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First Date

Tombstone meets a new girl in the parking lot and takes her on an enjoyable date.
The smell of pizza and sweat made my nose cringe when I walked out the back door of work. The long day of spinning dough, crafting pizzas, and taking orders made me ready for the weekend. Too bad Friday night looked pretty bleak with most of my wingmen out of town for the weekend.

“Hey, Tombstone,” a female voice said.

I looked around to see a girl with long dark hair and wearing an apron. She obviously worked at the hotel across the street. She was walking across the parking lot. I didn't recognize her.

“How do you know who I am?” I called.

“I came in for a job application last week. I’m Michelle.”

She walked back to me, hand extended. Her deep blue eyes held steady in mine. I took her hand and was pleased to have a real, firm grip rather than a dead fish.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said. “You work at the Suites?”


I laughed. My job wasn't exactly a day at the beach. “Managing pizza isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It’s more like babysitting a bunch of sixteen-year-olds most of the time.”

“At least you can schedule yourself to have Friday night off,” she said.

“Fat lot of good that does me tonight.” I shrugged my shoulders. "It's not like I have plans."

“You want to catch a movie or something?” The girl didn't waste any time.

Her smile accentuated her blue eyes and the dark hair pulled into a pony tail. I had no clue what her body looked like under the green apron flapping around. Either way, I liked her straight forward approach.

“Sure,” I said.


It took a few minutes for Michelle to open the door when I knocked. She wore a sky blue sweater and blue jeans, perfect for the fall weather outside. When she went to her bedroom to grab her purse, I noticed how the denim hugged her ass. Her phone rang and she grabbed it to see who it was. I made sure to check out how well-proportioned her breasts were to her flat stomach and the curve of her hips.

My eyes made it back to hers before she could notice me checking her out. I always capitalized on the subtle moments to sneak a peak at the girls I dated. Now that I saw her without the apron, I found myself enchanted. A beautiful dark haired girl with blue eyes, had asked me on a date.


We picked our seats for the film, back of the theater, middle of the row. Right before the trailers were going to start, Michelle said, “I saw you from outside the pizza joint and said ‘Who’s that?’ That’s why I went to ask for the job application.”

My heart skipped a beat. Damn, I liked her aggressiveness!

My arm rested next to hers for the entire movie. I wanted to kiss her every moment we stayed in the theater. Too bad the place was packed--I wanted a kiss, not to make out like teenagers.


We laughed and joked on the way back to her duplex. I pulled into her driveway and she hopped out of the car before I could get to her door.

“Do you want to see our neighborhood pond?” she asked.

I nodded. Michelle grabbed my hand and led me through her back yard and down a small slope of grass where a picnic table sat near a little pond.

“This is pretty nice,” I said.

Milky moonlight rippled across the water. Trees rattled in the slight breeze.

“I come out here to look at the stars. One day I’m going to know the constellations.”

Scorpius and Sagittarius still hung in the sky and so I grabbed her, pulled her close and said, “Do you see that bright red star there? It’s Antares, part of Scorpius.”

“What’s Scorpius?”

“The scorpion constellation people often call Scorpio. But really, there's no such constellation. There's a zodiac sign Scorpio, and the constellation is Scorpius.”

I pointed to the familiar constellation and she turned to look at me. Her lavender scent smelled so good and her lips were so very close. I kissed her. Soft and tender.

She broke the kiss after a moment. “I didn’t think you were going to do that?”

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close. Our lips met again, this time, my tongue slowly parting her lips. When her tongue touched mine, an electric jolt passed through me. My hand reached up to the back of her head, her hair splaying through my fingers.

She broke the kiss again. “That was nice.”

I nodded, grabbed her hand and led her to the picnic table. I leaned against it and she cuddled up close before I kissed her again. Her tongue darted to mine, more hungry and passionate than before. My hands caressed her back and I moved my lips to her neck, my warm breath and teeth grazing her skin. Up, up, up, my mouth went until it reached her ear for a gentle nibble.

“Oh, that feels so nice,” she said.

The breathlessness of her voice spurred me onward. I placed a hand just inside her shirt on her belly, and a gentle moan erupted from her. She turned her head to find my lips again and her hands pulled my head towards her.

My cock grew hard in my pants, trapped in my boxer-brief hybrids, and longing to get out. I spun Michelle around and began kissing the back of her neck. Her hands rested on my thighs, sending a quiver through me. A flash of exposed flesh at her waist line reveled the thong she wore and the crack of her ass.

With both hands on her hips, I kissed her neck again. Another moan caught in her throat and gave me courage. I grabbed the back of her thong and tugged on it gently. She turned towards me and placed my hands on her breasts. But I felt impatient. One smooth motion tore the sweater, undershirt, and bra off of her. “Are you warm enough?” I asked.

My passion didn’t wait for her answer. I took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could, and trapped the nipple to the roof with my tongue. Her fingers gripped my hair tight and she shuddered.

My other hand slowly caressed her other breast until I found her nipple in my fingers. She held on tight, pushing my head further onto her other boob, where my tongue swirled at the hard nipple. I dropped to my knees and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down with the thong. She stepped out of them.

Her pale flesh shone in the milky moonlight, a dark patch of hair at my eye level. Hungry lips reached between her legs. The smell of her pussy intoxicated me, driving me forward. She almost jerked away at the light wisp of my tongue, gently searching for her.

I stood and placed her clothes on the picnic table. Then in one motion I picked her up, placed her on top of them, and then spread her legs. I dove into her waiting snatch, excited for her taste. The bittersweet tinge or her juices drove me onward and I tried to drive my tongue inside her.

“That’s so good,” she said.

One hand reached up to grab her breast. Soft moans and writhing accompanied my licking. I moved my mouth over her clit, took it inside, and swirled my tongue around. I circled my index finger around her opening before slowly pressing it inside, my lips still clinching her clit.

Michelle squeezed her legs around my head and shuddered. I felt the tremble of her orgasm, yet I kept licking, sucking, and wetting my finger. Her breathing became heavier and as I continued she began to scream into the night.

The screams made me even hornier, my hard cock throbbing in my pants. Soon, she tapped my arm.

“Please . . . stop.”

Blue eyes met mine. Quicker than I would have thought she could move, she jumped from the table and ripped my shirt off, then she dropped to her knees. Trembling hands fumbled at the button on my jeans until it came loose. The zipper made a zzzz noise as it came down.

A long, hard cock sprung from my pants, excited at the frantic pace that she worked. Michelle’s mouth gripped the head of my cock between her lips. My groan echoed in my ears and she slid the whole thing in her mouth. Warmth, saliva, and her eyes that I barely saw looking up at me combined for the most erotic feeling.

A hand on my balls had me groaning again. Slowly, ever so slowly, up, down, up, down her mouth moved on my cock. The head tingled as she passed her tongue over it, and soon she was moving as fast as she can, one hand jerking on me.

I placed a hand at the back of her head and let her work her magic. Enthusiasm dripped with the saliva she spit on me.

But I wanted to be inside her. I pulled her up and put her on the bench again. She spread her legs and I placed just the tip of my cock inside her.

Another groan made its way through my chest. Slowly, I slid my cock inside her. Just as slowly I pulled out until only the head was in the warm pussy.

“Stop teasing me and give it to me!” she said.

I kept the movements slow and even. Michelle thrashed on the picnic bench, trying to get me to move faster. Each motion felt excruciatingly slow and the desire mounted in me. Then, without a word, I thrust once, hard and deep.

Michelle’s eyes went wide. “Oh!” she said.

I pulled out and thrust hard again. Michelle whimpered.

A third time and I bit my tongue to keep the groan inside.

On the fourth, I lost control, and began thrusting as hard and deep as I could go. Our moans and groans mingled in the night air. Sweat began to glisten against our skin. My cock got even harder. I held Michelle at her thighs, keeping her legs spread just where I wanted and she screamed with each thrust.

“I want you to cum inside me!”

Michelle’s scream almost set me loose, but I bit my tongue and held back. The feeling of release built inside of me and though I tried to hold it back, I was powerless. The ecstatic sensation screamed through my whole body and I said, “I’m going to go.”

The waves beat at me and each ejaculation sent me into moans and tremors. Michelle gripped the edges of the table tightly and let the screams continue. I kept thrusting until I was too tired to do much else and I pulled out, our juices all over me.

Michelle calmed a bit and sat up to look at me. She winked and said, “I knew the pizza guy would have some good sausage for me.”

I laughed and sat down next to her.

“Now that we’ve got it cooking, should we take it back to your place and see what other recipes I have?”

She nodded. “Hell yes!” she said.

We grabbed her clothes and made our way back to her place.

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