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Everybody loves Debra

Everybody loves Debra

Have you ever wondered what it would be like? I have always thought Debra to be a very attractive woman. Her height didn’t matter it was her great chest that always attracted her to me. I know that what she wore was supposed to be conservative being the stay at home mom but what would it be like to really see her dressed up like the slut I imagined her to be.

It wasn’t supposed to work out this way but it just happened but I don’t think Debra regretted it at all. Her husband had gotten her worked up the night before and promptly fell asleep leaving her to have to please herself; which she didn’t mind at all. He always talked a big game but more often than not could not measure up to her needs.

Making sure her husband was fast asleep she removed every stitch of clothing, she could immediately feel her nipples become very erect (not normally sleeping naked her nipples were not quite used to be uncovered) she immediately went to her right nipple and rolled and squeezed sending shivers throughout with short intakes of air hoping not to arouse her husband. She took her right hand and gently rubbed the narrow patch she had recently shaved and found the heat emanating from her moist cunt. She caressed the entire area slowly rubbing harder and harder each time she would reach the top of her moistness. Finally her clit started to protrude on its own and she grabbed it with her thumb and fore finger and gently squeezed while slowly sliding one finger into her awaiting hole. Her breathing became shorter and labored with the rush of pleasure she was giving herself. Making sure that her clit was as wet as possible she would rub her clit than insert now 2 fingers into her dripping cunt; rubbing and inserting all the while her body would tense up with every movement.

She could feel moisture developing on her body her temperature rising as she still was under the covers but that would end soon. She was reaching a mind blowing orgasm as her fingers continue to pound her wet cunt more furiously than ever. She kicked off her covers and raised her ass off the mattress with her feet jamming her fingers in and out of her cunt till her juices flowed all over her hand. With her right hand now covered with her juice she switched hands so her left hand was now cleaning up and she was ferociously licking her fingers clean. Her body finally able to relax she was able to finally drift off to sleep.

She woke up the next day to the normal routine; fixing breakfast for her kids and her husband before they would all leave for the day. She always looked forward to this part of the day; sending them all off and leaving her alone to do what ever she wanted. About an hour after everyone had left she heard a knock at her rear kitchen door; she hopped up from the couch reading a magazine and found her husbands brother Robert at the door. Robert is a local police man and was in his full uniform when he arrived. She didn’t care whether he was going to work or coming home from work she always admired Robert in his uniform. She wasn’t sure why but she admired Robert’s height about 6’6” and girth filling the uniform perfectly. She had forgotten that he was coming over to pick up some things that her husband had left for him. She wasn’t exactly dressed the way Robert normally sees her dressed very conservatively.

Today she had a short tank top on with no bra and a pair of baggy boxers with no panties. She always dressed this way when she was alone. Robert took notice immediately when the door was opened and couldn’t help but undress her the rest of the way with his eyes. She also noticed that he had an extra bulge in his work pants as soon as he walked in which excited her even more knowing that Robert was very excited to see her dressed this way. She always wondered how big Robert was and was eager to find out. After the normal pleasantries she directed him up the stairs to the spare bedroom where the box of stuff was for him to pick up. She said it was pretty heavy so he didn’t think that she would follow him up as he would have no problem handling the boxes weight.

After he grabbed the box he turned around to find her standing right in front of him with her hand conveniently placed on the bulge in his pants rubbing firmly it’s entire length to the bottom of his work belt. He was immediately taken aback by her bold move but didn’t seem to try to back away in fact he moved forward towards her as a positive response to her advances. Robert was not the most out going guy and at times was very shy around women so this was more than likely new territory for him especially because she was an in-law. Since Robert was a little ‘busy’ with the large box she pretty much had free reign.

She immediately began to unzip his work trousers revealing his very stiff 8 inch member. Her husband was not this big and very rarely did she give her husband the oral pleasure but was so looking forward to consuming Robert. She knelt down in front of Robert and slowly began to lick the under side of his cock and gently squeeze his balls. She swirled her finger over his tip taking the pre cum that was running off his tip and completely coating his cock with it making it smoother to stroke. She could here him struggle to breath but leaning back enough to give her full view of his cock. She could not wait any longer and slowly inserted his cock into her mouth.

She first only took half of it in swirling her tongue on the underside before pulling it out. Teasing the tip with her tongue tasting his clear pre cum she lowered him entirely into her mouth. He could feel the back of her throat but he could not see anything as he was still holding the box in his arms but he could only imagine what it looked like having his sister in law take all of his cock in her mouth. She sucked as hard as she could and stroked him firmly using her saliva as lubrication. With every stroke he became weaker in the knees and prayed that he didn’t drop the box on her nor cum in her mouth; as he had other plans for that.

Robert could not take it any longer. He pulled his cock out of her mouth before she was finished and dropped the box on the floor with a thud. He picked her up with ease as she wasn’t a large woman and carried her to the spare bed. He feverishly worked to get his work belt and clothes off as fast as he could; with Debra helping in any way possible to get him naked faster. She almost couldn’t wait to get Robert’s cock in her anyway possible. Now that Robert was naked he in turn knelt at the side of the bed and pulled Debra to him nearly ripping the boxers she had on completely off he could smell her immediately and began to drool with anticipation. This is the part that Debra missed the most but enjoyed like no other. She loved the feeling of someone licking her moist pussy and giving her incredible orgasms. Her husband would do it occasionally but obviously not enough to her liking. Robert immediately found her clit and sucked it into his mouth just like a lollipop. He could tell by the sudden intake of air and the sudden squeal that he had her where he wanted her. Debra was pulling on her nipples of her 36D breasts while Robert was tongue fucking her wet cunt sending shivers up and down her spine. She was near mind blowing orgasm when Robert pulled off and decided that she needed his full 8 inches inside her wet cunt.

He crawled on top of her pressing his body to hers feeling her breasts against his chest and passionately probing her mouth with his tongue. She could barely reach his cock because he was so tall but she managed to anyway and stroked him feverishly wanting him inside her. He rolled her over and grabbed her hips aligning her ass with his waiting cock; she begged him to fuck her pleading for every inch. There was no pause as Robert pressed against her cunt and with the moisture he had created her pussy gave way to his throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs around Robert’s ass and pulled with all her might so that every inch of his cock was firmly inside her; the only thing holding her up was her hands like a push up. He began to feverishly pound her pussy with every thrust; she knew no one was home so she did not care to moan aloud and scream as the tip of his cock reached the top of her cunt.

This seemed to go on forever but she subconsciously did not want it to stop. Robert could feel the walls of her pussy constrict with every thrust and knew that at any moment they would both cum with a fury. His balls began to constrict as her body began to tense up with another great orgasm. She pulled him even tighter with her legs as she wanted every drop of his cum inside her. Robert began to moan….”fuck …oh god Debra” he could feel his cum leave his balls and travel the full length of his shaft and unload inside the walls of her pussy. She screamed with each shot of his hot liquid inside her. There was so much it flowed out of her pussy and down onto his balls. After the orgasms had subsided he pulled out of her sopping cunt and noticed the mixture of their cum oozing from her hole. Holding her on her hands and knees; Robert knelt on the floor and dipped his tongue into her pussy again and completely cleaning her pussy of their cum sending shivers throughout her body again. She wasn’t sure she could handle another orgasm and was partly glad to see that Robert began to dress as he had to continue on his rounds for the force. Robert said that he would see himself out leaving Debra sprawled on the spare bed. She knew it was wrong but loved every second of the encounter; she knew that Robert would not say anything; it was only between him and Debra. As everyone knows it would tear her husband apart if he found out because……..”Everyone Loves Raymond”
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