Deal with it!

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Gina steps in
Deal with it

‘Jesus, in the elevator! Ha-ha, fair play mate!’ Steve said while laughing.

‘Shit, it was amazing mate’ I replied beaming from ear to ear referring to mine and Anna’s escapades the day before.

I could see Gina, the bar maid, trying listen to our conversation. She obviously caught some of it as she looked at me with a cheeky smile and a look of ‘you naughty boy’ on her face.

‘So what’s the crack then, are you seeing each other?’ Steve asked.

‘Honestly? I don’t know mate’ I answered.

The phone call Anna received yesterday morning was from her boyfriend asking where she was. Fiona said she would cover for Anna, so Anna told him she was at hers.

She left abruptly, apologising and telling me we had to talk this through. She told me her feelings for her boyfriend were born from the help he gave her during Law school and the fact that his father owned the law firm they were both working for. She felt loyal towards him. This admission, obviously made me laugh given what we had just done, but Anna said she had to think about what she wanted.

Any normal person would have worried at this situation, but I knew Anna’s feeling for me wouldn’t allow her to not see me. I sat at the bar looking at the TV but not actually watching it. I was thinking about the night before. Her smell, her taste, her eyes, nose, lips and mouth. They forced me into a smile and I wanted her again.

1 week later.

My arms pulsed with rage and my head thumped with anger.

‘So what are saying Anna? I can’t see you again’ I shouted down the phone.

‘I’m sorry but I can’t turn my back on him, you don’t know what he’s done for me’ Anna replied, her voice was shaking.

‘Are you for real, you don’t even love him Anna’ I pleaded down the phone.

She paused.

‘It doesn’t matter’ she whispered.

‘What! What doesn’t matter? The fact that you’re going to marry some fucker you don’t even love, that does matter Anna’. I blasted down the phone.

My anger was growing as she spoke. Her words stripped away my thought of her beauty.

‘I’m sorry Robbie’ she whimpered.

The phone went dead.

Message to Steve:



‘Shit, sorry mate’ Steve said crocking his mouth.

‘Fuck it, doesn’t matter’ I replied.

It did matter. She had ripped me into pieces. Broke me and pulled my stomach out. I didn’t hate her. I burned for her but wanted to smash her at the same time. I winked to stop the tears and took a gulp of beer to stop my throat from bursting.

‘Aggghh, fuck! Come on, man up!’ I said to myself.

It didn’t help.

‘Here have a drink on me’ Gina said, looking sympathetic and handing me a shot of something.

I looked up at Gina; she could see I was close to bursting into tears.

‘Oh god. Come on’ she said, ‘come out side’.

She led me outside, holding my hand gently.

I walked out into the winter air. Gina sparked up a smoke and looked at me.

Gina and I had always liked each other, nothing serious just a general attraction that resulted in cheeky flirting and banter.

‘Come her’ Gina said holding her arms out.

I hesitated, but in all honesty I needed to feel some arms around me.

I pulled my arms around Gina’s waist.

Gina; who had a slight emo look about her, was a very attractive girl. Very long dark, almost black hair. Huge blue eyes with black eye make-up. Her nose was pierced with a single ring and her fat lips were Ferrari red. Her body was tall but voluptuous. Huge breasts hidden behind a black fish net vest and a black bra. Her waist was plentiful, holding up a short denim mini skirt surrounding black ripped tights with black chunky boots on her feet.

I squeezed into her and put my chin over her shoulder.

She raised her chin and my head slopped down into her huge cleavage. I could smell her perfume. Dark and smooth like a slow burning, sweet fire. For a moment I forgot who she was. Her full female figure surrounded me and I moved my hands up her back. I felt her push into me. Her breasts spread around the side of my face.

‘This won’t help’ I thought continuing to move my hand up her back.

I snapped out of it and stepped back.

‘It’s alright Robbie, I’m not going to try and screw you’ she said looking annoyed.

‘Shit sorry, I just don’t want to do something and then give you the wrong idea’ I said gripping my hair and lowering my head.

‘Jesus, I only gave you a hug! and so what if something happened. You look like you need it’ Gina said holding her arms out.

‘Look, you’ve got my number if you need to talk you know where I am’ she said taking a drag of her smoke.

I looked at the floor in front or Gina, I told myself to forget about Anna. The thought of her boyfriend’s lips working down her body as Anna smiled and panted with pleasure made my stomach cramp.

‘Fuck it!’ I said rubbing my hair vigorously.

I left Gina outside and walked back into the warm pub. Me and Steve talked the night away while Gina cast lustful glances towards me.

I pulled my phone out and flicked though my phone book.

GINA PUB – message:

I dragged my thumb over the letters thinking what to type.


I placed my phone on the bar and watched out the corner of my eye as Gina reached into her back pocket. She read the message and her eyes flicked up over to me. She smiled and bit the corner of her lip. Her huge eyes looked like beacons as they glared me.

Suddenly Steve slammed his pint on the bar.

‘Right I’m off’ he said, swinging his jacket over his shoulder.

We said our goodbyes and Steve left. The pub was empty. Just me and Gina. She followed Steve to close the door, turned back to me while shutting the top bolt on the door.

She looked angry. Like I had done her wrong.

She walked towards me. Her body was pumping, I could almost see the blood pulsing through her as I watched her breasts heave up and down with her deep breathing.

She was what some would call ‘a real woman’. Pouting red lips, dark eyes and a full frame.

She stopped shy of my face and leant into me. She grabbed my neck gently and turned my head to one side. I felt her tongue run up the side of my neck. Her tongue felt warm, soft and wet. She reached my ear.

‘I would suck your cock till you begged me to stop’ Gina whispered in my ear, tightening her grip round my neck.

I pulled my head down till my lips were almost touching hers. The heat from her mouth and lips made my cock twitch.

‘I never beg’ I softly snarled though my teeth whilst staring into Gina.

She smiled and let go of my neck.

She held my hand and pulled me off the bar stool. She led me into the ‘snug’. A small room with a large fire, the light was soft and the room smelt of soft burnt wood.

There was a large leather chair and 2 sofas situated around the room. She turned and pushed me back into the chair.

‘Wait here’ She said walking back round into the bar.

My cock started to grow as I watched Gina’s ample ass bouncing from under her mini skirt.

Five minutes past. Gina walked back in holding two glasses filled with some spirits and a bag. I didn’t question the bag I assumed it was something valuable that she did want to leave behind the bar.

Gina handed me a glass and held it up in a general toast.

‘Drink it’ Gina said ‘I want you to be relaxed’.

I glugged the liquid.

‘Ugh, fuck Gina what is that’. I said grimacing as my mouth filled with hot saliva.

‘Ummmm, whisky, vodka, tequila, gin and a splash of coke’ she said tipping the liquid down her throat.

She screwed up her face and slammed her glass onto the small table behind her.

She slowly turned around and walked over to me. She bent down and kissed me softly. Her lips were like silk. Soft, smooth and sweet tasting. Her breath smelt of old smoke and strong spirits. I didn’t care; her large strong eyes and pouting lips were like I was interested in.

I felt her hands reach down and grab my wrists. Slowly she pulled them round the back of the chair. She reached round and pulled a long scarf out of the bag.

I looked at her with apprehension and pushed up slightly.

She quickly pushed me back.

‘Trust me’ she said leaning into my ear.

I looked up like a lost child. I nodded.

‘Ok’ I whispered. My hearting was pumping. Sweat was running down my neck and the heat from the fire was burning my face slightly.

She took the scarf and tied it round my wrists until they were planted together. I tried to move up from the chair but it was no good. My heart started pounding and a wash of panic began to run through me. I started breathing rapidly and could feel sweat forming on my forehead.

Gina stood up and looked down at me. The soft light made her eyes look incredible. Dark, Smokey and full of deep passion. My cock continued to pulse until I could feel the warm air on its tip from the room as it poked out the top of my jeans. Gina looked down. A pouting smirk formed in her face as her hands moved down towards her skirt. She pulled her skirt up and pulled down her tights, revealing her shaven pussy.

‘Fuck Gina’ I gasped.

Gina smiled and licked her lips. She bent down and undid her boots, her breast dropped down like heavy weights and she looked up to see if I was looking.

She kicked her boots to one side and pulled up her vest and flicked off her bra. Her breasts hung high on her chest. I was amazed that breasts that big could be so pert.

Gina stood in front of the fire. Her curvy body blocking the heat from the fire and casting a shadow around the room.

‘Ok’ she said ‘Do you trust me’.

Gina’s words were said without a hint of dishonesty or mock.

I took a deep breath in. Did I? I don’t care.

‘Yes I trust you’ I whispered.

Gina’s eyes lit up and she smiled.

‘Ok, if you feel uncomfortable with anything just say Jack Daniels’ Gina’s words were serious and I paid full attention.

‘Jack Daniels?’ I questioned.

Gina nodded.

I understood and breathed deeply trying to control my heart beat which was regularly skipping beats as I gazed at Gina’s gorgeous figure.

‘Now that’s out of the way’ she smirked.

Gina slowly got onto all fours and walked over to me. She was looking up at me. She lifted her head onto my lap and lifted up my top. Her tongue rolled onto the tip of my cock that was still showing over my jeans. Her hands slowly undid the buttons on my jeans and my cock sprang out. I could see Gina was rocking back and forth like she was being taken from behind and she was panting deeply as her tongue licked my cock from base to tip. Her saliva stuck to the end and she pulled away to form a string of spit. I finally felt Gina’s warmth wrap round my helmet. I tried to move my hands but I couldn’t. I wanted to push her head down further but I couldn’t. Gina could feel me move and slammed her hand onto my chest. Her head moved up and down and I watched her bright lips sucking hard down onto my shaft. Her lips looked made for my cock, they felt like a glove, there was no moment where it didn’t feel incredible. Her slow powerful movements made my whole body tense with pleasure. Her hands moved from my chest and moved down to my balls. She let my cock flop out of her mouth and she gasped. Slowly stroking my cock with one hand, she cupped my balls with the other and lifted them up. She gently filled her mouth with one of my balls and moaned gently. Her stroking had become faster and her mouth moved from ball to ball covering them in saliva and sucking them powerful. I felt no pain, Gina was an expect at this and the nervousness of before was replaced with a burn. Her eyes continued to shine dark passion as she brought her hands back up, placing one on my cock and the other round my neck.

‘Remember Jack Daniels’ she whispered softly.

‘Ok’ I replied.

Suddenly Gina’s sucking became more powerful and her lips sank deeper and deeper down my cock until she had swallowed my whole shaft. I gasped with pleasure. I could feel my cock slipping down her throat as she pounded her mouth into my cock. Her hand was stroking me faster and faster and I could feel my balls start to twitch and the all too familiar feeling that rose from my back and up into my stomach. I wanted to pull it back and slow her down, but I couldn't. I squirmed trying to fight off the inevitable rush of cum that was building up but it was no good. Her hand tightened round my neck.

‘Fuck Gina’ blurted out freaked by her hand on my neck.

Gina didn’t stop she kept going only making a muffled noise that meant no. Her lips continued to slide up and down and I couldn't hold it in. I groaned and exploded into Gina’s mouth. My whole body contorted and I pinned my body back into the chair. My head was flipped back and I looked up at the ceiling.

It was incredible. The cum just kept on flowing and Gina swallowed every last drop; even massaging my balls and continuing to stroke me to ensure every last drop was consumed.

She finally pulled my cock out of her mouth and stared up at me.

‘Oh god….Wow, that was a lot of cum’ Gina said lifting her head and opening her mouth to fill her lungs with her warm air.

I was panting and my body was soaking with sweat. My t-shirt was stuck to my body and my head was pouring. Gina looked up and could see I was hot. She gently untied me and lifted off my t-shirt. She pulled my jeans off and took off my shoes.

‘Shit Gina, that was amazing’ I blow out slowly, wiping the sweat off my brow.

Gina smiled and got up. She walked back round to the bar. Again I watched her plump ass bounce as her curvy hips swayed from side to side. Even though I had just cum the sight still made the blood rush to my cock.

Gina walked back in with a glass of water and handed it to me. I glugged down the water and Gina took the glass. There was still some left and she poured it over her head. I watched as the water dribbled down her neck until it washed over her huge breasts and then down towards her pussy. She shuddered slightly and her mouth opened with a gasp.

Gina bent down towards me and I licked the water from her chin. She put her forehead against mine and her eyes sparkled in the light of the fire.

Gina smiled at me:

‘Ready?’ she said.

‘What?’ I asked confused.

She smiled again and stroked my face with her silky hand.

Once again she grabbed my hands and brought them round the chair again. I looked round at her as she bound my hands again.

‘Really Gina?’ I said, wondering if she was really tying me up again.

‘Shhhhh’ she whispered into my ear.

Gina’s lips pressed softly into mine and her tongue glided into my mouth. I retuned the movement and Gina moaned and melted into me pressing her body into mine. God she felt good. Her wet skin coated my body and her wet breasts spread across my chest.

Gina brought her legs up to straddle me. She sat back on my legs and looked down towards my cock. Her wet body pressing against me forced my cock into a hard state again and her breathing pushed her chest towards my mouth. She could see I wanted to bury my head into her chest but I couldn’t lean forward because of my hands. She slowly moved her excited nipple along my lip until she finally slipped it into my mouth. I sucked gently at first and gently placed it in my teeth and tickled it with my tongue. Gina’s body pushed forwards into me and could feel her pulse racing though her huge breast which had consumed my face. I opened my mouth and took in her nipple and surrounding area. She groaned softly. I could feel her ass grinding back on my cock and although she was wet from the water, I could feel her slippery thick juice starting to run from her pussy and onto my cock.

I tried to move but I was totally at Gina’s mercy, and she knew it!!

‘Do you want to fuck me?’ She whispered in my ear.

I looked up into Gina’s eyes.

‘Yes, yes’ I said licking the sweat away from my lips.

Gina’s grinding was making my body throb. She dismounted me and turned away. Her big beautiful ass teased my cock. I watched her pussy as it glistered; her juices were sticking to my cock. She moved her ass so my cock was sliding in between her ass cheeks and just slipping into the lips of her pussy.

‘Slap my ass’ Gina said turning to me and sticking her bouncing ass up into the air.

‘Umm what’

Gina looks back, her face is angry.

‘Shut up!’ Gina shouts ‘Slap my ass’

I recoiled my body slightly.

‘My hands are tied up Gina’ I said still in recoil.

Gina jumped up and scrambled to untie the scarf. She released my hands and I rubbed my wrists.
Gina walked to my front again and bent down.

Her pussy was still melting and the heat from the fire coupled with our burning bodies was turning the room into a sauna.

‘now slap me’ Gina demanded.

I raised may hand back; I didn't know what to do. How hard?

I slapped her ass with force; the noise snapped the air and the flames from the fire flickered.

‘Again’ She moaned ‘Yes, again’

I slapped her ass again harder.

‘Oh fuck’ Gina squealed.

Gina’s ass was sliding up and down my cock again and she reached back to guide herself onto my cock.

My cock slid into her sticky wet pussy and she looked back. The sweat dripped off her forehead and her pouting lips opened with a smile. Her ass bounced up and down swallowing my cock. Her pussy fitted my cock better than her mouth. I could see white sticky juice seeping from the sides of her lips as she raised her ass higher, bringing it down with more force each time.

‘Slap my ass again’ Gina shouted.

I slapped her ass and she screamed with pleasure.

‘Fuck again, slap me again’

I decide to take charge and continually slapped Gina’s round ass. She poured fluid out of her pussy and the sweat dripped down her ass crack. I ran my finger along her crack down to her lips. I collected some of her sweat and juice on fingers and tasted them. She was beautiful, sweet and tangy.

I could feel her juice pouring heavily and she started to tense.

‘Slap me, slap me hard’ she screamed.

I continued to slap her ass. Her body began to quiver and she was slamming her pussy so hard onto my cock I had to square my feet on the floor to stop us both falling off the chair.

‘Fuck I’m cumming’, she screamed.

I slapped her ass one last time and she lifting herself off my cock rubbing her clit with furry gushing and squirting juices all over my legs, balls and cock.

‘Holy fuck, holy fuck’ She squealed as more cum came flowing from her throbbing lips.

I held her ass tight to steady her and she fell back onto me.

‘Oh my god’ She panted in my ear.

Our naked wet bodies slipped together and we both panted trying to catch our breath.

She turned her head into my cheek and kissed me softly.

I sat and thought about what we had just done. I smiled with pleasure. My body was dripping with sweat and the smell of both our liquid filled the room. Gina’s ass was stilling slowly sliding up and down. She was ‘mmmming’ gently and her tight ass teased my helmet.

‘Wow, that was amazing Gina’ I breathed deeply.

I was relieved and satisfied. I had forgotten about Anna if only for a few hours. My body was drained and my cock flopped to one side as if to fall asleep.

Gina's huge smoking eye's looked up to me.

‘We haven’t even started yet’. Gina whispered to me.


‘Not even started! What!’