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Drinks and Dancing

Bigger isn't worth it.
This story takes place coming up on 8 years ago this summer. That would make me 35 at the time. My husband was out of town for the weekend, so I made plans with a single girlfriend of mine to go out on the Saturday night for some fun. We were planning on just going out for some drinks and dancing and then just go back to her place. I won't bore you the minor details, but I will just say that two guys younger than us, took an interest in us early in the night and bought us our drinks and danced with us till closing time. My friend who obviously took more than a friendly interest in the guy she was dancing with, invited him and his friend to her place for a night cap. As we were about to leave the bar, my friend said that she was going to ride with the guy she was dancing with. I drove us there so I was actually thinking that I would just go home when the other guy said that he would ride with me. Why I agreed I don't know but I did. I know I shouldn't have drove because if I ever got pulled over I would have been charged with being impaired. I know that the guy that was with me had more than a friendly interest in me but the ride to my friends was just a normal ride with us chatting.

Once at my friends place, we just sat around chatting and having another drink. After about 30 minutes my friend and her guy went missing. No big deal I thought until I had to use her washroom. As I was walking down the hall I had to pass her bedroom, her door was closed. With the sounds coming from behind the door there was no mistaking what was going on in there. On my way back from the washroom I knocked on the door and told my friend that I was going home. When I went back into the living room I told the other guy that the other two were busy and I was going home. He said he might as well leave also. He then asked me if I could give him a ride as his friend also drove the two of them to the bar. I thought what the hell he was respectful all night so far. On the way to his place we just chatted and he kept complimenting on my looks, body (I'm 5' 11", 145 lbs, 36C 28 34) and any other aspect about me that he could compliment. We made it to his apartment and we kept chatting. He eventually invited me up for a drink. I told him that I had to get home. He reminded me that I would be going to an empty house. I didn't remember telling him but obviously I did that my husband was out of town and our 12 year old daughter was spending the night at my mom's. I agreed to come up for one drink. The last thing I needed was another drink.

To make a long story short, we ended up in his bed. As I said, this guy was younger than me. He said he was in his late 20's but I think he was probably in his mid 20's. Here I was in bed with this guy younger than me but he had the biggest cock I have ever seen. We did all of the foreplay stuff and then he had me on my back and was fucking me. It hurt at first as he was stretching me but felt good at the same time. I don't know how many orgasms we each had, but eventually we both fell asleep. I woke up forgetting where I was. A ray of sunshine was coming through the curtains. Realizing where I was, I thought to myself, 'omg I can't believe what I did last night.' I looked around and saw an alarm clock on a night table. It was 6:55am. I looked at him and he was sound asleep. Right away I felt sick to my stomach. The guilt was already getting to me as I have never cheated on my husband before. With out putting my bra and panties back on, I put my skirt and blouse on and took off out of there before he woke up. I have never seen him again.

When my husband came home later that day, he picked up right away that something wasn't right with me but that's another story.

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