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In the Office

I meet my lover at his office. . .
One of my online friends wanted me to tell him about my current affair with another friend and I wrote this for him:

We go to his workplace after work. I met him the same way I met you, from my ad.

Well, usually, we'll do a lot of kissing, then undress each other. I'll unzip his pants, slide my hands in, feel his hard cock, then lower to caress his balls. And we'll still be kissing. Then I'll slide down and run my tongue over the tip of his cock while my hands continue stroking and rubbing...

He loves this, moans and grabs my hair and tries to push his cock all the way into my mouth. I keep my lips tight and let him slide slowly in, just like he's entering my pussy. He leans forward, slides his hands down the front of my top and finds my hard nipples.

I moan as he begins playing with them, sliding his thumbs lightly over them.

He pulls me up and takes off my top, I straddle him, his cock pressing against my panties. He presses kisses against my neck and down until finally he finds my breast and begins licking and sucking the sides then finally my hard nipple.

By now he can feel my wet pussy through my panties. He lifts me with him and stands. Slowly, he slides down and removes my panties while kissing my stomach and thighs.

He turns and places me on the couch, spreading my legs as he leans over and begins to lick me from ass to clit. He loves to hear me moan and I push my pussy up closer to his mouth. His tongue feels so good as he probes my pussy, licking and sucking on my lips, flicking over my clit too. I am so wet, juices running down my thighs, he licks them up, and whispers to me how hot he finds this.

He gently pulls me up and I straddle him again, slowly sliding down on his large, hard cock. Mmmmm, kissing and sucking on his tongue, while slowly sliding down. Feeling every centimeter of him, feeling his head deep inside. I stop. He can feel my pussy clenching. . .

He gently pulls me up and I straddle him again, slowly sliding down on his large, hard cock. Mmmmm, kissing and sucking on his tongue, while slowly sliding down. Feeling every centimeter of him, feeling his head deep inside. I stop. He can feel my pussy clenching. . .

His hands are on my hips, urging me down. My hands are braced on his shoulders, holding me up. I slide down a little more, he releases my hips. As soon as I feel him release me, I slide back up his cock, until only the tip of his head is in me. I pulse my pussy up and down, just his head sliding in and out. Mmmm, it feels so good. I shiver each time his cock opens my pussy, tingles running up my spine. I can feel him trembling, waiting. Finally, I slide down slowly and he is all the way in my hot, wet pussy. I am so tight around him. He lets me ride him, swirling his cock around in my pussy, then back and forth again.

He has had enough, he grabs my butt in both hands and rears up to his feet, turns and settles me back against the cushions. He holds my calf and spread me wide and begins to thrust, each one making his cock brush against my gspot and cervix. He's in so deep. My cries are echoing around the room as he pounds his hard cock into me. He can feel me cumming, squeezing him, so tight and hot and wet.

He pulls out, turns me over onto my stomach, raises my butt and slides his cock into my pussy and begins thrusting, still feeling me clenching. He moistens his thumb with my juices, and as he is thrusting, he slides it into my ass, probing slowly. Then in time with his thrusts, I cum again, harder, my cries muffled against the cushions.

Mmmm. He holds me close, kissing my shoulder. Finally he slides out, I turn and run my hands over his body and press him down to the couch. He sits and I spread his legs. His cock is glistening with my juices as I lean over and take him into my mouth. I kiss him, licking away my essence. Hands caressing his heavy sacs. He runs his fingers through my hair, his head thrown back as he enjoys the feeling of my soft tongue running up and down his cock. His grip tightens as I begin sucking his head, one hand stroking his shaft, the other rubbing and tugging on his balls.

He begins moaning, I feel his shaft swelling, balls tightening. I stroked him faster and suck and lick on his head. Suddenly he thrusts his hips and I can taste his cum, slightly bitter and hot. I swallow some and let some run down his cock as I continue to milk him, feeling the last tremors running through his body.

He pulls me up to him, and I laugh and lick his lips, making him taste his cum. He doesn't like it at first, but then he begins to kiss me back, swirling his tongue into my mouth. mmmm.

That's it . . .

Did you like it?

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Posted 11 May 2012 09:54
I did like it. It was great.
Posted 11 May 2012 03:10
thank you everyone for your kind comments. I wrote it from the heart!
Posted 11 May 2012 02:57
thank you i loved it
Posted 10 May 2012 22:47
A hot story told so nicely. 5
Posted 10 May 2012 19:20
I did like it!

Very much!

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