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Gloria's Sex Diary 7.12.08

Tags: office, voyeur
Sex with boyfriend as his father watches
Started working at a hardware store a couple of months ago. I only assist at the cash register but occasionally my boss, Mr. Chang tries to teach me a few things by making me help with inventory. My step-dad told me to get a job as a way to keep me out of trouble. I'm going to start college soon and my step-dad thinks I've been spending too much time at home. You could say that I've gotten a bit boy crazy in the last couple of years and my friend Janet and I have become partners in crime. Nothing illegal, but things have gotten naughty to say the least. My step-dad doesn't approve of my current boyfriend. He says he's too old for me. I don't think ten years is all that. At least he says he's 28, but I suspected that he might be older.

Anyway, it had been a slow day and Mr. Chang had me in the back room doing the inventory thing. His brother-in-law and work partner, Mr. Kwan had taken off early and Mr Chang was busy dealing with costumers out front. My boyfriend had arrived and he sneaked into the back to surprise me. He just happens to be Mr Chang's son. He startled me, but I was happy to see him. He seemed awfully lustful, taking me into his arms and kissing me passionately. I didn't reject all this wonderful attention but I did keep in mind that Mr. Chang had a closed circuit monitor covering the area we were in. As David held me, I could tell he was hard and excited. I told him that Mr. Chang could walk in at any moment. He just smiled and said that it just make it all that more exciting. I figured that in order for Mr. Chang to watch us on camera, he would have to actually come into the back area. With costumers coming in and out of the store, the chance that Mr. Chang with come back here was a bit smaller.

David grabbed my elbows and pulled me downward. I knew what he wanted and the naughty girl in me decided to play along. I playfully pulled his zipper down, as he unbuckled. Knowing his dad was just in the other room, made it all so naughty. I loved to run my tongue under his cock before swallowing it pressing my lips around and over it. Just as I was getting into it, he pulled me up and began to pull my clothes off. I love it when he does this, and it gets me really hot. I felt so vulnerable being naked in such a place, and my worries about his dad surprising us had me more worried.

I held my arms around my breast, and felt my nipples harden more against the cool air in the room. Kissing me on the neck and nibbling on my ear, he whispered that he loved to look at me. He then surprised me by asking if I liked older guys. I told him I was dating him, so yes, I was. He then asked if I would fuck any of his friends. It was my time to surprise him. I said that I would even fuck his dad if he showed any interest in me. That shut him up, but he continued kissing me and leaned over to suck on my nipples.

"Ohhh, yes. yes," I moaned to encourage him to continue.

"You want me to get my uncle in here too?" He asked finally, probably to test if I was serious or not.

"Yes, I like that, yes, very much," I didn't care exactly what he was saying, but wanted him to continue sucking my tits. Since Mr. Kwan had left early, I must have decided to ignore his comments about him. My hunger for David's cock was growing.

Having pulled his pants down, David pulled me up into the air. My legs wrapped around him with his cock poking me underneath. "My dad and uncle think your hot. Why do you think they hired you."

Getting irritated by his lack of focus, I told him, "Look, Mr. Chang. I want you to fuck me right now." After all, David's last name was Mr. Chang too, right?

Placing me back onto a nearby table, David started fucking me. I didn't know it at the time, but the older Mr. Chang was listening to us from the door. As I moaned for more, he thought that I was thinking of him.

"Harder, yes..." My legs found themselves stick up into the air, resting on his shoulders. David grunted as he drove his cock deep into me. I no longer thought about where we were or that we were on camera. Having forgotten that, I was hot and burning in the moment. Cumming all too soon for my taste, David came deep inside me.

Mr Chang and his brother-in-law would later watch the surveillance video tape of the whole thing.

But that didn't happen to the next day...

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