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Don't tell her

No night forever
Ok this experience centres around London and is a bit longer as I feel the build up is important. Well important to me anyway ;-).

One hot Saturday me and two mates went out for drink around Leicester square and Soho. Steve, chalky and myself had been out since around 1pm and had just about managed to do every bar in the area. At around 6pm we were sat outside Yates in Leicester square. A group of three girls walked passed us and sat down behind us. I didn’t see their faces but by the way Chalky and Steve sat up and smartened their hair, I assumed they were attractive. After a few drinks and girls became louder and I was able to catch the odd word.

‘The one in the white top’ a female voice spoke from behind.

I smiled to myself and looked down at my white long sleeve t-shirt. I turned my head round to the girls. They were all looking at me and smiling. I couldn’t really see their face’s due to the reflection of the sun on the window behind them. I continued to drink my pint until I received a quick kick to the shin from Steve.

‘Fuck? What you doing?’ I snarled at Steve.

Steve looked straight past me and nodded. The three girls were walking over to our table. I shuffled in my seat and sat up straight. The three girls grabbed some spare chairs and joined us. I looked at them one by one as they sat down. They were all gorgeous. The final girl brought her chair over next to me. She was stunning, absolutely stunning. Long brown hair down to her shoulders, with big brown deep eyes. She had a small button nose with a single stud diamond piercing and pouting pink soft lips which reflected the sunlight. She defiantly had some Italian in her judging by her eyes and skin tone. She was wearing a short khaki mini skirt and a tight brown vest top with light brown riding style boots. She was only small maybe 5’3 with an athletic frame. Her breasts were maybe 32 b or c and sat perfectly on her chest. As she was sat down I hadn’t had the chance to check out her bum. The other two girls were built pretty much the same. You could tell they all looked after themselves.

‘Hi! I’m Anna’, she introduced herself as.

‘Hi, I’m Robbie’ I replied, smiling.

We went round the table introducing ourselves and talking about where we were from and why we were in London. It turned out Fiona; who was sat next to Chalky was the daughter of some government minster and she had come over from studying in Ireland to visit her dad. Anna and Zoe had joined Fiona as they needed a break from uni.

After a while we broke into our own conversations. Anna and I were talking about Law. She was training to become a barrister and she was in her final year of law school. Around 7pm we decided on move on. Anna wanted to go to a cocktail bar the girls had been in the night before but the others wanted to go another pub.

‘Ill go with you if you like’ I said to Anna.

She smiled ‘Oh yeah, great, you’ll love it; they do amazing cocktails’ She said excitedly.

Chalky and Steve both grinned at me. We all agreed to meet back outside the empire in a few hours.

‘Don’t forget we are going out at 9’ Fiona said to Anna.

We walked our separate ways and Anna lead me round the corner to the cocktail bar. We sat down and ordered a couple of drinks. Anna got up to go for a wee. I caught a glimpse of Anna’s ass as she walked to the toilet. I could see each cheek rise and fall as she slowly walked waving her hips side to side.

‘Fuck! She’s stunning!’ I remember thinking.

She came back from the toilet and we started talking. We talked and talked and talked. Anna told me everything about herself and just listened cracking the occasional joke. Her smile and laugh were just as cute as she was and her eyes light up when she laughed. Suddenly I started to get a lingering feeling in the pit of stomach.

‘Noooooo’ I said in my head.

I knew what it was. Her body, laugh, smile, jokes and character had got straight into my head. I had always worn my heart on my sleeve so I often distance myself away from girls when I started to fall for them, but there was something different about Anna. I couldn’t help it. I could tell she was beginning to warm to me. Her hand occasionally brushed mine on top the table and I could feel her foot slowly rubbing up and down my leg. When I talked she looked me straight in the eye and she wasn’t scared of showing her emotions when talking about her mum who had passed away.

9 o’clock soon came round and we stepped outside. The night air hit us both and after 6 or 7 cocktails we were both a bit wobbly. I felt Anna’s hand brushing against mine until she finally grabbed it. I looked down and then at Anna, she smiled. That smile! It knocked me on my ass and made my stomach pulse! Suddenly she stopped. She put her head down and faced me, staring up through her big eyes. She put one hand one the side of my face, her skin was soft and I could smell her perfume on her wrist. Slowly she lifted her face up to my lips. She softly kissed my bottom lip, breathed out slowly and sank into me. I placed one hand on her waist and pushed my mouth back opening slightly. Anna copied the movement and I felt her tongue glide past my bottom lip until it met my tongue. Everything went slow. We stood in the middle of the street melting into each other, kissing softly. There was no grabbing or panting. This was soft and almost innocent. My heart was pounding and Anna was breathing deeply, moaning softly as I gently sucked on her bottom lip. Our lips parted and she pushed her forehead into mine. I stared into her eyes. Bang!!

‘Well congratulation dick head. You’ve fallen for her!’ I thought to myself.

The feeling had shaken me somewhat and I drew my head back. Anna’s eye open wide.

‘Are you ok’ Anna quizzed looking concerned.

‘I’m sorry’ I stuttered. I tried to compose myself.

Anna took one of my hands.

‘What’s wrong?’ She asked.

I stared at Anna, my eyes drifted from her neck, over her perfect skin, over her soft lips and up to her eyes.

‘Sorry Anna, I just……uummm, look you’re amazing, you’re gorgeous, funny, sexy and intelligent and I feel like…..’ I stopped.

Anna’s eyes softened and she stepped forward, kissed me softly and put both arms around me. She pulled my head onto her shoulder. I could feel her breath on my ear.

‘Don’t worry’ she whispered. ‘I feel the same’.

I accidentally let a stupid little giggle out my nose. Anna laughed stepping back. She tilted her head and held out her hand. We carried on walking hand in hand till we reached the Empire. I couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off my face.

We stood outside the empire, the others weren’t there. I checked my phone, 9:10. I had a text message from Steve:


I told Anna and she smiled when.

We walked in the pub and saw our friends sat at a table. They looked like they were having fun. There were numerous shot glasses and various sized glasses which held god knows what type of booze. The occasional roar of laughter irrupted as I stood at the bar getting a round in. Anna had found a chair each and we joined the table.

The night flew by with drink after drink, story after story, laughter and singing. The time hit midnight and we were all feeling a bit dizzy, that didn’t stop us leaving the pub and heading for a club. We jumped on the tube and headed to Bussey’s for drum and bass night. Not exactly what I wanted but the others said they wanted to ‘rave!’

We got into Bussey’s. The music was banging and the floor vibrated with the bass line of the music. I headed straight to the bar. I got a drink for me and Anna but before I could hand it to her she was whisked on the dance floor by her friends. I watched as they disappeared in to crowd.

Chalky walked over to me with a huge smile on his face waving something at me. He handed me a key.

‘What’s this?’ I asked.

‘Its Fiona’s house key’ He replied grinning like a Cheshire cat.

‘Why have you got it?’ I replied.

‘Well Fiona said she always loses her house key on nights out and seeing as we were all going back to hers I may as well look after it’ Chalky shouted into my ear.

Chalky ‘whoa’d’ in my ear and childishly skipped onto the dance floor, waving his arms around.

The music in the club had slowed, the bass line was still huge but the jumpy tune of before was replaced with a serious heavy pounding beat. I made my way onto the dance floor. The wall of body heat hit me. The club was hot dark and sweaty. I looked for Anna over the heads of the people dancing. She was dancing some what reluctantly towards the back of the dance floor. I caught her eye and she smiled. She started to walk towards me but couldn’t force her way though the wall of people. There was a small empty space in the corner of the dance floor and I directed her view to it while walking. We walked parallel across the dance floor separated by people until we reached the open space.

I watched Anna slowly walk over to me. Her hips moving slowly from side to side and breasts moving gently up and down and she breathed deeply. She looked serious now. The cheeky, fun Anna now looked tense. She walked up to me stopping inches from for my face. It was so dark in the corner I could handily see her.

She leant forward and grabbed my hand. Slowly she pulled her body into me keeping my hand down by my side. She put her head on my shoulder and bit the bottom of my ear…hard. I gritted my teeth and moved my head away. She looked at me. She was intense and her eyes were wide and wild. She moved back into me and moved my hand forward as she rested her head on my shoulder again. She lifted herself onto her tip toes and moved my hand under her skirt. She sighed deeply into my ear. She pushed my hand deeper up her skirt until I could feel her. She was wet.

‘Play with me’ she whispered.

I moved my fingers around pulling her thong to one side with one finger. I softly tickled her lips with two fingers. Making circular movements around her pussy. I could feel my fingers were soaking and I pushed two fingers into her. She blow out hard into my ear and pushed down against my fingers driving them deeper into her. She moved her head off my shoulder and pressed her forehead against mine. Her mouth was open as she took long deep breathes in and out. I couldn’t hear her but she lifted her head back and mouthed ‘I want you’. My heart was thumping; the music was pounding though my body as the goddess in front of me grinded down on my fingers releasing more and more juice on to my hand. She slammed her head back into mine. Her bottom lip stuck out as she closed her eyes and panted into my face. She opened her eyes again, they looked full of desire. She smiled from one side of her mouth as I moved my fingers around inside her.

‘Oh my god, we need to get out of here’ she almost shouted into my ear, pulling my hand from under her skirt.

I hadn’t noticed but my phone had been going off in my pocket. 7 missed calls and 1 text.


I called to Anna and told her they were waiting for us outside. Anna grabbed my wrist and dragged me outside. Our 4 friend were stood outside. We flagged down a taxi and all piled in. Our friends sat chatting while me and Anna sat opposite each other smirking and stealing looks at each other.

‘Anna, what’s your phone number’ I asked.

Anna looked up and grinned. She shuffled through her phone and read out her number.

Text message:


I watched Anna’s phone light up in her hand. She read the message and a burst out laughing bring her hand up to her mouth. The others looked at us. I looked out the window. I felt my phone go off.


I laughed out my nose and smiled at Anna. She bit her bottom lip and winked at me.


She read the message and leant forward and kissed me softly.

We arrived at a posh house in the middle of Westminster. The house was amazing. Old grey stoned 4 storey terraced house.

We all fell our taxi and headed up the path towards the house. Anna held my hand and pulled me back slightly. ‘You go in, ill come in a minute’ Anna told the others.

The others walked into the house. The house had a small porch at the entrance. Anna lead me though the front door and closed it. She then brushed past me and looked though the inner door. The others had gone towards the back of the house into the kitchen. The only light was coming from the road lighting out side. The soft light only made Anna look more beautiful and I reached out for her hand. Before I could grab her hand Anna span round, grabbed my shirt and slammed me into the wall. She smashed her lips into mine and I gasped for breath. She had that look in her eye again only this time she was smiling. Her body was pressed up against me and I could feel her grinding into me. She pushed back off me and so I could see her amazing body. Slowly she raised her hands up to my belt. She slowly unbuttoned my jeans. I wasn’t wearing underwear so my cock popped straight our into her hand. She held it in her hand while gazing at me.

‘What would you like me to do?’ She questioned my softening her eyes and wetting her lips.

I took a deep breathe.

‘Suck it’ I whispered.

She smiled.

‘Good’ she replied, dropping to her knees.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. She even dropped to her knees with grace. She didn’t put me in her mouth straight away. She wanted to watch my reaction. She slowly rubbed my cock along her tongue and stroked it slowly. Drawing her head away and watching my face. God she looked amazing. She finally licked her lips one last time and slowly slipped my cock into her mouth. Her big eyes stared up at me and she groaned as she slipped her mouth deeper and deeper down my cock. I couldn’t watch, she kept her lips tight when she reached my tip and the feeling nearly floored me every time. I wanted to explode but pulled it back.

‘Look at me’ Anna said ‘I want to see your face’.

I looked back down at Anna. Her head bobbed up and down. Faster and faster until she ripped my cock out with a gasp.

‘Fuck’ I sighed nearly falling over.

‘Ha-ha, was that nice?’ She asked

‘Ha-ha, on my god!!’ Is all I could say.

Anna got back to her feet and took me by the hand. She lead me though the house and up stairs. She was sleeping in one of the spare rooms; still the room was huge with a four poster bed. I walked into the middle of the room followed by Anna. She walked over to the lights and turned them down slightly. Her olive skin was glowing in the low light and the light from the streets shone off her wet lips. I stood and turned to Anna. Her wild eyes were soft again and I held my hand up to her face caressing her silky skin. She sighed and moved her face into my hand whole closing her eyes. I slowly moved my hand down to her shoulder and slipped one side of her vest top down. She pulled her arm through and it fell down.

‘Stop’ she said softly. ‘Take your clothes off’.

I nodded and pulled my top over my head and threw it on the floor. My jeans were already unbuttoned so I simply shook my legs and let them fall down. I kicked off my shoes and took off socks. I stood up straight allowing Anna to see every curve of my body. She looked me up and down.

‘You look gorgeous’ She whispered.

I dropped my head and smiled in a moment of embarrassment.

Anna stepped back away from me. She pulled her vest top down and it fell round her waist. She took off her bra allowing her breasts to fall perfectly onto her chest. She pulled down her vest taking her skirt and thong with it. She stood up straight and looked at me. My eyes wondered over her body, taking in every square inch of beauty.

We stood opposite each other. Studying each others bodies in silence. Anna stepped forward and softly took my cock in her hand. She pushed her body up against me and lifted one of her legs up slightly. She pulled my cock down and positioned herself so her pussy was just above it. Her mouth was open and she breathing slowly. I could feel her wetness on my cock as she slowly rubbed it around her clit. Her arm gripped round my neck and she slowly slipped my cock past her lips and into her tight pussy. She stared at me as she lowered herself down. Biting on her lip and moaning as she got lower and lower. I put my arm under her ass for support until I was fully inside her. She took her hand away and slowly pushed into me. Each push brought a soft moan from Anna as she become wetter and wetter. I pulled her leg further up my body and grabbed her hips. I started to pump into Anna. Her groans became louder until both her arms were round the back of my head.

‘Oh god, I want to see it, I want to see it going in me’ she moaned.

I stopped and allowed her to drop down. I lay on the large rug in the middle of the room. Anna walked over to me. She stood over me I looked up to see Anna’s perfect peachy bum slowly lowering down. She stood my cock up and pushed down. I slid into her dripping pussy and she began to thrust up and down. I could see the juice on my cock glistening in the light. Anna was in the sitting position and I watched as she leaned forward and looked back through her own legs.

‘Fuck that looks amazing’ she cried.

Anna was thumping on to my cock and her moans were now shouts as she watched her pussy engulf my cock. Anna continued like an Olympic athlete, grinding and pounding down until she had to stop. She threw her body back.

‘Fuck!’ She wailed.

She began graining harder in me and I could feel my helmet pinging off her spot.

‘Oh yes, that’s it’ She shouted.

I was just about hanging on, 2 more minutes and I would pop!

I could feel Anna begin to orgasm; she slammed her hands onto my chest and gripped my skin until it bled.

‘Come with me, come with me’ she begged.

I grabbed her hips and controlled her rhythm. I could feel my come building and building. Anna's pussy was contracting forcefully until she finally let go with a long deep groan. I followed and pumped Anna’s pussy full of my juice. I couldn’t help but follow her moan. Anna fell back onto me and we laid in silence.

Her hair was stuck to her face and I brushed it back. She was trying draw breath in but her body was still shaking.

‘That was incredible’ She stuttered.

I looked at her and she gazed back. She looked amazing. Her big eyes were half closed and her lips were pouting. Her look was one of satisfaction and as she rolled off me she took my hand and led me to the bed. We both flopped onto the huge bed. She rested her head on my chest.

'Can we do this forever?' she spoke softly.


‘I love you’ she whispered………………..

I turned away and looked out the window……

‘Don’t tell her!!’

The end.

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