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His Scent

Her imagination goes beyond the car ride.
I woke up to the coldness of the room and snuggled myself deeper under the covers. Immediately, two arms surrounded me and pulled me to the center of the bed.

"Morning, sleepy head." Instantly, the sweet musky smell of his body and his cologne surrounded me again. It was the first thing that I had noticed when I jumped into the back seat of his car; his smell. Whatever he was wearing, I could smell it all around me. I even found myself silently inhaling as much as possible. His scent had a mixture of deep cologne and his own personal musky aroma. It was absolutely intoxicating.

I felt myself get lost in the car on the way to the bar. I practically ended up ignoring my friend in the passenger seat for the rest of the night. I wanted him, right then and there and it didn't take long. The feelings ended up being mutual. And now here he was, in my bed, with his arms around me and his scent filling the air.

"Morning," I smiled. "What time is it?"

He smirked back. "One in the afternoon."

I quickly shot up. "That's not morning! That's afternoon! I have things I need to do."

I tried to jump out of bed but he brought me back quickly and wrapped his arms around me once more, embracing me tighter.

"Stay with me," he cooed, "I'm not ready to get up." His voice was smooth when he spoke to me. I felt his cock push into my ass as he pulled me even closer.

"You feel pretty up to me," I smiled.

"I meant I'm not ready to get out of bed." I could hear the coyness in his voice. His breath was hot against my ear as I felt him nibble on my lobe. I unwillingly moaned.

"I really do need to get up," I tried to protest.

"Not yet," he told me as his hand traveled down my stomach and to my clit. He drew circles around it as my body responded, working against my brain.

I moaned once more and clasped on to his other arm that was still under and around me. He slowly and continuously drew circles, every once in awhile flicking it and causing me to gasp. Even though I was holding on to his other arm, he still moved it to my right breast and began to imitate what he was already doing to my clit. My nipple quickly sprang to life in his fingers and another moan I was trying to suppress was released from my mouth.

"I have a lot of things that I need to do," I exhaled as I tried to argue unconvincingly. While I knew that I could get up without struggle, my body wouldn't let me. His hands were soft working against me and knew all the right things to do to keep me there. He knew all the right things to do.

"You're more than welcome to leave this bed if you must. But I'm not stopping until you do." I could hear the smugness in his voice now. He knew that it would take every ounce of strength in me to leave his side in this state. And he knew he would win. Instead of trying to fight him, I grounded my ass against his cock and heard a low moan enter my ear.

I turned my head around as much as I could and made my lips meet his. Our tongues bounce against each other and even though I could feel some strain in my neck, I didn't care. He was such a good kisser. And with his mouth on my mine and his hands where they were, no pain or task was going to make me stop now.

I never noticed his hand leave my pussy until I felt my leg being lifted in the air and his mouth leave mine. I began to whimper in protest, still wanting to kiss him. But I stopped when I felt the head of his cock at the entrance of my now dampened pussy. He cupped his body around mine as he slowly entered, my whimper now being replaced by a soft moan that matched his.

I lowered my leg away from my body as he slowly pushed himself in and out of me. His arms were both around me now, holding me to him, and soft kisses were being placed along my back and neck where his face sat. My body moved in rhythm with his, taking as much as I could of him into me. I took one of his hands and brought it up to my mouth, kissing his fingers softly and every once in awhile, moaning into them. Why I tried to fight this earlier, I could no longer understand. This was perfect.

We laid there for awhile, him moaning into my back and me sighing into his hands. He then pulled himself out of me and turned me on my back, placing himself in between my legs. He held himself there, and came down to kiss me. While I would have considered it teasing for not having his cock in me, I relished his kisses. I could get lost in them. So it was no surprised to hear him laugh in my mouth when a suppressed groan ruptured through my throat as he began to enter me once more.

He pushed himself in and out, never letting his lips leaving mine. Every once in awhile, I would clinch my muscles around him and he would groan, breaking our kiss for a couple of seconds and then placing his tongue back into my mouth. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his movements started to become rapid. I knew he was near. He pulled away from my mouth and looked at me intently.

"How are you?" I knew what he meant.

"I'm almost there." My eyes never tore away from his. His gorgeous brown eyes.

He held himself off until I was near, waiting for me to get to my own climax. He was good at making sure I came first if not with him. It was what I considered a very gentleman gesture.

I kept my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms around his neck, and pulled him even closer to me. I could hear his rapid breathing in my ear and felt the warmness of it on my neck. My hands traveled around his back and up to his head as I felt my orgasm began to build up and release. He was moving even faster now.

"Please -- please -- don't stop. I'm -- I'm coming." The words broke out between breaths as my climax split right through me. I clenched on to his back and my body pushed into his.

His response was what I expected. He continued to push into me and until a final push and grunt sounded and he came. He buried his face into my shoulder, moaning loudly into my body. My orgasm passed before his was done and I stroked his hair as be breathed heavily into me. Our bodies seemed too weak to move and our breathing was quiet as I caressed him.

He laid there on me and in my arms and I never let him go. He moved upwards once more and kissed me passionately. Even though he was now soft, he never let his cock leave my body, keeping us intertwined at the waist. I just continued to embrace him, running my hands along his back and through his hair. Without even noticing it, we both feel asleep.

"Are you getting out of the car or what?" My body suddenly shook. My friend was staring at me, baffled. The guy who was driving had already gotten out of the car and was standing outside, waiting on us.

"Yeah, I'm getting out." I quickly unbuckled myself and jumped out of the car. My friend continued to stare awkwardly. Obviously, my imagination had run off with me.

"Are you okay?" she asked. She seemed a little concerned.

"Yeah," I responded, following her to him and the bar. "I was just thinking, that's all."
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