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Family Dynamics Part 1

Things heat up with a hot new step-mother and step-sister living in the house
Family Dynamics

Authors Note: This story is a work of fiction. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. It builds slowly and contains a lot of details. Yes, there is sex in this story. No, it doesn't happen right away. If you are looking for a story with raunchy sex at the get-go that never lets up, you probably won't enjoy this. Most of the scenes are a build-up of erotically charged circumstances.

My parents divorced when I was 14. I split time with each parent, one week at my Mom’s house followed by one week at the Dad’s house and then back again. I love my parents but that arrangement mostly sucked for me.

About a year and a half later my Mom was offered a big promotion at work but it would require her moving from our home in warm and sunny Arizona back to North Carolina (where we had lived till I was three, before moving to AZ). Since we still had family back east and the position was very high-paying she took the job.

I had to choose to stay in Arizona with my Dad, or move to North Carolina with my Mom. Since I was starting High School and didn’t want to move back the East Coast I chose to stay with my Dad. More sunshine, more babes, more hot weather encouraging those same babes to wear as little clothing as possible in Arizona .

Fast forward another year, I was 16 and it was the summer before my Junior year, and my Dad had been dating a new woman named Kate for several months and apparently it had progressed from ‘casual’ to ‘serious’ because my Dad had one of those serious sit down talks with me. He said Kate wanted to meet me and he wanted me to meet her too, which he had never done with any of the other women he had dated after the divorce. My Dad seemed really happy and I was happy for him, so I agreed.

My Dad wanted to set up something casual for our first meeting, so he set up a BBQ at Kate’s house the following Saturday afternoon. Before we were set to leave, though, my Dad pulled me aside again and said he had two important things to tell me. One, that Kate was also a single parent, with an 18 yr old daughter named Amy who was going to be a Senior in High School, and I would be meeting her today also. Two, that Kate herself was only 34 yrs old (so a quick check of the math in my head informed me that Kate got pregnant at 16). Dad was 45 so good for him getting a much younger woman.

We arrived at the house just about 1 P.M., a hot scorcher of a day in the middle of July. I would have appreciated a nice, sit down meal in an air conditioned restaurant rather than an outdoor BBQ when it was well over 100 degrees outside. That is, until I met Kate and Amy and realized the fringe benefits of a hot summer day in Arizona .

Dad and I walked up to the house, carrying a cooler with some steak and chicken ka-bobs we had prepared for the grill and our swim trunks (apparently Kate had a pool in the backyard). Dad knocked, and an absolute stunner of a girl answered the door.

She was tall, just an inch or two shorter than me and I stand a solid 5’11”. She was barefoot, and wearing cut-off jean shorts, the kind that were so short you could see the front pockets sticking out further than the hemline, and so tight that if she put a quarter in her back pocket you could tell if it was heads or tails. The short shorts showcased a pair of long, lean, nicely tanned legs that were just unbelievably appealing.

Moving up, she had on a baby doll tank top that only came about half way down her front, showing a generous amount of her toned and sexy abs. Her breasts were prominent in that tank top, curvaceous and perfectly sized to her body, yet scoffing at the very notion of gravity. The top was thin and white and I thought I could just make out the shape of her nipples but I couldn’t tell for sure without obviously staring.

The incredible body was topped off with the beautiful face of a very sexy young woman, with long blonde hair pulled back into a simple ponytail, bright blue eyes that just seemed to sparkle in the daylight, and an absolute killer smile.

As she opened the door and I tried valiantly to maintain my composure, she seemed to be sizing me up as well. I was a cross country runner on the school team, so I tried to stay in top shape year round. I ran several miles every morning and hit the gym on a regular basis. I was certainly thankful for all that training now, having only one chance to make a first impression with this gorgeous young lady.

I was wearing a pair of loose-fitting khaki cargo shorts, a white polo shirt with the Arizona Diamondbacks logo, a pair of sandals and my customary Ray-Ban sunglasses.

“Ermm, Hi” I said when my Dad did not initiate any conversation. “I’m Jeff. You must be Amy, Kate’s daughter.” I was carrying half the cooler with my Dad with my left hand but held out my right hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

The young woman arched one delicate eyebrow and smiled, flashing her pearly whites again and then throwing back her long neck and laughing. It was low, throaty laugh and I couldn’t help but think to myself, Damn, even her laugh is sexy as hell.

My Dad cleared his throat uncomfortably and spoke up. “Kate, this is my son Jeff. Jeff, this is Kate.”

This was Kate?! I couldn’t believe it. I would have thought this woman to be about in her mid twenties at the most, and she could even pass for a mature 18 year old, which is why I assumed this was the daughter. She didn’t look anywhere close to any 34 year old woman I had ever met.

Kate stepped out of the doorway and gave my Dad a loving peck on the cheek and then turned back to me.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Jeff. Your father has told me so much about you. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time,” she said, holding out a tiny, perfect hand of her own.

I would have been looking forward to this a hell of a lot more if I knew you looked like this, I thought to myself, but I played it cool. I shook her hand with a firm grip and tried to sheepishly explain my way out.

“I’m sorry, Kate. You just look so young I assumed you were the daughter.”

“It’s totally fine, don’t worry about it,” she said, still smiling. “You’re not the first person to make that mistake. In fact, it is quite a nice compliment. A lady always likes to be mistaken for younger than her actual age.”

As she led us inside, I noticed a new Porsche in the driveway. Kate’s house was a large and spacious two-story home, with lots of nicely appointed furniture and a plasma screen TV mounted on the wall in the family room. This woman had to be making some serious cash to afford all this. Killer looks and money of her own? My Dad made good money too and still looked good for his age, but I didn’t think he could still get a woman like this.

Kate walked us into the kitchen and we set down the cooler.

“Here, we can just pack all this stuff in the fridge for now. I hate gas grills, I only use real charcoal but it takes a little while to get good and hot,” she said.

She opened the cooler and bent over right in front of me to pick up the Tupperware containers with the ka-bobs and start to transfer them to the fridge. I will admit to openly admiring her ass in those tight cut off jean shorts, luckily for me neither she nor my dad noticed.

After finishing putting the food away, Kate turned to face us. The cold from the open fridge door seemed to have had an effect on her, as her nipples were now very prominent and very noticeable with only that thin, baby doll tank top on. It was quite obvious now that she was not wearing a bra underneath the tank top, and that just made the firmness of her breasts even more impressive.

“Well boys, I think we should join Amy out back on the patio. Rick, I know you have met her a couple times but we still need to introduce the kids to each other.”

Rick is my dad’s name, by the way.

We headed out back. Double doors from the kitchen led to the back patio and large back yard. I noticed among other things a BBQ island, complete with grill and mini-fridge; a complete outdoor dining table set on a deck with an awning overhead for shade, and several lounge chairs for relaxing by the pool. This was a backyard where I could see myself spending a lot of time.

The pool was huge, with a diving board and even a good-sized water slide. There was a Jacuzzi attached, though with the heat it was obviously not turned on. There was a girl swimming in the pool, I could only see her head above water as she spotted us.

“Amy, our guests have arrived,” Kate called out to her. “Come here, there is someone I want you to meet.”

I was curious to see what the daughter looked like after meeting the mom. I was not disappointed.

Amy climbed out of the pool, dripping wet, and I would have sworn on a stack of Bibles that I was looking at a Goddess.

She was 18, toned and tight in all the right places. She wore a pale pink bikini that nicely contrasted with her evenly tanned body. She looked to be a little shorter, about 5’6”. She had the same lean frame, tight abs, and long legs as her mother, but she had some appealing differences as well.

For starters, her breasts were even more impressive than her mothers. They stood out tall and proud, but gently bouncing as she started to stand up out of the water, letting you know that they were all natural. They were larger than Kate’s but not so much so that they looked out of place. Her bikini top would have been fairly modest on a normal sized girl, but on Amy it was practically scandalous, just two patches in the front with a string that tied around back. I would have thought it too risqué for a first time meeting with a teenage son but judging from Kate’s own attire they were quite liberal with their choice of wardrobe.

Her flat, toned tummy led to her pale pink bikini bottoms, again more revealing than I would have expected but I was not going to be the one to complain. It dipped very low in the front, then gave way to just strings along the hips, before connecting to the backside. As Amy grabbed a towel to give herself a quick rub-down, she briefly turned away from us and I could see that the back of her bikini, while not quite a thong, still left at least half of her ass exposed. And what an ass it was. Tanned, tight, heart shaped and just perfect in every way, especially with a pair of dripping wet bikini bottoms clinging to it like a second skin.

Amy was a blonde like her mother, but her hair was cut to just above the shoulders. She had those same, intense blue eyes that just popped, and the same killer smile.

Amy leaned over to squeeze the excess water from her hair, and the angle from where we were standing conveniently lent her cleavage maximum exposure. I could have died and gone to heaven a happy man right then and there.

She stood back up and walked over to us. Kate introduced us, Amy already knew my Dad but this was our first meeting with each other. I was thankful that Amy had paused to dry herself off a bit first, it allowed me time to regain my composure and not make a total dork of myself.

I was actually kind of hitting on all cylinders with Amy after making a fool of myself with Kate earlier. We seemed to hit it off right away, I was more charming than usual and she was surprisingly easy to talk to. Kate and Amy both even laughed at all my little jokes, and it was genuine laughter.

After a few moments of small talk, Kate suggested we should get started on the food.

“Good idea, mom, I’m starving,” said Amy. “But I think you might want to put the guns back in the holster first.” She was grinning at that last statement, and took me a moment to realize that she referencing her mother’s prominent nipples that were clearly making their presence known through the thin material of her tank top.

Kate looked down and noticed it for the first time, she laughed and playfully covered herself up with one hand over each breast for a brief moment before dropping them back down again.

“I didn’t invite them out to play but I was planning to change into my suit and take a dip in the pool after we eat anyway,” she said. “I think we can manage till then.”

Amy just shrugged. Kate asked my Dad to go inside to the kitchen with her and help her get started with the food prep, and she asked me to start the grill.

I headed over to the BBQ island, the grill was already stocked with fresh charcoal. I was searching for the lighter fluid and the matches, when I glanced up to see what Amy was up to. I was very happy that I glanced up at that moment.

Amy was heading over to a lounge chair, and I was staring at her tight ass as she walked towards it. She picked up a sarong and wrapped it around her waist, which was disappointing but I figured she was quite likely going to go back in the water at some point. She then picked up a white, wife beater style t shirt and glanced back in my direction. I pretended to be very absorbed in setting up the grill rather than checking her out.

Apparently assured that I was not watching her (though I surreptitiously was, with great interest), she reached around and untied the strings of her bikini top and tossed it aside onto the lounge chair. She was standing sort of sideways from my position, providing me with a perfect side view of her magnificent set as she pulled the t shirt on and over her breasts. She had no tan lines of any sort. I was thankful for the grill in front of me or the quickly rising tent in my shorts would be a perfect indication of my appreciation for the scene unfolding in front of my eyes.

Having a gorgeous, young mother running around in a thin half shirt with no bra and prominent nipples, and a daughter in a micro-bikini removing her top pretty much out in the open was not how I had thought this day would proceed.

Amy started to walk over my direction, so I quickly fought my partner back down and succeeded just in time as she came around the corner of the BBQ island.

“Need a hand?” she asked me. She had not dried completely, so the wife beater was clinging to her skin and becoming semi-transparent. Amy did not seem in the least bit uncomfortable with her impromptu wet t-shirt contest, so I didn’t mention it either.

She helped me locate the lighter fluid and matches in a cabinet next to the grill, and I got the charcoal lit and ready for grilling. Operating a grill happens to be a specialty of my Dad’s and he had taught me all his secrets, so as we sat down to eat the girls were going crazy over our ka-bobs (a mix of seasoned grill steak or lemon pepper chicken with red onions, green peepers, and a secret family marinade). I was glad to see that they were both healthy eaters, which I had assumed from their tight athletic bodies, much more appealing than the waif-thin models who only ate a few spoonfuls of salad in an entire day.

After finishing our lunch and taking a little bit of time to digest Kate announced that she was getting hot and wanted to take a dip in the pool to cool off, and asked us all to join her.

My dad and I went inside with her to get our suits, I noticed that dad went with Kate into her bedroom to change. Nice move, Dad.

I went into the downstairs bathroom to change. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and into my suit, and I noticed there was a high window that looked out into the backyard. I could just see out of it. I looked out and was rewarded with the sight of Amy pulling the t shirt up and over her head, revealing her twins again for a moment before tying her bikini top back on. Then she tossed her sarong off and I focused on her tight ass in the revealing bottoms as she ran and dove back into the water.

I came out to join her then and I am pretty sure she was checking me out. Like I said, I have to keep in good shape for cross country, and though I’m not a body builder or anything I didn’t have any embarrassing love handles or beer gut. Amy certainly seemed to like what she saw judging from the way her eyebrows rose when she saw me come out, though she didn’t say anything to me.

We chatted and splashed around a little, wondering where our parents were.

“I saw my Dad going into your Mom’s room with his suit in hand,” I said. “I don’t know what is taking so long.”

Amy raised her hand very suddenly, shushing me to be quiet. “Hold on. Listen.”

I remained very still, trying not to make any noise at all, straining my ears but not sure what I was listening for. Then I heard it, coming from an upstairs bedroom that I was pretty sure was Kate’s: a low moan of unmistakable pleasure.

Amy and I looked at each other, in mutual shock, and then we heard it again. Another moan, this one a bit louder and longer. Our parents were most definitely going at it, and after seeing Kate in those cut off shorts and tank top I didn’t blame my Dad one little bit.

The moaning continued, as Kate started to get louder, losing control of her volume and totally giving herself over to the sexual pleasure she was obviously receiving. I thought I heard bed springs start to creak and soon she was crying out “YES! YES! OH MY GOD! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”, practically at the top of her lungs and both Amy and I could hear her plain as day even out back.

Amy was clearly becoming aroused, I noticed her nipples were becoming hard as she listened with great interest. She looked over at me.

“Jesus Christ, I’ve never heard her react like THAT before. Your Dad must do good work.”

I just shrugged.

“I guess. When we had our father-son talk about the birds and the bees he stressed always making sure the girl was having a good time before you even started to consider yourself.”

“I think he certainly practices what he preaches, since it sounds like my Mom is having a really good time,” she replied with a smile. “Maybe you should ask him for some pointers some time.”

“Hey!” I said, with mock indignation. “Granted, I don’t have a ton of experience, but I have been with girls before. And I’ve never had any complaints.”

“And are you as equipped as your Dad is?” she asked me, doing the same sexy arched eyebrow maneuver that her mother did. “I overheard my Mom on the phone with one of her friends and she commented that your Dad is apparently very well endowed.”

I just grinned. “Well, I suppose some things will just have to remain a mystery. After all, we’ve only known each other for one day.”

Amy pursed her lips and stared at me with squinted eyes for a moment.

“Hmmm. Usually guys are all over me and tell me just about anything to impress me. I wasn’t exactly coming on to you just now, but I did give you an opening and you side-stepped it rather gracefully.”

I think she was about to say something more, but our parents came out to the pool soon after that, my Dad in his swim trunks and Kate in a conservative yellow and blue bikini. They made no mention of the action upstairs but I am pretty sure they knew we could hear them.

We stayed and played around in the pool for another hour or so but eventually we had to call it a day. As my Dad and I drove him I told him a definitely approved of Kate. And although I didn’t say it, I definitely approved of Amy too.

continued in part 2, when my dad marries Kate and we all move in to the same house...

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A wild & hot story!
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PART 2 PART 2!!!!!!! oh ya very hard 5!!!!
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Hurry with part 2. I give this a hard 5.

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