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Happy Anniversary

This is a true story that occurred in 1995.

She called and asked if it would be possible to come by my office after work to print out some reports for your husband’s business, explaining the reports were on his laptop computer and he did not have a printer at home. I said it would not be a problem just let me know what day.

“Tomorrow” you said, “if that is ok with you?”  

“No problem,” I replied, “I will let my receptionist know you will be coming by in case I am not in when you get here.” After hanging up the phone the thought occurred to me it was odd she called and made the request on her Anniversary, Valentine’s Day.

The next evening she arrived around 5. As I had already returned from my earlier appointment I was in and greeted her with a hug, kissed her on the cheek and wished her a belated Happy Anniversary. “You always seem to remember dates that most people could not care about,” she said.

It was the middle of February in Minnesota, with the temperature in the low 30’s and forecasted to be heading for the high teens, she was wearing an emerald green wool coat, which I helped her remove and hung on the coat rack in the lobby. Her dress was bright green silk brocade, fitted from the waist up but flared out a bit to a length just above the knee. The color complimented her dark hair and blue eyes. We headed back to my office where she quickly took out her laptop computer, plugged it in and booted it up, after I ran a printer cable to it.

All of the PC’s in my office at that time were desktop machines and this would be the first time a laptop had been hooked up to the printer. What I did not realize at the time was I would need to install the print drivers in order for the printer to recognize the signal. The result was that after several unsuccessful printing attempts we gave up and she packed the laptop. I apologized for not knowing why we could not print the reports, but promised I would figure it out and she could come by another day. Although she was disappointed she said it was not a total loss because she had gotten to see me and visit some while trying to get the reports to print.

It was approaching 6:30 and she felt she should be heading home, so I retrieved her coat, helped her put it on, stood in front of her and began buttoning it up. When I was finished I placed my hands on her shoulders, pulled her towards me and planted a kiss on her lips. I lingered some and as I began to pull away, she pulled me back and we kissed again, only this time very passionately, as our lips parted and tongues met. We had danced this dance before, but it never went very far, but this evening I sensed I might be in store for more. Sure enough, when the kissing stopped she told me she had been thinking about me all day and it did not bother her that the reports didn’t print, because what she really wanted was to see me. I told her the feeling was mutual and I too had looked forward to seeing her and hoped the opportunity might present itself for us to take our relationship to another level.

With that, I unbuttoned her coat, slid it off her arms and placed it on a chair. We kissed again, this time with even more passion and fire. Her chest heaved and she took in deep breaths. With my body pressed against her I knew she could feel the hardening of my member against her pelvis and she responded by gently grinding against me. As we continued to kiss I moved my right hand down along her side and began raising her dress. I wanted so much to get my hands on her pussy.

“I want to touch you and feel the warmth between your legs. I want to place my fingers inside you and have you cum in my hand.” “Is that ok with you?” I ask.

“Yes, yes, please do so. I have longed to feel your fingers in my pussy once more far too long. Go ahead, and take your liberties with me.”

As she uttered this I placed my fingers inside the waistband of her pantyhose and panties and slid my hand down to her cunt. She was soaking wet, a clear indication she had not lied when she said she had been thinking about me all day. I could only imagine what those thoughts were.

“You are so wet. Let me make this easier for both of us and remove these obstacles,” I said, as I got on my knees and using both hands and some assistance from her we took her pantyhose and panties off.

“I know you want to feel my fingers inside you, but, since I am already down here, it would be a crime to pass up licking this beautiful pussy of yours.” And with that said, I raised her right leg, placed it over my shoulder, kissing her inner thigh all the way to her shaven pussy, glistening with her wetness. I spread her labia apart and pulled back the hood covering her swollen clit as she leaned against the desk bracing herself for the tongue lashing she was about to receive. As I licked and nibbled on her clit her body quaked with pleasure. I knew it would not be long before she would be filling my mouth with the sweet nectar of her hot cum.

“Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” she pleaded. “You use your tongue like a conductor’s baton and it has been so long since my pussy has been stroked by a hot tongue. I forgot just how great it felt and how much I enjoyed oral sex.” “Suck my clit, stick your tongue inside my pussy and make me cum. I want to cover your face with my juices and then lick you clean.” With that her body tensed, she began shaking as an orgasm that began deep inside her was released, exploding like a geyser.

She slumped back on the desk and though spent, pulled me up and began kissing me and licking her cum off my face. “I love the taste of my cum and it is so much better licking it off your face than my fingers when I masturbate. I know it is getting late, but I cannot leave without returning the favor and wrapping my mouth around your dick and sucking you off,” as she pushed me down on the chair.

Without missing a beat, she had my belt unbuckled, zipper down and pants removed before I could say a word. She looked directly at my rock hard dick, glanced up at me and said, “I knew you were large, but this exceeds my expectations.”  

She slowly licked the pre-cum juices from the tip, encircled the head with her tongue and then buried her head over the entire 8 inch length all the way down to the base. I could feel the back of her throat nestled against the head before she slowly moved up and then back down and with each stroke increased her tempo. She attacked my dick with relentless fervor.

“Slow down, baby. Take your time and lets both enjoy this. I want to blow my load, but not too quickly and at the rate you are going I will be doing so in another minute!”

She pulled off of me and said she wanted me to cum in her mouth and shower her face and tits, as she began removing her dress. “Yes, please take that beautiful dress off because we do not want to get it all stained,” I said, while leaning back against the chair and stroking my cock as she disrobed.

Her skin was soft and milky white. There were no tan lines anywhere on her body. She was very sensitive to the sun and did not care for tanning beds.   She turned around and gave me a good look at her beautiful round ass, bent over and spread her cheeks, fully exposing her tight bright pink bung hole.

“Someday, I am going to want you in there, but we are going to save that for another occasion,” she remarked just as she sat in my lap and ground that gorgeous ass of hers against my flagpole. She reached between her legs and pulled my cock right up between her slit, sliding back and forth along the shaft before pushing me inside her.

“Do you like that?” she asked. “You feel so good inside me. I could almost sit here forever,” she said as she flexed her pelvic muscles, almost milking cum out of me.

Without another word she sprung up, turned around, crouched down and took me into her mouth once more.

“This time lover we don’t stop until I get what I want, and that is your love juices all over my body.”

“Ok,” I said, “but do not drain me completely, because I want to bury this dick inside you once more and fuck your brains out before we call it a night.”

She sucked on my cock like a seasoned pro, but also like it had been years since she had practiced her skills. She was to later confess that this was the first time she had engaged in any form of oral sex since before she was married because her husband was just not into it. She also confessed that I was the first man she had been with in the seven years since she was married and regretted it had taken so long for her to finally consummate our relationship. We had come close a couple of times but she always seemed to be holding back, fearing what going further would do to her psyche, but not this time, as she was 100% into it and determined to be satisfied.

I deliriously watched her work my cock over. Up and down her mouth slid along the shaft, pausing to lick and suck on the swollen purple head, then back down and up again. Slowly she worked me over, increasing the tempo of her strokes, wrapping her hand around my shaft, jerking, slapping and rubbing me against her tits, coating her nipples with my juices; then returning to suck me some more until I could take it no longer. I grabbed her head, pulled her down and began pumping in and out of her mouth, fucking her face like there was no tomorrow. As I neared my orgasm I exclaimed “I am going to cum! Are you ready for this?” She nodded her head up and down as much as she could while I continued to hold her. Without warning, I raised my hips from the chair and thrust forward as hard and deeply as I could and exploded inside her mouth. I released her head in time to spray her with my love juices as I spurted, once, twice, three and four times. I had so much pent up desire for her and it all came out.

She massaged my cum into her breasts and stomach and licked the nectar off her hands. She squeezed my cock making sure she did not leave a drop behind, sucking my dick clean. Spent, I told her I needed a moment to catch my breath and recover from her excellent display of oral skills.

“You have taken me to the brink of ecstasy and I have to come back down to earth and gather my strength before the curtain rises on this evening’s next episode.”

“Well, we can always defer until the next time, but who knows when that will be,” she said. “You know the last time we were together and could have gone further was over a year ago and I am not sure I want to wait that long for you to fuck me.”

She sat in my lap and while I was recovering we kissed and hugged and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears. I would kiss her neck several times and held her right breast, messaging the nipple with my thumb. As her nipples hardened she began to breathe more deeply and rapidly, pressing her chest to mine. Her body was so supple, even luxurious, and I enjoyed feeling her so close to me. I took her left breast into my mouth and began lightly sucking her hardened nipple and encircling it with my tongue. Her arousal was as noticeable as the rising that had begun in my crotch. I spread her legs apart and started outlining her pussy with my fingers until she widened her legs signaling I should go further.   I passed my fingers along her slit, spread her lips apart and rubbed her still swollen clit. She thrust her head back and rocked her hips as my fingers entered her while I continued suckling her nipple.

“Please don’t stop,” she whispered and gasped each time I sank first one, then two and three fingers deeper inside her.

I could have easily gotten my entire fist inside her had I wanted to. With my fingers slowly working inside the inner reaches of her love tunnel, I began messaging her clit with my thumb. This brought a quick response as she bucked up and down on my hand.

“Message your clit for me,” I told her, “help me make you cum.” As she did as I asked, I withdrew my well soaked fingers and started playing with her asshole, just slowly enough until it began contracting for me to enter. As she gyrated on my finger taking me deeper into her ass, I placed my thumb inside her pussy for double penetration. Her pace quickened and she arched her back just before unleashing another explosive orgasm, this time squirting her hot cum all over my hand and legs.

I lifted her off me, placed her on the desk and spread her legs so I could enter that wonderful place I had only previously dreamed about. She took my dick in her hand, rubbed it up and down her slit and against her clit. I entered her very slowly, knowing that her inner walls would be very sensitive. I sank my dick as far into her pussy as I could get it and told her, “I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before,” as I placed both of her legs over my shoulder allowing me to get the deepest penetration.

“OMG” she uttered, “I think you have reached a place in me that has never been touched before.”

“Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast! Cum inside me and make me cum again and again.”

With my balls slapping hard against her ass I drove my dick in and out of her, faster, slower, then faster still until I could hold out no more. My back stiffened and knees tightened and braced myself as I unloaded, filling her pussy to capacity. I held my dick firmly inside her and watched as my cum leaked out, around my shaft and down to her bunghole.   I pulled out, collapsed back on the chair. She rapidly rubbed her clit, exploding once more spraying her love nectar across the room.

“That my dear far exceeded any expectations I had for this evening,”

I told her. I was very satisfied eating her pussy and having her suck me off, but fucking her was mind shattering.

“This was more than I expected also,” she said, “but once we got started, I just could not bring myself to stop until I was completely satisfied. I do not know when we will get a chance to be together again, but when we do, I want that magnificent dick of yours planted in my ass.”

With that, we gathered up our clothes, walked naked to the rest room, cleaned up, dressed and kissed each other good night.

"Happy Anniversary," I said as we parted.

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