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A Country Afternoon
A hot afternoon out in the southern Cape countryside - dusty and thirsty on the road, and precious few places to stop. My regular coffee shop was an hour down the road amongst the vineyards, but I spied a small country hotel - you know the kind - open doors, no staff when you need them and just about staying in business...a place for a coke on the go and not much else.

Pulling in amid a cloud of dust, I took my time exiting the car and walking to the open front door. No one at the desk - nothing unusual - so I went into the lounge which looked out onto rolling fields and gently pulsing crop sprayers. At least it was cool and peaceful.

In the corner sat a young woman; I suppose about 22 years old, with long curly brown hair and a stiff office type skirt with a white blouse. I presumed she was the help, and greeted her. She smiled and waited for me to carry on. I asked if she could get me a coke, and she rose from the table and made her way to the small bar in the corner, returning with a coke and some ice.

Thanking her, I took the drink and went to sit near the window and enjoy the scenery while I cooled off. She followed me, I guessed to get the payment, so I sat down and reached for my wallet. Putting her hand on mine she laughed, and told me that the owner had gone out for a few minutes, and she was just watching the place for him until he got back. I could pay when he returned.

Smiling at my mistake, I asked if she would like to join me, which she did. She obviously enjoyed her little joke, and I didn't mind being fooled, so we got on like a house on fire. Her name was Gita. She was not local, but staying for a few days. Her program was vague, but she was heading for Cape Town where she had relatives. No, she was not married... suddenly something in her manner changed.

I apologized, and said I didn't want to intrude, but she shook her head and brushed away the comment. Her eyes looked at the coke as if wishing it were finished and I would be moving on. Hurriedly I reached for it to drain the last third, but again her hand stopped me. Confused, I looked at her - she was considerably younger than me, and I felt a certain fatherly concern. There was obviously a problem somewhere in her past, and she could do with someone to talk to.

As I opened my mouth to ask if I could help she picked up my drink, and said, "If you want to finish this, follow me".

Astounded, I followed her out to the verandah, into the warm dappled light broken by the vine leaves above. Leading off the verandah were the bedrooms, as is common in the Cape, to take advantage of the cool breezes that one needed before aircon. She went into one of them, not checking to see what I did. Of course I was pleased that I was in such a situation, but was there something I didn't really understand. Was there an ulterior motive - robbery, an accomplice waiting? These things happen sometimes, and it's silly not to be aware of it.

Anyway, I entered the room. It was the standard Cape country style with heavy wooden headboard, leather chairs and an ornate dressing table. The light was cut down by thick opaque glass, and the vine on the lattice outside. The girl stood towards the side of the room, watching me take things in. She put my drink down on the dresser and closed the door. I waited, not sure what to do... such a youngster, and so quiet now.

"Well, don't get all scared of me now," she said.

Turning away, she took off her blouse, revealing her soft brown back, goose bumps self consciously forming as I watched. Her bra disappeared, and as she turned I saw her pert dark nipples rising and falling with her hurried breathing. Sensing anxiety, I moved to her, taking her hands in mine.

"Are you sure...," I began, but that was as far as it went.

Undoing my shirt, she pulled me toward the bed. I managed to ease off my shoes, my belt was loosed and I helped her as she removed the rest of my clothes. My prick was pulsing with excitement as she reached up to my ears and pulled me down on top of her as she fell backwards. Her breasts thrust against my chest and I felt her tongue against my lips. Reaching down I pulled her skirt upwards, feeling the dampness through her panties. As she felt my hand, her hips rose to meet it, and the urgency became unbearable. I puled her panties down and entered her roughly.

A long drawn in breath, and then a violent response. It was as if the calculated trapping of a stranger had been the release of a pent up frustration. Hips pounded, pussy stretched, nipples burst, mouths sucked. I could feel myself being drawn into a passion there was no escape from. Her pussy enveloped my prick, swallowed it whole, and gripped it like a vice. My teeth found her nipples, pulling and biting, nails scored my back, dug into my ass.

There was no subtlety, refinement or holding back. I felt her come, but she did not stop. Holding me tightly with arms and cunt, she rolled us over and sat up, pressing her palms into my chest. The skirt was still round her waist, and she unzipped it and pulled it over her head. Her breasts stood proudly as she raised her arms, and her clit showed cheekily as I watched my prick prising her pussy apart.

Looking at me, she began riding my cock again, slowly but forcibly, stretching her vagina and pounding down on my head with all her weight. Her clit was glistening in the soft light, and I wet my thumb and pressed it gently. Gasping slightly, she increased her tempo, forcing my hips to match her rhythm and increasing speed. We were both gasping for air when I could take it no more, and shot my load. I could feel the back of her pussy react, and a shudder went right through her body, pulsing against my prick, and tightening her grip on my thighs. She leaned back, and her breasts quivered, her stomach bunched and her toes curled, but it was her thrown back head that really showed the pain.

I reached up and cupped her breasts - holding them for comfort rather than passion. I was worn out, hot and sweating from my exertions. Her nipples between my fingers were hard, her breasts firm. As my cock shrank she clenched it between her legs, not wanting to let go.

"Don't get all soft on me now," she said.

I smiled - I didn't have much choice at that moment. Pulling her down to me I held her in my arms, softly stroking her back. We lay there for a while, getting breath back and enjoying the silence. The afternoon seemed to be unimportant, appointments for another day. I broke the stillness.


She looked at me, quite happily, and put her hand over my mouth, "You don't need to ask me," she said, "I'll tell you".

I shook my head - I didn't want to know....

"I'm on my way to Cape Town. My boyfriend was messing round and I've had enough. If you want to, you can find me at the top of Bree Street, but next time you'll have to pay. That's how I'm getting back at him - you were just the beginning."

I stared at her, not wanting to believe it. She picked up my clothes, placed them on the bed. Dressing quickly, she looked in the mirror, combed her hair.

"Thanks for my last freebie," she said, and let herself out.

I left in a daze. I've often been up to the top of Bree Street looking for her, but perhaps she's changed establishments. Good luck Gita. And thank you too.

And I never did pay for the coke either.

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