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Her Dream

She said she dreamed it like this...
She's my mistress, my Jade mistress. A curvy blonde, with gorgeous blue eyes, pink nipples that love to be sucked and nibbled on, pouty lips that beg to be kissed, a soft sweet pussy that loves to be licked and sucked on, and finally a round ass that loves to be spanked almost as much as it loves to be fucked.

She's been in a loveless marriage for more than a decade, with a man who can't comprehend or appreciate your sex drive. He loves to get blowjobs but would never return the favor. The first time I went down on her I could tell she was nervous, even a little scared. She lay quiet until I started to hum on her clit as my finger massaged her G-spot.

She tasted so good I couldn't choose between licking her pussy or her ass. The more I licked the wetter she got, I could feel her cum dripping from her went cunt and I was using it to slide my finger into her tight ass. No woman has ever been able to deepthroat all 8 thick inches of my cock.

Watching her swallow me whole and look up at me with lust in those gorgeous eyes made me explode. Her warm, wet, mouth has spoiled me for life; no woman will ever be her equal and believe me I have tried a few since her, with no one even coming close.

She tells me about her dreams, her fantasies and this one was too good to not share. Here is the dream as she described it to me.

I was coming home from school one night pretty late and I got a text message from you inviting me to stop by your place for a night cap. I decided some stimulating conversation and maybe a glass of wine was just what I needed after a really long day.

As I turned down your street I started to get a little excited. The thought of your kiss and your strong hands on my hips made my temperature start to rise. I pulled into your drive way, and checked myself in the mirror. Despite the 12 hours I had spent at work and school, my make up was still intact. I looked pretty damn good, you always make me feel so sexy. I was tired but alert, I love finally being in school and it feels so good to learn.

Of course you have been teaching me all kinds of things lately but those aren't the kinds of things I would do for work. I unbuttoned an extra button on my shirt and lifted the girls a little higher in my bra. It's been too long since I had your hands on my body and tonight I want them everywhere.

I walked up the sidewalk, the sound of my heels clicking on the concrete. When I got to your door there was a note to come in and head for the bedroom. As I stood in the entry way I could smell the faint hint of honeysuckle and maybe vanilla. On the table by the door was a glass of wine. I stopped for a minute and took a sip, the cool liquid in my throat made me ache for something warmer.

I quietly removed my heels and crept down the hall and I turned the corner into the room. You had candles burning and rose petals creating a path to the bed and it was so sexy... then I felt your strong arms around me, how do you do that, I wondered? You always sneak up behind me, you are always hiding in the shadows watching me.

I love your eyes devouring me and I want your hands to touch me. Gently you kiss my neck, the heat of your kiss oozes down my skin and stops between my thighs. I can't be wet already. It's just not possible, but I swear your fingers could slide inside of me so easily.

You slipped a blindfold over my eyes and led me to the corner of the room where you placed me in a strange chair and strapped me in (sex swing I later found out). The exhilaration of being helpless made me ache with desire. The bonds were tight and there was no room to wiggle. I was so vulnerable and so turned on at the same time.

We kissed deeply, our tongues gliding across each other, you pull my hair back sharp and kiss my neck again. I love the sensation of your tongue dragging across my skin. I want you to kiss me all over, I want to feel your lips on my nipples. I want to cum all over your tongue and then all over your hard cock.

But you had forgotten to undress me, and my clothes were keeping you from what you desired. You tore my shirt open and cooed at the sight of my breasts behind my red lace bra. Before I could say a word you grabbed some scissors and cut my clothes off, the intensity in your eyes and your feverish touch was a huge turn on.... you went down on me and drove me mad.

The feeling of your tongue massaging my clit was more than I could take! I begged you to stop and fuck me and you just kept going and I came multiple times and each orgasm became more intense. At the peak of my orgasm you teased my ass and then as I pleaded for you to stick that fat cock in my pussy, I need to cum on him.

I wanted to feel you cum deep inside of my aching pussy. I can't stop cumming and now the convulsing won't stop. I squirm against my restraints, wanting to break free. I want to find you in the darkness and fuck you senseless, but it's no use. No squirming will free me and as the orgasm subsides I finally lay still. I could feel your cock against my pussy. I feel you rubbing it past my slit, wetting it with my cum. I can't wait to feel you inside of me. It was so hard, and it was quick and frantic, you had clearly no control and just wanted to explode deep inside of me, the look of desperation on your face, I could picture it.

You never fuck me quickly, you always take your time, always in control, both of me and of the situation. But your cock is already throbbing, I can feel it swelling, and I know you are almost past the point of being able to finally did, and I wanted a taste, I beg to be set free, please untie me. I need to feel your cock in my mouth.

Finally the restraints came off and I couldn't wait to taste your cock, drenched in our cum. It was still hard and the feeling of it on my tongue made me crazy. I sucked until it went soft and then I licked u clean.....then I giggled all the way home, wearing nothing but one of your shirts, the smell of your cologne was already driving me insane. I drove home to the pulsing of my clit and the thump of hip hop on my radio....very satisfied....

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Posted 31 Mar 2011 17:57
super hot! loved every minute
Posted 27 Jan 2011 15:25
Very good Vince keep it up hehe.

Posted 29 Jun 2010 04:43
Well I read to the end so it must have been okay A couple of inconsistencies but good overall..
Posted 28 Jun 2010 21:58
Wow it's pretty good. Well done VinceBlack. You should write some more stories.

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