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How it all began...Part 2

Before reading this on please read my first story so you don't get too confused.

We hadn't seen each other for about a week after the first time but it and him was all I could think about. I wanted him, I needed to feel his skin against mine, his lips against mine, and his dick in me. 

We had both been invited to a party, and even though it was the first opportunity we had to see each other since our first time together we both agreed we should go so we could tell our friends about our new relationship. All of our friends were very happy for us and we were having a very good night but as we had more to drink our desire for each other increased. Needing to be alone we decided to get a taxi back to his house we got dropped off at a shop about a 20 minute walk away from where he lived to pick up a bottle of wine.

What should have been a 20 minute walk had already turned into 30 minutes and we were still about 10 minutes from his house. We kept stopping and kissing and feeling each other, we needed to get home quick. We carried on walking for about 5 minutes until we got to the woods near his house and I couldn't wait any longer, so I took his hand and lead him across the road and up the dark track into the woods. He was feeling my boobs and my bum all the way up the track and I could feel his hard dick rubbing up against me. I couldn't wait to have him in me. 

We got half way into the woods and he stopped me and pushed me up against the tree, kissing me hard and passionately, as he slid his hands up my top and started to squeeze my nipples, he has easy access because I had forgot to put a bra on before I went to the party. He then slowly kissed down my neck and lifted my top before wrapping his warm mouth around my right nipple and sucked it like a baby, and slid his free hand down my pants feeling how wet I was for him, he said he needed to taste me. As he said this I took my heels, pants and my thong off, standing half naked in front of him I sat on a fallen tree trunk and spread my legs for him to see my wet pussy glisten in the moon light. He moaned and got on his hands and knees in front of me and started to pay attention to my clit as he eased two fingers inside of me. Ohh he was so good with his tongue, it's a good job it was early hours of the morning and nobody was around because I was moaning so loud. He kept fingering and licking me until I came all over him.

I then told him to take his pants off and release the raging hard on he had so I could return the favour. I pushed him up against the tree and knelt in front of him as he pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles releasing his hard dick. I slowly licked from his balls all the way up to the top of his dick before taking the head in my mouth and tasting the pre-cum oozing out of the top of it as I wrapped my hands around his shaft and stroked him firmly but slowly. I sucked the head of his dick like a lollipop for several minutes before taking all of him into my mouth at once and playing with his balls. I knew how much this turned him but I didn't want him to cum in my mouth. I needed him to do that in my pussy, so when I felt him tense up a little and his moans become longer I removed his dick from my mouth and told him to fuck me.

He pushed me over the tree trunk that I had been sat on before and stuck his dick deep into me from behind. He started fucking me nice and fast, thrusting his dick in me nice and hard. I loved the feel of his balls slapping against me as he fucked my wet pussy. He was fucking me so hard that I nearly fell of the log, so we switched positions.

I made him sit on the log and I straddled him and slowly lowered my wet pussy onto his hard waiting dick. Once he was all the way in, I stopped for a minute just feeling him fill me up as we devoured each others tongues, then I started to bounce up and down on his dick. As I was doing this he started to lick and suck my breasts and I could feel him moaning as he wrapped his lips around my hard nipples, this turned me on so much I started riding him faster. Not wanting to cum too soon I slowed down a bit a ground my pussy onto his big hard dick deep inside me. After this I needed to cum and feel him cum inside me so I started to ride his dick fast again and as I did this I started to lick his nipples, this turned him and he started moaning louder and after about 5 minutes of me doing this he released his cum deep inside me and feeling this made me start to cum at the same time. We stayed in this position for a while, until he went limp and slid out of me and we kissed passionately before deciding to get dressed and taking the bottle of wine we had bought and heading back to his house to continue our fun.

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