chores, I sat down, watched some TV and cooked my dinner. I knew my dad wouldn’t be home until later. After dinner, I decided it was time to take a nice long bath, before anyone got home. I sat there for 20 minutes, just drinking wine relaxing.
I climbed out of the bath and walked to my bed naked. I was nice and warm, relaxed, squeaky clean and all alone. I sat on my bed, naked sitting with my legs crisscrossed on my bed.

Images of Luke floated through my mind, as I saw myself in the mirror across the room. My hair was all messy from the bath. I was still a little bit wet from the bath. The thoughts of Luke's big cock made me so horny. I slowly played with my nice firm 34c breasts.

I squeezed and twisted my hard nipples. I noticed some body oil on my bedside table. I picked it up and I slowly poured it all over my breasts. I watched, as it dripped down from my nice firm breasts onto my stomach.

"Mmm," I moaned slightly, as I massaged all over my nice breasts with my fingers. I slowly pushed my breasts together and firmly rubbed my hands over my hard nipples. I got aroused so much as, I played with my nipples. I moaned in pleasure as the touch of my hard fingers felt really good on my hard nipples.

My arousal was so much that I couldn’t resist, as my pussy begged for the touch of my fingers. "Oh yea," I moaned as I slowly stuck my finger inside my pussy. I pushed just a little bit. It felt so good.

"Fuck," I uttered. I was already so wet, I spread some of my juices onto my hard clit and rubbed it, while my free hand played with my breasts.

I was so horny. I reached over, grabbed the oil and poured a bunch of oil down my slit. I slowly massaged the oil into my pussy as I stuck my finger inside. God, I’m so tight and I felt my juices flow more.

I needed a cock inside my tight pussy. I wished Luke were here.

I lay back and imagined Luke's big cock inside me. I reached into my bedside drawer and grabbed my dildo as I wished it were Luke. I rubbed the dildo slowly up and down my slit. I watched myself in the mirror, as I turned my 12-inch dildo on. As I slid it inside my tight pussy, I moaned in pleasure, "mmm oh my God."

It felt so good inside me, but it was nothing, compared to the real thing. I fucked my pussy with it, a little harder and faster. All it made me feel was even hornier. My pussy became so wet, while the dildo stretched my tight little pussy.

"Oh God," I moaned as I loved it, "Fuck, oh fuck." I was so close to having an orgasm. I just kept fucking with my big black dildo as I fantasized it was Luke ramming his cock inside me.

"Fuck, oh my," I moaned. I was so horny.

"Oh my God, oh yea," I screamed as I opened my legs wider to fit my dildo further inside. It felt so real inside my wet pussy.

Luckily, I was alone. My moans and screams were so loud as I exploded, my neighbor could have heard me.

I loved it as my orgasm hit and I started cumming all over my thighs. Shockwaves travelled through my body.

"Oh fuck," I thought that was amazing. I hadn’t experienced an orgasm like that in ages. I closed my eyes and lay there in total ecstasy and pure pleasure.

Suddenly, I woke. I heard voices down stairs, fuck. I looked at the time and it was after eight. I must have fallen asleep. I quickly jumped into the shower, cleaned myself up and changed into my pink polka dot pajamas.

It sounded as if there was a party in the dining room, as I walked down stairs. When I walked into the kitchen, my dad came and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek, while he said, "thanks for bringing my wallet into work."

I gave him a hug and said, "No problem dad."

My dad politely said, "Oh Bec, we decided to have a poker game here tonight."

I quickly replied, "Ok I’ll be in my room."

"Oh Bec, Luke’s next door. Go say hi," my dad said.

"Ok dad, I’ll say hi, before I go upstairs," while I opened up the fridge.

"Oh no," I thought, if he only knew what his boss and I did over the last couple of weeks, he wouldn’t have asked me to go say hi. I quickly poured my drink, walked past the dining room and said hi to everybody. It would be a long game. My dad invited eight people to play.

I walked over to Luke and said, "Hi."

Luke replied, "Hi Rebecca, haven’t seen you in a while." All the while, he undressed me with his eyes.

After five minutes, I managed to leave and headed upstairs. I walked into my bedroom and saw the mess I left from before. I quickly changed the bed sheets and put on my favorite movie, 'The Notebook'. I nearly cried as the movie continued.

Suddenly, my door sprung ajar and someone slipped inside. I thought it was my dad, as he came to say night, before he went to bed. I looked at my alarm clock. It was only 10:30 p.m. It wouldn’t be him. I was right, it wasn’t my dad, it was Luke.

"Bec," he whispered quietly, "you awake?"

I whispered back, "No," trying to be funny.

Luke reached my bed and sat down saying, "Bec, you look so beautiful."

"Luke, what are you doing? Aren’t you playing poker?"

"Oh Bec, I lost. I was too busy thinking about you," as he slipped under my covers.

"Luke, my dad’s down stairs. GET OUT!"

"Oh my God," I thought because he had slipped his hand inside my pajama bottoms.

He whispered, "Bec, you’re not wearing any knickers."

Before I thought of an answer, he parted my legs, found my tight pussy and slipped his finger inside me. As I parted my legs wide for him, I said, "We shouldn’t be doing this."

Without saying a word, he withdrew his finger out of my little pussy and rubbed my juices gently across my lips. I opened up my mouth sucking his fingers clean. "Oh God," I moaned, "fuck me Luke!"

It was as if a switch went off inside his head. Luke yanked and pulled at his clothes, until he was naked before turning his attention back to me. He grabbed the hem of my bottoms and pulled them off making me bounce in the air.

I slowly removed my little top so my breasts were on display for Luke to see. They were completely naked ready to fuck, while my dad’s poker game was on downstairs.

"Fuck, Luke, I’m so wet I want to feel your tongue licking me."

Luke was so aroused, he pulled on my bum and brought me even closer to him. He gently kissed my mound as he worked his way gently down to my tight little lips. I felt his thick tongue prodding into my tight pussy, as he tasted my sweet nectar. He caressed my sensitive lips up and down my wet slit to my clit. He went round and round that tiny sensitive bud as he made my insides melt.

I pushed my hips further towards Luke's face grinding my pussy into his mouth. Suddenly he pulled away and smiled down at me, as his lips glistened with my juices.

I slightly gained my composure, pushed myself up with my elbows and whispered into his ear, "FUCK ME," before falling back down.

My whole body tensed, as the bed groaned under the added weight of Luke on top of me. His stomach brushed against mine, as he leant down to kiss my lips. I tasted my sweet juices on his mouth.

Finally, Luke pushed his hips forward, as he slid his big fat cock easily inside my tight pussy. We just laid there for a few seconds trying to hear what was going on downstairs. Luke couldn’t wait any longer and slowly, steadily, smoothly thrust deep into me, burying his entire length in my warm pussy.

My tight pussy clenched around his wonderful cock. I wanted to enjoy every inch of his hard cock inside of my body. It was, as if he penetrated right through me, right through my entire body. The pleasure that stemmed from that special place spread through all my limbs.
I couldn’t help but close my eyes, as I allowed myself to experience intense pleasure. Soon I felt the beginnings of my climax. It came from my toes, spreading through my loins and up to my fingertips. I shuddered as my release pounced upon me.

Luke hadn’t quite finished with me yet. He flipped me over onto my stomach, my ass sticking into the air. Then it came smack, smack, as he slapped my bum twice, before he thrust his hard cock back inside my pussy.

His thrusts became more frantic, more for his own pleasure than mine. But oh God, I enjoyed it so much, that I had to fill my mouth with my pillow, so no one downstairs heard me scream.

Luke suddenly pulled out. I was in total shock. A huge orgasm was so close again. How could he be so selfish?

"Oh Bec, I’m so close," Luke moaned to me.

"So why did you 'fricken' stop then?" I snapped at him.

"Bec, I want you on top."

We quickly swapped positions. Luke lay on his back. I wanted pay back for him stopping. Plus, it was my favorite position. I placed my legs on either side of his hips, turned my back to him and guided his hard cock into my waiting pussy reverse cowgirl style.

Luke grabbed my hips and pulled me down as he filled my pussy once again with his nice cock. I started to ride slowly up and down on Luke’s hard cock, as he squeezed my hips tighter. He pushed up into me each time, I rocked backward onto his cock. With each move, he penetrated even further inside my pussy, getting as deep as possible.

"Oh God, Luke, I’m going. I’m close. Oh fuck me harder." I was totally lost in the moment. I failed to realize how loud I moaned, as I slammed myself back and forth onto his cock. My orgasm sent tremors crashing through my body.

As I screamed, "Oh God, fuck me," my door opened with a bang, when it hit my cupboard. I tried to cover my breasts, as I realized who was at my door.

Luke couldn’t contain himself or see who was at my door and moaned, "Oh Bec, I’m cumming. On God, Bec, I’m cumming."

I just collapsed onto the bed. I attempted to pull the sheets over my body, but it was too late.

My dad stood at my door, his face as white as a ghost. He looked frozen, as if he couldn’t move. When he walked in, he saw my completely naked body, as Luke and I fucked and Luke came inside me.

I screamed, "Dad what are you doing?"

Suddenly, my dad snapped back to life and left my room.

"Luke you need to leave." Luke grabbed his clothes, rushed out of my room and straight out the door.

I just sat in my bedroom horrified. My dad saw me naked and to make matters worse he caught me having sex.

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