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Head Games At School Chapter One

Head Games At School Chapter One

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Big man on capus gets a lesson in a new reality
Trish was on her knees crying, sobbing actually. She had come to me to apologize. "Ken I'm so sorry. I can't believe what I did to you. You must hate me. Please, please forgive me. I had no idea you did the right thing. I was told a lie and I went with it. Please tell me you forgive me!"

I was angry. I was furious. This cock teasing bitch had humiliated me and for what? So she could play her vicious head games, totally convinced I deserved it. Well, fuck you, Trish.

Trish and I were students at university together, both in our final year. We both lived in dorms, knowing each only casually over the years at school until recently. About a month earlier she had started to chat me up, coming on strong, pretending to be interested. She had asked if we could go out and I had happily agreed, thinking she was serious.

We ended up having dinner that I made for her at an apartment I had access to and she gladly ate the steak, drank the wine and the after dinner brandy, all of which had bankrupted me for the rest of the month. Then she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. Smiling, she took off her jeans and panties, lay down on her back with one leg to the side, patted her vulva and said, "Start here". Direct and to the point, I thought. Okay with me. I was single and as far as I knew, so was Trish.

I gave her my best and she responded with lots of encouraging sounds. I wanted her to think I knew what I was doing, to think that her acceptance of me would be good for both of us and I was very much anticipating a night of sexual joy. She was very wet, was moving in all the right ways and moaned erotically as I put a finger in her vagina and teased a bit before adding a second finger and going to work on her spot. I had always tried to make a girl feel very good about being with me for the first time and I wanted Trish to be feeling no different.

She was attractive, intelligent, athletic and very much girlfriend material. I was feeling very good about life. Giving Trish pleasure was in itself a real pleasure. From head to toe, she was attractive, but where I was at the moment, she was so incredibly beautiful. Her vulva was that of a Greek Goddess, shaved and silky smooth. Her clitoris was swelling with my oral attention and she was wet with the sweetest, slipperiest vaginal fluid I had ever been privileged to experience. She was moaning, holding my head to her vulva, running fingers through my hair and seemed well on her way to what I hoped was going to be the first of about a dozen climaxes.

Her moaning got louder, she started to tense, gasp, and then she came from the oral attention. I continued to massage her spot and she started to move and squeeze on my fingers, moaning even louder, her hips moving in that unmistakable way that foretold a really good one. I felt her vaginal muscles quivering as her whole body went rigid, she let out a few dirty words and came with a Big O, a really, really Big O. I listened to her gasps of ecstasy and felt very happy for her and myself both. . She lay there and as her orgasm subsided and I gently kissed her up and down her thighs, then moving up to kiss her delicious femininity.

She put her hand over her vulva as if to protect herself, and said "I'm done. Step out while I get dressed. Then you can take me back to my dorm".

I was stunned. What the fuck was this about? She sat up, looking at the puzzlement on my face and simply said "You heard me, out".

My father had taught me that men never hit women, even if they deserve it. My mother had taught me that men never abuse women in any way. Even so, it was all I could do to get up and walk away, my swollen penis so obvious under my jeans. Trish made a point of looking at it and smiled in a childlike innocent way. My face burning, I left the room.

I sat in the living room, thinking about what had happened. I hadn't been cock teased since junior high and I liked it less now than ever. What the fuck was she doing this for? I tried to think of something I had done to offend her. Nothing came to mind. I was completely confused, angry, fighting to remain composed and wondering what the hell to do next. Trish walked in and stood at the front door. "Well?" was all she said.

"Sit down, we have to talk. Tell me what that was all about."

"As if you don't know."

"I don't. I honestly don't. What the fuck have I done to deserve this?" I seldom used profanity, at least out loud, at least in front of women.

"Oh, you are so sweet, so innocent, and such a jerk. Take me home." The anger swelled to rage. I fought back the urge to get up and smack her, to strangle her.

"Trish, I don't know. What is going on?" And then she said it. The one phrase guaranteed to infuriate.

"Well, if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you."

"For God's sake Trish, you're not a child. Talk to me!"

"Take me home."

I sat for a few seconds, and accepted that Trish was playing me like a violin. I made up my mind to not go along with it and got up. "Okay, back we go. Just shut the fuck up. I don't want to hear another word." It was a mistake, and I instantly knew it. Shit.

Trish was good. She waited until we were in my car, driving back before she said "So, how long before you admit you know what this was about?" her voice pure sincerity. I gritted my teeth, refusing to talk, refusing even to look at her. She added, "You really are a gem, a source of wonder, so full of yourself." Trish was very much enjoying this.

She kept up a sarcastic and condescending banter all the way back to her dorm, trying to get me to talk while I steadfastly refused. I knew she took that to be part of her victory and I hated myself for it. Every few minutes I simply said "Shut up Trish, just shut the fuck up." As if that was going to work.

I pulled up in front of her dorm and stared straight ahead, silent. I knew she would get in a last dig. "Thank you for a very enjoyable evening, and have a good night." She sauntered away, exaggerating the swing of her hips. Yes, I looked. Shit.

Humiliated, furious and deep into the worst case of blue balls of my life, I drove to my dorm, parked and sat. It would be impossible to sleep without a release and I thought about how best to do that. The usual, I thought. Have a shower and get it over with, letting the evidence of my humiliation and frustration go down the drain. Trish probably knew all about blue balls. And she knew what I would have to do. More for her to gloat about, I thought. Shit.

In the shower, as I masturbated, I let myself think about giving it to Trish up her asshearing her scream as I let all of my anger go into her ass. As I came, I felt even more humiliated. Why did I have to be doing this? What the hell was Trish going on about? What did she think I knew?

Days passed. I saw her about campus several times and kept my eyes averted. She knew I was trying to pretend not to see her and I knew that only made her feel even more victorious. The cock teasing bitch was on top and there was nothing I could do. I thought about mouthing off to the boys about her behavior but didn't. Old lessons from my parents, what happens in private, stays private, with no exceptions. As much as I wanted to give her some misery, I couldn't. Shit.

After a few more days, I couldn't stand it anymore and asked Trish to talk to me. We were out on the grounds, people walking by, and I wanted to go somewhere private. Naturally she refused. "Trish, please, I need to know why things went wrong."

"Things went fine. I really enjoyed it. Didn't you?"

Instant crimson, instant hate, instant humiliation, again. Shit.

I walked away as she laughed. "Good try, little boy. Not so big any more, are you?"

Trish and I had no mutual friends so I got no help there. No one seemed to know anything, or at least they weren't letting on. I was careful to pay attention to all the chatter and banter amongst the students, but heard nothing to help me figure this out. I decided to give up and just accept that Trish was nothing but a bitch, who for reasons of her own wanted to be a bitch. Oh well, what goes around, comes around. She would get hers someday. Or that's what I hoped.

Several weeks passed and I was starting to look around for a girlfriend. I was worried that some awful rumor was circulating about me, but nothing was mentioned by anyone. Get back in the saddle, was my advice to myself, and I went about it. I was thinking that a very pretty but somewhat shy and reserved student in one of my classes had been checking me out. Time to find out and I made plans to ask her out for pizza and a movie. Not the most spectacular first date, but with her, I thought it best to go slow. Besides, I was broke. I had some gifts. Money wasn't one of them.

Then Mandy, a girl I had known since first year, but only as an acquaintance, approached me with a very odd question. "Ken, what the hell happened at that party over at Jefferson House last month? Trish Simpson says you made a total ass of yourself, that you took advantage of some freshman girl who was totally wasted. She said you took her into a bedroom and fucked her silly when she didn't even know what planet she was on. That doesn't sound like you. What is she talking about?"

It was an epiphany. It all became so clear. Trish had been punishing me, but she had it all wrong. She wasn't at the party. She didn't know what really happened. Some very drunk eighteen year old was putting on a show, dirty dancing, flashing and practically masturbating on the dance floor. I was chatting with a couple of lady friends, as we watched the performance, when the over sexed and very drunk girl came up to me and started to drag me to the nearest bedroom. I was not willing to do anything with her, my parent's rules still very real in my memory. I let her get me into the room, but inside, I would set her straight. She shut the door and started taking off her jeans.

"Fuck me. Fuck me right now. Do it" I was surprised she could still get the words out.

"Good Lord girl, you are far too drunk to be making this kind of decision. There's the bed, sleep it off." And I walked out. I wasn't in there for more than a few seconds. One of my friends said something about 'Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.' The other made a joke about a new world's record for premature ejaculation, which I actually thought was quite funny.

"She's way too drunk to be here. If my dad ever heard that I boinked a drunken teenager, he would come after me with a whip. And mom would give me one of her 'I'm very disappointed looks'."

I chuckled, trying to make a joke out of it. But I was serious. My parents had done their best to raise me to be a decent guy. Disappointing my own mother would cut me like a knife. We chatted a bit more and just before I left, I peeked into the bedroom. The girl was passed out and very much alone.

"Trish Simpson told you that? No freaking way did I do that! She is so wrong." I told Mandy what really happened and she said that Trish had told her exact opposite, but that she really didn't think I would take advantage of a girl that way.

"Besides" she said," there were several people standing there who know the truth. I wonder how Trish got it so wrong."

How I wanted to tell Mandy about Trish's judgment and sexual execution of me, but I managed to pretend to laugh it off. "Tell her the truth for me, and Mandy, please don't mention this to anyone. The poor girl is going to feel bad enough as it is." I didn't let on that I meant that as a promise.

So here we were in my dorm room, Trish, devastated at her behavior and knowing that she had been lied to by a girl she thought was her friend. She was emotionally a wreck. Having heard the truth from Mandy, she went straight to her supposed friend and asked why she had lied.

"Because last year, at a party, you moved in on the guy I wanted, and he ignored me for the rest of the night and took you home instead of me."

"You filthy bitch! You fucking, fucking bitch!" was all Trish could sputter as she understood the one time friend's intentions. Revenge, envy and revenge was the cause.

"Just between the two of us, I think you were the only one that did any fucking that night. But I must say, I'm surprised you didn't go around bad mouthing Ken. You're such a bitch yourself, asshole! Now get out of my room!"

Trish had waited two days to finally talk to me. I spent those days wondering how she was going to handle it, if she was going to do something about it at all and generally thinking about the possibilities. Parents be damned, this girl's ass was grass. All of the anger, the humiliation and the frustration simmered inside and I thought about what, if anything, I could do to make her as miserable as she had made me. Revenge was new to me. I had never really needed it. So far, my personal life at university had gone well. The few times I had been teased back in high school, I really didn't care about. But this was different. Senior university women are not supposed to be adolescent girls. I felt a darkness inside my soul that I had never felt before. My mother would not approve of the thoughts I was having. But she was far away and so were my civilized thought patterns. All I wanted to do was make Trish hurt, in every way I could make her hurt. And here she was, down on her knees, begging forgiveness.

As a senior, I had a dorm room to myself. Trish had finally come to my dorm and knocked on my door. I was actually a little surprised to see her. I thought she would have chosen a safer, more public place to talk it out. But here she was. I had let her in, closed the door and just stood there radiating anger. She was actually wringing her own hands, at first unable to look me in the eyes, unable to get the words out.

Then, "I'm sorry," and she started to cry. I let her cry, not moving, not saying a word, offering no sign of anything resembling the warmth I had felt for her before she said " I'm done."

I wanted her to think I was cold and I was cold. I wanted to see her squirm, to crawl, to feel the very contempt that she had expressed for me, and then some.

Trish actually got down on her knees, as if she was begging for her life. She started to talk and the words poured out, in between sobs. She told me that she had always had a crush on me, that she thought I was so wonderful, a big man on campus, star of the hockey team, honors student, a gorgeous hunk and so on. I was a little taken aback. Yes I was some of those things, but "big man on campus"? I didn't think that way.

I just went about trying to get good grades and do well on the ice for the school that had given me a full scholarship and my only opportunity to get an education. My parents would never have been able to send me to a big university. They had scrimped just to keep me in hockey gear. I felt a tinge of guilt at the thoughts I had been having about Trish, then the coldness and the darkness returned. Damn it, I had always tried to live up to my parent's expectations and look what that had gotten me. I had turned down an easy teen score and Trish had, in her own special way, made me pay for doing the right thing. She had been lied to, but she hadn't the consideration to actually check out the story. She just made up her mind to hurt me. Bitch.

Trish kept talking, almost as if her life depended on it. How she always wanted me but was afraid to ask. How she thought I was such a great guy compared to the usual jocks on campus, who collected panties on a weekly basis. And how shattered she was when she heard the story of my treatment of a naïve, drunken teenager. How much she felt like I had been living a lie and needed to be brought down.

All I let myself hear was "brought down". I let the anger rise, feeling a sense of power I had never felt before. "Shut up. Not another word. Shut the fuck up and listen. And don't get up."

Mother would be aghast. But mother would never know. "All you had to do was check out the story, that bullshit story. Or you could have talked to me. Would that have been so difficult? After I dropped you off that night and came back here, what the fuck do you think I did, just so I could fall asleep, you miserable cock teasing bitch. You know what I had to do, don't you? Don't you!"

Trish never raised her head, just nodded yes. She still couldn't look me in the eyes. I felt she owed me, owed me big time and I did something I had never done before. Standing in front of her, with her down on her knees, I opened my zipper and moving aside my shorts, I pulled out my already thickening penis. All I said was "You can leave whenever you want." Somehow I was certain she wasn't going to leave.

"I'll do anything you want, anything. I want to make it up to you."

"Fuck you. All you want to do is buy my silence." I hadn't said anything to anybody about Trish's tease. She knew that. If I had, the entire campus would be buzzing. I was sure that Trish really wanted to make it up to me. I was also certain she didn't want her tease to be public information. I felt a sense of control, a sense of power I had never felt before. Trish's ass was not only grass, it was mine. She took me into her mouth.

I had never forced a woman into giving me sex, especially using emotion blackmail as a weapon. I was thrilled at how easy it was, how good it felt. I stood and let her give me the oral sex, trying to think of ways to prolong the pleasure. I didn't want Trish to make me come quickly. I wanted her to have to work at it.

"Jesus, woman, is that the best you can do? 

Certainly not true, but it felt so good to humiliate the one who had so painfully humiliated me. Trish was actually putting her heart into it. She was good I thought, but not great. Lack of practice was my scornful and out of character opinion. What was happening to me? I had never thought this way before.

With my power rush coursing through my head and my penis in Trish's mouth, there was no way I wasn't going to come. Did she swallow? Did I care? I used to care. "Make sure you take it all. Not a drop goes anywhere but down your miserable throat."

I had never even considered talking to a girl that way before, at least until Trish. It was like the world's most powerful aphrodisiac. I felt the start of an incredible orgasm, the kind I occasionally got with wet dreams, the kind that go on and on. I felt the sense of rising pressure in my groin going up to my head and the feeling that I was melting and flowing out of my own penis. The climax was harder and longer than any other I had experienced. I gritted my teeth, trying not to make the noises that confirmed sex in these thin walled dorm rooms. Damn but it was good!

Trish almost choked. Not a swallower, I thought, too fucking bad. I held her head, not letting her pull away, forcing her to swallow or choke. She swallowed once and then again as I poured into her mouth. God, it felt good to do that to her. It was something I had never done to a woman. Not until Trish. I held her tight to me and felt her swallow one more time. Damn, that was the biggest load I had ever delivered. The dark thoughts kept coming. This wasn't sex. This was domination. She had her chance to make love, share sex or whatever the hell she wanted. That was then. This was now, and I was ecstatic. What could I do now? I felt certain that if I told her to stand up, drop her panties and bend over, she would. But to hell with giving her the satisfaction of having my penis in her vagina, I thought, stroking her to orgasm. In her ass was a thought. I almost cringed at my attitude. Where was this coming from? This was no longer my fantasy revenge. This was real. I was abusing Trish and I felt wonderful.

I stood there, with my penis in her mouth, looking down on her as she in turn looked down at the floor. She was still making a few sucking motions, almost as if she didn't want to stop. I pulled out and tucked my wet penis back into my jeans.

"Leave and don't say a word to anyone or I will ruin you. If I want you again, I'll let you know." She did what she was told. I watched her walk away, this time without any trace of a saunter. I could hardly believe what had just happened. My sense of guilt was easy overwhelmed by the feeling of power.

That evening, in the shower I masturbated with relish, thinking about how Trish had got hers. What else could I get away with? The fantasies were delicious. I was slightly uneasy with the new sense of sexual power I was feeling. I knew I could force myself to get over the unease. I wasn't about to start collecting panties, but I was determined to run with Trish as long as I could. I was only surprised at how quickly I was becoming the kind of guy Trish's mother probably warned her about.

The next few days, I didn't see Trish. I wasn't surprised. She was likely making every effort to avoid me. No problem. It wasn't as if she could hide. I went about my days feeling like a new man. I was on top, and Trish knew it. Damn!!

That Friday night, our next home hockey game was awesome. We were playing one of the top teams in our division, one that we always struggled to keep up to. I felt an energy I hadn't felt for a long time. It was like Stanley Cup Finals and I went for it. I skated as hard and fast as I could, handing out bruising body checks, pouncing on loose pucks, scored twice and set up the winning goal. My coach was very happy with my performance.

"What have you been having for breakfast? Pass it around. All the guys could use some."

That would be something. Letting all the guys have a piece of Trish's mouth and everything else. No, I'll just keep her for myself, I thought. I gave a short mental pause. What was I thinking? Where was this coming from? Did I really hate the girl that much? I wasn't sure, but I was sure I wanted to abuse her some more. I wondered if I could.

After getting out of the dressing room, I was walking along with a few of the other players and there she was. Trish was waiting for me. I walked by as if I had never seen her before. It was all I could do not to check out her reaction to the slight, but I managed it. To myself, I thought," I'll let you know, bitch!" Damn, but this was some fun. Then I winced. I was twenty-one but I still worried about what my mother would think.

It’s strange how things can come together. Out in the plaza in front of the arena was that shy and reserved girl I was thinking of asking out. Kris was her name and I didn't think she was a hockey fan. She was talking to a girl I didn't recognize. Go for it. I walked up and said "Hi, Kris. Did you catch the game?"

"Yes, and were you ever good. You won that game for us. This is my cousin Stephanie. She wanted to see the game."

"Hi Stephanie, so are you a hockey fan?"

"I am now," she gushed and gave me what I was sure was an 'I'm available' smile.

My, my, the possibilities I thought. It was out of character again, but I didn't give a damn. I asked, "You two up for a beer? There's a pub not too far from here and I need to rehydrate. You both have ID?

"I do," said Stephanie, but Kris looked apprehensive. "Oh come on," said her cousin. "You can be such a stick in the mud!"

"Okay," said Kris, "but just for a while."

Kris really was reserved. Probably one of those religious types, I thought. With my new found attitude, that just made it more fun. Was she a virgin? Possibly, but the thought of popping her cherry was the type of challenge I had never really thought about before. What was happening to me? There was one way to find out.

We went over to the pub in my car, Stephanie in the front. We had no problem with the doorman who knew me and sat down at a booth. Over a few pints, we chatted and I carefully appraised Kris. She was actually a remarkably attractive girl who appeared to be taking pains to hide the fact. Very conservative clothes, loose, buttoned up blouse, shapeless pants and no makeup whatsoever. Her hair was simply back in a ponytail. Not a single piece of jewelry was visible and she was very, very quiet, only answering questions with a few words. She looked very much out of her element.

Stephanie was the opposite. Not all that attractive but dressed in tight jeans, a top that exposed much of her abdomen, and hugged her breasts which looked enhanced by either surgery or the world's best push up bra. She was talkative, flirty and was letting me know she was available. Her red hair was styled and she had on some makeup, a touch over done. Several times I saw Kris roll her eyes when Stephanie made yet another overly sexual comment. Usually I avoided girls like Stephanie, but tonight I just enjoyed her posturing. Besides, I had an idea that if in front of Kris, I rejected her obvious attempts to hook up, I might gain a little advantage with Kris herself. Giving up an opportunity to score with the one, in order to have the opportunity to try with the other seemed like a good idea. I had never thought this way. Yet it seemed to come to me as naturally as making a pass in a hockey game. Something was definitely different since that blow job from Trish.

Kris was slowly sipping her first beer as if she didn't like the stuff. Stephanie acted like she had had several before the game. She was sitting very close and I felt her hand graze my thigh a few times, under the table. She was telling a story about one of her sexual conquests which Kris was trying to ignore when she let her hand go for my package. She might as well have said out loud, "Fuck me. Fuck me right now. Do it!" Kris must have seen the look on my face, and she certainly saw the gleam in Stephanie's eyes. She was intelligent enough to figure out what had just happened. Her face blushed and she looked down at her glass, not sure what to do. Rescue time, I thought.

"Well ladies, I play again tomorrow and curfew is in half an hour. Coach gets upset if the team is out late on the night before a game. Stephanie, I'll drop you off first. "I didn't look at Stephanie but I could feel her eyes burning into me. I did glance at Kris and saw a trace of a smirk.

"Stephanie has to go home tomorrow, but I think I'll come and watch the game."

Stephanie almost turned as red as her hair. I avoided any eye contact and politely escorted Kris to the door and into the front seat. Driving back to the campus, Kris was much more talkative, friendly, and in a much better mood. Stephanie just seethed. Awesome, I thought. I dropped Stephanie off at the arena where she had left her car. "Bye, bye Stephanie," I said in a tone of pure innocence.

She got out without a word and slammed the door. As I drove Kris to her dorm, we chatted as if Stephanie didn't exist. I got out to walk her to the door. As she opened it, she turned, gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and whispered "Thank you," then walked in and started up the stairs. I waited for it. Yes! She turned, blew me a kiss and smiled. This was going very well indeed.

The next day, I made myself scarce, hiding in the library and hitting the books. If Trish was looking for me, she didn't find me. Kris did. I was deep in thought, about History, not women, when I felt a slight touch on my shoulder. I actually jumped a bit.

"I'm sorry," said Kris. "I didn't mean to startle you."

"No problem, I was lost in the Revolutionary War. I’ve got a big exam on Monday. How are you?"

Kris was a little different. She had on a trace of makeup, her hair was done up a bit and she was wearing what was probably her only form fitting sweater. I had a hard time not staring at her form. That girl had the body of an angel. Slim but not too slim, smallish and well rounded breasts that showed a trace of nipple erection. She couldn't be faking that, I thought. Usually I might try to ignore erect nipples, but this time they were my centre of attention, at least without staring too obviously. I was sure that Kris hadn't found me by accident.

"Did Stephanie get away okay?" I asked.

Kris almost giggled. "Did she really do what I thought she did?" she asked.

"Oh yes, she did just that. Are you two really related?"

Kris did giggle this time. "Only by accident of family, otherwise I think she was left by a wandering gypsy."

"After the game tonight, do you want to go out for a bite to eat? I know a great Italian place that serves the world's best pizza."

Kris looked uncertain. "Are you sure? Don't you have a girlfriend?"

"No, actually I don't." What I didn't say was that the last month I had been brooding about Trish and had decided that Kris herself was my way of dealing with that. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Kris blushed just a bit and said, "No. Boys really don't pay a lot of attention to me. That's why I was so happy last night when you turned Stephanie down. Most guys would have left me there and walked out with my cousin. It's happened before. She seems to like rubbing it in that way."

I understood. "What do you mean by that?" A very little fib, but even so, mother would not approve. Dad might, I thought.

"She likes to flaunt herself, turning on the guys and giving me a skanky look as she leaves with one of them. She seems to think she is God's gift to guys. As far as I know, she's never kept a boyfriend for more than a month. Usually, it's only for the night. I really don't like her at all. If she wasn't my cousin, I wouldn't have anything to do with her. My mom likes me to spend some time with her. She thinks I might slow her down. So far, it's not happening."

"Enough of her. She is a woman that my mom would call a trollop. Let's not ever mention her again."

Kris smiled. I was beginning to think she really liked me. Of course, the erect nipples had something to do with that. "After the game, meet me where you were last night. Unless I break a leg, I'll be there."

That night, during warm up, I saw Trish. She was sitting right behind the Home bench. Our eyes met and she seemed to be pleading with me to let her into my life. Not tonight was all I thought. I was determined to ignore her for the entire game. I did look around the arena, trying to spot Kris. It took a few minutes, but she was there, high up in the stands, sitting by herself. Showtime, I thought.

The other team was last night's opponent, here for a double header. Having been stung, they were likely to be out for blood. They were. By the start of the third period, with no score, we were hurting. Several players had been injured, and we were down to a very short bench. I was hurting as well. I had been slashed across my calf where there was no padding and skating was painful. The other team knew they had to slow me down and they were trying hard to do just that. The referee was letting a lot of cheap stuff go and it was really taking a toll. Coming out of the dressing room for the third period I was limping. Coach noticed and said, "Sit it out if you want. Next week, you have to be fit. Don't lose it now."

"Bloody hell, I will. These guys are going down. Too bloody right!" My mom was Australian. She didn't understand hockey but she understood what a good fight was all about.

Coach just grinned and said, "Okay, too bloody right!" I don't think he really knew what he was saying. I stepped out onto the ice. Kris had moved down to be nearer the ice. I looked at her and she motioned to her own calf. She knew I was hurting. She looked genuinely concerned. I gave her my best ' I'll be alright' smile. I hoped that Trish could see the exchange between us. The ref blew the whistle. Face off.

It was brutal. We were going at each other like life itself was on the line. I had never been hit so hard, so often and I gave it back as best I could. Both goalies were superb. Impossible to stop shots were going nowhere. I couldn't buy a goal. The crowd was as loud, excited and encouraging as I have ever experienced. My left calf was burning but I was not going to slow down. Kris was watching and for some reason, I wanted to impress her more than I wanted to win the game.

With only three minutes left, things looked bad. A stupid penalty call and we were down a skater. They smelled blood. I was always on the first penalty kill shift and as I skated out for the face off, I could feel me left leg cramping. The opposing centre, the guy who had slashed me, just grinned and said, "Give it up, Gimp. You can't skate. You shouldn't even be out here."

"Fuck you" I muttered. Too bloody right! The puck dropped. I ignored it and stepped into the other guy with all my considerable strength, pushing him out of the way. My right wing came in and one timed a shot at the top shelf, right side. Shit! It hit the post and came out, right to the D man. He flicked it up the ice and their centre picked it up and was away on a breakaway.

Not on my watch. I skated after him, ignoring my screaming left calf and poured it on. I caught him on his left side just as he crossed our blue line. He was winding up. I knew he was going to fake a slap shot from out there and I waited for him to go to his left. I was definitely going to ruin his night. He went left and I hit him, shoulder down, bringing my weight under him and lifting. He lost his footing and went down like a sack of potatoes. The crowd roared their approval. I tapped the puck to my goalie who held it on his stick as I went behind the net, gathering speed. He passed it out onto my stick and I was off.

Holy shit, they were in the middle of a really bad line change. Awesome, I thought. I passed it up to my left wing and took off for their net. I was flying. I got the return pass and they were scrambling to get back in position. It wasn't going to happen. I was already past them, going faster forwards than anyone can skate backwards. Nothing fancy and from the slot I just wrist shot for the five hole. It went by their goalie and was in the back of the net. Damn, this was fun.

A few minutes later it was over. One nothing and as we lined up to shake hands, I saw the centre that I had dumped. I grinned as we touched gloves. "Fuck you" I said and skated off the ice. I saw Kris. She was beaming. Trish I ignored. Hot Damn! This was really was fun! Trish wasn't waiting for me after the game. Kris was.

At the Italian place, Kris was a whole different woman. She seemed to be enjoying her glass of wine. She was relaxed and was happy to be there. The pizza was delicious and I was really hungry. Kris had one slice. I had the rest. It was so different from the night before. We talked about things openly, as if we were old friends. We were like lovers who were comfortable in each other. It really was magic. Kris was not coming on to me. She didn't have to. We both seemed to know what would happen. We wanted each other. We didn't need to say it. Like two people who knew the future, we were only waiting for the moment. Until then talk, sip the wine, eat the food and be happy.

I still had access to that apartment. It belonged to an alumni of the university, a past hockey team member who liked the way I played and let me have a key. He was single, away on business often and was away right now. I said to Kris, "I have a place we can go that is private. I would be honored if you would give me the pleasure of your company." She was genuinely touched at the way I propositioned her. I didn't think she was used to it. I didn't think she got many offers. This one, she accepted. It was heaven.

If she wasn't a virgin, she certainly acted like one. She knew what she wanted. She didn't seem to know much about getting it, so I helped her to get it. As I entered her vagina with my extremely full erection, I was sure I felt a slight give. Was it my imagination or just wishful thinking? She made a slight gasping sound. I wasn't totally sure what it meant. We made love for hours. It truly was heaven. Kris was quietly sensual, allowing me to move in her, with her and following my touch. She allowed me to get into whatever positions I chose. Her voice was soft and sweet as she murmured in her pleasure, never getting loud or profane. After what seemed like a lifetime of sexual ecstasy we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke in the deep of night to find Kris straddling me, my full erection deep in her as she slowly rocked back and forth, rubbing her clitoris on my pubic bone. By the pale light of the street coming through the window blind I could see her face. Her eyes were closed and she had an expression of nirvana, complete happiness and fulfillment. Her breathing was deep and steady. A feint sheen of sweat glistened on her skin and I felt her pelvic muscles start to tighten on me rhythmically. She moved slightly quicker and then just held her clitoris hard against me as she tightened and tightened. Her breathing stopped and she lowered her head as if concentrating her way to climax. With a few hard pushes against me she came. Her pelvic muscles rippled around my oak rod erection and she gasped out, "Yes, yes, yes," pushing her clitoris to me with each word.

Giving out a long sigh, she collapsed onto me, her breasts wet and hard. I held her tight as she took deep relaxing breaths, slowing coming down from her orgasm. I ran fingers through her hair and thanked whatever gods had sent her my way. For a minute we lay there, two joined as one. When her breathing had slowed to a steady pace I found myself moving in her, just rocking my hips. My penis was gliding in her vagina, moistened by her wetness, like a frictionless piston.

Kris just lay still. "Ummm," she murmured and resettled on me, giving me a bit more room to move in her. All I wanted was to glide in her precious vagina forever. Slow, deep penetrations and near full withdrawals went on and on. I slipped out and she rose up a little and her hand was there to guide me back in. She stayed up and moved forward slightly, inviting me to pick it up and start fucking her in earnest. I adjusted my position and started to do just that.

Maybe I wasn't completely awake. I seemed to be able to move faster and harder without any sense of an impending climax. My hips were smacking against her ass, making that unmistakable sound of sex. Kris arched her pelvis back as if she was guiding my penis to her G spot. She was making faint sounds of encouragement. I pushed her up, getting her to her knees to sit straight up and let me fuck her spot effortlessly.

“God, you look beautiful,” I murmured. Even in the dim light I could see my penis fucking her, my pelvis going like a machine. Her thighs were glistening and a few drops of sweat fell from her breasts. Her nipples were puffed up like an adolescent girl's. She had one hand to a breast and the other to her vulva, massaging both, stopping and then starting again. I felt like a porn star, amazed at my staying power. Kris was now moaning and I could tell she was close.

"Ohhh, ohhh, god yes. God yes, please don't stop, please don't stop!" The words were so special coming from her. Her moaning increased in pitch and in volume. Her pelvis started to move, slowly going in circles. Then she started to talk.

"Oh my god, fuck yes, fuck yes..." It was the first time she had gotten potty mouthed and I loved it. "Fuck me Ken! Fuck me! Oh god, I'm going to come! Oh shit, oh shit, fuck me, fuck me!"

Her face was now set in a mask of sexual tension. She opened her eyes and looked at me, her expression pleading for me to get her to the top and over. I did my best, my penis going fast, deep and hard to the point I was afraid of hurting her. Kris started to groan and I could feel her clamping down on me like she never wanted my penis to leave her vagina. Then she started to scream. And scream, and scream.

Her whole body convulsed as she was engulfed in the Big One. I held still, letting her come and then went at her vagina again. Her face went into a grimace as if she was in agony but she took it. I was fucking her like I had paid for her. I was lost in my lust, her lust and the desire to fuck her silly. I was vaguely aware that she was taking it like she was being paid like a pro. She was gasping in short breaths, her body tense against my sexual assault on her. Then she was coming again. All I wanted to do was give her a third.

When her convulsions slowed I gave her my very best. I had never managed to pull off a triple and somehow I knew that this was the time. Kris just groaned again and held still as I went caveman on her vagina. With my hips pounding against her ass she held her position, letting my penis fuck her G. "Fuck...fuck...fuck..." she gasped and then went quiet as it built and built. For whatever reason I was still not close to coming and I was elated. Triple O was about to happen. This time Kris didn't scream. She howled.

I had never heard the sound before. It was primal, ancient, seeming to come from deep in her soul. She let out every bit of air in her chest with a long cry of sexual power. Then she dragged in another lungful of air and did it again. I felt her vagina rippling against my penis and the sensation seemed to be my rightful reward. I looked at her as she looked at me. The expression on her face was both shock and profound ecstasy. She stayed there, letting the climax wash up and down her body, then slowly moved down, letting her sweat moistened body melt into mine. As she lay there breathing heavily, her head on my chest, she felt like she was now mine forever. I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her body into mine. It was several minutes before I realized my erection was still unfulfilled.

Kris lay on me, silent and calm. I was not sure if she was still awake until she squeezed down on my penis. "God, you're amazing," she murmured and slowly got up. She gave me an evil smile and got onto her hands and knees then lowered her breasts to the bed. Her luscious ass was mine and she didn't have any trouble letting me know. I settled in behind her and rubbed my penis against her wet and swollen labia. It felt like she was coating me with the finest of sex oil. She arched her back, giving me the classic 'ass in the air' position. I took it.

I toyed with her for a few minutes, entering her slow and deep, then fully withdrawing. Penetrating her vagina again and again was heaven itself. It was as soft as melted butter and just as wet. Kris murmured her acceptance and settled deeper against the bed. "That feels so, so good," she sighed. "I have never, never felt like this before. God, you fill me."

In the dim light I watched as I slowly and gently fucked the vision of sex in front of me. Her ass was like two round full melons, ripe and delicious. Her legs were perfect and her arched back was glistening.

"Kris," I started, "I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but every bit of you is perfect. You are so tight around me, like a wet velvet glove."

She gave a low moan of approval and squeezed down a bit. "Where have you been all of my life?" I asked.

She was silent for a moment before answering, ”Waiting for you."

I don't know how long I lasted. I was happy to just go on slowly fucking Kris all night and she seemed happy to be fucked slowly for the rest of the night. Every now and then I withdrew and just gazed at her in the soft light, then put my penis to her vagina and eased in like she was full of sex lube. Ever so slowly I worked up some more speed. I knew that I didn't have to go fast and didn't want to. Kris had her head to the side, resting on the bed and I could just make out her closed eyes and her look of bliss. She was breathing slowly, deep and steady, as if asleep. She looked so content, her ass in the air and my penis working in her vagina. I could feel the slow build up to orgasm. I slowed down, luxuriating in the feel of her velvet vagina around me.

The climax seemed to build from deep inside, somewhere that I hadn't known existed. I stroked in Kris even slower but thrusting deep and holding tight to her for a second before thrusting again and again. The pressure kept building and I heard a rushing inside my head. I felt like I was falling, falling and the pressure almost overwhelmed me.

Kris must have been clamping down on my throbbing penis as it felt like I couldn't quite come. Then I heard myself groaning and then gasping as I bucked into her, trying to run her through with my sex sword. The climax seemed to come from everywhere. I was howling, just like Kris had. I felt hot cum spraying out in spurts. With each one I heaved into Kris who took all I could give. It felt like my very bones were melting and flowing into her. It was so forceful it hurt. God, did it hurt good! I felt the last involuntary spasms and I was spent. My legs turned to rubber and I fell to her side, heaving air in and out of my lungs like I had just sprinted a mile. I rolled onto my back and looked at her as she cuddled up close, her head on my chest and one knee over my hips. I cradled her head in my arm and ran the other hand over her hip and her perfectly curved ass. I felt myself drifting off and didn't fight it.
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