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I'm Yours

I'm Yours

What happens when you come home from work early? This...
 You get home from work early, and go immediately home to kick back on the couch and watch some TV. Little do you know, I'm already home as well. You enter the bedroom just in time to see me shrug off my shirt. My back is to you, so you assume that I don't know you're there. As you watch, my hand drifts over my breast and caresses my tender nipple through my bra. I let out a breathy moan and move my hand even lower. 

From behind me, you can't see exactly where my hand is going but knowing that my fingers are cupping my pussy even if you can't see it turns you on. Slowly, seductively, I slide my pants off and drop them onto the floor. It's only then that you realize I've been walking around without any panties on all day. Picturing how wet my pussy must have gotten turns you on even more.

I unhook my bra and cup my breasts, turning around to face you with a knowing smile. You decide then that you can't wait any longer. You want me to know just how much you desire me, to realize just how well our bodies move together.

Seconds later, I find my body pressed into the wall and your lips covering mine. Our kiss is searing, but even hotter is the tangible heat between our bodies. I can feel your arousal through your pants and I grind my hips against you making you moan into my mouth. I quickly strip you of your clothes and push you back against the bed. Smirking, I climb on top of you and lean down to meet your lips once again. This time, my lips and tongue stray from yours as I place kisses all over your body, working my way up and down without ever touching the part that wants attention the most.

Your huge cock is hard and begging for attention and I give it one long lick for good measure. Then, I move back up to kiss you again before sliding my pussy over your aching dick. You're so hard now, you want to hold me down and make fierce love to me until I scream. Holding back is taking everything in you, but you know cumming this way will be even more satisfying. With me on top. With my body caressing yours as I smile down at you.

With your cock moving slowly, tauntingly inside of me. I reach down to guide your cock into me only to find that it’s dripping pre-cum. I slide the head against my pussy and take just a little inside of me. You thrust your hips to impale me on your dick, but I squirm on top of you, always just a little out of reach. Finally, I sink down onto you with a hiss of relief.

My pussy coats your nine inch cock with wetness as you slide easily into me. For some reason, it makes me think of our first time when you slid in slowly, afraid of hurting me. My pussy stretched around your cock until it felt like our bodies were made for each other, and soon, all thoughts of pain were replaced by pure pleasure.

Now, I tease the base of your cock with my fingers as I start to roll my hips. I make love to you with a knowing smile, because I know exactly how much you’re enjoying this. Serious happy noises are leaving my lips now as I start to move faster on top of you. Our hips thrust and pull apart in an unbreakable rhythm.

You tell me how you love the feel of my pussy dripping onto your wet dick and I grin and tell you how my clit is throbbing and I want to cum already. I love teasing you, so I go on. I tell you about how wet my pussy is and how much I love your hard cock especially when it’s buried in my ass. Before I even know what's going on, you've flipped us over so that you're on top and used the wetness coating your cock to slip it into my ass.

I wince at the feeling of it sliding inside of me, but your hips start to move and I'm in heaven once again. You watch as I slip my fingers down to my pussy, stroking my wet clit and plunging two fingers into my pussy as you fuck me. I suck one finger, then the other into my mouth to clean them off, whispering dirty things about how it should be your cock in my mouth instead.

One hand teases a nipple and the other goes back to my pussy as you pound in and out of my ass. The sight before you is turning you on immensely and you feel your orgasm cumming. The sight of me sliding two fingers into my pussy where your cock was only minutes before sends you over the edge and your cock lets out a big spurt of cum. “That's right!” I shout.” Cum inside my ass. I want your cum all over me. Mark me as your girl. Tell me I belong to you!”

You groan and feel more cum leave your cock until you go soft inside me. I still have two fingers inside my pussy and the other hand on my clit, working my way towards orgasm. You pull out of me and watch your cum drip out. Then, you remove my fingers from my pussy and look up to meet my eyes.

“You're mine, Vanessa,” you whisper before lowering your mouth to my pussy. It only takes a few licks before I cum too, my wetness dripping out of my pussy, soaking your face with cum as my body shakes from the shocks. I feel my pussy and ass tightening, causing more and more of your cum to drip out of me. I lay back and close my eyes as the aftershocks take over, content to let you wrap your arms around me.

Here is a short little story that was written for a man I loved... Hope you enjoy!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 16 May 2013 03:08
A story told powerfully; with sex all over. 5

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